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I just saw a post about what Mamamoo recently did concerning parodying Bruno Mars Uptown Funk.

The story caught my attention very fast considering I am a fan of many of their songs, and feel they’re very talented among most girl groups this generation.

It’s funny cause being a black k-pop fan, you always know you will come across something problematic eventually.

I could talk all day about the previous scandals, G-dragon, Kikwang, etc but today I am here with my own little perspective on the matter.

As unpopular of an opinion as this is, I think this keeps happening because of ignorance. And I don’t mean the new found definition of ignorance that people have been slinging around as if it means ‘doesn’t care’. 

I mean these idols actually have no knowledge of blackface. They do not grasp the problem with it and do not understand the history of blackface and why it is so very very offensive.

It is crazy. Especially considering they emulate black culture so frequently. But again just because you listen to black music, or even black influenced music doesn’t mean you understand black history.

I thought back to when I actually became aware of what blackface was. I realized I I didn’t even know what it was until I started doing in-depth research on black history in college. In my Jazz and Pop class we learned about Minstrel shows, and learned about the stereotypes that were forced on African-Americans during that time period. After receiving all that knowledge I was pretty grateful.

I mean if I didn’t know all the way up until college, I could only imagine how unconscious others could have been concerning the matter. Especially non-black, non-american individuals.

When I encounter racism in the K-pop community my reaction is usually something along the lines of “Oh man, y’all dun fucked up now”. But, I do think we need to be aware that most cases are rooted to something deeper . People hate to hear ‘their culture is different’, but realistically it plays a huge role in why things like this happen; not only in South Korea, but other parts of the world too.

Do I believe what they did was wrong? Of course. Even if they weren’t aware they should have been considering they listen to music made my other poc. 

Do I accept their apology? Yes. In my opinion it seemed they sincerely did not know it was offensive. And as long as they learn from this mistake I have no issue continuing to listen to their music.

I kinda wish k-pop stars were required to take a class on black culture, but we all know that wouldn’t fly in xenophobic central. Not to mention they probably don’t even know we created it in the first place

*sigh* these idols have so much to learn. But I do think as time passes and K-pop grows bigger things like this will become a rarer occurrence rather than a frequent one.

I’m so fucking angry right now and I need to express it. Sasaengs are back at it again. I literally can’t believe people like this exist and live convinced that the things they do to Wanna One (Or any idol group, but this post applies to them) are normal, and some of them are adults. Stalking them is sick, rushing on them is sick, coming too close to them is sick, touching them without permission is sick, and doing this to the point that someone is hurt? It’s totally crazy, I don’t even know how to put it, I’m speechless. Normally people would go to jail for stuff like this, and in this case the boys can’t even show they’re angry. It really fucking hurts me, because you can see the pain in their eyes. It hurts me that they need to go through this, and what’s worse is that their ‘fans’ do this. They rush at them while screaming ‘I love you’. Is this how they show love? I can’t imagine what’s going through these people’s heads. Are they convinced that a magical scene put out of fanfiction will happen? That one of them will see  them in the crowd and fall in love or what? I mean, I would like to express my feelings for them too, It’s my dream to meet them and tell them directly how much I appreciate them, how much I’m thankful for what they do, how they make me happy everyday, and just casually say that I love them. But I can’t. I will do my best to attend a fan meet, but for now the only thing I can do is support them by listening to their music, buying their stuff, watching their shows and write nice things online. It makes me really sad that their image of a fan is like the one I described at the beggining. So my fellow normal Wannables (yes, normal, the ones who cause any harm to them aren’t normal), let’s just stay strong and try to show our beloved boys a better image of our fandom. 

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K-pop is going to end up in a history book in like 300 years as the culture that stole AA music, said they didn't care about black problems, claimed to have "black souls" and how AA owe them for popularizing their culture. I'm done.

K-Pop Opinions!!

Send me a number and I’ll answer with my opinion!!

1: Do you like girl groups? Why or why not?

2: Do you think any groups/soloists are overrated? Who?

3: Do you think any groups/soloists are underrated? Who?

4: Thoughts on any groups that have recently debuted?

5: Your opinion of Eatyourkimchi?

6: Your opinion of Chad Future?

7: Of the Big 3 companies, is there one you prefer? Why?

8: Any unpopular opinions about popular groups?

9: Any fandoms you dislike? For what reason?

10: K-hiphop. Like it or nah? If not, what do you prefer instead?

11: Thoughts on Korea’s strict censorship? Overkill or necessary?

12: Thoughts on slave contracts? What could be done to prevent their issues?

