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Fandometrics In Depth: Shipping

Shipping is one of Tumblr’s favorite hobbies, drawing hundreds of millions of engagements each year. On Tumblr, shipping exists in many forms: fan art, fan fiction, manipulated GIFs and videos, and roleplay, just to name a few. It’s a common practice no matter what fandom you’re in—from television shows and movies to K-pop and video games. On Tumblr, the most popular type is slash—ships comprised of two male characters. Out of the top 150, 95 (63%) were guy/guy love.

We grabbed the top 30 ships from 2013—2016. 2013—2015 were ranked by reblogs alone. 2016 and 2017 are ranked by their Trending Score. This includes volume of searches, original posts, and likes in addition to reblogs. We’ve sorted the source content behind each year’s top ships below.


  • TV | 40%
  • Music | 40%
  • Anime | 10%
  • Celebrities | 6.67%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%

2013’s most reblogged ships were predominantly slash (76.67%). The remaining 23.33% were all heterosexual (het) ships—there were no femslash ships in the top 30 that year.

The most reblogged ship of the year was from an anime: MakoHaru (Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto, Free! series).

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  • TV | 40%
  • Anime | 20%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Celebrities | 10%
  • Movies | 10%
  • Web Celebrities | 6.67%

Though slash (66.67%) and het ships (26.67%) comprised most of the list in 2014, femslash ships (6.67%) made their debut.

 2014’s top ship was Destiel (Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural). Though the ship is not canon (yet), the 200th episode “Fan Fiction” paid homage to it.

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  • TV | 43.33%
  • Anime | 23.33%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 13.33%
  • Movie | 3.33%
  • Celebrities | 3.33%

In 2015, femslash numbers also doubled, representing 13.33% of the ships. Slash accounted for 60%, het just 26.67%.

2015 was a big year for Larry shippers—Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, One Direction) reached No. 1.

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  • TV | 50%
  • Movies | 20%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Music | 3.33%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%
  • Video games | 3.33%

Slash ships began to take a dip (56.67%) in 2016, while het ships grew (36.67%) and femslash decreased (6.67%).

Despite femslash’s waning popularity, 2016 marked the first year a f/f ship not only cracked the top five, but hit #1. Clexa (Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa, The 100) was embroiled in controversy when Commander Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and killed immediately after her and Clarke’s relationship was consummated. Her death launched a critical look at the “Bury Your Gays” trope by journalists and fans alike, and the argument that LGBTQ+ fans deserved better than the storylines given to them.

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2017 (thus far)

  • TV | 50%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • K-Pop | 13.33%
  • Music | 6.67%
  • Movies | 6.67%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Video games | 6.67%

In the first half of 2017, slash has continued to hold over half the conversation (56.67%). Het ships and f/f ships are starting to equal out at 26.67% and 16.67%, respectively.

This year’s top ship so far? Klance (Keith and Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender). Since we launched the weekly ship list on May 1st, Klance has been No. 1 seven times.

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The Return of Superman

BTS members as fathers in The Return of Superman show

Jungkook x Reader

Rap Monster | Suga | Jin | J Hope | Jimin V

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 3.0 k

  • Author’s Note -
  • It includes interviews and shootings.
  • *…* : sentences edited on the final images.
  • Bold : cameras’ position in the house or outside.
  • Italics : dialogues.
  • /…/ : Time.
  • (…) : Sound effects.
  • […] : camera movements

Grow Up Just Like This


/9:04 AM/

*Let’s meet the new family*

Kitchen/Living-room/Entrance door

*The new house seems empty*

Parents’ Bedroom

[Large blankets cover the whole bed] *Still fast asleep* [zoom in when something’s moving from under the covers] *A body struggles to kick the blankets* (laughs)

Y/N is the first awake. She pushes all the blankets towards where Jung Kook lies, on his front, and slowly sits up. She gets up and walks around the bed to pull the curtains and let some light in.  

[Jung kook’s body doesn’t move a bit] *Husband still in dreamland* (laughs)

Y/N goes back on the bed to sit closely to Jung Kook. She gently nudges him. He stretches himself during a few seconds and stills himself again.

“Jung Kook, wake up.” Y/n in a raspy voice.

*No response*

Y/N lies back down, circles his back with one arm and puts her mouth next to his ear.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” She whispers, smiling.

Jung Kook raises his head in the air, eyes still close. [zoom on his face] *Cute nest* (laughs)

*Oh! It’s charismatic idol, Jeon Jung Kook!* (amazement) [pictures/videos of him performing with the other members in concerts and shows] *He made his debut as the maknae and one of the main singer in the worldwide known K-Pop group BTS in 2013. [videos of him in interviews and taken by the members or himself] His cute bunny smile and surprising numerous skills are one of his numerous charms. He’s very hard-working.[videos of him dancing and practicing songs in studios] Since his debut, he got highly praised for his high skills in singing. (amazement) He’s made no less than ten musical collaborations with foreign artists [excerpts of his music clip he’s done with Justin Bieber]*

Jeon Jung Kook – Hello. I’m father of one year and three-month-old Jeon Joo Won. It’s nice to meet you.

[pictures of Jung Kook and Y/N dating] *Y/N and Jung kook met through acquaintances in 2020. [Pictures of their wedding] They got married in 2022* [Videos of the ultrasounds and pictures of pregnant Y/N, newborn Joo Won in Jung kook’s arms, videos of Joo Won smiling to the camera as his father’s voice is heard in the background] *A year after, the fruit of their love settled inside mommy’s womb* [Pictures of the family with the grandparents] *Cute* *Their family seems full of love* *Welcome!*

Y/N pats his backside playfully and gets up again so as to leave their room.


Y/N is seen walking straight towards another room. *where is mom going?*

Child’s room

Inside the room, a small body lies in a baby bed. [zoom on the baby’s awaken face] *Jeon Joo won’s awaken too* (cooing)

Y/N’s face illuminates as soon as she sees her son and walks towards him. Watching him for some time, her son is as happy to see her.

“My son… Did you sleep well?” She stretches her arms to hold him and kisses his cheeks several times as she exits his room. “Let’s change your diaper.”


Y/N lies Joo won on his baby table and starts cleaning him. While she’s busy dressing him up again, the baby’s eyes meet with one of the cameras situated above him. [zoom on his face] *Hello, little Joo won* (cooing)


/9: 40 AM/

Y/N’s busy making breakfast while Joo Won is walking around her in his baby walker.

“Joo Won-ah!” [The little boy looks up at her when he hears his name] “Go wake up, dad. He’s sleeping too much.” She adds while focused on cooking eggs. The little boy pushes himself until he’s next to his mother and she looks down at him. “You want to see him?” [Zoom on Joo Won’s face] He only smiles back when they make eye contact.

After making sure, nothing’s going to burn on the stove. She gently pushes his walker towards the corridor leading to the parents’ bedroom.

Joo Won skillfully moves his little limbs rapidly towards the familiar path. [Zoom on his legs] *Fast movements* (laughs) He continues until he reaches the open door of his parents’ room.

Parents’ Bedroom

[Showing the bed] *Still fast asleep* Joo won moves his baby walker until he hits one of the bed’s sides. The small noise causes Jung Kook to turn his head towards him. *Surprised*

Jung Kook’s mouth immediately curves into a big smile when he sees his son and with one gentle leg movement makes the walker roll towards the head of the bed.

“Joo won-ih…” He drags turning on his back to sit up. The baby boy smiles at his father, moving his arms enthusiastically. Jung Kook picks him up from the carrier and lies down once again with his son lying on his front. He smothers kisses all over the small boy’s face until he has to bring his tiny hands to push him away. *Punch!* “Ouch.” (laughs)

“What was that for?” Laughs Jung Kook before resuming kissing his son. He eventually gets up to join his wife.


*The table is beautifully laid* [zoom on the several dishes prepared] *All the food looks delicious*

[Jung Kook appears with Joo Won in his arms] *Dad finally got up* [Y/N sits at the table looking at them with a smile]

*The family is eating together* [Joo Won is seated in his baby chair and Y/N feeds him while Jung Kook looks fondly at them]

“Joo Won,” says Jung Kook, his mouth full. “Mom won’t be here today. Please let’s make it easy for both of us and don’t cry, all right?”

Y/N watches him, giggling.

“Let’s make a promise.” He raises his pinky in front of Joo Won’s face. *serious Dad*

“He won’t cry. He’s a big boy now.” adds Y/N, wiping her son’s mouth.


A while after, Jung Kook and Y/N are seated on the sofa while Joo Won plays with some of his toys on the baby mattress, the T.V cartoons playing in the background.

