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Fandometrics In Depth: K-Pop

The K-pop fandom on Tumblr cannot be messed with. The love for K-pop is so off the charts, it’s the only music genre that exists as its own Fandometrics list. To celebrate the genre and its ultra-passionate community, we analyzed all the tags from January 1st, 2017 through August 16th, 2017 to determine the most talked about groups, idols, and ships. Fighting!

If you’ve been following along since we introduced the K-pop list on May 1st, 2017, you know that BTS has been No. 1 since the very beginning. Furthermore, #BTS was the eighth highest trending tag on all of Tumblr during this six month period. That’s more popular than any TV show, film, or video game. The next highest trending K-pop-related term was #bangtan, at No. 17.

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The current state of K-pop

Though our weekly list is made up of both solo artists and groups, we focused solely on the bands for this In Depth (but we see you, G-Dragon 👀).

During this 228 day period, these 30 groups garnered a combined 200 million engagements. We noticed that boy groups are more popular, nabbing 90% of the conversation. K.A.R.D represents the only co-ed group on the list. The full list below:

  1. BTS | 40.10%
  2. EXO | 12.46%
  3. GOT7 | 7.19%
  4. SEVENTEEN | 6.54%
  5. Monsta X | 5.28%
  6. NCT 127 | 2.46%
  7. SHINee | 2.56%
  8. B.A.P | 1.60%
  9. BLACKPINK | 2.35%
  10. Twice | 2.10%
  11. Red Velvet | 2.00%
  12. VIXX | 1.93%
  13. Girls’ Generation | 1.22%
  14. Big Bang | 1.17%
  15. DAY6 | 1.22%
  16. Mamamoo | 1.17%
  17. NCT Dream | 1.13%
  18. iKon | 0.95%
  19. Wanna One | 0.94%
  20. f(x) | 0.66%
  21. K.A.R.D | 0.68%
  22. GFriend | 0.64%
  23. Pristin | 0.54%
  24. Super Junior | 0.45%
  25. Infinite | 0.49%
  26. BtoB | 0.48%
  27. NU’EST | 0.46%
  28. Block B | 0.43%
  29. 2NE1 | 0.41%
  30. Cosmic Girls | 0.38%

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Top ships

Shipping is most definitely welcome in the K-pop world. There’s no surprise that the top ten K-pop ships are comprised of our top two bands. BTS pairings alone received a whopping 88% of the total ship engagements. That’s a whole damned fleet. Did your OTP make the cut?

  1. Jikook 
    Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
  2. Yoonmin
    Min Yoongi & Park Jimin, BTS
  3. Taekook
    Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
  4. Yoonseok
    Min Yoongi & Jung Hoseok, BTS
  5. Vmin
    Kim Taehyung & Park Jimin, BTS
  6. Namjin
    Kim Namjoon & Kim Seokjin, BTS
  7. Kaisoo
    Kim Jongin & Do Kyungsoo, EXO
  8. Chanbaek
    Park Chanyeol & Byun Baekhyun, EXO
  9. Taegi
    Kim Taehyung & Min Yoongi, BTS
  10. Yoonkook
    Min Yoongi & Jeon Jungkook, BTS

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Need more K-pop in your life?

If your biases didn’t appear in this post enough for your liking, there’s a whole blue website out there for you to explore. Try these out for all of your reblog and liking needs:

  • Jungblue (@jungblue) has immersive and beautifully-written BTS fan fiction.
  • FY! Twice (@fyeah-twice) curates the latest news and photos of JYP’s nine-member girl group.
  • Hansolmates (@hansolmates) writes fan fiction for every SEVENTEEN scenario you could ever dream up.
  • BloominFlowers (@bloominflowers) makes majestic digital fan art of boy and girl groups.

To new K-pop fans…

1. I remember when I first got I to K-pop and I tried to remember their names by remembering their hair color…. I was mistaken. Don’t. Save yourself the confusion.

2. Look up their ages. You might be in for a shock.

3. There is a thing called ‘Korean age’ and basically that means your favorites are going to have 2 ages. There actual age and then their Korean age. For Korean age you automatically turn one on the day you’re born and then gain another year on new year. So you basically add 1 to two years depending on if it’s before or after new year. So when you hear something like “they’re a 94 liner” that means that they were born in 1994..simple right.

4. They aren’t gay. Well logically speaking some of them probably are, but most are straight. Idols are affectionate with each other. You will see them sleeping and cuddling in the same bed, always touching one another, and always getting jealous over one of their members *cough * Jungkook *cough* They aren’t afraid of ‘skinship’ and that doesn’t make them gay.

