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‘Sirius was lounging in his chair at his ease, tilting it back on two legs. He was very good-looking, his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance’

dontwakethewriter  asked:

what if saruhiko got a hypoallergenic cat?

Imagine Fushimi ends up with the cat and keeps trying to act like he hates it but he gets totally attached. Maybe it’s like a Strain cat, it has minor powers that can be kept at bay with a special collar the Golds make for it. Scepter 4 has to keep hold of the cat though because that’s their job and the worry is if they allow the cat to go to a civilian the collar could get removed or cut, or the cat could wander outside and get lost or something, like it’s too dangerous to just allow the animal to be with simply anyone. The problem though is the Strain cat and Zenjou’s Kuro don’t get along, initially Munakata gives him the cat and Yayoi’s all excited that Kuro will have a friend but instead the two cats start hissing and clawing at each other. Munakata’s considering what to do with the cat when he comes upon it trying to nuzzle against Fushimi’s leg in the office, Fushimi keeps muttering at it to go away but the cat is all purring and content and wanting his attention. Munakata notes that Fushimi and the cat seem to be getting along quite well. Fushimi’s like I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m allergic, which is when Munakata smiles and says as it happens this cat is hypoallergenic.

Fushimi still doesn’t want to have a stupid cat around him but Munakata pretty much decides that as the cat seems to like Fushimi best the safest place for it would be in Fushimi’s dorm. The alphabet squad is all interested in Fushimi’s new pet (oh man I bet Benzai would be so jealous, he wants a cat too) and Fushimi is just like what am I supposed to do with this thing. Of course slowly the cat starts winning him over though, like whenever Fushimi’s lying on his bed being gloomy the cat jumps up and nuzzles him and purrs and it’s just constantly giving him affection because the cat can tell that its new human is very sad and it doesn’t want the human to be sad. Fushimi keeps complaining about it to Munakata but when there’s a suggestion made of moving the cat elsewhere Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he doesn’t care which Munakata of course knows means that Fushimi cares very much and so the cat ends up staying permanently with Fushimi.


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