k ruined my goddamn life

like a wrecking ball

B*S/Maka Siblings AU smut. NSFW below, obviously. 

Ya’ll thirsty. I can’t write smut worth a damn BUT I TRIED. EHHHH. 


“… ‘S your brother here?”

It was innocent enough.

Maybe if he hadn’t been lounging on her and maybe if his head hadn’t been nestled against her thighs she would’ve thought nothing of it. And even in itself, Soul snoozing on her legs wasn’t anything inherently sexual or suggestive – he usually made himself quite cozy on her lap and tended to gravitate towards her legs in general. He’d slept against her hundreds of times while she studied and she thought nothing of it. Soul was oddly cuddly and she had no problem with it, because she liked it when he reached out to her and did things for him and not entirely for her… not that she minded it when his scruffy cheek brushed against her.

No, it wasn’t his position that gave his intentions away. It was the lazy, heated look he was giving her. It was scalding red eyes boring fiery holes into her very soul and the way his hair tickled her skin. His cheek brushed against her thigh, fingers tracing circles into her flesh and he raised his glance to her eyes.

Maka pinked and lowered her book. “I don’t think so… he should be out with Liz?”

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