“How do you feel ?” She asks looking at her husband’s sprawled figure.


“Will you be okay? With the appointments and all?”

“Yeah… Honestly, I think it’ll go smoothly.” *Reliable husband* “No need to worry, boss.” He adds playfully. (laughs)

Y/N looks back at her son, thoughtful. “I’ll miss him.”

“What about me?” Inquires Jung Kook looking at his wife from the corner of his eyes.


“What. About me?”

“I can’t hear you.” Y/N playfully retorts leading Jung Kook to attack her sides. He tickles her mercilessly.

“Okay, okay. I was just joking.” She surrenders, wiping tears from her eyes. She waits a couple of seconds before adding, “I’ll miss him more, though.”

Jung Kook bites his lip and threatens to attack her a second time but she quickly gets up, laughing out loud while Joo Won stares confused at his noisy parents.

Entrance Door

/11: 21 AM/

[Joo Won is his Jung Kook’s arms and watch Y/N get ready to leave] *Mom is ready to go on vacation* She puts her handbag on her shoulder and looks at her hair in the mirror.

“Mo’…” mumbles Joo Won, stretching his arms towards her and whining a little. (cooing)

“And here we go…” Sighs Jung Kook as Y/N takes her son in her arms, cooing at him. She kisses his cheek. *Joo Won isn’t ready to part with his mother* ( cooing)

“Maybe you do the show with him and I go on vacation” laughs Jung Kook.

“Very funny. Take him back.” Smiles his wife and gives their son to him. “I’ll be back in a short time, sweetie.”

“Say ‘bye Mom.'” Says Jung Kook in a small voice, waving Joo Won’s hand for him. Y/N kisses them both, leaves waving back at them and he closes the door after her.


/02:13 PM/

*They are at the hospital for Joo Won development test*

[Joo Won is cr awling on a rectangular-shaped footstool with another child and Jung Kook is standing near by] *Joo Won found a new friend* The two little boys play, chasing one another and seem very happy together. Jung Kook can’t help but smile too, seeing his son having a good time.

Soon after, a nurse appears and calls their name. Jung Kook takes his son in his arm and puts the backpack he brought with him on his shoulder before following her.

They enter a room in which another nurse is already waiting for them.

“So, let’s begin. We have to measure your head size.” She says as she circles Joo Won’s skull with a tape measure. “I’ll be quick.” she adds when Joo Won is reaching to get rid of it.

She then tells Jung Kook to sit him on a table made to measure his weight. *10.7 kg*

“Now, let’s measure his height.” She keeps praising him to divert his attention and they quickly finish his check-up.

*Time to hear the results*

They enter the doctor’s room, who’s sitting at her desk.

“Hello.” Greets Jung Kook as he closes the door.

“Hello. Please, come sit here.” The doctor shows him a chair put next to her. She looks through some papers as Jung Kook sits down. “He’s heading towards sixteen months, right?”

Jung Kook eyes become rounder as he gets serious. His son is sat on his lap, sucking his fist and looking curiously at the doctor in front of him.

“His growth is in the normal range. His height is 76 cm. His head size is 48 cm.” Jung Kook nods relieved to hear those news. “Yes, so don’t worry and keep doing a good job raising him.”

*Then they skip to a less funny part*

[The doctor picks up some tools while Jung Kook focus on keeping his son’s head still] She checks his throat and Joo Won immediately bursts into tears when she puts the tongue depressor inside his mouth. She then checks his ears.

“You’re doing great Joo Won.” tries to reassure Jung Kook who presses his mouth on top of the little head of his son.

“Has he had a fever recently?” Inquires the doctor.

“Hum, yeah. About a month ago, I think.” recalls Jung Kook as he hugs Joo Won. “But my wife checked regularly and he was okay.”

“He’s a little bit red in the area.” The doctor tells him while showing a picture on her computer screen. “He’ll need to take some antibiotics. It’s probably due to bacterial infections.”

Jung Kook : I was shocked when I heard about his ear infection. I was concerned. He’s never taken any antibiotics before but the doctor reassured me, saying it’s not serious. So I feel better. He has to take it only for four days. I tend to worry more than my wife. We just want him to grow healthy without any illnesses.

*They’re now heading to hair salon to get Joo Won’s haircut*


/04: 02 PM/

*They’ve decided to go a barbershop that’s hard to find these days.* [tilt pan on the inside of the shop and the several tools] (amazement)

Jung Kook and Joo Won enter the shop.

“Hello!” They’re greeted by the shop owners and invited to take a seat.

[Jung Kook puts his son next to him] *He seems so tiny in that big chair* Jung Kook gets rid of his jacket as he looks around him, “It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been to a barbershop.”

The owners laugh along with him.

[A little kid is getting a haircut]

“Joo Won, look. Watch him get his hair cut.” Jung Kook says, taking his son on his lap and makes him look at the young boy. *Six-year-old calmly getting his hair cut*

[Joo Won observes while holding onto his father’s shirt and Jung Kook points at it with a big grin.]

“He’s afraid someone will take him away.” (laughs)

The little boy is done and hops down the chair.

“Joo Won. It’s your turn, now.” Jung Kook speaks up and in a swift motion lifts his son in the air. He walks and makes him sit on the previously occupied chair but as soon as Jung Kook leaves him, Joo Won raises his arms towards his father because he doesn’t want to be left alone.

[Jung Kook sat down on the chair and Joo Won is on his lap] The barber ties the black cloth around his small neck.

[slow-motion on Joo Won’s face] *Joo Won’s first hair cut at the barber’s. Will he be okay?* [Joo Won looks wearily at the tools the barber moves right in front of his eyes] *Scary scissors* [end of slow-motion] *He’s calm* (amazement)

He doesn’t cry though the sound of scissors so near his ears surprises him a bit and he grips his father’s hand. Jung Kook keeps him distracted by singing to him while he watches the quick and skilled movement of the man.

“Good boy.” Praises Jung Kook, looking at his son’s reflection in the mirror.

“We have to shave him now.” Informs the barber and Jung Kook looks at him, clueless.

“Shave?” repeats the young father.

*The razor shave is a must at the barbershop. But can it be done for Joo Won?*

[Back of Joo Won’s head] The barber applies baby powder as Jung Kook watches closely. *Will he cry?* Joo Won remains silent and compliant.

“He’s very patient.” Comments Jung Kook, smiling satisfied at the maturity his son is showing. “Joo Won-ah. This is your first time, how come you are so patient?” [Joo Won’s face] *We made a deal Dad, remember?* (cooing)

“You can enter the army now.” adds Jung Kook as the barber praises Joo Won for sitting still.

The hair cut carries on. *Joo Won lowers his head and doesn’t move*

“It’s like you’ve here before. Who’d you come with?” wonders Jung Kook.

It ends quickly and Jung Kook can keep his enthusiasm for himself as he is satisfied of the result. He gets up as the woman takes the black shirt out of them.

*It’s time to wash his hair now.*

[Jung Kook holds Joo Won downwards as the barber quickly washes his head] *Even though, it’s an uncomfortable position, Joo Won doesn’t cry.* [zoom on the little boy’s face] *He’s such a good baby* (cooing)

[Joo Won is sat back on the chair so as to dry his hair] The barber uses a towel and wipes his head. The rough motion makes the young boy whine. *Drying hair the barbershop way*

“It’s how you do it.” Claims Jung Kook, taking the towel and doing the same as the barber. (laughs) “This the way you do it. This is how a man dries his hair.” He keeps on teasing his son for a couple of seconds before he hands the cloth back to the barber.

“Should you go, now?” suggest the barber, wiping the leather seat.

“What?” *Surprised* (laughs)

“A little shaving wouldn’t go amiss.” comments the barber looking at Jung Kook’s face.

*It’s time for Daddy to have his shave*

[Jung Kook lies on the chair, gets shaved and then puts on aftershave]

“Joo Won should’ve put this on too.” He jokes.

“Come here.” [He picks his son up in his arms] “Should we send a picture to mom?” He asks him while reaching for his phone. In the process, his eyes lend on several wigs put on mannequins displayed in front of him. “Can I wear one of those?” He asks the barber’s wife sat across them while her husband is busy cleaning around the chairs. She nods and keeps looking at him as he struggles putting on the one he chose, still carrying his son in his arms.

He raises his arm and tells Joo Won to look up at the phone’s screen and when he does so he brings one of his forefingers to his cheek as he’s been learned to do. *Posing* (cooing)

“1…2…3” Jung Kook snaps a selfie of them. He bursts into laughs as he sends it to his wife. He takes another without the wig. *Like father, like son. Two manly men at the barbershop* (amazement)

“Thank you, goodbye. Say goodbye, Joo Won.” Say Jung Kook smiling and waving to the owners as they exit the shop.

