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Hi Tay, it’s Katelyn :) I saw that you’d said your biggest insecurity is your hair, and I get insecure about my natural hair as well, so here is a picture of me being happy n stuff while embracing what I’ve got in support of you. I also wanted to update you on my life a bit because I haven’t seen/talked to you for real since 2015… so if you like to read more, that would make my heart so happy. Love you sister. xo

Oh, the things that have happened in the last two and a half years. Clearly I’ve grown up?? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t even recognize me. I’m 17 now!! Been through some rough patches, had a major heartbreak and a half, lost some friends, made some new ones, you know… life. I’m feeling okay right now though. My friends are the best fucking people in the entire world. I’m not kidding. I successfully weeded out all of the toxic people who had constantly been making me feel miserable, and now I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. A lot of those friends, sisters at this point honestly, I have known for years because of you and they are THE best people to spill to and spend time with. Some of my favorite moments in the history of..ever.. have come from doing absolutely nothing with them, but also somehow turning it into the best day ever. In the tags I’m gonna add a hashtag filled with some of the posts that mean the most to them, so please fill my heart and take a look at that if you do happen to read this ! I’ll probably do a separate one for myself too, just so that you can see what you’ve been missing (mine is gonna be all over the place so just a warning in advance lol). I’ve been busy as ever– sleep is a myth tbh. I’m on the board for a handful of things at school, working, looking out for my sisters, and pretty much just trying to keep on holding my shit together in general. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve also gotten funnier and I think you’ve noticed this.

I didn’t really have anything ÜBER important to tell you about, I just wanted to talk to you. The other night I was reminded of just how many fans you have and how hard it must be to keep up with all of us (props !!!!). Sometimes it makes me feel forgotten, but I know that isn’t the truth. Thank you for doing that too, checking in on us, you’re incredible babe. I really miss your sweet self and your bone-crushing hugs :( I hope you’re proud of me and how much I’ve changed myself for the better. We better reunite on tour my girl. Take care of yourself and see you soon (I’ll be at release week 😉) !! I love you, always.

PS: I’m SO happy that you’ve finally found a relationship that’s worth your time and energy. You’ve always been deserving of the very best– that will never change. You’re fucking radiating and it’s so exhilarating and contagious!!!!!!!!

EXO’s Reaction to Finding a Girl Hiding Behind Their Car


Xiumin would have his laptop in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, ready to head home from the cafe, when he saw the girl cowering behind his car. After staring at her for a sold 29 minutes, he’d ask her what her name was and what exactly she was trying to accomplish.  When she explained the situation to him, he’d offer her a ride.


About as smooth as crunchy peanut-butter when it came to handling surprises (and girls), Chen would go into a slight state of shock when he saw the young girl hiding by his car. It wasn’t until she talked first that he snapped out of it, and offered to assist her anyway he could.


The girl was facing the other way when Baekhyun came around, and he stopped to look at her, unsure if he was dreaming or not. “So…you like my car?” he’d ask, chuckling as she jumped at his voice. When she awkwardly explained why she was hiding, he’d nod understandingly and give her a ride home.


It was late at night and Chanyeol was getting ready to go home from a restaurant when he came across the girl leaning against his car. She quickly introduced herself and explained her situation, and though Chanyeol agreed to help her, he had no idea what was going on. 


Lay would definitely be confused when he saw a girl hiding behind the tire of his car, but concern would overcome his confusion. He’d gently ask her her name and what she was doing. When she told him why she was hiding, his eyes would widen. He’d insist on driving her to a safe space, all while being super paranoid that someone was following them.


D.O would be skeptical, immediately assuming the girl was a sasaeng fan. “What,” is all he would say when he saw her, causing her to jump up and stammer out an explanation. Though still doubtful, he’d feel bad about just leaving her there and would cautiously offer a ride.


Though Suho likes to think he’s pretty smooth when it comes to dealing with random girls hiding behind his car, he’s a bit lacking. He’d offer a car ride, which she’d readily accept, however it would probably be one of the most awkward ones of her life. He’d occasionally break the silence with questions about her, however he was really just ready to forget this whole weird experience.


Like D.O, Kai would be skeptical about the whole situation. “So..a guy’s chasing you..and instead of going into a building or something..you hide behind..my..car…” Nevertheless, he’d drive her back to her house, making sure to tell his members about the weird encounter later.


