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EXO’s Reaction to Finding a Girl Hiding Behind Their Car


Xiumin would have his laptop in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, ready to head home from the cafe, when he saw the girl cowering behind his car. After staring at her for a sold 29 minutes, he’d ask her what her name was and what exactly she was trying to accomplish.  When she explained the situation to him, he’d offer her a ride.


About as smooth as crunchy peanut-butter when it came to handling surprises (and girls), Chen would go into a slight state of shock when he saw the young girl hiding by his car. It wasn’t until she talked first that he snapped out of it, and offered to assist her anyway he could.


The girl was facing the other way when Baekhyun came around, and he stopped to look at her, unsure if he was dreaming or not. “So…you like my car?” he’d ask, chuckling as she jumped at his voice. When she awkwardly explained why she was hiding, he’d nod understandingly and give her a ride home.


It was late at night and Chanyeol was getting ready to go home from a restaurant when he came across the girl leaning against his car. She quickly introduced herself and explained her situation, and though Chanyeol agreed to help her, he had no idea what was going on. 


Lay would definitely be confused when he saw a girl hiding behind the tire of his car, but concern would overcome his confusion. He’d gently ask her her name and what she was doing. When she told him why she was hiding, his eyes would widen. He’d insist on driving her to a safe space, all while being super paranoid that someone was following them.


D.O would be skeptical, immediately assuming the girl was a sasaeng fan. “What,” is all he would say when he saw her, causing her to jump up and stammer out an explanation. Though still doubtful, he’d feel bad about just leaving her there and would cautiously offer a ride.


Though Suho likes to think he’s pretty smooth when it comes to dealing with random girls hiding behind his car, he’s a bit lacking. He’d offer a car ride, which she’d readily accept, however it would probably be one of the most awkward ones of her life. He’d occasionally break the silence with questions about her, however he was really just ready to forget this whole weird experience.


Like D.O, Kai would be skeptical about the whole situation. “So..a guy’s chasing you..and instead of going into a building or something..you hide behind..my..car…” Nevertheless, he’d drive her back to her house, making sure to tell his members about the weird encounter later.


Sehun was exhausted and emotionally drained after a long day, so when he saw the girl he barely even reacted. She apologetically told him her situation, asking for help. He agreed, giving her a ride, however his expression was blatantly confused the entire time.

tyler bate - make it up to you.

SUMMARY: boy and girl are best friends.. girl is in love with boy, boy is in love with girl.. both think they don’t stand a chance. friend of girl gets it in her head that SHE ALSO likes boy and being bolder, she makes a move. boy and girls so called friend wind up dating. girl is hurt, tries to warn boy what he’s getting himself into. boy and girl fight and girl decides she can’t be close to watch boy get his heart broken..so called friend fucks anything with a penis. boy finds out. boy goes to girl.. feelings are admitted. FLUFF OVERLOAD. AND ANGST A LIL BIT.

This… it was inspired by a) my apparent need to cry my eyes at 10 pm as I wrote it… and an ask that I saw on @wwesmutdonedirtcheap blog earlier about how some chick cheated on the poor bby I know as my sexy british husband… Anyway, yeah. If I have to cry?? bet your asses?? you will cry too???




Tyler Bate x Reader ( you )


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When he started dating her, you had to distance. You couldn’t just stand back, watch the guy you loved falling in love with someone else, it was like slow and steady torture. Eventually, you moved out of the flat you’d been sharing with Tyler and Pete and Trent.. the last you heard, Tyler’s girlfriend was living there in your old room.

And then, earlier, you’d run into Pete at the fitness center near Full Sail and he told you something pretty bad about  Tyler and this new girlfriend of his.. How she was screwing around and every time he or Trent tried to tell Tyler, it ended in them arguing.. How the girl had Tyler brainwashed into believing she was this angel and she’d never do that.