                                                                                                          End of Day 1.

The Return of Superman

BTS members as fathers in The Return of Superman show

Jimin x Reader

Rap Monster | Suga | Jin | J Hope | V | Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 3228

Author’s Note -

  • It includes interviews and shootings.
  • *…* : sentences edited on the final images.
  • Bold : cameras’ position in the house or outside.
  • Italics : dialogues.
  • /…/ : Time.
  • (…) : Sound effects.
  • […] : camera movements

About Time


/9:00 AM/

*This time let’s visit a new family*

Living-room/Door Entrance/Kitchen/Play-room

*No one can be spotted by our cameras*

*Whose house is it?*

*House seems extra silent today*

Children Bedroom

*The clue is in the bedroom*

Two beds are put aside in which two little bodies lay tangled in their bed sheets. In the pitch darkness, some movements are seen and heard.

*One of the house owners is awake*

[zoom on the child face] *His name is Park Min Jun*

The little boy stretches and sits up, still dazed. After a while, he gets up and leaves his bedroom.


[zoom on his head] *Cute bed head* (amazement)

He walks in the living-room, noticing several removal settled cameras and freezes in his tracks. *Frozen* He stares blankly at them and then smiles, waving. *Hello, little one* (amazement)


He opens the fridge and goes to fetch one of the dining-table’s chairs, placing it in front of the fridge before climbing on it. *Is he in charge of breakfast today?*

Parents Bedroom

The parents are not moving an inch *Still asleep* *Zzzz*


Min Jun opens one of the drawers a bit too roughly, causing the pans in it to shake up. *Too loud*

Parents Bedroom

The noise awakes one of the parents straight away. The person gets up and shuffles out of the room to get to the origin of the ruckus.

[zoom on the naked torso] *He is a muscular man* *Is he the new superman?*


He walks in the living-room, leading directly to the kitchen.

‘Min Jun-ah’, he says in a throaty voice.


The little boy turns his head towards his interlocutor, surprised. [slow motion] *Oh, no! He’s in trouble* Then smiles sheepishly. *Who is he smiling at?*

[zoom on the stranger’s face] *It’s famous idol Park Ji Min!* (amazement) [pictures/videos of him performing with the members and alone in concerts and shows] *He debuted in worldwide known K-Pop group BTS in 2013* [videos of him dancing] *He masters sexy dance moves* [videos of him singing] *He has great vocals too* [videos/pictures of him in interviews] * He also has a very cute side*

'What are you doing?’ Asks Ji Min, walking to his son.

Min Jun closes the drawer and walks to hug his dad’s legs, 'Were you trying to cook breakfast?’

Jimin crouches and takes his son in his arms *Cuddly morning for the son and his dad*(amazement)

'Is your sister still asleep?’ Ji Min asks, walking behind the counter.

'Yes.’ answers Min Jun, walking away.

'Don’t wake her up.’

Children Bedroom

[zoom on Min Jun’s sister sleepy face] *Don’t wake me up now* (amazement)


Min Jun takes a seat on one of the dinning-table’s chairs, watching his dad.

'What do you want to eat, Min Jun-ih?’


'Rice?’ Ji Min opens the rice cooker. [zoom on it] *Empty* Ji Min smiles dumbfounded and closes the cooker. 'There’s no rice.’ (laughs)

'No rice? Then… cereals?’ suggests Min Jun, bending over the table.

'I think mom got rid of it… I’ll make something else.’ *Doesn’t loose his cool* Ji Min opens the fridge and takes out eggs, sausages and fried kimchi. He also takes out pans that he sets on the gas cooker.

'Wait, this isn’t right. How do I make it work ?’ He pushes some of the cooker’s buttons, trying to turn it on.

'Do you want me to call mom?’

'No, I can do it.’ laughs Ji Min, eyes glued to the cooker as his fingers work on it.

Min Jun stares at his father *Dad’s totally clueless* (laughs)

'How many eggs do I need?’ wonders Ji Min by himself once he’s managed to operate the cooker.

Children Bedroom

A long whine interrupts house’s silence.


Min Jun’s head turns toward the corridor leading to his bedroom.

'Your sister’s awake.’ notices Ji Min breaking eggs in the pan.

Min Jun leaves his spot to join his sister.

Children Bedroom

'Jay-ah!’ He calls going up on the bed next to her, 'You’re awake?’

'Mom.’ She whines turning on her side.

'Dad is awake, come.’ Says Min Jun gently yanking on her arm.

The two children leave the room.


Min Jun leads the way to his father while the little girl rubs her tired eyes with her tiny fists.

[Zoom on his sister’s face] * 36-month-old Park Jay is awake* (amazement)


Ji Min looks up and smiles as soon as he notices her. *Daddy smile*

'Jay-ah, did you sleep well?’

The little girl waddles to her father, a pout on her face. He squats down only for a second to hug her, to prevent the cooking food from burning, earning a whine from Jay who puts her hands in the air.

'I cannot hold now, I’m cooking. Go wait for me with your brother.’ Jay starts to whimper while Min Jun joins them, 'Min Jun, take her away so she won’t get burned.’

'Come with me.’ The young boy takes her hand and leads her to the living-room, where he’s displayed some of their toys to play with until their father is done cooking.

Ji Min looks at them from time to time, happy that Min Jun has managed to cool her down . *Calm and peaceful Dad*

Parents Bedroom

The second adult wakes up and leaves the room after folding the blankets and heads to the bathroom to wash up *Mom is awake*

Ji Min - Hello, I’m idol singer Park Ji Min. This is my first born Min Jun…

Min Jun – Hello and her name is Jay. She’s my sister. *cute big brother*

Ji Min – Jay, say hello.

Jay – Hello. *shy little sister*

Ji Min – This is my family an-

Jay – Dad!

Ji Min – Just a second, Jay.

Min Jun – Shh, dad is speaking. Shh!

Ji Min – Min Jun is six-

Min Jun – Where is she going?

Ji Min – Jay, come back. (laughs)

[couple pictures] *The couple met in 2019 and got married three years later. [baby pictures] Min Jun was conceived during their honeymoon and three years later they’ve welcomed their daughter, Jay.* (amazement) [pictures of hundredth-day-old Jay anniversary] *This cute family live in happiness*

Ji Min – 'When Min Jun was born, I wanted to spend a lot of time with him despite my busy schedule but it wasn’t always easy. I’d like to spend even more time with him and his sister by making a lot of memories and this broadcast is the good opportunity. [pictures of the couple’s wedding and their everyday life] I still feel guilty when I think about my wife raising Min Jun alone. I’m always thankful and sorry about that. Thankfully, Min Jun grew as a responsible son and loving brother and is always willing to help. I want my wife to take as much rest as she’ll need and make up for the lost time.’


[zoom on her face] *It’s beautiful Y/N*

'Mom!’ exclaims Jay while Min Jun gets up to hug her.

Ji Min looks at her, bringing breakfast’s last finishing touches. Y/N sits down, kisses and cuddles her children. *The family is full of love this morning* Jay sits between her legs while Y/N yawn, eyes half-closed. *Mom came home late last night because of work*

'I feel so sore,’ She rubs her neck. 'Look at that,’ She says looking at her husband, a smile on her face, 'Chef Ji Min.’

'Stop it’ He chuckles.

'Mom, look!’ shouts Jay, seeking her mom’s attention.

'Breakfast’s ready!’ calls Ji Min.

The family gets up to sit around the dining-table. [zoom on the table] (amazement) *Chef Ji Min’s meals look delicious* All the family eats happily, gobbling down all the food. *Nothing’s left*

Ji Min gets up to bring some fruits.

'Jay, do you like mango or me better?’ asks Min Jun.

'You.’ She points her index finger towards him.

'Do you like Mom better or Min Jun better?’ questions Y/N.

'Mom’ answers Jay in a heartbeat, making Min Jun to stare at blankly and Ji Min to chuckle at him.

'Do you like Mom better or Dad better?’ continues Y/N.

'Dad!’ Y/N pretends to cry

'Mom.’ She corrects

'What about Min Jun?’ Inquired her mother.

'Should I leave? I’m leaving.’

'No!’ Min Jun goes to hug his sister.

*Jay can’t live without Min Jun*

'What have you planned on doing today?’ asks Y/N, wiping Jay’s mouth.

'We’re going to the swimming pool.’ answers Ji Min earning squeals and giggles of joy from his son.

