k this doesn't even look like him

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them Pt. 2
  • Jae: "Shitty vision never looked this good."
  • Sungjin: "I can't tell if he's 25 or 45 but honestly that's not even a problem I still want to be his friend."
  • Young K: "I want to eat pasta with him. He just seems like a guy who really appreciates the dynamics of pasta."
  • Wonpil: "If Colgate doesn't sponsor this boy then they are missing out on some good shit."
  • Dowoon: "His arms say Greek god but his smile says small gentle puppy."

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Um...we're all in agreement that saru could use some good therapy, but it's also pretty obvious that he would sabotage any session with a psychologist. So, what kind of psychologist would it take, and how would a session have to go to actually be successful?

I think it would definitely have to be someone who’s used to dealing with difficult cases, who’s not just going to give up after one session because Fushimi refuses to start crying on the couch immediately. I feel like the big thing for Fushimi with therapy would be working up the trust to actually vocalize his issues to anyone, like a therapist who starts out trying to ask about his childhood or about his relationship with Yata, why he burned off his tattoo – any big personal things, basically – would be on his bad side right away and he’d probably refuse to talk. One of the biggest first steps would I think be just getting Fushimi to agree to go to therapy as it is, like if Munakata made him go I feel like it would never be any good to him because Fushimi would have his walls up from the very beginning and wouldn’t want to cooperate no matter what the therapist says to him. If he’d gotten to a point though where he’s finally willing to admit that therapy might do him some good – like Yata or Munakata finally convinces him that he really does need to speak with someone, that he’s still got all these unhealthy attitudes and mental issues and he can’t just wait and hope they go away, that would probably be a big step in getting him to actually cooperate with whoever he goes to see (I can imagine him wanting to hold back and not talk once he’s there but then afterward Yata or whoever is waiting for him and Fushimi feels this spike of something like guilt, because he said he would go to therapy in order to finally heal and here all he did the whole time was sit in silence. Then he tries to deflect, pushing all the blame on the therapist being an idiot, and Yata starts to get impatient because this is the sixth one Saruhiko. Eventually Fushimi reaches a point though where he’s willing to give the therapist a chance because he doesn’t want to see that disappointed look in Yata’s eyes again).

I think the most successful sessions would just be the therapist taking their time, letting Fushimi actually get comfortable with them and work at his own pace while not letting him get away with holding back entirely either. Like trying to just make sure he knows that this is all to help him and that he can’t keep it inside forever but also respecting Fushimi’s boundaries and that even something as seemingly simple as pouring his heart out to a therapist is anathema to Fushimi, he would rather bury his issues than lay them bare. Getting him to feel safe enough that he’d be willing to admit to his own problems would be a huge step in him being able to heal in general, so I imagine the big thing would be just finding him a therapist that he feels safe enough around to do that. The therapist would also probably have to tread lightly in sessions, at least at first, like not overwhelming Fushimi with a list of ‘here’s what’s wrong with you.’ And I think a therapist who’s willing to recognize the negatives of the world would be a huge asset, like any kind of optimistic ‘don’t worry be happy’ therapist would just piss Fushimi off but someone who can listen to Fushimi’s issues and be like 'yeah that is shitty isn’t it’ would probably make him feel a lot more comfortable, like he’s with someone who’s willing to be honest with him and isn’t going to keep up a happy facade and tell him lies about how he’s going to be fine when Fushimi’s been through too much to ever assume that anything in his life is going to be 'fine.’



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Imagine spooky!Peter trying to convince you to move off the grid with him because he doesn't trust the government & has no clue how to do taxes

yES AND YOU’RE JUST LIKE “Peter…..bitch do you even know what going off the grid entails?” AND HE GOES ON A RANT ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS IS GOING OFF THE GRID, LIVING IN A CUTESY CABIN IN LIKE CANADA OR SOME SHIT AND YOU’RE JUST LIEK “boooooy, nAH, have fun with your cold ass showers, no internet, no electricity, hunting for your own gotdamn food smh.” AND JUST LOOKING AT HIM LIKE