You sighed as Pete stood there, recounting it all to you and you bit your lip. “She was like that all through high school so it honestly doesn’t surprise me… But why tell me?” you asked the question, your head slightly tilted to the side. One of the 5 year olds you taught ballet to ran to the door and you gave her a gentle smile and then told her you’d be in to start class in a few seconds.

“I’m tellin you because Trent and I aren’t stupid, okay? We both saw the way you looked at him. And we know that he..”

“He what, Dunne?”

“He liked you.. A lot. And if he thought he had a chance, he’d probably have told ya. But you were always dating the guys you dated..” Pete eyed you and you felt your heart speed up a little bit. You must have given some kind of sign that you were happy about what he told you, because he chuckled and then mused aloud, “I knew it.”

“But.. I can’t be around them together, okay? It kills me.. Especially since Viv did what she did.”

Pete raised his brow.

You went on to explain.. “I had it all planned out, you know? Candles, that damned carbonera he liked so much when I cooked it… I was even going to kick you two goons out of the apartment.. But Viv, she  got to him before me and she made it seem as if she’d liked him for a long time and I wasn’t interested in him at all…” you paused, wincing at the memory of how it all played out, how you came back from making a last minute dessert  run to find Viv and Tyler in the kitchen, Viv taking all the credit for what you’d set up to finally reveal your feelings to Tyler.

Pete swore and shook his head. “Point in me telling you is this.. She’s going to break up with him tonight.. She has no choice. I caught her screwing the guy who lives in that apartment under ours and I got proof. Tyler, he’s… He’s tough.. Nowhere near tough as Trent or me…”

“And you want me to do what?” you eyed Pete, trying to figure out what he was getting at and you continued quietly, “Because if he’s really in love with her, it’s not going to make a difference?”

“That’s the thing, okay? He’s not.”

Pete dug around in the baggy gym shorts he wore and held out his phone, pressing play. You bit your lip as you listened, heard  Tyler sort of drunkenly pouring everything out to Trent and Pete and Mandrews.

But it still wasn’t clear what Pete expected you to do..

Before you could ask him again what you were supposed to do with everything you’d just been told, Pete was gone and you were left standing in the doorway of the dance studio, puzzled. You shook your head, shoved it out of your mind and went into the studio to teach your dance class.

By the time you’d gotten back to your apartment that night, after stopping to have a few drinks with some of the girls you worked at the hospital nearby with, you’d pretty much told yourself that Tyler was drunk on the recording, that maybe his feelings had changed since then..

The streetlight came on and you saw Tyler leaned against it, hands in the pocket of his leather jacket, head down. You bit your lip as your heart sped up a little and promptly felt like it was breaking when he looked up and right at you and you could tell that he wanted to cry but he wasn’t about to do it and look weak.

“G’head. Tell me ya told me so. I’ll deserve it.” he muttered the words quietly, a hurt and half hearted tone in his voice that was killing you. You dug out your keys and then unlocked the door, called out to him quietly, “ Do you wanna come in?”

“Do you want me to come in? I.. I won’t blame you if you don’t.” and you sighed, stepping up to him and grabbing his hand to lead him inside. Shutting the door behind you, you slipped off your jacket and your shoes and Tyler took off his jacket, his eyes darting around the apartment. You still had all the pictures taken while you two were best friends out and hanging up on the walls. Naturally, there were a myriad of candles all over, books  stacked spontaneously throughout and he smiled, despite himself. It hit him then, just how hard you not being his best friend anymore had been.

You’d made your way into the kitchen, coming back out with a yogurt and a spoon and the rest of the sandwich you’d taken for lunch for him and you tapped his shoulder, holding out the sandwich as you took a bite of the yogurt.

“I should have listened to you..” were the first words from his mouth and you sighed quietly, shrugging. “You thought you were in love with her.” you explained it to him quietly and he shrugged as he muttered, “Thought being the key word.”