5. Aegyo. Aegyo is basically just acting overly cute and it can take some getting used too especially if you’re from a country where 'cute’ isn’t really standard. Yeah grown men and women acting overly cute is still something I can’t handle a lot of.

6. V-live. V-live is basically video instagram for Korean artists. That is where they go live, post fun videos, and etc. You can download it completely free from your app store. There are some channels/content that you have to pay for if you want to watch it though. Most of the big names in K-pop will have subtitles on their content because of the lovely translators in the fandom, but a lot of the small or newer groups won’t. 😔

Oh and if you download vlive and your watching a solo live from one of your favorites and they aren’t your bias *favorite* DON’T ASK FOR OTHER MEMBERS!!!!!! It makes them feel bad… K… Thanks.

7. There is a dark side to K-pop. Most trainees get treated horribly, some idols don’t eat enough, Scandal on top of Scandal and etc but I’m going to all of that. You can dive into the tell of darkness on your own. Or you can message me or another K-pop fan with any questions.

8. Music shows. Music shows usually happen every week and if your face just had a comeback *aka released new music* then they will likely be on soon. The music shows have winners and those winners are chosen by sales, votes, and I believe views.. IDK. So if you want to vote you can go and make free accounts and vote. Accounts will also help you with voting for the end of the year music shows. MAMA is one of the major ones in case you’ve seen the phrase 'vote bts or vote exo or vote got7 for mama’ it’s not talking about voting for their mother.

9. Variety shows. Oh god variety shows. They will be the best and worst thing to happen to you because one you see your favorites on a variety program *which is kinda like a game show/interview* and you see how adorkable they truly are you are in that fandom for life. Sorry. Not sorry. No way out. K-pop is not a revolving door. Welcome.

Variety shows often involve punishments. Like being spanked by your fellow members or being hit on the head really hard with a toy hammer or flicked in the forehead. It’s weird but you’ll love it. Oh and the K-pop dances are amazing and scary complicated as is, but wait until you see it 2x faster. Not sure idols are human TBH.

10. Whiplash. What I mean by this is you are going to pick a favorite and they are going to be adorable and cute and you are going to want to protect them and their innocence and then they are going to get on stage or start dancing and they change into this rude creature and you’re not sure what just happened …i call it whiplash. The transition from fluffy to rude within .0000001 of a second. You get whiplash.

11. You have to go to YouTube and look up K-pop crack videos. Just look up 'K-pop crack’ or 'K-pop on crack’ they are so funny. Also the K-pop try not to laugh videos.

12. K-pop fandom. Each fandom has a name for their fans, like bts’ fans are called 'Army’ And each fandom either has or will at some point have a unique lightstick to represent their fandom. Fan chants are also a thing. You will often hear these at music shows and concerts. They are quite easy to pick up ion their own, but if you need assistance then you can google “ *group name* fan chants”

13. You don’t speak Korean. That is perfectly okay. Most of the big groups have amazing translators in their fandoms and they sub everything..mostly into English.. But I’ve seen some in Spanish and German too. You do not have to speak the language to be able to love K-pop. Music doesn’t need lyrics to be understood. But more power to you if you want to learn Korean it is a beautiful language and has amazing tradition and heritage that is so fun to learn about.

14. K-dramas. They are a thing and they are amazing. A lot of your favs have probably made an appearance if not had a leading role. Even if they don’t have your favs I do recommend downloading 'Drama Fever’ and binge watching. Again there are sub titles and most of the content is free, but there is some you have to pay for.

15. Military enlistment. It is law in Korea that every able-bodied man must serve at least 2 years in the military before they are 32. Idols from Thailand such as 2pm’s Nichkhun and Got7’s BamBam can either take the full 2 years or enter the draft. If they enter the draft and don’t draw a red card then they don’t have to go, but if they enter the draft and draw the red card then they have to serve the full 2 years. Idols from America and other countries are exempt I do believe.

Let me or another K-pop Stan know if you have any more questions and we’ll do our best to answer and if anyone has something else to add feel free ☺

Welcome to the K-pop life ♥

Glitz! Glamour! Gaga!

Your faves

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Your waning interests

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i used to never really like rap but then i got into kpop and now anytime they rap i’m like yes!! get those bars!!!!! slay my entire existence!!¡!!!!! spit that fire¡!!!¡!! do what you were born to do!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡¡¡!!

Guys help me out!

