k rod

is there an actual reason for Eren to be shirtless in this arc

like he wasn’t shirtless before being in the cavern

like did Rod or Kenny or someone take his shirt off or

and like look at Freida’s uncle

fully clothed

like is there a reason or does Isayama just really know what his audience likes to see

Catsitting - The List

This list will detail all the mischief Kanga and Roo have been up to while I look after them. Then i will total for each cat.

Day 1
- bit my toes (K)
- when not allowed my toast, put paw in it (K)
- jumped onto me as I slept and landed on my boob (K)
- farted (K & R)

Day 2
- pushed soap and shaver into bath (K)
- ripped at wallpaper (K)
- almost ripped curtain rod down (K)
- robbing the sweets bowl for a milky way®
- pushing said milky way behind the sideboard ®


Francisco Rodriguez gets his first major league hit after 9 seasons as a relief pitcher. K-Rod hit an infield single in the bottom of the eighth in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He would leave the game before the top of the ninth due to leg cramps. Kameron Loe would come in to finish the game. Brewers won 7-2.