Before you could stop yourself, you’d put down your yogurt cup and you were pulling him into a hug, sighing softly when your nose filled with the scent of his cologne and his arms wrapped right back around you, squeezing you almost tightly enough that you gasped and told him in a voice muffled by his shirt, “I can’t breathe, big guy..” but you were hugging back just as tightly. You did not want to let go and if it hadn’t been for the breathing issue, you wouldn’t have. He let his hold loose a little and you looked up at him, swallowing hard.

It killed you, seeing him so upset. It killed you even more than the fact that you weren’t best friends anymore, that you’d basically had to get away, get some distance just to keep from driving yourself crazy watching him with her.

You pulled him down onto the couch after you’d sat down, turning on the tv set. For a few minutes, it was quiet, neither of you said anything. He’d been laying sprawled out on the couch, his head was on your leg, you were trailing your fingers through his hair as you watched the soap opera you’d recorded for the day… Until you felt him staring up at you intently.


“Just thinking about how much I missed this.” his voice was huskier somehow and you bit your lip as you clenched your thighs because his eyes had this.. This look to them. Swallowing hard, you licked your spoon and then admitted quietly, “So did I.”

It was true… Even if you did want more, you missed just knowing he was your friend.

He was sitting up and you eyed him.

“You want to talk about what happened?” you asked him the question quietly and he shook his head. “I’d rather not think about it..” Tyler shook his head, trailed off and you’d almost swear that you heard him adding under his breath, “Or how stupid I was.”

You bit your lip and his eyes followed the gesture.

“What if I told ya I just wanted to lay here and hold you?” he asked the question tentatively and you nearly choked on the yogurt you’d just taken a bite of but you answered quietly, “Are you telling me that?”

He gave a nod and you grabbed the zebra print throw blanket on the end of the couch, pulling it over the two of you as you settled in against him and his arms slipped around you. Before you stopped being friends, this wasn’t an unusual thing and as his arms wrapped around you, you couldn’t help but think that it felt just as good and just as right as it had before everything came to an abrupt end.

You rolled over to face him after a few more seconds and him chuckling quietly when you were swearing at the tv set because the show was not going how you thought it should go. “Tyler, I’m sorry.. I never should have been childish and stopped being your friend.” you were in mid sentence when his grip tightened on you and you were molded completely against his body as he lowered his lips to yours, his tongue slipping past your lips slowly. You groaned, you started out clutching his t shirt to attempt stopping him from just doing what he was doing, you wound up gripping a handful of his t shirt and slipping your leg over his hip, his hand moving slowly over your leg.

“I just want to not think about it.. I’m sorry I said all the stuff I said to you when you tried to warn me about her.. I’m sorry I didn’t…” Tyler trailed off, deepening the kiss as you nipped at his lip and he groaned into your mouth. “Don’t apologize, okay? Just stop.” you muttered against his lips as he rolled onto his back and pulled you on top of him, laying flat against his body, continued to kiss you, his lips straying, moving slowly down your neck.

“Maybe..” you trailed off..

“Maybe what?” he asked breathlessly as he stopped kissing you to fix his eyes on you. You bit your lip and told him quietly, “You just got hurt really badly..”

“You’re right, I just… Coming here and seeing you again, realizing how much I missed you.” Tyler admitted as you licked your lips, swallowing hard to calm yourself down, mentally kicking yourself for stopping things before they got too far. But it was better than just rushing into something.

“I missed you too, okay?” you told him quietly as you trailed your fingers through his hair. His hands locked across your lower back, holding you in place as he kissed you again. You kissed him again and then asked quietly, “Do you want to… Do you want to stay over?”

“Do you want me to stay?” he asked the question quietly and you nodded, giving him a soft smile. “I really have missed you.” you told him quietly as he gave you a bright smirk and then hugged you against him.

“Did you really set up that whole dinner?” he asked and you stared at him, nodding slowly. “Then Viv took credit for it.. And I just.. I saw how happy she made you..” you admitted as he sighed and swore.

“It’s okay, Tyler.”

