k t boundary


Question to geology ppl following me: there’s a massive sandstone cliff side that’s been cut away over the years to make room for roads and stuff, resulting in this giant sheer sandstone cliffside

Now, I know that the K-T (k-pg) boundary is visible across the world, where it’s exposed, and I know that it’s usually an whitish high concentration iridium clay and just a thin little crumbly mark.

So, basically, above the distinct red line is a very thin little crumbly layer of white rock, it’s worn away in heaps of places on this cliff side but it’s still pretty distinct if you’re up close. The lines not big, I couldn’t measure it but it looks about like a finger width or two thick. I’m wondering if that’s the K-T boundary?

(It’s just I studied geology a long time ago and the boundary was never mentioned)

(Btw this is in Sydney, Australia)