13: Your stance when idols leave? Blame the company? Hurt they left? Explain.

14: Thoughts on Exo and their huge fanbase?

15: Thoughts on YG? Procrastinating assholes? A real music company?

16: Thoughts on SM? Do you like their content? or are they not real artists?

17: Do you think there is sexism in kpop? Where? What causes it?

18: Do you think there is racism in kpop? Where? What causes it?

19: Do you think idols’ lives are overly publicized?

20: Do you think idol are genuine on camera? Or are their personalities a concept?

21: Do you think the standards idols are given are reasonable? What are some that are or that aren’t?

22: Do you think all idols should produce their own music or is it okay to be given songs to sing?

23: Thoughts on how the kpop industry has changed in recent years?

24: Do you think there are too many new groups debuting?

25: Is it okay to tease idols (even lightheartedly) for their english?

26: Do you think white-washing is a serious issue?

27: Thoughts on Korean beauty standards?

28: Thoughts on homosexuality in kpop? How much do you think it is present?

29: Why do you think outside people call kpop idols gay? Ignorance? Varied standards of masculinity?

30: Thoughts on flower-boys? Yay or gay? (Sorry I had to XD)

31: Why do you think sasaengs exist? Are they present in other music industries as well?

32: Why can kpop fans be so defensive?

33: Do you think kpop could be more widely accepted in other countries?

34: Why do you think kpop is so strongly rejected by some parties? Language barriers? Racism?

35: Do you think idols are treated properly? By their companies? By their fans?

36: Do you think your particular idols are healthy? Do they get nourished properly?

37: What do you think of dieting in kpop? Is it handled properly?

38: What sort of messages to you think kpop gives? Good ones? Bad ones? Examples?

39: Do you think idols are overworked? What could be done about it?

40: What do you think of fan wars? Should they happen?

41: Are there parts of kpop that you think are over or undersexualized? Examples?

42: Do you think it’s okay for kpop fans to be extremely biased to one group/company/idol/gender?

43: What are some things you really like about the kpop industry?

44: What are some things you really dislike about the kpop industry?

45: Why do you like kpop? Why kpop?

46: Is it okay when someone listens ONLY to kpop? Why do you think people do or don’t do that?

47: What makes kpop so different from other countries music? Are there good reasons? bad reasons?

Team Taekwang vs Team Yi Ahn


Okay, there’s a lot of people rooting for #TeamYiBi which I can understand, however, I’m rooting for #TeamTaebi. This entire entry is entirely pure opinion of what I think and many of you guys might disagree but I am okay with that. If you have other comment or opinions about this, please do tell me. I would love to hear of what you guys think.

—————————Reasons of why not #TeamYiBi————————-

At the very beginning when “Eun Byul” lost her memories, before knowing she has lost her memories and even a little after, Yi Ahn has distance himself because knowing Eun Byul’s [the real Eun Byul] attitude and the big argument between the two, their relationship has been lost. But once finding out that all of her memories has been erased, his trying to replace those negative memories between them with a new enjoyable memories and began helping her recover some of her memories little by little.

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Throughout the drama, his appearance has been reduced with “Eun Byul” but was concentrated with his swimming activities. Later on, his appearance returned but this time knowing “Eun Byul” is Eun Bi. After knowing the truth, he has distance himself once more.

 Ignoring and even hurting Eun Bi’s feelings.

Originally posted by thekdramafangirl

 But as the series continue, his feelings of mistrust of Eun Bi lessen but he still has that insecurity around her until he finds out that Taekwang has also taken a liking of her. Then jealousy arise.  

The reason of why many people root for Yi Ahn is because of he stood up for Eun Bi when Soyoung tried to reveal her true identity 

Originally posted by thekdramafangirl

and also helped her recover her memories even though she was not Eun Byul.

To the point of summary on Yi Ahn: His not fit for Eun Bi because he has never been with Eun Bi through her tough times at school especially when Soyoung appeared. Even when Eun Byul came back and the two seen each other for a long time, his still being a b*tch about it and would not hear her reasons of why she did it, just like with Eun Bi.

Originally posted by thekdramafangirl

But his still a good character in the drama even though his emotions can get overwhelming.

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————————-Reasons of why Yes to #TeamTaebi————————–

On Episode 2 of the drama, Taekwang was the first one to see Eun Bi, but like everybody else, they believe she’s “Eun Byul”

Originally posted by michyeo-sseo

Taekwang and Eun Byul didn’t have a good relationship, as we can see as the drama goes on. But observing the behavior of “Eun Byul” and the appearance of Soyoung, he was the very first to find out about her secret & identity. But most of all, he was the first to call her by her real name, Lee Eun Bi. 

