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記憶の海は穏やかで いつも暖かくて 
In an unescapable dilemma
the sea of memory is gentle, always warm

So sweet memories」

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko 

anonymous asked:

Hi Ridia-san! I'm not sure if this has been asked before but what would happen if Mikoto and Anna were hit by the body-swap strain? HOMRA and Scepter4 reactions?

OMG this would be adorable, like just imagine the two of them hanging out like they normally do but in each other’s bodies. Anna would be very determined to take care of Mikoto the way he takes care of her, like imagine them walking around a super crowded street and Anna trying all determinedly but awkwardly to keep anyone from stepping on now-tiny little girl Mikoto, possibly picking him up and Mikoto just has this flat look on the entire time. Also Mikoto is super calm the whole time he’s in Anna’s body, like after the body swap happens he just looks down at his new body, shrugs, asks Anna if she’s okay and then goes back to sleep. And maybe he takes his jacket back so he’s walking around in Anna’s body with her usual frilly dress but also this more delinquent-style jacket and Kusanagi has to stop him from lighting up a cigarette in Anna’s body.

Anna keeps following everyone around the way she usually does but it’s very awkward for Homra, like imagine Yata talking with the other guys about something and getting really loud and energetic, Anna comes wandering up and just listens and Yata kinda stutters to a stop, not quite able to explain that he can’t seem to get his mouth to work with ‘Mikoto-san’ staring at him like that. Totsuka finds it amusing, like King and Anna have such a good wavelength that even with their bodies swapped it’s hard to tell the difference. He also urges Anna to help him with some fun hobbies because it’s adorable to see ‘Mikoto’s’ face all screwed up in concentration or smiling softly at whatever hobby they’re working on. Kusanagi just sighs and probably has to keep scolding Mikoto for things, like no smoking and then one time Mikoto sits on the couch with a very unladylike stance and Kusanagi freaks out at him because Anna’s bloomers are showing.

Scepter 4 reaction, imagine Munakata and Mikoto having one of their usual interactions except Mikoto is now a small girl in a frilly dress. Munakata of course won’t fight him in that state for Anna’s sake but he finds it quite amusing how small and cute Mikoto appears now, Mikoto just gives him a flat look and asks if he wants a fight, possibly attempting to dig out another cigarette before remembering that Kusanagi will kill him. Meanwhile poor Fushimi would probably be having so many signals crossed, like he runs into Anna and Totsuka in the stables again except at first he thinks it’s Totsuka and Mikoto and he kinda goes pale and manages to choke out the words asking why the Red King is here. Then 'Mikoto’ calls him 'Saruhiko’ and Totsuka cheerfully says that this is Anna, not King. Staring closer at her Fushimi realizes that it is Anna but he has no idea how to deal with her in that body, normally he’s weak to Anna but seeing Suoh Mikoto staring at him with sweet pleading eyes asking to feed a horse is just too much for him.

Chronology of K Project Materials

Timeline above shows when each story takes place in K world.
*MoR, DoB, and LSW provided most of the dates.
*Stray Dog Story isn’t in the timeline since no specific time was given. (Ch3 was in 2012 autumn, but no data on Ch1&2.) Gakuen K isn’t in the same world.

Here’s detailed timeline of K events before anime began.

Updated version with 5 new novels is here.

Dates published IRL:

  • Anime - K (2012 Oct), Missing Kings (2014 Jul, movie), Return of Kings (2015 Oct, season2).
  • Novel - Side:Blue (2012 Oct), Side:Red (2012 Nov),
    Side:Black&White (2013 May), Lost Small World (2014 Apr).
  • Manga - Memory of Red (2012 May), Stray Dog Story (2012 Nov),
    Days of Blue (2013 Oct), K The First (2013 Dec), Gakuen K (2013 Dec),
    Lost Small World (2014 June), Countdown (2014 Dec),
    Missing Kings (2015 Apr), Dog&Cat (2015 May),
    Dreams of Green (2015 Sept).

so I was rereading dob of again and I remembered this glaring mistranslation that a friend of mine re-translated at my request one year ago:

Fushimi: <王>とは何か なんて

is more like

Fushimi: “I have no intention of investigating what Kings are.“

Fushimi isn’t judging kings for not caring, he’s just saying he isn’t interested!