As you that know me are all obviously aware of, I don’T like k pop that much. And even if u dont know me thats ok too (just dont bash me for saying i dont like it k? My mind is warped lol)

That being said, I asked a friend if she knew any good k rock bands and she said to check out cnblue. Do you guys know of them? How good are they regarding their instrument playing?

I really am interested in learning and my youtube is too slow right now, so I’d like to hear secondary opinions oHo thanks in advance huehue

Sweet Reminder

Even if you have a bias in wanna one you should hype everyone up in the group cause all and each of them it’s important.

people in the k-pop fandom before an idol turns 18:

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people in the k-pop fandom at exactly 12:01am on at idol’s 18th birthday:

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What not to say to a K-Pop fan...
  • Friend: heyyyy we should hang out this weekend
  • Me: yess that would be awesomee
  • Friend: yeah, we can have a nice 'K-Pop free' weekend~!
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: I'm actually busy oops
  • ---
  • Friend: omg yes K-Pop is so cool
  • Me: REALLY!?
  • Friend: yess I love Psy
  • Me: ...and?
  • Friend: and? I only know Psy
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: no
  • ---
  • Friend: oh what are you listening to?
  • Me: k-pop
  • Friend: K-Pop?
  • Me: yeh
  • Friend: what, is that Chinese?
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: Yes. The 'K' stands for Chinese
  • ---
  • Friend: can you plz play some music
  • Me: yyyeeeesssss
  • Friend: but it can't be Korean
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: too bad it's gonna be Korean
  • ---
  • -Admin Jinnie
Fangirls language

This is a guide for those who try to read a fangirl’s blog and understand it.

  1. “Bias” = the person you like the most
  2. “Guns” = arm muscles
  3. “I hate you” = I fucking love you but you ruin my life
  4. “Asdfghjkl” = I’m so excited I can’t write real words
  5. “I wanna punch you in the face” = another way to say you ruin my life
  6. “to ship” = from relationship, term used when you pair 2 people you would like to be together
  7. “OTP” = One True Pair, but fangirls have more than one
  8. “Life ruiner” = your bias and his talent/charm/look makes you dedicate your life to him so tha’t why he/she ruins your life
  9. “I can’t” = when you’re too fascinated by sth your bias does
  10. “What is air” = 1. when you see a hot picture/gif and you literally can’t breath; 2. when you see a funny post/picture/gif and you can’t breath bc of how much you laugh
  11. “I’m crying” = whenever your bias does sth
  12. “Ultimate bias” = that one person you will forever love no matter how many biases you already have
  13. “Are you even real?” = when you see a nice picture of your bias
  14. “Comeback” = when your favorite artist/band release a new song/album
  15. “Why are you doing this to me?” = whenever your bias do sth
  16. “Fandom” = second family

You can add more of those. 

The Anniversary Night

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Band: BTS
Member: Namjoon
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Requested: Anon
Summary: It’s your 2nd dating anniversary and you asked him for something that only he can give. And in return, you decide to give him a part of you.

You sat on the roof, watching the city lights qw the cold wind brushed your face. You smiled at the sight of stars above you, lights of the buildings in front of you and the bustling of vehicles beneath you. As soon as you turned to look at your side, your eyes fell on the beautiful pineapple cake sitting beside you on a candle lit table.

Yes, It had been 2 years since you and Namjoon had been dating. The thought of the memorable two years made you grin even more than before, but a part of your mind was thinking something, something serious. You were about to ask Namjoon something which needs courage. And you weren’t even sure how he would response to the question.
Just then, the opening of the roof door pulled you out of your thoughts. You abruptly turned around to find Namjoon standing there with a sweet grin of his. He closed the door behind him and walked towards your direction, his hand behind his back; hiding something. He had been away for so long because of his comeback that you had almost forgotten how his face used to change when he looked at you.
“Happy 2nd Anniversary, Jagiya~” He cooed and brought his present in front of you.You smiled and took the present in your own hands, “Same to you (oppa),” You stood on your toes and brushed your lips against his plum ones. Namjoon cupped your cheeks in his palms and for a moment you got lost in the warmth of his sweet kiss which tasted bittersweet like coffee and the warmth of his palms. You pulled away and looked straight into his eyes lovingly, “You don’t want to see what is inside?” He asked.“I would love to–”
“–How about not now?” Namjoon shot a playful smirk and took the box to keep it in his pocket. In response, you pouted.
“Cheer up, Jagiya! Surprises are good. Why don’t we eat and spend some time together?” You rolled your eyes while your pout turned into a small smile in agreement.
Namjoon stretched his arm which you held. He, like a gentleman, led you to the dinner table. Before sitting, Namjoon pulls out the chair for you to sit.