'We’re going to swim?’ He asks, throwing his fists in the air.

'Yes, you, me and Jay. We’ll have fun.’

'What about mom?’ Suddenly asks Min Jun.

'Mom? She’s going to rest with her friends, I guess.’

Min Jun, sat between his parents, stretches his hand to his mother for her to hold, a sad look on his face. *Mom needs a vacation*


/10:36 AM/

'Lie down.’ Says Ji Min to Y/N, coming back from their bedroom with one bottle of body lotion followed closely by Jay who’s sucking her thumb. Min Jun is sat next to his mother, watching cartoons. *Ji Min will give Y/N a massage* Ji Min raises her pants up to her thighs and begins massaging Y/N’s legs and feet. Jay stands still next to him, watching his actions.

'You want to help me? Jay-ah.’ asks Ji Min smiling at her, 'Massage here.’ He raises Y/N’s shirt, exposing her lower back. Jay squats down and draws her hand close to her mom.

'Ow! Don’t pinch me’, complains Y/N, raising and turning her head to the side, making Jay laugh. (laughs)

'I want to help.’ cries Min Jun sitting next to his father.

'Let’s fold Mom.’ suggest Ji Min, raising his wife’s legs. Min Jun follows his lead. Ji Min steps aside to let his son work, 'That’s it, stretch mom. Press here, Min Jun. Min Jun. Here, the end of toes. Good.’ Min Jun leans down and Y/N lets out another shout.

*Hard! Puts all his weight on it*

'Wait, that’s too hard.’

'Endure it, honey.’ supports Ji Min, tilting his head to the side to look at Y/N.

'Ow, who’s that?’ she suddenly exclaims when Jay starts pressing with her feet on her back.

*Poor mom is tortured by her little ones*

'Done!’ announces the little girl, running away.

'Wait, no! Guys do a bit more!’ Y/N demands looking at her children who’ve fled. Ji Min resumes his position and massaging.

'I’m going to work hard until Mom tells me that’s enough.’ He says, kneading her back muscles.

'That’s enough.’ shouts Jay, coming back next to her parents.

'Mom has to say it.’ says Ji Min to her.

'This feels nice.’ comments Y/N.

'Ok, sit up now.’ Says Ji Min sitting back on his heels, 'Take deep breaths.’ He helps stretching her arms and shoulders.

Entrance Door

/11:07 AM/

*The family is ready to leave*

Ji Min helps Jay to put on her coat while Y/N walks to them crouching down.

'I’m going to miss you a lot, mom.’ says Min Jun, taking his mother in his arms. Y/N hugs him back, pulling him on her knees.

'I’m going to miss you lots too, Min Jun-ih.’ *Loving*

'Let’s leave now!’ He shouts all of sudden, leaving his mother shocked. *shock*

Ji Min straightens and Jay walks away, following her brother out of the apartment. Y/N stands up still shocked walking to Ji Min, '“I’m going to miss you mom. Let’s leave!”’ she mocks earning a chuckle from Ji Min.

'Be careful on your way,’ She says, her voice muffled in Ji Min’s sweater as he hugs her, 'Bye.’

Ji Min walks out and Y/N peers her head outside, 'Bye, kids!’

Y/N – Yes, it’s their first time alone with their father. Thinking of going to the water park with Dad, he said he was so excited. I asked if he didn’t need me and if he could have fun with Dad. He told me not to worry and Jay happily bid me farewell, leaving me without a worry.They’ve grown so much.

Swimming Pool

/02:16 PM/

*The family’s arrived at the water park where they can play in water*


[slow-motion] *Who’s making an entrance like a model?* Ji Min and the kids appear walking out of the changing rooms. Jay is wearing a pink dolphin swimsuit and Min Jun’s is a tiger. Ji Min is carrying their buoys *Will they enjoy swimming* They walk passed the cameras * Jay & Min Jun’s fashion show*

Near the pools

'Be careful, Jay. You can slip.’ warns her brother, taking her hand. *He’s being extra careful around water* (amazement)

'Guys! Easy,’ Ji Min catches up with them, taking Jay’s other hand before they reach the first pool. Min Jun dips the tip of his feet in the water, smiling excited. *Checking the temperature first*

'We need to warm up before we enter the water.’ Ji Min jumps first inside the water and faces his children who watch him by the side of the pool. [Ji Min’s feet in the water] *Water is shallow there* *A safe space for small kids to enjoy water* He starts by twisting his knees then his wrists. The kids follow him but Jay has some trouble because of her armlets. [zoom on her] *Her arms are too short*

Ji Min takes Min Jun in his arms and dives him in the water, making sure he can reach the bottom. Then, he turns towards Jay who seems reluctant.

'Come here, Jay.’ Beckons Ji Min, opening his arms, 'I’ll hold you, I won’t drop you.’

The little girl walks carefully to her father, looking at the water. Ji Min catches her and she tightens her grip on his shirt. [zoom on her fist] He gradually dives in, looking at her reaction.

'I am scared!’ she whimpers, wiggling her feet. [feet moving relentlessly] *feet don’t touch the floor*

Ji Min tries to loose her grip on him, Min Jun appears with an inflatable noodle that Ji Min takes, 'Here. Grab this.’

'No.’ panics Jay as she feels Ji Min backing from her.

'You won’t dive, just take it. Look at Min Jun.’ The little boy is happily swimming around them, smiling to his sister who watches him unsure.

'Wow, Min Jun-ah! You’re doing well.’ praises Ji Min. *He’s as happy as a lark* (amazement)

Min Jun paddles hurriedly, 'Don’t go too far.’ says Ji Min to him, walking in the pool, 'Oh. The water gets deep here.’

He tries several times to dive Jay inside the water but his daughter doesn’t want to let go of him. 'Let’s try something.’ He turns Jay around in his arms, causing the little girl to whimper. *He wants her to be comfortable in the water*

'No. Dad, I’m scared.’ quavered Jay.

'It’s okay, I’ll just put you on me.’ Ji Min presses Jay’s back against him as he lays on his back in the water but she can’t seem to relax and raises her head, afraid she’ll drown. Ji Min swims next to Min Jun who has found an older male friend in a buoy. Ji Min smiles as he watches him interacts with the boy.

[zoom on the boy’s face] 'Min Jun-ah! You’re teaching him? Are you a swimming teacher?’ (laughs)

After a while Ji Min goes near the edge and takes Jay out of the water, making her standing still. As soon as Ji Min puts her on the wet tiles, she stretches her arms to him, not willing to leave his arms. But Ji Min doesn’t notice and dives to wet his hair, resulting in his daughter crying when she sees him disappearing under the water. He resurfaces, smiling to her and reassures her.

'Okay, Jay. Do you want to jump? Jump in my arms.’ He says, taking a few steps away from the edge and from her.

'No,no. Come back.’ She whines leaning forward to reach for him.

'Trust me and jump, you can do it.’ He tries a second time but she’s not having any of it. Min Jun swims next to them, 'Let’s try with Min Jun.’ He takes his son out of the water, 'Min Jun jump in the water to show her.’

'Jay, look at me!’ The boy backs away a little and runs to jump with a big -splash- in the water. *Her brother sets the example* His sister watches him with scared eyes and rubs her face when some of the water splatter on it. Min Jun resurfaces smiling at her, 'Have you seen me? Jay-ah!’

'See? He’s fine. It’s fun, try it.’ says Ji Min turning to her. Her eyes goes back and forth between the water and her Dad. She asks him to come and take her. Ji Min comes closer but let a bit of space between him and her.

'Come on,’ Much more closer than before, Jay’s feet are bending over the edge, 'That’s it, now jump!’ Jay bends her legs and jumps, catching Ji Min’s neck. She’s smiling, relieved to be in his arms again, 'You see. Nothing goes wrong if your trust me.’ He puts her back on the edge, much to her dismay, 'Let’s try again.’


'You already did it. One last time.’ This time, Jay jumps immediately making Ji Min and Min Jun, who’s stayed close, explode with joy. 'Again!’ (laughs)

'Dad.’ she whines, clinging on his shirt.

'I promise you, it’s the last time.’ He says reaching for the edge with his fingers, pulling on his arm. She jumps a third time, squealing when she lands in his arms. [zoom on her face] *No longer afraid* 'Shall we try diving?’ he asks, wiping her face.

'I don’t want to.’ (laughs)

'Try swimming on your own.’ He makes her lie on her front. 'Look at Min Jun doing it.’ *She’s adjusted to the water*

'Jay, kick your legs like me.’ He says while showing her how. She mimics him as Ji Min moves her a little onwards.