Sehun was exhausted and emotionally drained after a long day, so when he saw the girl he barely even reacted. She apologetically told him her situation, asking for help. He agreed, giving her a ride, however his expression was blatantly confused the entire time.


I was tagged by mairelon to put my iTunes on shuffle and list the first ten songs!! ;)

I tag demberly; k-l-o-k-a-t-e-e-r; silencefromafar; silverhera; rosestormborn; firewithfirenow; eaglefliesalone; naiads-mystery and metalsweetheart (Girl, you have been tagging me for so many challenges that I never do. Sorry about that. I saw them, but then I forget to do them. You’re a sweet friend.)

umm some stuff okayyyyy <3 love u guyssssss  👇

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The continuing adventures of the Ryyki

{Some shameless self-promotion, I do have a blog with all my stories on it. Some of my submitted work is being reblogged without the credited tags, so I just want to remind y'all that could you please reblog with the original tags. It was partially my fault for not linking at the bottom of the posts, but I can’t change that now. Thanks :) }

Suddenly Loca paused, her head twisting sideways. K was quickly pulled from his mild slumber as he shot up in his seat, eyes searching for the reason Loca had stopped. 

And then he saw them.  

A herd of wild humans dropped the bones they had been chewing on and scattered, their panicked cries making Loca whimper slightly as she raised her front hand, reaching out to the wild humans. But it was too late.

K watched as the last of the humans vanished into the scrublands. He felt Loca cry out one last time. 

“Come on girl.” He murmured quietly, giving a gentle tug on the right rein. Loca turned her gaze back to the road, her head lowered. K flicked the reins once, and she began her slow walk once again, her eyes fixated on the road.

K gently stroked the top of her head. “I know girl. But you can’t meet wild humans.” He whispered sadly, knowing that humans were such social creatures but having to separate Loca from her herd.

After all, he’d volunteered for the journey. The pack that was hanging from Loca’s shoulders was the reason they’d left in the first place. 

It was vital that it be delivered.


anonymous asked:

No, your wrong. The last 10 minutes the number was always the same (what people thought it had ended up). So that's why people thought Louis had won but they hadn't updated it in like 10 minutes yet people were voting. Then when it ended it was on the same number until they updated all the polls. Even in Liams poll he ended up with more votes then what the number was when it actually ended. Your votes never counted the same minute. You always had to wait for it to be included in the poll.

Hi anon :) 

While I would love to believe that, I know people actually saw Louis being through to the next round. As in, they were voting for this new round and could select either Louis or that T-aras #Queens or something K-Pop band. 

So it’s not a matter of not updating numbers and conveniently Harry won at the end. Billboard just rigged it. And you know what, it doesn’t surprise me given their lack of Louis’ solo ventures so far. 

But, like I said in my tag post, I wouldn’t have cared who had won, as long as it was fair. What I hate, is that people documented and celebrated the win, some people actually voted for Louis in this round, and then they turned around and changed it and act like they haven’t changed a thing at all and Harry just won and we’re all wrong. No. I hate liars on principle, and I especially hate liars nowadays when there’s one giant gaslighting idiot ruling the United States ruining the world with every single word he utters. 

Teen Vogue is literally out there educating teenagers on the principles of gaslighting. Because it’s necessary, and that’s sad. So yes I’m going to be annoyed about this because Billboard is contributing to an environment where we have to continually question truths, facts, and live in a world made up out of alternative facts - feeling like we’re the ones going crazy when we witness reality happening in front of our own eyes. 

((read my tags if you wanna see me ramble and sob))

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if it's not too much trouble, can you explain to me what's happened between L and K that make it such a popular ship? i actually feel like i've missed something, because almost every time they're on screen together, they're arguing or disrespecting each other, and i never saw any romantic chemistry between them, yet the ship is so huge in the fandom. i was going to go into the tag and find meta to try and understand, but i'm afraid i'll just get pissed off if i do that...

are you honestly asking me of all people why K/ance is such a popular ship

because I think I can provide an (albeit very badly written) answer actually, so here we go:

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SimSelf Tag!

So that’s my crappy simself you probably saw around a couple of times already, anyway! I was tagged by the lovely @thefoxandhersimblr, @shysimblr, @simmpler and @katheryan, thank you so much I’m so happy I managed to do this one! I always forget about such tags even if love them help me I’m a mess

Rules: post a picture of your self sim and answer these questions, then tag some friends.

