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Francisco Rodriguez gets his first major league hit after 9 seasons as a relief pitcher. K-Rod hit an infield single in the bottom of the eighth in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He would leave the game before the top of the ninth due to leg cramps. Kameron Loe would come in to finish the game. Brewers won 7-2.


Despite having a nagging stress fracture in her leg that led to having a rod inserted and earning her the nickname “K-Rod,” by the year 2000 Kristin Maloney was still able to tumble incredibly difficult skills including a full-twisting double layout, a whip to immediate double layout, and a pike front step out through to a triple twist. (x)

lhdc22itsreal  asked:

What's the spec sheet on your 4age in your Ae86?

Dang this prolly the coolest ask I ever got. I love the 4ag and I know I could have done something different for cheaper and even have less issues but then again that’s what makes it all worth it. Here we go.

Ae101 block (w/oil squirters)
Ae92 crank (big journals)
K-1 h beam rods
Wiseco 82mm pistons
Toga hi volume pump
Toda flywheel
ACT full organic clutch w/ heavy duty plate
NST pulley set
Modded greddy filter kit with earls lines
Earls oil thermo switch and oil cooler

Ae92 small port head ported & polished
Ae101 ITBs
Toda 272/288 9mm lift cams
Toda under bucket valve train kit
Formula Atlantic sized valves
Bronze valve guides
Toda cam gears
Toda timing belt
Trd .5mm hg
JSP hi rise header
Formula Atlantic cam cover (early version)

Autronic SM4 ecu
4agze cam angle sensor
Toyota 1zz coil packs
7mge injectors
Tuned by John Reed at PSI

Made 164hp at the wheels.

I think that’s about it, I may be missing a few things lol I have some more plans in the future but for now I’m good with this set up.