The siblings have fun with their father. *Now, they’re able to play together*

'Should we go on the slide?’ suggests Ji Min, looking at the other children going down a yellow and white slide.

'Yes!’ shouts Min Jun, leading the way. Ji Min takes Jay in his arms and follows his son. They arrive and stop behind three children already waiting for their turn. Min Jun slides first, turning to smile at Ji Min as soon as he’s reached the bottom.

'Okay, Jay it’s your turn.’ He gives his daughter to the woman in charge of the slide. The woman sits her and positions her correctly, 'Do you want me to wait for you at the end?’ She nods and Ji Min slides down while Min Jun has already left to slide a second time. 'Jay-yah, I’m here! Slide!’ encourages Ji Min, clapping his hands together.

The woman pushes the girl gently. Jay moves forward, water splashing on her as she slides down and her arms raised in the air to balance herself. Ji Min instantly grabs her and congratulates her, happy to see his daughter having fun. She points at Min Jun as he slides down and then points towards the top to go down again. *She forgets his fear thanks to his dad* (amazement)

                                                                                                          End of Day 1.


HOT K-POP 2013 (80 songs mashup) by DJ Masa x SHIMMixes

It’s that time of the year again where we relieve all of the past year’s hit K-Pop songs!


100% - Want U Back

15& - Somebody

2NE1 - Do You Love Me

2NE1 - Falling in Love

2PM - A.D.T.O.Y.

4minute - Is it Poppin’?

4minute - What’s Your Name


A-JAX - Insane


Ailee - U&I

Alphabat - AB CITY

AOA - Confused


B1A4 - What’s Going On

Bangtan Boys - NO

BEAST - Shadow


Block B - Very Good

Brown Eyed Girls - KILL BILL


CL - Baddest Female

CNBLUE - I’m Sorry

Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR

D-Unit - Talk To My Face

Dal shabet - Be Ambitious

EXO - Growl

EXO - Wolf

f(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum

G-Dragon - COUP D'ETAT

G-Dragon - Crooked

Girl’s Day - Expectation

Girls’ Generation - Dancing Queen

Girls’ Generation - I GOT A BOY

GLAM - I Like That

Heo Young Saeng - The Art of Seduction

INFINITE - Destiny

IU - The Red Shoes

IVY - I Dance

Jewelry - Hot & Cold

KARA - Damaged Lady

Kim Hyung Joon - Unbreakable (feat. Jay Park)

Ladies’ Code - Pretty Pretty

Lee Hi - Rose

Lee Hyori - Bad GIrls

Lee Jung Hyun - V

Lim Chang Jeong - Open The Door (feat. Kim Chang Ryul)

MBLAQ - Smoky Girl

MFBTY - Sweet Dream

missA - Hush

Nine Muses - Dolls

Nine Muses - GUN

Nine Muses - WILD

PSY - Gentleman

Rainbow - Tell me Tell me

Rania - Just Go

Seo In Young - Love Me


SHINee - Everybody

Shinwha - This Love

SISTAR - Give It To Me

SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer

SPEED - It’s Over

SPICA - Tonight

SunMi - 24 Hours

T-ara - Number 9

T-ara N4 - Jeonwon Diary

T.O.P - Doom Dada



TEEN TOP - Rocking

Tiny-G - I Miss You

Trouble Maker - Now

U-KISS - Standing Still

VIXX - G.R.8.U

VIXX - hyde

VIXX - Voodoo Doll

Wa$$up - Wa$$up

Wonderboyz - Tarzan

XIA - Incredible (feat. Quincy)

ZE:A - Ghost of the Wind

The Return of Superman

BTS members as fathers in The Return of Superman show

J-Hope x Reader

Rap Monster | Suga | Jin | Jimin | V | Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 3143

Author’s Note -

  • It includes interviews and shootings.
  • *…* : sentences edited on the final images.
  • Bold : cameras’ position in the house or outside.
  • Italics : dialogues.
  • /…/ : Time.
  • (…) : Sound effects.
  • […] : camera movements

Who Do You Take After?


*The sky is radiant in Seoul today*


*Let’s meet the new superman!*


/10:56 AM/

*It’s late in the morning and everyone is still sleeping*


There is some bustling in the corridor.

*It seems like someone is awake.* [zoom] A shitzu appears, walking around the apartment to sniff the different tents hiding the cameramen. *Oh, it’s the owner’s pet. So cute* (amazement) *Hello.*


*There’s only one person asleep in this bed*

The tall body rolls around to lie of their front, spreading his arms to the other side of the bed. His arms land on an empty spot making them lift their head. *awake* Looking around and trying to chase away the last remnants of slumber, he sit on the bed’s edge while rubbing their eyes. The person stands up and walks around, scratching his bare stomach. *The new dad seems very fit* He puts on a shirt and walks out to the bathroom.


[Tilt-pan] The man walks in the living-room. [slow-motion] *Who’s the new dad?* [slow-motion / zoom on their face] *It’s charismatic idol, Jung Ho Seok!* (amazement) [pictures/videos of him performing with the other members in concerts and shows] *He made his debut as one of the rappers and the main dancer in the worldwide known K-Pop group BTS in 2013 under the nickname of J-Hope. [videos of him in interviews and taken by the members or himself] His energetic and bubbly personality is one of his numerous charms. He’s always seen as extra.[videos of him dancing in studios] Since his debut, he got highly praised for his high skills in dance and still does. (amazement) He opened his own dance Academy in 2022 located in Seoul and Gwangju, his native town.*

Ho Seok – Hello. I’m singer Jung Ho Seok. I’m here to greet you all as the father of my first child Jung Rae Yeon.

Director – Could you introduce yourself as J-Hope?

Ho Seok – So suddenly? You’re making me flush… I’m your hope, I’m you’re angel! I’m J-Hope! (laughs)

Ho Seok’s smile dies instantly after that,abashed, looking at the staff.

Sleep lines can be seen on one side of his face. *signs of deep sleep* Ho Seok walks to one of the cameramen as the dog follows him, running and jumping around.

‘Has she already left?’ He asks him, bending a little.

'Yes. About two hours ago.’ Answers the cameraman.

[Flashback two hours ago] Y/N wakes up earlier than her husband. She gets ready then goes in the kitchen to make sure she didn’t forget anything regarding the food she prepared for her family. She also thinks of filling the dog’s bowl with its food and water. She is then seen walking to a camera settled in one of the kitchen’s corner and greets the viewers. [End of flashback]

Y/N- Hello. I’m Jung Ho Seok’s wife and Rae Yeon’s mother, Y/N. It’s nice to meet you all.

Ho Seok stands up, rubbing his eyes. He picks his dog and goes to lie down on the couch. He strokes him before it leaves him to drink water in its bowl. He stretches his body, still tired.

Child Bedroom

In the dark, someone wiggles their way out of the warm blankets and stands up by the bed, still dazed. (amazement) Slowly, they open the door and walk outside.


Ho Seok is still lying on the couch, his face buried in the crook of his elbow. *Did he fall asleep again?*(laughs) When small steps are heard, he immediately opens his eyes and turns his head.

'Rae Yeon-ah, come here.’ He says in a groggy voice, opening his arms.

[zoom on Rae Yeon’s face] *Beautiful Rae Yeon just woke up* The little girl walks to her father with a big smile on her face, her arm tightly holding her soft toy.

Rae Yeon – Hello, I’m five year-old Jung Rae Yeon.(amazement)

[Couple pictures] *Jung Hoseok dated Y/N his for two and half years and got married in 2023. Rae Yeon was conceived a year later. [Picture of baby Rae Yeon] *She looks a lot like her mother* *She is the daughter of a happy family* [footage of 3-year-old Rae Yeon dancing] *She takes after his father* *She is as playful and energetic*

Y/N – Her name wasn’t even that hard to think of. When I was pregnant of her, she was very vigorous and not a day passed by without her kicking inside of me. I kept saying that she got her vitality from Ho Seok and I then I thought about how much people refer to him being as lively as the sun. That’s how we came up with her name; its pronunciation reminds me of the french word for ray. It made pretty much sense as she keeps illuminating our lives since the day she was born. (amazement)


'Did you sleep well?’ asks Ho Seok as he straightens his daughter’s hair with his fingers. Rae Yeon nods while yawning. She leans in and kisses his father on the mouth. *They are very expressive in showing their love for each other* (amazement) Ho Seok puts his arm around her shoulders to press her face against him and rubs her back. 'Can you bring dad’s phone? It’s in my room’ She nods and walks away, noticing on her way a moving remote camera placed next to the T.V.

'What is it? Camera?’ She asks, looking puzzled at the device.