Favorite season: Torn between spring and autumn, as of now I’d say autumn because of its colours tho…
Favorite books/author: J.K. Rowling cause she changed my life, Stephen Chbosky cause he helped me when I thought no one could and Mathias Malzieu cause it can’t even be described.
Favorite song: This is a tough one. If I have to pick one and only one I’d probably say Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Or Sway by the Kooks. But also..oh, whatever!
Favorite food and drink: Carbonara and red wine. Nothing else to add. Also if you cook carbonara with cream you can unfollow me now.
Dogs or cats: Just give me the fluff and the cuteness, I’ll take it wheter it meows or barks.

Soooo… I don’t really know who did this since I’m obviously late, so I’ll just go with people I didn’t see tagged already? @nezucorni, @simcataris, @crimsonsims, @oakglow, @neopixiesims, @quiddity-jones and the never-gets-old @whoeverwantstodothis! 

So hi my name is Grace and I recently saw Bastille at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on the 1 year anniversary of Wild World and here is a video of Dan Smith literally slaying my fucking life by being like 5 feet away from me. K thanks, and please tag me if you save the video or what not.


l i g h t // d a r k

but he loves me
he ignites me
he is part of me
unique in its madness

Loki & Sigyn for thelaughingmagician


Part 1

Alpha: The dominate leader of the pack. They lead the hunts and rely on their beta to provide aid. They are the largest and strongest wolf in the whole pack

Beta: Helps lead hunts with alpha and provide aid and protection towards Alpha wolf. Large and strong but not as much as Alpha

Omega: Lowest rank in the whole pack, often plays the role of the scapegoat

Subordinate: A regular member of the pack, one that doesn’t have the role of an Alpha, Beta or Omega. Just a tag along pretty much.

Hey Guys! Admin K here<3, Alrighty so I posted this today because for one I saw Admin H do it and it looked really fun, but not only did it look fun but it gave me ideas for my next WerewolfAU! scenario that’s coming soon!Therefore, consider this a small introduction of my next series. Don’t worry though, I’m still continuing on with my ZombieAu with Jungkook and my other series i’m working on currently.

I hope you all enjoy this click and drag and please dont forget to look at part 2 for even more information and fun!

-Admin K

allthingsmalec  asked:

Hello :) I love your page so freaking much, it's my life!!! Thank you so much doing this, your hard work is highly appreciated. I saw that the pregnant stiles tag has just been updated but the pregnant derek tag hasn't been updated for a year, so I was wondering if you could update the pregnant derek tag??? I love pregnant sterek xxx Pretty pretty please and thank you :D

of course my dude

Puppy Separation Anxiety by KaliopeShipsIt (1/1 | 9,188 | G)

Derek and Stiles’ three year old daughter is completely fine with Derek dropping her off at Pre-K, but has a separation anxiety induced meltdown every time Stiles does.

Naturally, Derek jumps to conclusions that couldn’t be farther from the truth if he’d tried.

Say it out loud, love by pineneedlepants (3/? | 23,429 | PG13)

When Derek first finds out, it’s a rainy thursday that reflects his mood perfectly. He’s been oddly dizzy lately, with bouts of nausea that don’t make any sense to him, and he’s pretty sure he’s never slept as much as he is now, not even as a carefree teenager. He thumps his forehead gently against the table top, willing the water he drank not five minutes ago to stay down. He’s rubbing his head on the wooden surface when he hears it.

There’s a soft thump thu-thump coming from somewhere near him. He lifts his head slowly, as not to make the world spin and tries to concentrate where the soft beat is coming from. Because it couldn’t possibly be -

Derek cannot be -

With growing horror, he directs his eyes downwards, to his slightly softened belly. His hands have stilled on his skin, trembling lightly. The soft thump thu-thump comes again, and again, and again, the sound getting louder with each soft flutter, until the pulse matches Derek’s own. It’s almost mesmerizing, a beautiful cadence that flutters in and out of rhythm of Derek’s own heartbeat.

Or the one where there’s a misunderstanding of the century, a little angst, a surprise baby and a deliriously happy ending.

Through Thick and Thin by Down_n_Dirty (35/? | 108,084 | R)

Stiles is a wealthy Alpha living off his father’s name with no real problems. Derek is an Omega just trying to get through life. When fate throws them together through a forced heat that neither man saw coming, the end results are permanent and very much a forever thing. Basically Stiles knocks Derek up and things get…complicated.

