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Yep, you can use them just put credits

Non K-Pop Reactions

When a k-pop song starts playing:


*non k-popper*

When you try to show them your bias:


*non k-popper*

When you make them watch a music video with you:



When you explain fanservice:


*non k-popper*

When they say they’re gay:


*non k-popper*

When a comeback is announced:


*non k-popper*

When they call it Chinese:


*non k-popper*

When they say it’s a copy of American music:


*non k-popper*

When they say they like it:


*non k-popper*

When you’ve turned them into a k-popper:


*new k-popper*


hoseok is me, jimin is all of my non-k-popper friends (who am i kidding… it’s all my friends)

“Normal” people vs. K-poppers

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

Normal people:


Which one of them?

*Whispers* All of them.

Q: What do you most look for in a guys?

Normal people:

Nice eyes, tall guys, someone with a lot of muscles…


Cute face with a hot body. Short is cute too (Seventeen’s Woozi anyone?) I like guys with coloured hair too!

Q: What do you thing of this picture?

Normal people:

Wait that’s one of those dancing Chinese boys, right? Wait- Is he wearing eye liner? Why is his face like that?


FOREHEAD!! Hobi I love you!! *fangirling so hard, can’t breathe any more* Stop this cuteness! Please! *Starts crying*

You okay?

I’ll manage.

Q: What’s the last picture you took or saved on your phone?

Normal people:

One of my best friends’ cats! So cute!


One of BTS’ Jimin without a shirt. Oh wait no, It was a VKook picture.

Q: Last song you listened to?

Normal people:

I think Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself.


Still in love with BTS’ debut song! No More Dream is the sh*t!

Q: Last question. Would you like to say anything to the ones who are reading this?

Normal people:

Hi mom! Sorry I always wanted to make that joke.



What about your parents and friends?


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For new (and old) K-poppers who don’t want to fuck up~


~Joke with friends about K-pop using racial slurs such as “ching chong music” (I’ve had K-poppers at my school say this dumb shit to me)

~Defend your fav when they say some racist things about another minority (”I can speak black!”)

~Try to put down a female/male seen with your fav bc they are in/might be in a relationship (I wish none of us did that tbh)

~Make a joke about not being able to tell members of a group apart (pretty self explanatory)

~Send angry messages/tweets/comments to idols for not speaking/writing English 24/7 (You’d be surprised)

~Criticize female artists for doing things you praise male artists for doing (!!!!)

~Get outraged when someone says they don’t like K-pop (You can berate them in your head jkjk don’t do that)


~Educate non-kpopper friends on things they are ignorant of (If they are up to it, don’t shove random, unwanted info down their throats plz)

~Own up to your love of K-pop, if people make fun of you, who cares!? (You are apart of an awesome fanbase, and you’re probably learning a new language!)

~Give girl groups as much love and recognition that you give guy groups (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

~Check out groups that are not as popular, without you, they won’t have as much money to have a nice comeback, or a comeback at all (I suggest Playback, Rainbow, 24k, CLC, and THE ARK OMG SO UNDERRATED)

~Send your fav (or non-fav) nice tweets/messages/comments (Especially if they are sick or injured, and ESPECIALLY if you know Korean~~)

~Get to know your fellow K-poppers, and support K-popper Youtubers (We all are a family and we are one! Even the sasaengs)

Please show love and support to each other and our idols, let’s keep our heads high above the hate (and turn the other cheek, we are better than that!) and stay strong~ 


anonymous asked:

I didn't know you were a k-popper! Dare i ask which group's fandom and what chased you out? *anticipatory cringe*

Ohhhh, I was in it deep like my first 3 years on tumblr.

Big, HUGE Super Junior fan. I think I still have the largest collection of SuJu GIFs you just don’t see anywhere anymore (not to mention all the variety shows on my external drive).

“What if Kpop” was my tumblr for a while, I handed it over around when it hit 1,400 followers and IDK who’s running it now. I was the founder/admin of “Super Junior Only 15″ on facebook, also the leader there of a K-Pop Macros page (before they were called Memes), handed that over with 600 people on the page. I checked once- it looks like whoever ran it deleted it.


What chased me out? *lets out long breath* you’d get attacked for anything. I mean ANYTHING.

I was in the fandom when Hangeng/Hankyung left SuJu, then Kangin’s drinking problem, then the drama with if anyone actually considers Kibum a member of SuJu anymore (call me crazy, but by the time they released their 3rd album without him I wasn’t calling him a member), Shindong’s engagement, Shindong and Yesung calling out fat fans, Yesung being a dick to fans who called in to his radio show one night (their challenge was to sing part of his OST for “Cinderella Stepsister” and he was just being an incredible dick to them, he even ended up having to issue an apology)- like, a lot of massive drama hit one after the other.