None of you had the idea of the time passing by because you were too busy in your own romantic time. The cake had disappeared into your stomachs, the candle had burnt out and the food was almost finished.
“So, now can I open my present?” You whined.
“Sure, babygirl. Go head and tell me whether you liked it or not.”
You stole a final glance at Namjoon and untied the ribbon of the small box. As soon as you opened it, You found a beautiful pendant. It was a couple necklace and ring set with an inscription on both of them. “My Woman” and “My Man” written on each of them.

“I will wear my one as a ring and you can wear it as…a necklace,” He bent over and put the necklace around your neck.
When he was this close to you, you could smell the musk perfume of his. Oh the way that perfume seduces you. He was too close dor you not to smell his warm breath coming from his parted plum lips, hiting yours. The closeness made the lips look softer and…sexier? Just then it reminded you of your earlier thoughts. The thoughts of “getting serious”.
You couldn’t control yourself. You leaned in and brushed your lips intimately against his which caught him off guard. He pulled away and looked at you surprised.
“Namjoon….I want to ask..something regarding this..” You stuttered thinking he would reject the proposal.
“Ask anything unless you are uncomfortable,” He replied calmly as usual.
“I want to…I want….I want to have sex with you.”
“Isn’t this your first?…Will you…Are you comfortable with it?”
“Yes, Namjoon. If it is you–”
Namjoon pushed his lips against you before you could finish. THIS kiss was the hungriest one he had ever given you in the past 2 years. His lips were soft yet harsh on your lips. The kiss turned wilder as you searched his lips for more. His hand went back and buried in your hair behind your neck, pushing you into a deeper kiss. Your hands instinctively grabbed onto something you didn’t know. But, later Namjoon’s gasp told you what it was. It was the area on his thigh which was nearer to his clothed cock. After acknowledging the fact, you flattened your palm which was earlier, a fist. His breath increased against your lips and he got confused whether he should think of the passionate kiss or you hand on his inner thigh. He sensed your hands innocently and unitentionally moving upwards.
“Y/n…your hands” He huffed against your lips. The moment you realised your embarrassing act, you pulled away your hands in haste which Namjoon immediately held. You looked up at his lustful eyes for answers but only the movement of desire could answer it.
He slowly and nervously led your hand down to his now-erect clothed cock. You could feel his cock struggling to escape from his pants. Your cheeks flushed red at the feeling of it. Obviously you would, it was your first time touching a man’s cock.
“Look at how hard you have…made me with your innocent yet obscene move..” His eyes bore holes into you. They were clouded with hot burning desire. Namjoon eyed your lips, licked his own and kissed you again. He kisses the edge of your lips, licking them softly, before pushing them down with his tongue to ask for permission. You slightly opened your mouth to let his tongue. The kiss gets unbearably hot for you. You could feel the heat flow down from your lips, to your heart, to your stomach and finally down to your core.
His other hand snaked down to your thigh which he started pulling up, suggesting you to sit on his lap.  
You, wiithout breaking the kiss, placed yourself on his lap, your legs on his sides and arms wrapped around the neck. This time, you could feel the buldge in his pants rising, brushing against your core.
Is this how it feels like? To be in someone’s lap while their clothed cock brushed against the wet clothed core of yours?You asked yourself. You could not help but grind against the buldge, earning a husky grunt from Namjoon. While you both were still kissing, his hands sneakily went to the zipper of your dress, unzipping it. 

“Is the roof door locked from THIS side?” You asked nervously.
“Yes…I-I had locked it…thinking someone….would come in…” He said in ragging breath. You grinned and resumed your kissing session. His fingers held the hem of the dress and pulled it over your head, exposing your lingerie.
He pulled you up in his arms as he stood up, with your legs wrapped around his hips. He was about to put you down but stopped when he heard you gasp at the coldness of the floor. 

