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K Return of Kings

The beautiful color-themed kings posters from K Return of Kings were showcased in the Spoon.2Di (Amazon US | Japan) Illustration Issue, with art work by GoHands staff character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾), chief animators Takayuki Uchida (内田孝行) and Naoki Okada (岡田直樹), and animation director Rina Ueki (植木理奈).

K Return of Kings

Misaki Yata, Saruhiko Fushimi, Yashiro Isana, and Kuroh Yatogami are the perfect sweeties for Valentine’s Day in this Otomedia Magazine (Amazon US | JP) poster by K Return of Kings character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾) and animator Daiki Takemoto (武本大樹).

K Return of Kings

A playful new poster with Misaki Yata and Saruhiko Fushimi in fighting stances came with Spoon.2Di Vol. 10 (Amazon US | Japan), illustrated this time by character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾) and animation director Masayuki Tachibana (立花昌之).


K Project - Kings of society

So I was looking at the kings/clans in K and noticed that each of them represent an aspect of society. This is an analysis I came up with on my own so it’s my personal views, but it’s interesting to see how characters/members of their clan fit in!

1. Silver - The Teacher : Education, Guidance, Conductor.
Shiro has always wished happiness and the progress and growth of everyone and everything. Interestingly in Gakuen K manga, Shiro was called in to be Kuroh’s “guide”. His existence led the lost Neko and Kuroh back to a proper paths of their lives. He helped and led the students and other clans in both seasons, and ends up being a teacher in Ashinaka high school, living on the school island.

2. Gold - The Authority : Governor, leader, Hierarchy.
Kokujoji Daikaku believes that with immense power means you have to be stronger and more responsible than anyone else to lead the rest of the people.
His clansman the Usagi are blessed with his abilities to unlock their utmost potential to lead the rest of society with a strong foundation.

3.  Red -  The Free Spirit : Liberation, Independence, Unrestricted.
They people that find their own truths, follow their heart. The passionate, brave and opinionated people.
They do not let others hold them back.
Although Mikoto and Anna as the red kings have very different personalities, they are both very stubborn on their decisions and do as they please regardless of the warnings or safety precautions of others.

4. Blue - The Organisation : Order, Structure, System.
Agrees with hierarchy and structure (which is why they work closely with gold king), but also does not always oppose with red/free-spirits unless they deliberately ruin their system.
Munakata is not as strict/serious as people think he looks. He often does what he wants as long as the work is done and it works within the system/structure. He also find loopholes and better means to use that to his advantage.
Fushimi despite how much he complains he will do everything that is asked of him and is completely responsible. Even to Misaki, he asks him “who is the most important to you right now?” to have him fulfil his duties to maintain the order and responsibility.

5. Green - The Player : Entertainment, Interest, Change.
Blurring the line between fiction and reality, they are people that find enjoyment and interest in everything.
They are the start and change of trends. Everyone has their own agendas in the green clan and it’s ultimately for self satisfaction and own joys.

6. Grey - The Faith : Religion, Beliefs, Indefinite.
What you believe can save or ruin yourself and others depending how things like beliefs and theories are taken or interpreted.
The grey area. There are no definite answers.

7. Colourless - The Outcast : Unknown, Potential, Joker.
Outsiders, geniuses, people who don’t fit in. They are the unknown forces and the hidden potential.
Kuroh was shunned and abandoned as a young boy because people thought of him as a “angel of death”. After he was taken in by Miwa Ichigen and trained under him, his peers thought of him as a swordsman genius.
Yukari himself is very “out of the norm”, being comfortable with his own sense of self and “nee-san” type of speech and mannerisms.


Entire art set uploaded on my pixiv!