“No, it isn’t.” he shook his head and hugged you against him, his lips finding your forehead as he told you in a quiet voice, “So you really felt…”

“Feel.” you admitted, swallowing hard as you added, “Because I never got over it, okay? I still feel the same way. I just don’t want you to throw yourself into this because she hurt you?” and  Tyler shook his head. “I felt the same way, I just figured that if I said anything, you’d laugh.”


“Let me make the whole thing up to you..” he muttered quietly as his lips found yours again and his hands massaged your lower back, his thumbs trailing lazy circles on your skin as you bit back a whimper and smiled into the kiss. “I’d like that..” you admitted and he smiled, hugging against you, both of you yawning.

It's Dark Out And We're Wearing Sunglasses - Part 10

This was not meant to be posted it ain’t even finished but since half of y'all have read it I’m 2 lazy to do anything so…enjoy the plotless smut. I’ll format this shit later cause i literally just woke up and saw that this shit was posted. 

Edit: k i actually finished it…not gonna add a tag list cause half of yall have already reblogged it. @negans-network @simons-thirst-squad (this is laziness in its prime you guys)

Rest of the fic FF.NET.


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re: irojiro and the guy in kr606: i LOVE them, that's probably my favorite jgv because of their chemistry! it would be pretty great if they were dating, but i never saw anything really confirming that... i did see people saying irojiro and the guy you tag as "K" were a thing once? they had a pretty good video too

omg yes kr606 is the definition of sexual passion,, I can’t for the life of me ever get over those two during the whole scene. they gotta have had a little something somethin going on, the vid’s just downright exceptional

mmh I suddenly saw people calling him Kan so I kinda just roll with it and tag him as “K” rn
you’re saying something though, cause I definitely dig that vid a lot, like it’s bomb 👌 their chemistry is grade a,, but I do think it was more of a lucky combo than anything else, like Kan is generally a really pleasing partner, you know he be loving his job, and you won’t see him half-assing his scenes.. and then,, pair him together with the irojiro dude and you quickly get that 💯 quality💯 
now, of course there might be more to it than that, cus,, then you got the intimate eye contact throughout the entire video,, like the fuck,, and it makes you wonder if it’s more than just a conspiracy theory lol jk

but I honestly haven’t seen any actual confirmation on those two so for me it’s basically  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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if it's not too much trouble, can you explain to me what's happened between L and K that make it such a popular ship? i actually feel like i've missed something, because almost every time they're on screen together, they're arguing or disrespecting each other, and i never saw any romantic chemistry between them, yet the ship is so huge in the fandom. i was going to go into the tag and find meta to try and understand, but i'm afraid i'll just get pissed off if i do that...

are you honestly asking me of all people why K/ance is such a popular ship

because I think I can provide an (albeit very badly written) answer actually, so here we go:

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K-Pop bias and M/V Tag

Tagged by @randomlazymusiclover​ thankkk💜

Rules : List 5-10 of your favorite kpop group, your first bias in each group and the first mv you saw them in. 

BTS : Well disappointing story is I found them in 2015 but didn’t understand anything so byebye kpop but then amazingly found the same bunch of dorks the next year again and couldn’t escape. I WAS A METALHEAD. THEY DRAGGED ME INTO THE KPOP BLACK HOLE. My first bias was Jeon The Muscle Bunny. But slowly I understood I wont have a bias here they’re all too much. So I don’t have a bias anymore 😅

So first comes Dope - Jeon why must you do this

Originally posted by madness--princess

Then finally When I fell in the black hole : Fire - AgAIn JeOn WhY MuST YOu Do ThIs

Originally posted by honesthoseok

EPIK HIGH : It’s a K Hiphop group and legends tbh and I love all three of them. Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. I used to listen to songs only so the first M/V was Born Hater. 

Originally posted by bangtheguk

Okay next is a solo artist I like a lot and I need to put him here. 

Zion.T - His voice is beautiful. First MV was Eat. 