'It follows you if you move around.’ Says Ho Seok, looking at her from the couch. She shifts her body to the right and left and laughs when she sees the camera following her movements then leaves in her parents’ bedroom.

She appears again and walks back to her dad with his phone in her hand.

'Thank you.’ Ho Seok, unlocks and thumbs quickly on it while Rae Yeon walks back to take a closer look at the camera. Then she picks the T.V remote to watch cartoons.

Ho Seok suddenly stands up and walks to the open kitchen, fetching some plastic boxes and plates from the fridge. He puts his phone on the counter, taking a glance once in while as he starts preparing breakfast. *He reads something diligently*


[zoom on Ho Seok’s phone] He is reading a text message. *His wife must have written him instructions for today*

'Rae Yeon-ah!’


He holds a glass in the air for her to come to take. She walks to him, eyes still glued to the T.V.

'Yah, aren’t you exaggerating? T.V isn’t going to fly away.’ She smiles cutely and takes her fruit juice from him.

He puts the food that Y/N prepared earlier to heat in the microwave. Once everything is ready, he sets the table and calls for Rae Yeon to come and eat.

'It’s good.’ comments the girl, her mouth full.

'Your mother’s cooking skills are no joke.’ adds Ho Seok, moving his chopsticks vividly to taste everything. (laughs) Rae Yeon starts moving her hand in the air and wiggling her body on her chair. *She dances to express her happiness* Ho Seok mimics her while making funny faces making them both laugh.


/11:42 AM/

After they have finished eating and Ho Seok has washed the dishes, they settle in the living-room – Ho Seok is sat on the floor against the couch on his phone and Rae Yeon is standing beside him, hugging her soft toy and staring at the T.V now playing music videos.

Ho Seok notices from the corner of his eyes as she starts moving her body to the girls dancing in the screen and smiles to himself.

'That’s it, you’ve got to digest.’(laughs)

*Rae Yeon dances to help her digestion* [Rae Yeon’s dance and Dancers’] *It’s quite similar* *She gets into the groove* (laughs) *Agile leg motions* She does her best to move like the persons on the screen. *Rae Yeon’s bottom wave* Ho Seok bursts out laughing while clapping. *Ho Seok finds his daughter’s dance hilarious* (laughs)

'Rae Yeon-ah.’ Calls Ho Seok making Rae Yeon to look at him.

'Is it true, that you have your lesson today?’

'What day are we?


'What day are we?’


'Yes. My classes are Wednesdays.’

*Does she take dance lessons because it’s your passion?*

Ho Seok – No, not at all. She made the request herself after I took her with me one day at my dance Academy. Nowadays, she’s very fond of watching MV’s and learning dances. Surprisingly, she doesn’t recognize me in BTS ones. I suspect the haircuts. (laughs) When she expressed the will to follow dance lessons she had a very precise idea of it, she wanted it to be ballet lessons. Still, I’m very glad that she loves dancing and chose that way to express herself. I will support her whatever she does though, regardless of her choices.

Ho Seok’s Car

/02:01 PM/

'Let’s go!’ shouts Ho Seok as the car’s engine turns on.

'Dad! Do you know the way?’ asks Rae Yeon, buckled in the backseat.

'No, but our friend, the GPS, will tell us the right way. At least, I hope.’ (laughs) Answers Ho Seok, his eyes looking back and forth between the road and the little screen on his bottom right. *It’s Ho Seok’s first time, bringing Rae Yeon to her ballet lessons* 'We’re almost there!’ He exclaims, relieved.

'I don’t recognize the surroundings.’ comments Rae Yeon looking outside.

'I typed the address correctly. What are you saying?’ (laughs)

'It’s a joke.’ She smiles*Rae Yeon likes to tease her father*

Ho Seok’s parks his car and they get out of it.

'You took your bag?’


'Let’s go,then.’

In front of the changing rooms

'No!’ Shouts suddenly Rae Yeon, yanking on her dad’s hand.

'What is it?’

'You can’t go in. You’re a man.’

'Wha- You’ll be able to change yourself?’

'Yes, wait here.’

'Are you sure?’

She nods and walks away to the ladies room. Ho Seok sits on the bench placed next to the rooms, looking around him to take in his surroundings. She reappears a few minutes later in her white dance outfit. *She looks adorable. She transformed into a white swan.* Ho Seok’s eyes illuminates as soon as he sees her and stands up to meet her.

'Dad! Can you do my hair?’

'Your hair?’ Rae Yeon turns her back to Ho Seok and gives him her elastic band. 'How is it supposed to be?’ asks Ho Seok, flustered.

'You need to do a high bun. Like her.’ Answers Rae Yeon pointing at a girl passing by.

Ho Seok looks around him and tries to comb his daughter hair the same as the others but to no avail.

*He has no idea of what he’s doing*(laughs) All the children hurry inside the classroom as it will soon begin.

'Dad, you need to hurry.’

'Wait a second.’ He tries a second time but the bun is not tight enough. He sighs, defeated. *What will he do?*

'Excuse me! Excuse me.’ He calls out a group of young mothers, discussing nearby. 'Could you please help me tie my daughter’s hair?’ One of the women walks to them and starts combing Rae Yeon’s hair. *The woman did it in a matter of few seconds* (amazement) 'Thank you.’ He says while Rae Yeon is already gone, running not to miss her lesson.

Ho Seok follows close and goes to sit with the parents already installed. He instantly spots his daughter as the teacher’s voice resonates in the room.

'Let’s first warm up our bodies.’ All the children listen carefully and executes all the exercises and routines they’ve started to work on. Rae Yeon seems to really enjoy her dance lessons as she laughs with children around her. *Rae Yeon has made several friends*  

Ho Seok watches her carefully and a feeling of pride washes over his face whenever the teacher tells her students to take his daughter as an example. He makes sure to record some videos and takes some pictures. *Ho Seok is Rae Won’s biggest fan*

Ho Seok – I had no idea what consisted ballet lessons and I was really impressed at how good all the children were despite the difficulties. I already know that she has incredible flexibility but Rae Yeon really surprised me and I was really proud of her when she succeeded doing all the movements the right way. I also saw how much she loves taking these classes by the look on her face, she seems well-rounded. I’ll make sure to accompany her to some other lessons.

Ho Seok’s Car

/03:26 PM/

'Where are we going ?’ asks Rae Yeon watching her father plug his phone in his vehicle’s USB port.

'Right now? We’re going shopping?’ Ho Seok answers while leaving his parking spot.

'We’re going to buy clothes?’ *Rae Yeon is happy to spend some more time with her father*

'Yes. Your mom told me to buy a present for your baby cousin.’

A music compilation blasts from Ho Seok’s phone, making Rae Yeon move her head in rhythm. Ho Seok sings along the lyrics here and there, making eye-contact with her through the rear-view mirror.  

After a while they park in the mall’s underground parking lot. They walk into an elevator and push the button that will lead them to the clothes shop floor. Then, they appear walking hand in hand until they enter a kids’ clothes shop. Rae Yeon drops her father’s hand to push the door open.

Kids’ Clothes Shop

'Hello!’ they both greet the salespersons welcoming them.

'Wow, so many pretty clothes here.’ exclaims Ho Seok.

*A place with cute clothes and lots of accessories* (amazement) *Will they find their happiness?*

'What can we get for him?’ asks Ho Seok, looking around while Rae Yeon walks ahead of him.

'Dad, look!’ She suddenly exclaims when she finds a cute little dress.

Ho Seok turns his head to look at his daughter, a smile on his face.

'Go ahead. Pick out the clothes you like.’ he encourages while he goes to one of the venders. 'What kind of clothes do you have for baby boys?’

'A baby boy?’ repeats the young woman.

'Yes. It’ll be a gift.’ Ho Seok follows her to the back of the shop dedicated to baby’s clothes. 'Rae Yeon-ah! I’ll be right here.’ She doesn’t hear him. *Rae Yeon seems to have found her paradise.* Another vendor is standing next to her, to help her get the clothes that catch her attention.

'Here are the clothes, you’re looking for. Take your time, call me if you need anything.’ says the woman before retreating back to the front.

'Thank you.’ Ho Seok gets closer to the shelves with the folded clothes and picks some to look at them. He hesitates for a while as he picks several items, talking to himself.

'Aren’t these for girls’ ?’/'Are these regular sizes for boys?’/'Is this too big?’/'Will they like something like that?’/ 'Excuse-me,Ma'am./ Are these for 7-months-old?’ *Dad seems lost* *Luckily, the vendors are here to help him make his mind* 'This looks nice./ Nice./ I like this one.’ *Dad wants to make sure he picks the right ones*

He eventually chooses two outfits, one for the day and another for the night with baby shoes. He walks back to where he left his daughter.