And for each and every thing it had become like a job of mine to bring the fandom back to earth when they went INSANE and to explain the controversies and sides- and everyone wanted to fight about it.

The final, big straw was when I got an anon asking me about Hangeng/Hankyung’s new solo career. He’d just released his first album a few months before, and I mentioned I hadn’t listened to it. I got 3 asks DEMANDING to know why, why wasn’t I supporting him, why wasn’t i cheering him on, did I support slavery, why did I hate SuJu so much that I wanted to see them enslaved— ALL BECAUSE I SAID I HADN’T LISTENED TO HIS ALBUM.

And when I *did* get an anon who was NORMAL and was like “here’s a link to the album, if you want to give it a try, it’s alright, here’s my favorite songs, I hope you enjoy”, and I listened to it and said “Oh, I guess it’s alright.” I got 3-4 more asks prodding me for a bigger opinion since I tended to post reviews of MVs and music (at one point my wordpress was getting 600 views a day), and I said that I wasn’t a huge fan, it was OK, but I wouldn’t be buying the album, I wish him well and it’s just not the style I’m into-


12 anons. TWELVE. Within *minutes* of saying that. All attacking me for not loving the album heart and soul.

So yeah- that’s when I was like “You know what? I’ve seen some “Supernatural” GIFs, they looked funny, I’m just going to give the show a try.”

I binged it in a matter of a few weeks, then entered that fandom on tumblr, and never fucking looked back.

I now rely on SeekingTheStars for my kpop news because I refuse to enter that cesspool ever again.

I loved Super Junior, SNSD, FT Island, F(x), TRAX, *sometimes* SHINee (their style just wasn’t where I usually listen), After School, the occasional Brown Eyed Girls, 2AM, 1-2 2PM songs per album, U-Kiss (this was before the 2 newer members), and had some sporadic favorites here and there.

I love the music- I still love the music- I just refuse to go there on tumblr again… I was a proud member of ELF, I loved it, but because of how utterly ridiculous the fans acted back then, to me it became the color of emotional immaturity and decay (which is sad, because seriously, I went to SM Town Live *in* Seoul, I LOVED SuJu and ELF… the crazies ruined it for me)

I will stand by my K-poppers.

I don’t care how many k-pop fanwars may start. I don’t care when Exo-l’s, come and try to start drama with Shawols and Army’s. Because we will get over it.
The instant you try to bring down Kpop as a unit. I swear you will regret it.
I will stand by my Kpop siblings even if its against a fandom I used to be in. Because in all honesty, Kpop has been one of the most amazing things I have found in my life. As cliche as that may sound.
I’m an Exo-l & a Shawol, along with a few other fandom’s. But I’m a kpopper always. Especially when people try to bring race, language and other petty things into the drama. I WILL stand againt y'all. You people don’t understand how talented, hardworking & dedicated our idols are. They do everything for their fans. And the only heartbreak we experience is when either a comeback is over or when our babies are sick. For us, this is A Safe fandom and we don’t have to worry about us ending up disappointed in the people we look up to.
We all may fight at times. But I promise you we are a family. And we will always fight as Kpop unit.

080517 Pre-debut Choi Hansol talking about being a "halfer" // do not re-upload
DOWNLOAD: http://www.4shared.com/video/AbdlusNQ/080517_Pre-debut_Choi_Hansol_t.html For more about Hansol, check out fychoihansol's accounts: ☞ http://fychoi...

 Vernon/Hansol stans and Seventeen stans,

Have you guys payed attention to this video? Personally, I think this video is really important. Not only Vernon stans ou Seventeen stans should watch it, but everyone (including k-poppers who doesnt know about Seventeen). 

The most important point is not that it shows a cute child (and yes, Vernon was a really really cute and adorable child), but what he said in the video. 

Baby Vernon talks about what he is, a halfer. Not only about that, he talks about being different“[…]people stare at me, I hate that. I feel we’re all the same people but they fix their eyes on me”. Imagine how hard it was for him, specially because he was a child. Imagine feeling like an outsider. (PS: Sociologists say that “feeling accepted by the others” is important to form our identity.)

And he says “I think people should give other people more respect”. He was 10 years old, and he already knew that people shouldnt judge other people by their appereance, people should respect each other regarless of nationality or race. He knows that since he was a kid, and there are adults who dont even know what is respect and the importance of it.

Did you guys realize how precious Vernon is?

(Sorry about my broken english).