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What I have been listening to this week and recommend songs for you :) (my first time doing this! I hope you like it <3)

  1. Zion.T - The Song
  2. K.A.R.D - Rumor
  3. SF9 - Easy Love
  4. Minzy -  Ninano
  5. Eric Nam X Somi - You, Who?
  6. Oh My Girl - Coloring Book
  7. CNBLUE - Between Us
  8. CNBLUE - When I was Young
  9. Ten - Dream In a Dream
  10. Pristin - Wee Woo
  11. Boyfriend - Bounce
  12. Pristin - Black Widow 
  13. Monsta X - Incomparable 
  14. SF9 - So Beautiful 
  15. Got7 - Q

Not Kpop

  1. State Champs - Slow Burn
  2. Nick Jonas - Bacon
  3. Halsey - Now or Never
  4. Hey Violet - Break My Heart
  5. MAX - 10 Victoria’s Secret Models
  6. MAX - Home
Monsta X Reaction || Their Crush Sitting In Their Lap
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*Being the beloved leader of 6 you would think he’d handle it well considering how much his lap was abused by the other members, but no. He’d be extremely uncomfortable about it. You’d fluster him easily and being close to you like this would really make him nervous*


*Seemingly fine he’d be cheerful and look like he’s doing great, but he’d really worry for your comfort*
“If you’re uncomfortable I’ll leave the chair for you, I can sit on the floor, okay~?”


“Hello, Y/N~ How are you doing?”


*He wouldn’t be able to handle it for too long. He’d excuse himself and go freshen up in the restroom*


*Tries not to move at all. Awkwardly does his best not to get creepy*


*Makes it awkward as he initiates a small talk to make it less awkward (ironic isn’t it)*
“Your hair smells good”


*Has a chill conversation because he can do anything*
“Honestly, you are so lucky to sit in my lap, I would feel bad for you if you got to sit on Hyungwon’s thin model thighs–”



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carowren  asked:

K's bodyguard HGB wearing a blue beanie was standing behind her co-star T. J. on the Nola Swamp tour boat with the cast/crew of Underwater in the pic released recently. Why would he be there? K has assistants/ friends C.J. & S.M. to be there with her. Two words: family protection. He also acts as interface between K and paps. Rob's body guard was listed in the QOTD credits. What other actors have bodyguards on set with them? R & K protect what is theirs very well with well honed tactics.

Yes I saw that. Not only was HBG at this cast/crew outing (CJ, Suzie & Stella being part of the crew as K’s assistants) he was also @ Ks BDay party and outings.

Why? Sure, no doubt he and Kristen have a bond. But sadly we know Kristen needs him there not just as a friend but to serve his purpose as her bodyguard!

It’s been fascinating watching Kristen’s evolution on set.

With Twilight she had a combination of her brother and then John as guardian/PA…

When Kristen was younger it was mostly her mother.

Kristen has said that once she no longer required a guardian be with her she quite liked being on set cut off from family and friends. It helped her focus on her work.

But something started to change. Subtly at first but now we can no longer ignore it.

I feel the start of the change was when she filmed Clouds of Sils Maria. Suzie joined her and was credited in the film as Kristen’s assistant. We also saw a slew of friends visiting Kristen on set throughout their locations in Europe.

She had friends tag along when she was in NYC to film Anesthesia, and Lindsey was with her primarily while she filmed Still Alice. (Note to myself…check film credits)

She had Scott with her for Equals but that was a fairly long shoot on the other side of the world. Perhaps her friends were not available to stand in as hired hands.

Scott seems to have flown the coop and Kristen seems to be choosing her closest friends to accompany her on location. Primarily Suzie but often CJ will join or tag team and now we’ve added Stella to the mix.

Some will label these ppl as hangers on but they are close loyal friends that are no doubt paid when they serve as Kristen’s helpers on these projects.

The question is…why would Kristen need more than one person with her? We know she’s quite independent and she could easily hire any old PA to do whatever schlepping is required while she’s working. But on the last several movies Kristen’s filmed she’s had 2-3 assistance/friends with her?

Call me crazy (I know many of you do) but makes all the sense in the world that when you have precious cargo accompanying you while you are on location (2/3 children) you might need several hands to help out! Suzie along with being a great friend also has experience as a nanny. Though I don’t think Suzie is Kristen’s primary nanny no doubt she’d be trusted to oversee childcare logistics when Kristen and Rob are unavailable.

Having her family with her, it also makes sense that Kristen would expand that to include her larger circle of family/friends rather than hiring strangers that would take time to gain her trust when her and her family’s privacy and security is at stake.

Yes! No doubt RK have this down to a science and no doubt their fierce when it comes to protecting their family!


170425 ‘WILD KARD PARTY’ K.A.R.D - Rumor | © 때로는요정


[PERFORMANCE] 170425 K.A.R.D - ‘Oh NaNa (Encore)’ @ WILD KARD PARTY

anonymous asked:

So R&K' relationship status is They are not married w/children,right?

Lol! No they are very much married with children.

Their first daughter recently celebrated her 3rd birthday and their second daughter will celebrate her 2nd a few weeks after Rob’s 31st!

External image

And thanks for giving me just one more opportunity to spread the truth!



170425 ‘WILD KARD PARTY’ K.A.R.D 감동컷 - 소민이의 편지 | © 때로는요정


[PERFORMANCE] 170425 K.A.R.D - ‘Don’t Recall’ @ WILD KARD PARTY