“Is it cold?…Wait let me put something underneath,” Namjoon was in such a hurry that he pulled anything that his hands found. No sooner did he pull something off its position than a crashing sound was heard. He looked at his hand to find the silky tablecloth in his grip while the plates and glasses laid broken on the floor. 
You laughed at Namjoon’s clumsiness at which he pouted and turned his face at abashment. You turned his face and pecked his lips which reminded him of what you both were supposed to do.
He spread the tablecloth beneath you before putting you down. He drank in your figure with his gaze. His eyes found your beautiful neck that made him thirstier. He leaned in and sucked on the soft skin. He bit it and licked it to soothe the pain, leaving blueish-red marks on it until he found the sensitive spot near the collarbones. 
“Ahhhhh mmmm,” You whimpered. His lips kissed your collarbones and then your shoulders where he started sliding down the straps of your innocent lacy bra. You understood his gesture and let your hands go behind you and unhook the bra. You peeled it off your body, spilling free your breasts. At the sight of your beautiful breasts, Namjoon’s gaze turned wild. His heart beated faster than usual and could feel the heat of his body reach down to his cock.
Your fingers next went for the necklace but were stopped by Namjoon’s.
“Let this be on you…you look…beautiful like this,” His cheeks flushed as red as tomatoes.
His fingers slide down slowly to your nipples, brushing them. His eyes showed the confusion of whether was he dreaming or not. He cupped your breasts in his palms and leaned in to suck on them. The taste and the feeling of your nipples in his mouth convinced him that he was not dreaming. 
“I might sound creepy….but..I had always thought of your breasts in my mouth. Oh god! I feel so sick right now.”
While his lips played with your breasts, his fingers touched your wet clothed core. 
“You are….wet, jagiya,” He gulped. Within two shakes of lamb’s tail, The panties were taken off. 
“What about your clothes?” You asked teasingly. You see Namjoon stutter at your sentence.
“It is unfair…Isn’t it?” 
You unbuttoned his white shirt and slid it down his arms. When it was the time for his pants, he jolted up. 
“What is it?” You asked as he stood up and took out his wallet
“Wait,” He took out a foiled condom from his wallet an torn it.
“W-Why…And since when have you been carrying that?” You asked in surprise.
“SInce the time we started dating….and because…I knew someday we will do it..” He unzipped his pants and slid it down along with his Calvin Klein boxers. Namjoon’s cock sprang free and stood up proudly. He slid down the condom onto his cock and licked his lips as he stole glance of your nude body which ached for him.
His body hovered over you, as his arms laid on your sides. He drew in a deep breath and gently rubbed his throbbing cock against your wet core.

“Y/n,” He whispered, leaning his forehead on your’s, “You have no idea how much I wanted this.”
He slowly pushed himself inside your pussy. The pain was unbearable at first, but as your walls adapted his lenght, it was nothing but pleasure. 
“You are so tight around me,” He grunted as your walls wrapped tightly around his cock. 
You saw Namjoon shut his eyes and frown while his hips moved out and then moved in. You had masturbated before thinking about him, but you never felt as good as you were feeling now when his cock; hard and throbbing, was finally inside you. You felt your hymns bleed. Namjoon had taken the most precious part of you. You wrapped your hands around his neck and let him increase the pace of his oscillation. 
He freed himself from your arms and forcefully pushed it down on your side, holding your wrists. That moment Namjoon had increased his speed at his limit. Both of you were moaning so loud that you were afraid your neighbours would hear it. Your breasts bounced at his thrusts.
Namjoon opened his eyes to see what he had only fantasized. His necklace dangling on your chest while he made love to you, your face flushed red, messy hair and drool coming out of your mouth as you moaned and screamed his name. He leaned in and pushed his tongue in your mouth, drinking in all your moans and mewls. 
You were almost on your high. You wanted to breathe. You wanted to dig your nails in Namjoon’s tensed shoulders. But you couldn’t move nor say. Your mouth and your hands were in his control. You hifted uncomfortably under him, requesting him to pull away.
He understood your gestures and pulled away enough for you to catch your breath. His eyes were open and were looking straight into yours while his forehead rested on your’s. 
“I–ahhhh–I am going to…cum…Namjoon ahhh,” You moaned.
“Then do it…let it flow on me…I am going to cum…along with you”
He gave a final deep thrust which elicited the loudest moan from you. Your warm cum flowed down onto his dick while he came. 
Is this how orgasms feel like? Like heaven? You thought.
From your clouded eyes, you saw Namjoon exhausted and sweaty. He smiled at you while he caught his lost breath. He pushed the hair behind your ears and kissed your forehead and lips. 

“You are mine now…only mine.”

A/N: Hope you liked it. :)

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One of my favorite things about the k-pop fandom is that their could be a picture of an idol where their face is completely covered by a hat and face mask, and their will still be tags of exactly who it is, what day it was taken, and about how your dying because of how amazing they look