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Okay, not really. You guys probably have heard of me. The name is CL, but call me Chaerin. I’m not exactly new here…I’ve actually been here for a while. More like coming back from a break and sorta starting again, so I need more people to follow and interact with. Here, you aren’t gonna see what most expect from me. Forget what you see on stage, or what you heard, ‘cause that ain’t the real me. Inticed yet?

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Hi everyone! Zai here. I don’t normally write posts like these on tumblr but this time I really need your help. A few weeks ago, I sent a tweet to the Eton Institute asking if I could have access to their persian course since I am going on a trip and they said I could have it if I got to 3000 retweets. I am currently at 34 retweets and would really appreciate if you guys could retweet my tweet to help me get closer to my goal. the tweet can be viewed here

i would appreciate it very much if you all could help me out & reblog this post as well so others can see it ; n ;

Paradise House
  • (The Paradise House is a Kik based roleplay, mainly centered around K-pop idols, but inclusive to all. If you'd like to join, shoot me a message!)
  • Welcome to the Paradise House: a place where idols can retreat to hide from sasaengs, recover from scandals, or just get some R&R between comebacks. After the end of the Roommate television series, the house was slightly modified and the security upgraded, creating an oasis for overworked idols. Each of the five bedrooms can house two to three idols. Drama is sure to ensue when this many people are in one house - especially since the circumstances of many idol's stays don't allow them to leave the house often. Will the inhabitants of Paradise House be able to resume their careers after their stays, or will they face a different sort of future? Stay tuned to find out.

Young K is wanted at enrapture

Grindr ain’t wiser, Jack’t is wack, Scruff ain’t rough enough, and Growlr just doesn’t have the type of audience that caters to the famous men loving faces of South Korea. Word on the street is that Enrapture is the meeting app that has the sexiest men and the most fun. Meet afriend, alover, a forever, or a never again!

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Q: What did the pony say when it had a sore throat?
A: I apologize, I am a little horse!

I’ll make it short before you all die of boredom. Okay so this is simple: I need friends. Mind reblogging or following me?

♤ I can be cute if you want.
♤ I’ll feed you.
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♤ I’ll tell you bad jokes.
♤ I have no friends.
♤ I’m bored and lonely.

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