From This Moment by SylvieW (1/1 | 16,711 | R)

After discovering Derek is pregnant, Stiles offers to be his “Pregnancy Buddy.” On top of the usual difficulties of carrying a child, Stiles has to navigate Derek’s emotional turmoil from the traumatic event that conceived the baby, and his own feelings that he’s developing for Derek.


valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)

11 questions tag

sorry this is terribly late but finally i’m getting around to doing this!! i was tagged by the lovely @restlessmaknae (who’s a fellow 99′ liner!! i’m excited to get to know you bethanie) welcome to the day6 family dear!

1. how did you get to know day6?
the first time i saw them was on win:who is next during the yg vs jyp trainees battle! i still remember wonpil’s hair..
2. what’s your favourite era so far?
hm the everyday6 project! i love how they are able to explore different styles every month :-)
3. what’s a hairstyle you can’t forget?
brian’s hair predebut omg (kinda tragic) 
4. what’s your favourite song(s)?
ok to be honest, i can’t choose one so i’ll pick my favourite song from each album. (thIS is hard)
the day - colours
daydream - i wish
sunrise - you were beautiful
everyday6 project - pouring
unreleased tracks - you 
5. when was the moment you officially realised you were a day6 fan?
i guess i was always going to be a fan since i fell in love with their music!
6. what’s your favourite memory as a myday so far?
being accepted with open arms in the community, especially on tumblr! i’ve made so many new friends here :-) and everytime day6 releases a song HAHA i know it’s gonna be great
7. who’s your bias and how did you choose him?
jAE my sunshine boy. it kinda.. just happened really. not sure how either…
8. which member would you take on a roadtrip with you?
all of them??? but if i had to choose one, i guess dowoon or wonpil!! they would be too sweet 
9. which member can you imagine as your best friend?
BRIAN KANG HAHAH would be an awesome best friend and wingman omg
10. which member can you imagine as your brother?
sungjin! he strikes me as a brotherly figure that would really take care of his younger siblings.
11. which member can you imagine as your boyfriend?
jae !! he’s the first bias i’ve had that i can imagine dating. 

so that’s the end!! i really am not sure who to tag and what to say, but if you want to do this, please feel free to say i tagged you!! 

anonymous asked:

hi! I saw your ask about your favorite dreampack art/fics and I wondered if you also have favorite rovinsky art/fics?

hey! yes!! art-wise, i’ve reblogged some rad ronan/k art on my raven cycle sideblog, you can find it in my fanart tag!

and then for fics, i actually havent read too many?! but here are a few i really enjoyed. mind the tags and warnings for each - our boy joey k is pretty much a content warning to begin with, so. that said:

  • juvenile by momebie - fast driving. shotgunning. kissing. this fic is actually perfect in like, every single way, and i think about it way too often. it’s super well-written and in character and just!! ahhh i love it so dang much okay *breathes heavily*
  • sic by tanyart - “one out of several of the same sober mornings.” kavinsky wakes up to a dreamt-up version of ronan, and my soul is singed just a bit more by the flame that is rovinsky.
  • cut your own breaks by kiiouex - a tale of ronan and partying told in kavinsky’s tone. who knew i could enjoy being in k’s head so much? as always, this author’s writing is an absolute treat.
  • breathe deep by ouroboros - a hp au in which ronan and k smoke gillyweed and things get dreamy. and steamy. lmao i’m the worst… but yeah, dumb rhymes aside, this one’s entertaining af.
  • this sin was mine alone by batmandeh and aweekofsaturdays - a solid mix of no-frills raw ronan/k and a little dash of gansey at the end. i actually just read this one last night!!
  • and then a lil bonus!! just because i can - this one’s actually kavinsky/gansey… just trust me on this one… read it. you won’t regret it. something that explodes by jouissant. the author nailed kavinsky’s character so well. feel free to come yell at me when you leave this fic with yet another rare trc ship.

happy reading!!

I just saw that Kai and Rihanna edit! (love it!) so I showed my Korean friend (lives in South Korea) and she’s a huge EXO and K-Pop fan, she and her friend ships Kai with Black celebrities, I don’t even know how they found half the celebs they named! omg, but I so lost it, when I saw that edit you made and showed her she LOVES IT! lol! She has it as her new screen saver on her phone and she sent me a screenshot of it with a hear! <3 So I said fk it! I’ll show her your blog! and she already been through every page in the Kai tag lol!

KM & BW: omg yay! xD love it!