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Yuri Plisetsky Week: Day 7, Free Day (”Osu!”/Gaming AU) - Ficlet

This fic is a companion to my other osu! AU fic here

Two weeks. That’s how long it’s been since Yuri visited the doctor after weeks of suffering from wrist pain and was told he needed to take a break from playing osu! until his wrist recovered.

Yuri Plisetsky, the ice tiger of the osu! Russian team A.K.A “CookieCat77″, is forced to take at least a six month hiatus from the game he loves to play due to not just his wrist but the start of the ice-skating season. 

Still, two weeks of idling in-game to chat with friends and spectate and he’s already bored and teetering to full-blown depression. Mila tried reassuring him that team Russia is doing fine at the osu! World Cup without him as long as they have Victor to carry the team but that just disheartens him further.

He can’t bring himself to watch the rest of the World Cup on Twitch. Yuri settles for feeling miserable about it instead of finding other games to play.

That is, until he receives a message in-game from “nightwalk”. Who is this?

He opens the chat tab.

nightwalk: hi

Well, he seems friendly enough.

CookieCat77: hi wut do you want?

nightwalk: Just saying hi, wanna spec me?

Yuri grits his teeth. Why the hell would he spectate some low-rate trash player- wait. Oh.

He checks nighwalk’s profile and it seems he’s a Catch the Beat Player… and he’s #1 for his country, Kazakhstan.  Well, it can’t hurt to spectate him for awhile. Yuri has never seen a pro CTB player play before.

CookieCat77: Sure, why not.

Yuri presses the spectate button and waits… soon enough, nightwalk starts to play a map. 

What he doesn’t expect is to see the pure level of pro-ness he is witnessing. The game fruits are falling so fast that Yuri can’t keep track of them, yet this person is catching them all easily.

About 3 seconds from the end is when nightwalk misses a fruit. Its the only fruit he misses. Yuri is just in awe of how good he is as a couple messages come in.

nightwalk: fuck

nightwalk: I shitmissed

CookieCat77: How the fuck did you get so good?

There’s a pause for a reply.

nightwalk: You’re asking me this when you’re in the top 50 players for Russia?

CookieCat77: That’s for standard tho, anyone can git gud at std. That was amazing.

nightwalk: I legit watched you on Twitch like 5 weeks ago when you FC’d Deconstruction Star and you had the eyes of a soldier doing that.

nightwalk: Nvm, that sounds stupid

nightwalk: forget i said that

Yuri finds himself intrigued by this person, they are a better player than him in another game mode yet they insist on complimenting his playing skills… skills he no longer has.

CookieCat77: Wuts ur name? Im Yuri, you can just call me Cookie like everyone else tho.

Long pause again.

nightwalk: Otabek

nightwalk: Wanna be my friend?

Yuri stares at the message for awhile but considering he just watched one of the most inspiring things he’s seen in weeks, he simply replies:

CookieCat77: Sure

(Hope you enjoyed, it’s shorter than i wanted it because laptop started to die towards the end)

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This is for @rynnaminttea !!!! I felt like drawing her something so, here you go! Don’t die like you said pls, thanks.

Rogue One Theme Park Headcanon

- Cassian planned out the entire day with a perfect schedule and marked up map of the park

- Classic dad speed walk to stay on schedule                                                       “All right team we have to go fast if we want to ride the g-force before it gets crowded!!”                                                                                                             Chirrut: G-FORCE?!?!?

- Chirrut comes of g-force ride                                                                               “that’s not what I expected”

- Jyn refuses to ride anything

- Cassian tried to get her on a ride and she punched him

- Bodhi is obsessed with rollercoasters and wants to ride everything and is hopping from ride to ride

- Bodhi also loves fried fair food

- K-2SO has to hold his braid while he throws up                                                  *Bodhi immediately after throwing up*                                                                  “what’s next?”

-Cassian will find you and he will make you put on more sunscreen

- Jyn and Baze find refuge in the arcade and get super competitive in the shooting games

-Baze wins a stuffed hut and gives it to Jyn ( Cassian is so jealous)

- The only ride they all ride together                                                                     Everyone minus Baze: SCREAMING                                                                    Baze: deadpan 

-Cassian actually lets loose when he sees the picture of Jyn shrieking her head off on the ride

- He loses it laughing earning another punch from Jyn

-Chirrut freaking loves kiddie rides

-He rides a baby train and is clapping and laughing with Bodhi                            “this is nice”

-Bodhi is just happy to be here

-K-2SO documents everything on a crappy digital camera

-all of them are wearing fanny packs