~ Clara

  • Joker: So Harley and I broke up idgaf. Whatever.
  • Joker: What do you MEAN you did gOoD deEDs while I was gone?? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU KNOW THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE
  • Joker: You wrote erotic fanfiction about YOU and BATBRAIN?? THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE TO ME EVER
  • Joker: Idc if you've got a new guy YOU CAN HAVE HER why would I care I could have like 5 of her if I wanted but MHMMMMMM that skin and-- NO
  • Joker: Wtf Harley has been ignoring me for weeks I'M GOING TO MARRY HER
  • Joker: Hey boy I noticed you had the hots for my girlfriend HAHA I KNOW FUNNY RIGHT anyway here could you just hold that dynamite for me k thx
  • Joker: ... I ... suppose you COULD come back. I mean whatever.
should you fight day6?
  • Jae: YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIGHT JAE. Or better yet, call me, and i'll fight him. just break that fucking dweeb's glasses and shove him into a locker or smth
  • Sungjin: yeah but listen. this is gonna be some fight club shit, like this is cathartic for him. y'all will beat the shit out of each other and then probably have a good cry
  • Junhyeok: NAH SON. Don't fight him ok. he looks skinny and punchable, but he's speedy and unwilling to back down from a challenge. i mean, maybe you'd win, but god at what cost?
  • Young K: fuck to the no. first of all, he doesn't even want to fight you. he wants to talk it through and work out your differences. also he could wipe the floor with ur ass so.
  • Wonpil: FIGHT HIM. OR DON'T. I DON'T KNOW! you would probably win the fight but he'd maybe cry and i don't want to be responsible for that, do you? also day6 would jump u
  • Dowoon: you can't fight him. listen there are a lot of reasons to want to but he's a sweet kid. also he plays the drums so u know he's strong af. Do. Not. Fight. Dowoon.
BTS (Types of Texters)
  • Seokjin: Really caring, checks up on you from time to time. Very parent-like, asking you if you've eaten or what you've been up to, how your day was. Gives you advice through text. Sends you reminders to keep both your mental and physical health in check! For example, he'll remind you about your doctor's appointment the next day, tell you not to skip your meals, nagging you to bundle up when the weather's chilly outside. Whenever you tell him you have to go somewhere, he'll offer you a ride. Overall, has a very protective and kind vibe through texts, always keeps tabs on you.
  • Yoongi: It said he read your text at 4:01am, but he never replied. Accidentally falls asleep in the middle of conversations, generally forgets to text people back. When he does text, it's very minimal, straightforward and gets to the point. Makes lame puns unexpectedly. Even though he's not much of a texter, whenever you're upset or acting out of character, he'll tell you to call him right away. He may be half-asleep over the phone but he listens in and tries his hardest to keep you calm and collected. Like I said, may not be the most reliable texter but he's there for you and doesn't really need to say it physically.
  • Hoseok: Replies the quickest to your texts, it's almost as if he waited for your text all day. He's that person that texts you four times within a second, your phone vibrates so much it falls off the counter whenever he's sending texts. Uses a handful of emoticons to express how he's feeling as if it's not already obvious he's as happy and bright as the sun, most likely even brighter. You both have a lot of inside jokes so if anyone ever scrolled through your conversations they'd be confused as f - it's comprised of a lot of caplocks screaming, 'lol's, and random pictures/videos of cats doing funny things. He's really fun to talk to, his energy is conveyed through his texts, honestly speaking.
  • Namjoon: That one friend that texts you out of the blue in the middle of the night and he starts off with asking if you're asleep. Then proceeds to give you a long ass rundown of a conspiracy theory he thought of and then forgot until that moment of time. Gets all philosophical, psychological and emotional in the middle of the night through his texts. Has random spurt of the moments where he'll remember something from his day, includes song recommendations and sneaks in some product placements as he tells you his current favourite clothing pieces.
  • Taehyung: The one that texts first, starts off the conversation and keeps it going. Seems to always have something going on. Very happy, uses a fair amount of emojis, not as excessive as Hoseok. Always screaming through texts in all caps. Gets excited with you over the little things that made your day so you never feel as if you're excited alone. You both always discover new things that you tell each other about so that you both can fangirl/fanboy over it together! He makes you feel very comfortable to talk about anything because he always messages you first.
  • Jimin: Accidentally butt dials you and then apologizes on text. Very supportive, encouraging and positive through text - always keeps an optimistic mindset! Out of the blue, he likes to sends you reminders of how he misses you or asking you how your day had gone. Tells you how proud he is of your achievements whether you got out of bed, improved your grades, learned how to set up an IKEA desk, you name it. The one that asks you to hang out or meet up because he values your friendship. All in all - really sweet, he always makes you feel important and remembered when everyone else forgets to answer to your texts, flirts with you half the time, lowkey may have a crush on you? Who knows?
  • Jungkook: The definition of an avid internet user. Likes to annoy you through texts so his responses are a mixture of 'k', quoting song lyrics and memes as reactions. Will text you a lot one day and then ignore you for a week. Sends you random photos of his OOTDs even though he wears the exact same outfit practically ever single day and then asks you how he looks. Even though he literally doesn't take anything seriously, if something is wrong or you tell him something's bothering you, he starts talking properly and stops his jokes aside to make sure he wasn't the one that brought your mood down; oblivious his playful side may have hurt your feelings.