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Unlike Yi Ahn, he has accepted the truth and trust Eun Bi entirely without any questions or reasons at all. Taekwang helped Eun Bi act like the “Eun Byul” of the school and also helped her through tough times. 

Originally posted by mytsubasa

He was always around her, looking out for her when she’s in trouble or when she’s alone.

Originally posted by maerinah

However, Team Yi Ahn might point this out the most was when Taekwang had pushed Eun Bi down to the ground hurting her along the way. But with the face Taekwang was making, regretting of what he has done almost to the point of even crying. But hey, Taekwang had known what he had done wrong and even asked her if she was okay.

Any who, back to where we were at. As Yi Ahn had started to ignore her and distance himself from her, Taekwang was there to lend a shoulder for her to cry her heart out. Later on, Taekwang confessed his true feelings to Eun Bi but got rejected. Even though he did, he still continued to love Eun Bi and would do anything to help her and care for her.

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To the point of summary of Taekwang: Even though he got rejected his still himself around Eun Bi and did not make things awkward between the two. He would always help Eun Bi when she’s in trouble and would stand up for her. Also, the two has a similarity between their situation, Taekwang with his family and Eun Bi with Soyoung.

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But for all Team Taekwang, the moment they fangirled/fanboyed over was Ep 14.

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So like I’ve said, this was my opinion. Everyone has different opinion about it, so don’t hate me for it. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion about!

Many KPOP songs in 2013 sounded like mashups with the glorious awfulness of “I Got A Boy” leading the trend throughout the year… collecting whole BUNCH of awards along the way.


Even the amatur youtuber could mix the sounds better. I seriously [<–SORRY I GOT A TYPO HERE IN THE PIC] wanna kill the composer who seems to run out of ideas and (poorly) blended more then 4 of his unfinished pieces together (-__-“) thus laughing at my ears.

Parts of IGAB could have turned into several very fine tracks but alltogether THIS is just ridiculous (and I’m not even talking abt the MV) 

It’s DISAPPOINTING for ME (I love music to have a solid flow) because ppl swallowed it so easily & even praised it!

I’m not a SONE nor a hater, I merely expressing MY unbiased opinion and I actually LOVE KPOP 4 MUSIC!



Tell me, KPOPpers, do you really think IGAB is that great??
….or I should go to unpopular kpop opinions?

I’m honestly curious!! :)

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2. K-pop is no stranger to scandals, but this is not a facts blog. We will not accept opinions that are along the lines of:

“[name] is definitely guilty/innocent because this happened/didn’t happen.”

A lot of things are allegations, and we want to spread as little misinformation as possible. You can most certainly talk about the scandal, but just make sure it doesn’t cross the line.

3. Let’s try not to get too deep into South Korea’s society and history. This is a blog for K-pop, not for South Korea as a whole. It’s great that you’re taking interest in the country, but maybe save that for a research paper and not a K-pop opinion blog. 

Specifically, there are a lot of opinions in the box about Tiffany’s use of the Japanese Imperial Flag. You can most definitely talk about what happened to her, but let’s try not to get into the details of South Korea’s history and exactly step by step why she was right/wrong, We’ve already posted some that could have been scrapped, but since these rules are fairly new, we didn’t have time to look over exactly.

These sound pretty general and kind of subjective, but we hope that you can understand where the line is. We’re trying to make this a better blog without over-censoring your valued opinions. We apologize for the inconvenience, especially since it’s after the box is closed.

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You know, I'm not a K-Pop fan anymore cause it's hard to follow. I don't have enough time for that, but I always go to your blog when I got time because it's so interesting to read opinions of others. I really love how organized you are with this blog. You guys deserve a pat in the back for that. Reward yourselves, that's my request.

;-; I’m not crying, not at all! Thank you so much!

Yeah, honestly there’s so much in K-pop that I really can’t keep up either (heck, I can’t even keep up with current world events). Even just by scrolling through the box I find out about comebacks or debuts or controversies!

I’m glad the organization is helping ya! Sometimes, I feel like the “tight” organization of this blog can be too much for people who just want to read some darn K-pop opinions, but I’m glad it’s working out for you! 

As long as people continue to discuss through comments/replies/reblogs, I’m perfectly content with no physical rewards! (Well.. maybe not completely.) Reading opinions in itself is fun, but it’s always funner to see what others have to say and see the chain begin. Have a lovely day!! I hope you find something cool on Pokémon Go or whatnot!!!