50 Shades of Mamo

There’s so much I could say. There’s so much I want to say. There’s so much I have to say. There’s so much I need to say.

But, I can’t find the right words. That’s what you do to me, Mamo-kun. There is no other seiyuu quite like you; you are truly one of a kind. My love and admiration and respect for you will never end. It only grows. (1/3)


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K Return of Kings

The latest K Return of Kings poster from Spoon.2Di vol. 14 (eBay | Amazon Japan) features Totsuka Tatara, Suoh Mikoto, Kusanagi Izumo, and Munakata Reisi, all exquisitely dressed by character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾) and key animator Daiki Takemoto (武本大樹).