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This is probably the only place on the Internet where I could say “lewding lolis for fanservice or for your own fantasies is wrong.” without a whole horde of people bringing up the whole “it’s just Anime” bull s**t

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After the events in City on the Edge of Forever, Spock suggests that he and Jim spend some time on Vulcan. Turns out it’s not a great place for a vacation, but is plenty good for pining.


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What do you think the Predecessors of the Kings have been like? Not just Habari Jin and Kagutsu Genji, but all Predecessors? Was Anna the first female King(Queen)? What do you think is the average lifespan for the Red King? What do you think Munakata and Suoh's relationship was like?

The thing that makes me most curious as far as previous Kings go is, what happened to them? Obviously we know how Kagutsu and Habari went out but judging from the distinct lack of any other gigantic geography-altering craters it seems unlikely that any of the other Kings died due to Damocles Down. I think Ichigen died due to illness and we know Kokujouji died of old age but if there were multiple Kings before the current ones that’s not a lot of time frame for people to die of old age, and illness seems too convenient. Which then makes me think of Munakata’s comment to Mikoto in S1 about abdicating his throne, is it a possibility and all the other previous Kings abdicated? And then maybe Kokujouji had the Rabbits erase their memories or something, like if a King chooses to step down and be a normal human then they’ll have to live entirely as a normal human, cut off completely from the world of Kings and clans. I imagine at least that abdication has to have some sort of long-term consequence, it feels a bit too easy to me if a King can just go ‘oops, my Sword’s about to fall, okay I abdicate’ and then go about life as normal. At the very least I imagine abdication completely cuts off any connection that King had to the Slate whatsoever, like there’s no chance of ever matching with the Slate’s wavelength again and even if a King tried to become their successor’s clansman the installation ceremony would fail due to side effects of the abdication (…okay so now imagine Kagutsu as also being a clansman of the previous Red King much as Anna was, except Kagutsu’s predecessor abdicated and then tried to be sneaky and become Kagutsu’s clansmen as a way of keeping some measure of his power. But then instead Kagutsu burned him to a crisp and that’s part of what started Kagutsu on the path to instability, and also the reason he refused to abdicate even until the very end, because he refused to be completely cut off from the world he’d become immersed in).

I wouldn’t be surprised if canon-wise Anna’s the first female King but I like to think she isn’t, that there were some other female Kings in the past. It doesn’t seem like there should be any reason why there wouldn’t be female Kings in the past, other than canon generally prioritizing the male characters. As far as Red Kings go, I have the impression that most Red Kings are unstable and have short reigns but on the other hand there’s still the question of what happened to all those Red Kings since we only have one crater. Like has it always been the Blue King’s job to take the Red King out and in the past they’ve just killed each other and saved everyone the trouble of dealing with a possible Damocles Down? Did Kokujouji have some kind of failsafe in place for when the Red King inevitably became unstable but it backfired when Kagutsu’s Sword went down and that’s why he pretty much did fuck all to make sure Mikoto didn’t end up the same way, despite the possibility of more mass casualties? Or maybe at one point the Kings did all live in a general peaceful manner and the tension that always seems to exist between the Red and Blue Kings was part of what broke it.

I just watched guardians of the galaxy vol 2 here are my notes before I go to sleep:

-I can’t believe David Hasselhoff is Peter Quill’s dad

-There are four (4) credit scenes (I counted four, but then again it was late)

-that was fucked up

-I love groot i love that baby twig

-i still have my zune I should post a picture of me and my zune

-are those sleeping gay aliens or am I just desperate?

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I see you've made a new sona, but are we allowed to portray you still as your old sona? I think it suits you, and it's quite synonymous with you by now.

Yeah dude, you can, I’m also going to use the two sonas to potray me so there’s no problem