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A-Z Tag 💕

A// Age: 26 until next Friday!!!

B// Biggest Fear: Settling for a mediocre life

C// Current Time: 2:42 p.m.

D// Drink Last had: Diet Mountain Dew

E// Everyday starts with: Checking notifications on my phone

F// Favorite Song: Pyramids-Frank Ocean

G// Ghosts are real: Never saw one so idk..

H// Hometown: Jenkinsville, SC

I// In love with: Fashion

J// Jealous of: Not really one of my traits..lol

K// Killed someone: Do the sims count? & I didn’t do it on purpose.

L// Last time you cried: When I got to the end of the movie Fences last Saturday

M// Middle Name: Demetria

N// Number of Sibilings: 1 sister

O// One Wish: For all of my dreams to be fulfilled

P// Person you last called/Texted: Called (My mom) Texted (Group Msg. with my sister & my dad)

Q// Question you’re always asked: Why are you not a photographer?

R// Reason to smile: Because you are alive.

S// Song last sang: Selfish- Future featuring Rihanna

T// Time you woke up: 2:00 p.m.

U// Underwear color: I like black.

V// Vacation Destination: Maldives

W// Worst Habit: Procrastinating!!!!!

X// Xrays you’ve had: At the dentist

Y// Your Favorite Food: Chicken Wings

Z// Zodiac Sign: Aries

Thank you @diosasims &  @acoldsummer-sims for tagging me in this challenge! Sorry I’m always so late with these! lol

I tag @destinysplayhouse @missjocelynwallace @babyphatqueen1 and anyone else who wants to do it.

I was tagged by @miss-shannanigans thank you ☺

Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better
a - age: 20
b - birthplace: Germany
c - current time: 10:55
d - drink you last had: water
e - easiest person to talk to: I think my sister
f - favorite song: don’t make me choose, there are so many 😩😄
g - grossest memory: when I was 4-5 my friend threw up and I saw, and naturally threw up as well,that was grows
h - horror yes or horror no: no, thanks
i - in love? nope
j - jealous of people?: yeah, it happens
k - killed someone?: No.
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: walk by again
m - middle name: don’t have one
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: that I’ll be alright at uni
p - person you called last: My mother i think
q - question you’re always asked: Have there been any developments in your life (is that how’d you say it in english ? sounds german/english to me 😅)
r - reason to smile: music
s - song you sang last: sth. from Hamilton
t - time you woke up: 10:30 ish
u - underwear color: white
v - vacation destination: New Zealand and Scotland and many more
w - worst habit: obsessed with my phone
x - x-rays: my wrist (wasn’t completely broke though just a little)
y - your favorite food: not sure I have a favourite
z - zodiac sign: Taurus

and I tag @mj-38 @she-dreams-of-leto @babiiface16 @bartholomew-cubbins @deathbyechelon @dreamboatleto @jayded-dreams @fuck-yeah-30secondstomars @cicitmars @whoistheprettiest @marsmind @letox @letowolfie @elliegrace139 and just everyone who wants to do this 😄❤
sorry if you’ve been tagged before

Ok, so I saw this in @vityaa-nikiforov ‘s blog, and I wanted to do this!

Rules: Tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better

Name: sorry, it’s a mystery~
1) Panda, ‘cause I have a lot of different stuff with pandas
2) Seal, ‘cause I look like them, lol. They are cute.
3) Blitz (or Flash from Zootopia), because I am sleepy and slow when I try to study, especially in university campus, lol.
4) Hyung, it is used by my k-pop squad.
One person calls me “Katsudon” after watching YOI. LOL.
Gender: F
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 170cm
Sexual Orientation: sorry, it’s a mystery~
Hogwarts House: Slytherclaw, on pottermore I’m currently Ravenclaw
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Pandas and seals
Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours, ‘cause I have too much fanfics to read job to do and materials to study, aaaarhhhhh.
Cat or Dog Person: None
Favorite Fictional Characters:
1) Tieria Erde from Gundam 00
2) Orihara Izaya from Durarara
And currently I’m very interested in Yuri Katsuki from YOI.
Number of blankets I sleep with: ONE
Favorite singer/band: 
Singer: Nina Simone, Oren Lavie, Acid Black Cherry (Yasu solo project). G.Soul
Bands: Three Days Grace, Skillet, Metallica, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Incubus, Maybeshewill, Day6, BTS, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Mucc.
Dream job: smth connected with Japan and South Korea, mb organizer of a really huge and great event
When Was The Blog Created: 2016
Current number of followers: 185

I won’t tag anyone.
Just do it if you want.