'Rae Yeon-ah, where are you?’

She is still with the same woman, her arms laden with the little girl’s choices.

'Yah! What is this? Are you going to buy all this?Why not buy the whole shop while we’re on the subject. (laughs) ’Why is the poor woman’s arms full with clothes?’

Rae Yeon smiles sheepishly to him. He goes to them and takes the clothes out of the vendor’s arms.

'You can’t take all of this, you need to make a choice.’ He squats and starts to separate the items to look at them while Rae Yeon joins him.

'I like this one. I really like this one.’ She says pointing at a baby blue skirt.

'This one? Take it.’ Ho Seok gives her the skirt and picks a long sleeve shirt among the amount of clothes he placed on his bent leg. 'This should match the skirt. You want to take that dress too?’ Rae Yeon nods, opening her arms.

'Ok. Let’s try them on.’ He stands up and goes to give the other clothes back to the woman who stands still not far from them. 'Do you have changing-rooms?’ She shows him the way.

'What do you want to try first?’ Ho Seok opens the curtain to let his daughter in and she pushes him outside to keep him from entering. 'What are you doing?’

'Don’t go in.’

*It’s the second time, today*

[Flashback changing-rooms before the ballet lesson] 'No!’ Shouts suddenly Rae Yeon, yanking on her dad’s hand.

'What is it?’

'You can’t go in. You’re a man.’

'Wha- You’ll be able to change yourself?’

'Yes, wait here.’

'Are you sure?’

She nods and walks away to the ladies room. [end of flashback]

*Rae Yeon seems firm when it comes to changing clothes*

Ho Seok smiles, dumb-founded and stands still beside her cabin, leaning against a wall.

'Why is she being like this? I wonder who I wash at home ? Maybe it wasn’t my daughter.’ (laughs) He asks himself, laughing at the situation. One of the vendors comes to him and suggest to help her to put the clothes on. 'The woman came to help you.’

*Ho Seok patiently for his daughter*

'You okay?’ He leans his head near the curtains.

'I’ll come out.’ says her little voice muffled behind the thick fabric.

Suddenly, the curtains is pulled to the side and Ho Seok straightens himself, taking a few steps backwards.

[slow-motion] Rae Yeon comes out wearing the blue skirt and white shirt. *A pretty little fairy* She smiles at the camera while turning around and posing cutely. *Rae Yeon’s finger heart*

'Wow! You’re so pretty. / What do you think? / Do you like it? / Did you look in the mirror?/ Let’s take a picture and send it to mom.’ Ho Seok cannot take his eyes off of her.

'Don’t raise it so high.’ (laughs) He says, laughing when he sees Rae Yeon tugging on her skirt. She goes back to try the dress on.

'Ok, let’s go. That’s good. Let’s buy these.’ Ho Seok takes her clothes and let the woman help Rae Yeon put her own clothes back on while he walks to the checkout. Rae Yeon joins him.

*Ho Seok pays for the clothes*

The vendor gives him their bags after she wrapped the present.

'Thank you. Let’s go. Say good-bye.’

They go out of the shop and go to the parking.

'Dad, thank you for the clothes!’

'Your welcome, sweetheart.’

                                                                                                          End of Day 1.


I love this one. Kai was looking dead at her, out of all of the girls there, he only stared at her, with that sexy stare that he has (which he does stare a lot in general LOL!) When she looked up she caught Kai staring at her and he smiled his little sexy smirk thing he does a lot! OMG, how did she survive?  I would love to see more encounters of Kai with black women in the future, he has been caught by fans staring black women down and he has said on the radio that “skin color doesn’t matter” to him.

The Return of Superman

BTS members as fathers in The Return of Superman show

Jin x Reader

RapMonster Suga | J Hope | Jimin | V | Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 2377

Author’s Note -

  • It includes interviews and shootings.
  • *…* : sentences edited on the final images.
  • Bold : cameras’ position in the house or outside.
  • Italics : dialogues.
  • /…/ : Time.
  • (…) : Sound effects.
  • […] : camera movements

You Can Do It


*Sun is rising in Seoul*


*It seems like there isn’t a speck of dust. The residents are great at keeping a house.*

[Tilt - Dishes/ Furnitures] *All those pink things, is it a daughter? This place is very cute. Who is the family that lives is the lovely house?*

[Hourglass] *Even this is pink.*(laughs)

/8:57 AM/


*Someone is cooking alone*

[zoom] *Vocal singer, Kim Seok Jin*(amazement)

Seok Jin - Hello! I’m a father of two little girls and husband of Y/N. I’m singer Jin. Please look favorably on me. He bows

*He debuted as vocal member in the K-Pop group BTS in 2013. He was loved as the one who took good care of his members. He became an actor in 2021 and is currently in a drama that gets 57% of viewer ratings. [footage of him acting] He won several awards [footage of him receiving prizes]*

Seok Jin cuts some onions as he closes his eyes. [zoom] *It stings* He prepares several dishes in record time and sets the table.(amazement) *what a lovely husband* Once he is done, he goes out of the kitchen.


Seok Jin opens very gently one of the doors and takes a look inside.

Children’s room

*His daughters are still asleep*(aww)

He closes the door without a sound and moves to the next one.

Parents’ room

He goes inside and sits gently next to the person lying down. *He wakes gently his wife.* He strokes her back and leans his head down next to her ear.

Y/N… You need to wake up if you don’t want to get late.

Y/N gently wiggles out and suddenly turns on her back, sending her arm across her husband’s face. *That must have hurt* (laughs)

Oh! You want to fight this early in the morning? He asks her holding his hand to his cheek faking being hurt. They both laugh and he stands up.

Don’t fall back to sleep.

She whines and reluctantly sits up still dazed. (laughs)


Seok Jin decides to wash the dishes, waiting for as you get get ready. 

/9:26 AM/

Y/N appears walking to the kitchen. [slow motion] *She looks so gorgeous* You sit down facing your husband who smiles at you from the kitchen. He dries the last plate and joins you.

Y/N - Hello. My name is Y/N and I’m Kim Seok Jin’s wife. We are the parents of Jin Ae and Sun Hee. 

*[footage of your wedding/family pictures] Seok Jin and Y/N got married in 2022 and had Jin Ae, their first daughter, few months later. Their second daughter, Sun Hee, was born two years later.*(amazement)

Y/N - Jin Ae was born prematurely and only weighed 2.45 kg but when she was around hundred days… [zoom] she’s been in top tenth percentile in weight. (laughs)

Seok Jin - I can definitely say that she inherited this from me. 

[Footage of six month-old Jin Ae] Seok Jin’s voice-over : Jin Ae-ah! You just ate. That’s enough. [second footage] Y/N’s voice-over : You’ll eat this when you’re a bit older. Jin Ae whines and makes a cute sad face. (aww)

Seok Jin - I feel like Sun Hee has more of an artistic side to her as she really enjoys any types of music. [footage of Sun Hee dancing very enthusiastically] She also loves to mimics Jin Ae. 

[Footage of four year-old Jin Ae and two year-old Sun Hee] Jin Ae is running and jumping in their living-room and Sun Hee follows her, trying to do the same things her sister does. *They seem very close.*

Seok Jin - I’ve always imagined having boys at first but I’m glad I got two really beautiful little girls.

[zoom on Seok Jin face] He looks past the cameras.

Y/N in the distance - Don’t forget about me! (laughs)

Seok Jin - Aigo, how could I forget about my gorgeous wife. (laughs)


The couple is eating.

Hmm! This is so good! She says, shoving big spoons in her mouth.

Of course it is. What did you expect from your handsome husband? He reckoned taking his own chopsticks.

Y/N sends him a little glare making him smile.

Don’t over do it. (laughs)

Since I woke up, all I kept thinking about was the appointment.

I’m sure it’ll be okay. We talked a really long time and explained it to her thoroughly. You even played doctor with her and she promised to be brave.

You really think she won’t make a fuss once we’ll be there.

… No. (laughs)

/10:00 AM/

Y/N leaves the house after she bid him good bye. Seok Jin goes back in the kitchen to proceed on washing the dishes as he heats his daughters’ breakfast.

Children room

A small body wiggles itself out of the warm blankets and goes straight to pull the curtains. [zoom] *four year-old Sun Hee is up before her sister* *Cute bed head* She goes back to her bed to fetch her soft toy. *They both seem inseparable.* (laughs) The vivid sunlights now bathing the girls’ room cause Jin Ae to stir in her bed, trying to avoid them. Sun Hee goes to crouch next to her sister’s bed.

