k lorgan

“that shit crayy” hahahah… prior to tonight, I would have never known where the location of this picture was. Thanks to art history 106… i now know what Versailles is and the amazing architecture and grandiose art that exists there.  Now the contraption of modern art that sits in the old 1600 era Versailles is distracting.  The viewer is left wondering what to look at!! pretty cool concept

The creator of this has made several posters for psychiatric disorders… love the minimalistic aspect of the design.  It gets the point across for OCD… this is especially interesting to me because I am taking an Abnormal Psychology class, and learned about several disorders that plague the people around us! I feel as though these posters can make the disorder seem less obtrusive and scary, and be considered more common and less ominous.

I love good industrial design.. everyday objects done in a new creative way.  This is kind of an oxymoron… sand time is an ancient thing.. while wrist watches and the computably graphic look to it is more modern. Pretty cool and unique