Originally posted by zicosbae

That’s about it ^^; I know songs from other groups too I do check them out but these are the ones I’m mainly into. 

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K, it’s without a warning or anything, really. But yeah, dis is me. -.-
Dear @mochishake ♥ tagged me at this bias&you selca thing. So I did this. Yep.
I tried to embrace (non-existent) similarities w/Jiminie, but I probably failed. But look, I put on some white shirt and stuff, so… yeah. I feel weird. Nevermind :D 
(PS: I would tag some people, but I don’t want to pressure you or something :< So if you feel like this tag is calling for you, do it! And tag me please so I could see it ♥ :) I’m sure you’re all beautiful people ^^)

Top 10 Biases

I was tagged by @def-initely-soul​ and I’m tagging @chessireneko @taitarin @too-vulgar@theivonking@ellrouxx

This is not an easy task, so it took me many a few days.
By the time I’m done with the list, I’m pretty sure things will be different and my biases won’t be the same, but at the moment it looks like this:

1-Jin from BTS (Visual)

This guy was my first crush in K-pop. I saw him in the Japanese MV for ‘Danger’ and I am unable to unseen him since. And the fact that he is worldwide handsome, a dork and a princess makes it impossible for me to get over him.

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valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)

Kpop origins (game?) tag thing!

Rules: list 5-10 of your favorite kpop groups, your first bias from each group, along with the first mv you saw them in

Tagged by the best [and most loyal lmao unlike my hoe ass] seungkwan stan @solarkwan

Seventeen : jihoon & adore u boi i have a problem for loving pink hair k

BTS : yoongi & dope i loved his rap part lmao still do

EXO : baekhyun & love me right i was a hoe for baekhyun man

SHINee : taemin & married to the music boy have i come a long way

NCT [ in common lmao ] : mark & 7th sense it is a long ass ride yo

EXID : hani & hot pink i love her so much it is unreal lmao

DAY6 : jae & letting go i loVED HIS VOICE

Monsta X : kihyun & hero lmao the moment his mouth opened i died

Red Velvet : joy & ice cream cake she is my aesthetic tbh

GOT7 : jaebum & if you do thE CHIN yO

Tagging : @fluffyshua, @fluffyyeollie, @aceangel-official, @changgudforyou, @velvetjjks, @myngii, @jindongdongie, @choco-seventeen

allthingsmalec  asked:

Hello :) I love your page so freaking much, it's my life!!! Thank you so much doing this, your hard work is highly appreciated. I saw that the pregnant stiles tag has just been updated but the pregnant derek tag hasn't been updated for a year, so I was wondering if you could update the pregnant derek tag??? I love pregnant sterek xxx Pretty pretty please and thank you :D

of course my dude

Puppy Separation Anxiety by KaliopeShipsIt (1/1 | 9,188 | G)

Derek and Stiles’ three year old daughter is completely fine with Derek dropping her off at Pre-K, but has a separation anxiety induced meltdown every time Stiles does.

Naturally, Derek jumps to conclusions that couldn’t be farther from the truth if he’d tried.

Say it out loud, love by pineneedlepants (3/? | 23,429 | PG13)

When Derek first finds out, it’s a rainy thursday that reflects his mood perfectly. He’s been oddly dizzy lately, with bouts of nausea that don’t make any sense to him, and he’s pretty sure he’s never slept as much as he is now, not even as a carefree teenager. He thumps his forehead gently against the table top, willing the water he drank not five minutes ago to stay down. He’s rubbing his head on the wooden surface when he hears it.

There’s a soft thump thu-thump coming from somewhere near him. He lifts his head slowly, as not to make the world spin and tries to concentrate where the soft beat is coming from. Because it couldn’t possibly be -

Derek cannot be -

With growing horror, he directs his eyes downwards, to his slightly softened belly. His hands have stilled on his skin, trembling lightly. The soft thump thu-thump comes again, and again, and again, the sound getting louder with each soft flutter, until the pulse matches Derek’s own. It’s almost mesmerizing, a beautiful cadence that flutters in and out of rhythm of Derek’s own heartbeat.