Jin Ae-ah! Wake up! There’s the sun!

Jin Ae turns her head around to face Sun Hee who smiles at her. Jin Ae sits up as her sister comes next to her on the bed. [zoom on Jin Ae’s face] *That reminds us of someone else. [Edited images of Y/N next to Jin Ae] They look the same*(laughs)

Sun Hee starts to jump and soon her sister joins her, both of them laughing and squealing with delight.They notice the small cameras in their rooms and politely bows before them. *Hello cute girls* They also make funny faces and laugh at each other. *Their cry of joy echo in the whole house.*


Seok Jin finishes to set the table and walks to the girls’ room.

Children room

Seok Jin opens the door and sees the girls still jumping in the air. When they notice their father, they smile sheepishly at him and Sun Hee springs out of the bed to greet him. She bumps into his legs, squeezing them in her small arms as she looks at him from below.

You slept well? Make your beds and go wash your face, your breakfast is ready.

He lets the door open and they quickly follows his order. They help each other and once they’re done, they race to the bathroom.


The girls take their small steps and place them in front of the washbasin to clean themselves. Jin Ae playfully throws her sister small droplets of water making her laugh.

Girls, if you’re done, come eat!

They stop playing and leaves the bathroom running. *They’re as fast as light*


The girls appear when Seok Jin puts the last dish on the table.They bow before the two cameramen in the living-room making their father smile. Jin Ae goes to sit on her respective chair and Seok Jin carries Sun Hee to make her sit next to him.

No! She cries suddenly Sun Hee. 

What is it? He asks startled, still holding her in the air.

I don’t want to sit here.

Where, then?

Next to Jin Ae! *Sun Hee cannot eat if she’s not next to her sister*

Seok Jin puts her down and she goes to sit next to his elder. Sun Hee smiles as she pulls the chair. *Sorry Dad but I prefer my sister more* (laughs)

Seok Jin watches them as they dig in their plates and finds himself to dip into the plates he’s prepared for his daughters. *But Dad you already ate with mom.*(laughs)

Seok Jin is now gazing at Jin Ae. *Dad is deep in thought*

Jin Ae-ah?

Hm. *too focused on the food*

You remember where we’re going later?

Sun Hee looks back and forth between her sister and her father, listening carefully. Jin Ae leans back in her chair, sighing.


We’re going to the doctor. She answers, loosing her appetite as she plays with her food.

Seok Jin - It’s been three days since my wife and I noticed that Jin Ae has been having some red spots over her body so we booked an appointment with a doctor.

Seok Jin - I made some research and found out that it might be due to poor blood flow, a bacterial infection or an allergic reaction. I was told that she’ll need a blood test.

/11:59 AM/

Medical practice

*They arrive at the medical practice for Jin Ae’s appointment*

Hello. We have an appointment at 12:00.

Let me check it. What’s the name? asks the receptionist

Kim Jin Ae. replies Seok Jin

The receptionist checks in her computer and shows them the way to the waiting room. The whole time, Jin Ae’s hand never leaves her father’s. *She is anxious* Two minutes later a nurse shows up and asks the family to follow her in his medical practice. She opens the door for them to enter.

Hello, greets the doctor

Hello, says Jin Ae

Sun Hee, say hello, asks her father


Who am I treating today?

Me, says Jin Ae in a small voice as she puts up her hand.

Jin Ae. He gently pushes her daughter to stand next to the doctor.

Jin Ae. Come sit here. The doctor says, patting the big black chair in front of him.

Seok Jin sits down on a chair in front of the doctor’s desk and pulls Sun Hee in-between his legs.

A few days ago, I noticed some red spots on the back of her knees, shoulders and inside her elbows. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of allergic reaction or a disease.

There are many possible causes. Let me check her skin first.

Jin Ae pulls her sleeves up and the doctor examines her different body parts. *The doctor checks her skin*

I can see that her skin is very dry. Dry skin is often the factor of eczema. (amazement)


Yes, the red spots on her body are round and rough, these are often seen as eczema symptoms. Most of the time, it is caused when the air is dry or because of environmental irritant such as soaps. I need a blood test to identify the real causes.

I see. Jin Ae, you heard the doctor. He’ll need a bit of your blood.

He strokes her hair as she looks around, stressed. Sun Hee is busy, playing with the toys present on the doctor’s desk. *She can’t relate to her sister*

Doctor: I won’t be long, I promise.

Jin Ae presses her lips in a thin line, nervously looking at the doctor gestures as he prepares the syringe the nurse’s just gave him.

You can hold your father’s hand, if you want.

I want to do it! Suddenly shouts Sun Hee turning around and dropping the toy cars.

There’s no need to be afraid. It’s no big deal. Sun Hee is here to support you, fosters Seok jin

Jin Ae tightens her grip on her sister hand and Seok Jin wraps both of their hands in his as the doctor ties a knot around Jin Ae’s upper-arm to get her ready for the venipuncture.

You can do it! *Sun Hee reassures Jin Ae* (aww)

Dad. It will hurt. She tempts looking at her arm with a frown on her face.

No,no, inquires Sun Hee

Jin Ae-ah, look at me.Look at me.

Maybe it’ll be better if you turned your head. Look at your dad, adds the doctor

Jin Ae catches a glimpse at the syringe before nuzzling her head against Seok Jin’s arm. She starts to whimper as the needle pierces her skin. Small cries leave her mouth and she shuts her eyes while Seok Jin strokes her face. Sun Hee looks worriedly at her sister, oblivious to Jin Ae’s pain.

Jin Ae-ah, you’re so brave. Right, Sun Hee?

The little girl slowly nods her head, her eyes glued on the doctor’s hand. 

It’s almost done, comments the doctor

Sun Hee, hold her hand tight.

You’ll be fine. asserts Sun Hee

That’s it. adds Seok Jin

Jin Ae’s cries are loud now as she burst into tears.

Just a little bit more.

Don’t cry. The doctor says it’s almost done, informs Sun Hee

Cheer her up Sun Hee. says the doctor

You made it! It’s over! Let’s give her a big hand, suggest her father

Sun Hee claps vigorously and Jin Ae is given a treat by the doctor.

Good job, Jin Ae. I’m proud of you.

Sun Hee watches closely as her sister takes the candy. *Suddenly, she forgot about her sister * (laughs)

You can have some too if you want, smiles the doctor

Sun Hee promptly takes four small candies in her small hand, making her father and the doctor laugh.

Waiting room

It was noting right? Jin Ae-ah! You should never back up in front of hardships. You should face them bravely. remarks Seok Jin as Jin Ae nodds

[zoom on Jin Ae’s relived face]* Jin Ae has been very brave and patient today*

/12:27 PM/

On the street

Seok Jin and the girls are walking holding hands after their visit to the doctor. *The street if full of delicious restaurants*

Because Jin Ae has been very brave, I’ll let you guys eat your favorite meal.

The two girls squeals in delight when they hear their father’s announcement and jumps in the air, grinning from ear to ear. Seok Jin opens the door and they settle down. A waiter soon comes to bring them the restaurant’s menu.

Girls treat yourselves.Today’s your day.

They tell the waiter their final choice and waits for the food.

Please make it tasty! shouts Sun Hee looking at the cooks (laughs)

The table is full of delicious dishes for them to taste. (amazement)  

*[slow motion on Jin Ae’s face] She enjoys her well-deserved meal after overcoming the day’s trial.*

                                                                                                          End of Day 1.

Watching the video again and then i saw this comment o_o

2:22 The way Kai look at Jenna and the way his eye bulged wide open. It’s just make me jealous. T__T You so lucky~ My head repetitively say “Oh my gush. Kai’s type is like her.” Huhuhu so jealous~

I really never paid much attention to the video until today and if you look at Kai, the entire time, even when he 1st walked in, he kept looking right at her!…!!!! O_O , there were plenty of fans lined up to look at by the way…

Found another comment xD I’m just creeping on the comment section right now!

2:22 omg… He is attracted. The way he looked at Jenna was sooo cute!!!! He is my bias! I would have fainted. !


Kai I think was attracted to her. She was really pretty, and he could tell. ;v; SO LUCKY GIRL.

(reply to comment above) I thought the same thing too. She wasn’t even looking at him, and of all the other girls or people to look at, Kai chose her lol. When I first saw her I thought she was gorgeous too. Im soo late lol.

I am so jealous of Jenna. Even if it was only for a second, she made eye contact with Kai because he only looked at her. That smile…..I don’t know what I would have done if it was me.