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K-on is honestly such a good show. I didn’t watch it for years because reviews said it was “just cute girls doing cute things” and “generic moe” but no??? its got amazing character relationships (every pair of characters has an interesting and unique dynamic), really good character design (if you made them silhouettes I would be able to tell who’s who from body type and size alone. Also the background characters have really good and varied designs and look like they could be main characters in their own story) and its just really precious and genuinely funny?? k-on hate is boring and bad

hI SCHool is coming for me and im transferring to a Very Expensive School and also i’m too lazy to do commissions so i’m making adoptables instead


  • $33 each
  • no holds
  • i only accept paypal!!
  • do not resell these
  • first come first serve
  • send me an ask if interested!
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An early morning doodle that I went way too far with. I love designing new costumes for my girls, though. ✨✨✨