Or the one where there’s a misunderstanding of the century, a little angst, a surprise baby and a deliriously happy ending.

Through Thick and Thin by Down_n_Dirty (35/? | 108,084 | R)

Stiles is a wealthy Alpha living off his father’s name with no real problems. Derek is an Omega just trying to get through life. When fate throws them together through a forced heat that neither man saw coming, the end results are permanent and very much a forever thing. Basically Stiles knocks Derek up and things get…complicated.

From This Moment by SylvieW (1/1 | 16,711 | R)

After discovering Derek is pregnant, Stiles offers to be his “Pregnancy Buddy.” On top of the usual difficulties of carrying a child, Stiles has to navigate Derek’s emotional turmoil from the traumatic event that conceived the baby, and his own feelings that he’s developing for Derek.

Thanks to @wonho-ful-reactions for tagging me!

Okay so the rules are to list 5-10 of your favorite kpop groups, your first bias from each group, along with the first mv you saw them in.

  • Monsta X - Kihyun / Stuck (okay, first was Minyhuk in Hero, but it wasnt like with Kihyun, he really took my breath away lmao)
  • WJSN - EXY / Do Better
  • SNSD - Taeyeon / Galaxy Supernova
  • BTS - Suga / Boy in Luv
  • Red Velvet - Irene / Happiness
  • DAY6 - YoungK / I Wait
  • Astro - Eunwoo / Confession
  • K.A.R.D - Somin / Oh NaNa
  • Seventeen - Mingyu / Mansae 
  • Dreamcatcher - I dont really have bias there yet, but I really like them

Im tagging @lostinmonstax @honeyheonie @hyungjooki @tomatoholmes @babywoon @cngkyns @kkungki @jooheonster @girlinawardrobe

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I just saw your post 'f/innrey tag is not full of discourse' and god I feel that on a spiritual level? Like, f/innrey is my otp but I'm barely going in that tag bc it's just so stressfull :( not to mention all the f/innrey blogs that I blocked/stopped following bc there was more anti r/eylo and k/ylo bs than f/innrey content like wtf. Plus I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for all the crap you got, I think you're amazing! [hugs]

Omg thank you!! [hugs back] But yeah, the f*nnrey tag is a nightmare

Get to know me tag

Tagged by @loona-lovegood. Thank you so much for tagging me!

Rules: tag people you want to know better

Nickname: ah I have a few. TJ for family and variations of Tararaaa to everyone else

Zodiac: scorpio

Height: 169cm which is like 5 foot 6 or something i don’t know

Last thing I Googled: Linda K. Bundzten, while researching Sylvia Plath for English

Favourite music artist: at the moment I can’t stop listening to Halsey’s and Lorde’s new albums

Song stuck in my head: Sober by Lorde

Last Movie I saw: Wonder Woman on Saturday. It was absolutely amazing and while it sounds like a cliché, I walked out of it feeling like a different person

What am I wearing right now: mix and match pajamas cause it’s hot

Why did I choose my url: well I studied French for five years and I loved the language and then I saw a story titled “les étoiles et les revolutionnaires” meaning the stars and the revolutionaries and that seemed kinda poetic to me so there we go

Do I have any other blogs: yes I do, @lady-ravnclaw for mainly Harry Potter stuff with lots of gay, and @kiwinmango is my shared blog with @superfuzzyglaceon for lots of fandom stuff

What did your last relationship teach you: well my last romantic relationship ended awfully and nearly put me in hospital. I couldn’t attend school properly for a long while. I think above anything that relationship taught me to never rely on anyone too much and to not forget your own strength and ability to stand on your own two feet. I try and learn something from every relationship, whether it’s romantic or not and the main thing I’ve learned is that no one has your back like you do, and to always try and remember that