Ok guys, I’ve reached my first 1K followers and I’m so astonished. I’m so grateful to all of you for this goal and I never saw this coming. So, I decided to do a follow forever list in honor of this. I absolutely love you all and forgive me if I missed someone.

a b c

all2whale / allt00swift / alltaywell / alltoofuckingwellaltoowhaleandyoucallmeupagain / apolaroidofus / arabicswiftie / areweoutofthewoodsbadswiftie / blanxspace / bornon1989 / callingmeupcataystrophe / cataystrophie / cataytrophe / centralperkswiftcolldasyou / comeherebeback / curiousswift 

d e f

dancingroundthekitchens / demigodswiftgs / dirtytaylorswift / enchnated / expressingswiftfairytaleswifts / feariess / fearlessleigh / fellaswiththehellagoodhairfetusswift / fyeahtswift

g h i j k l

hellafearless / hellagoodfellashheystephen / hopetaylorswiftiamhappyfreeconfusedlonely / iconfessbabeicouldbuildcastlesiheartsquestionmark / iitslikeigotthismusic / iwaslookinatyou / iwaslookingsatyouiwishyouwererighthere / imfinalllyclean / imwonderfucked / in-swifterlandinswifterland / itsgottabepizza / itsnottaylor / itwasworththepainjumpthenfallskissesswiftlwishyouwould / legallyaswiftie / londonswiftie / longlovelivelotsoftwinkle

m n o

marygsweeran / meredithgrey-oliviabensonmilkshakeitoff / mosaicswift / mychoiceistay / newromanticss / newromantis / neversawyoucomingon-swifts-side / ohsoswiftlyoohirememberouatofthewoods / outoftewoods / outofthewoods / outoftheswoods 

p q r s

partayswiftie / punkswift / punkswifts / queentaylorredd-lip-classic / redheadswiftredlipswiftie / retroswifts-wiftsadbeautifultraqic / shakeitoffs / shouldvessaidno / shouldvesaidnoitsbeckysixtiequeen / slay-tay-slay / slaylorqueenspeaknow93 / speakwowswift-sass / swift-starlight / swifternet / swiftdisposition13 / swiftilicius23swiftlygood / swiftieclean1989 / swiftnwonderland / swiftpick / swiftsage / swiftsecrecyswiftslonglive / swifttstrucksonicallycohesive / still-looking-for-a-place

t u v w x y z

taylor-alison-swizzle / taylors7grammys / taylorslegs / taylorsvivt / taylorswiftduhtaylurkin / taypunzeltayswizzle / tayvoritetangledupwithuallnight / teaswift / tellmeyouretheluckyone / thanksforsayingthat / thatgoodgirlfaithhthatpolaroidofus / thatshowyougotthegirl / thesweeranone / theswiftiediaries / thehatersgonnahatehatehatehatethis-sick-swiftthisfightisworthwhile / thisickswift / tookapolariodofus / tryingtoputitintowordssstroublexswift / tshifty / tswift-zoe / tswizzaf / wenevergooutoftaylor / whostaylorswiftanywayew / wildestjeans / youtookatayloroidofus 

Queen K’s Follow Forever!

So a few days ago, I hit 200 followers. I’m honestly shocked that that many people want to follow my trashiness. XD

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^This was my face when I saw I had 200 followers.

Since I hit 200, I wanted to tag a few blogs that I follow and absolutely love. I love you all for a myriad of reasons.

@artistefish, @kiichigo-no-kokoro, @coolstormy4, @youkaiyume, @ashcanvas, @shiroikogo, @modinu, @czarcastic-dog, @kago-bae, @inubae, @poo189, @richardiancox, @krongarrt, @sankontesu, @rinnenowhat, @meselfandwhy, @angelhart79, @inutato, @ryo-creampuff-bakura, @hanmajoerin, @kongosoha, @sesshomarulordandwanderer, @justbreatheexx, @iliveondaydreams, @komaedawg, @purekagome, @fairtomato, @robertlovesyou, @crimsondemonfan, @ontiptoespeeringin, @obliteratingjune, @sinuyasha, @kusariigama, @magical-campanula, @inusmasha, @shireyuki, @princess-kagura, @little-known-artist, @halfdemons, @wreathoflaurels, @casanovastrider

Now don’t think I don’t love you if I didn’t mention you. All of my followers are amazing in their own ways and I’m glad you guys enjoy my blog or me.