k that's it i'm going to bed

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Shouldn't you be sleeping, my lady?

who……..t ol d you……………….. I GOT EXCITED OVER KEITH OK LET ME LIVE :’D If it makes you happy though - I’ll be going to bed now, I still have lots studying to get done tomorrow :I

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It's me! :D I just wanted to ask what would happen if the turts had a sick s/o and their diabetic​ so their blood sugars would go crazy. (I'm asking this because I actually started getting sick a couple days ago and now I'm lying in bed actually sick XDDD) I MISS YOU <3 k that's all XD



Calm and keeps his s/o calm as well.  Gives them plenty of water and check their sugar every hour, and doesn’t forget about the keytone strips if they need to use the bathroom.  He’s an excellent caretaker; he knows exactly what to do and he’s very reassuring about it. And yay you!  Cuddle time until your blood sugars are down to the level they’re supposed to be.  And he DOES NOT let you fall asleep.  (Yes it is dangerous to fall asleep if your blood sugar is high.) Don’t worry, you are in very good hands here.


Even if he’s been with you a while, he’s still kinda nervous when it comes to your diabetes; he’s afraid he’ll do something wrong and make your blood sugars worse.  But he takes Donnie’s advice, as well as yours, and follows instructions as best as he can.  He gets you water when your cup is empty, and frequently forgets about the on hour rule.  The keytones are what scares him the most, that and if you begin to get anxious, but he helps that by immediately wrapping you up in his arms for cuddles.  He’s trying.


Doctor Donatello has arrived.  Literally a tub of water bottles ready to be drank, plenty of blankets, and hourly sugar checks and kisses.  If you start to get anxious, he does too, but he keeps in control enough to be the doctor and take care of you.  Checking for fevers, asking if you feel nausea, reminding you of keytones.  He’s a good boyfriend, more of a doctor though.  Don’t expect a lot of cuddles, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give them.  He’s just concerned for your health.



The boy just makes the entire thing worse; he panics, you panic, he panics some more, you panic a lot.  Literally shoves water bottles into your lap, checking your sugar every ten damn minutes.  But, if he’s had longer experience with you about this topic then he’s not so panicky, just nervous, and is checking on you after longer periods.  But still, he’s too worried about panicking to cuddle or comfort you.  You have to calm him before you can take care of yourself.