Religious or spiritual: no. I don’t believe in God or a soul or anything. I’ve spent too long studying religion to believe any of it. I always try to remain open to people who do believe in something, but it’s just not my cup of tea

Favourite colour: it honestly changes every day, normally depending on what art I’m working on but at the moment it’s probably grey in all its variations

Average hours of sleep: I always try and get at least seven but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. During holidays it can get up to about 11 or 12 :)

Lucky number: I’ve never really understood this concept so I don’t have one but if I had to pick one it would probably be 13 because that’s apparently unlucky…

Favourite characters: how could I possibly pick??? Check out the blogs I mentioned and maybe you’ll work it out for yourself (yes, shameless plug)

Dream job: i want to travel and learn and write so anything to do with that probably

I tag @superfuzzyglaceon(at this point I just have to), @wizardingviolet, @delusionalsvnset and @sunshineanddaisiesfuckingsuck

(no pressure, you obviously don’t have to, I just have to tag people. Also if I haven’t tagged you and you want to do it just go ahead)


l i g h t // d a r k

but he loves me
he ignites me
he is part of me
unique in its madness

Loki & Sigyn for thelaughingmagician

Bias Tag

Tagged by @mini-minhyuk (THANK YOUUU ^3^ love you)

Rules: List 5-10 of your favorite Kpop groups, your first bias from each group, along with the first mv you saw them in! (I’m so under-qualified for this, holy shit)

  • Exo (Chanyeol) - Mama, Exo-K I believe (The first Exo video I watched, I think… From back when my eyes were only for my sweet Lulu and hadn’t strayed a bit)
  • BTS (Yoongi/Suga) - Not Today (I’m so uncertain with BTS like…? They’re attractive and talented and cute and funny but I just don’t want to get invested because I’m already behind on everything and don’t need to procrastinate more??)

I tag @johnlock-saranghae and @laineylovegirl, who probably know more groups than I do.

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hi! I saw your ask about your favorite dreampack art/fics and I wondered if you also have favorite rovinsky art/fics?

hey! yes!! art-wise, i’ve reblogged some rad ronan/k art on my raven cycle sideblog, you can find it in my fanart tag!

and then for fics, i actually havent read too many?! but here are a few i really enjoyed. mind the tags and warnings for each - our boy joey k is pretty much a content warning to begin with, so. that said:

  • juvenile by momebie - fast driving. shotgunning. kissing. this fic is actually perfect in like, every single way, and i think about it way too often. it’s super well-written and in character and just!! ahhh i love it so dang much okay *breathes heavily*
  • sic by tanyart - “one out of several of the same sober mornings.” kavinsky wakes up to a dreamt-up version of ronan, and my soul is singed just a bit more by the flame that is rovinsky.
  • cut your own breaks by kiiouex - a tale of ronan and partying told in kavinsky’s tone. who knew i could enjoy being in k’s head so much? as always, this author’s writing is an absolute treat.
  • breathe deep by ouroboros - a hp au in which ronan and k smoke gillyweed and things get dreamy. and steamy. lmao i’m the worst… but yeah, dumb rhymes aside, this one’s entertaining af.
  • this sin was mine alone by batmandeh and aweekofsaturdays - a solid mix of no-frills raw ronan/k and a little dash of gansey at the end. i actually just read this one last night!!
  • and then a lil bonus!! just because i can - this one’s actually kavinsky/gansey… just trust me on this one… read it. you won’t regret it. something that explodes by jouissant. the author nailed kavinsky’s character so well. feel free to come yell at me when you leave this fic with yet another rare trc ship.

happy reading!!


A/N: As promised, here is part 2 for Best Friends. I have to say, I was not expecting so many positive responses and I am absolutely blown away! Thank you all so so much for your kind words and the feedback. It makes me happier than you might imagine!

Warnings: This is kinda angsty and depressive, also, sad!Bucky! Light swearing.

Word count: 913 (according to grammarly)

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