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My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?


Contains : drabble, roommate!jungkook, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : exactly 1,2k

Summary : Jungkook never thought that a few lipstick stains would turn him on.

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

A/N : I just wanted to post a little something since I’m pretty inactive because of my finals. Inspired by that time I kissed one of my friends on the cheek to see if my lipstick would tranfer and he got super cocky about the stain.
Feedback or a questions, everything is here !

“Y/N, what are you doing ?”, laughed Jungkook, resting the controller on his thigh.
From his spot on the couch, he was watching you tap your finger on your lower lip, before examinating your fingertip.

“I need to see if my lipstick is going to stay through the night.”, you explained, tapping once again your finger on your lip, your eyes cheking your makeup. You were going out tonight, seeing old friends from highschool, and everything needed to be perfect, you wanted people to look at you and be stunned.
The dress hugging your body was enough to leave your roommate breathless, but you were prouder of your makeup, everything was perfect, if it wasn’t for the said lipstick.

“Is that the one you bought last week ?”, asked Jungkook, leaning against the couch.
You hummed, remembering the day you dragged the boy to Sephora. Fortunately, he didn’t complain, or maybe you just didn’t listen to his desperate sighs, but he helped you pick a color, the dark chocolate, almost purple color catching his eyes.

“Why don’t you just do the thing you do with your hand.”, he asked gesturing to the top of his hand, talking about that time he saw you place your lips on your hand.

“Ugh, I’m too lazy to wash my hand after, or to go get a tussie.”, you sighed, looking at the clock.
Jungkook laughed, getting up and walking towards you before looking at himself in the miroir. Running his hand in his hair, he gave you a faked annoyed look.

“Do it, we’ll see if it leaves a stain.”, proposed Jungkook, tugging at the collar of his shirt, revealing his golden skin a little more.

Smiling at Jungkook, he lightly pushed your shoulder, it wasn’t the first time that he allowed you to test your lipsticks on him and he knew you were dying to test this one too. It just happened one time when you were on a rush, no tissus or anything to place your lips on, and since Jungkook didn’t mind having a stain that he could wash off just after, he was the guinea pig.

Grabbing your roommate’s chin, you quickly kissed a trail from his cheek to his collarbone, as he tilted his head.

“Ouh, that’s a lot.”, you noticed, eyebrows furrowed. A mark of your lips were clearly visible of his cheek, another one in the middle of his neck, and the last one on top of his collarbone, more faded, but it was there.

“I’m definitely taking it with me, I’ll probably have to do some touch ups.”, you mumbled, grabbing the lipstick before throwing it in your purse, not really paying attention as Jungkook stayed silent.

His eyes were glued on the miroir, pupils blowing wide a little bit more as he discovered the stains. Licking his lips, he slowly parted them, feeling his sweatpants grow thighter.

Biting his lower lip, he nodded as he heard you say something, but he never payed attention, a finger coming to touch the stain on his neck.
Why was he so turned on by such a simple thing, was it the stains, or you ? Or both ? His hand was aching to wrap around his growing length, but his line of thoughts got cut by the loud sound of the front door closing.

His breath grew uneven as he looked around the apartment, before quickly walking towards his room, his game still paused on the tv screen.
Not caring to close his door, he left it slightly open, sitting on the edge of his bed, facing the miroir in front of him.
Giving him a full view of his body, Jungkook quickly took off his shirt, throwing it on the floor, as if he was afraid that the lipstick stains would fade away.

With the huge miroir, it was even better, he could clearly see the three marks along his cheek and neck, the last one almost looking like a really dark hickey.
His mouth fell agape at how good the color looked, the brownish stains contrasting with his skin.
His hand went to his bulge, feeling his already hard cock as a few locks of hair fell in front of his eyes.

Lips slightly pink, glittering with a coat of saliva, his hand grabbed his sheet as the other sneaked beneath the fabric of his sweatpants.
A sigh of relief left his lips when he felt his rough hand wrap around his base, teasing himself as he started to slowly move up and down.

His mind was fogged, focused on the ounce of pleasure he was giving himself. Head tilted to the side, he was trying his hardest not to close his eyes, he wanted to see the marks and his skin.

His thumb collected his pre-cum, speading it, a pleased sigh leaving his lips. His movements grew faster, pleasure taking over his body and soon enough, he was pushing the hem of his pants down.
The sound of skin filled the room, alongside his sighs, grewing deeper and deeper.

But, his hand wasted enough, he had to use his imagination, his mind wondering.
He tried his best to remember the feeling of your lips on his skin, picturing them kissing down his torso, and his hand pumped faster as he imagined your mouth around his cock, a groan leaving his lips.

Maybe your lipstick would leave a few rings around his shaft, a deep moan coming from his chest. He never thought that a few marks would turn him on, but there he was, using his hand to catch his climax because of them.

“God.”, he breathed, his hips bucking. A gasp left his lips as he pictured you again, seeing you in that dress, wishing his could take it off, and let his hands wonder around your body.
His lip got caught in his teeth, closing his eyes as he imagined what he would do to you, the taste of arousal linguering on his tongue. And god, he wished you didn’t leave, his hand moving faster and faster, chassing his high.
“Y/N, fuck.”, it left his lips without thinking, the blurry image of your body underneath his clouding his mind, his cheek slightly pink, a thin layer of sweat on his forehead and torso.

He lost track of everything as his mind started making up how your moans would sound, how your voice would sound as you were begging him to fuck you, how you voice would crack as you moan his name, getting closer and closer to your climax.

His Adam’s apple bobbed against the skin of his throat, regular gasp leaving his lips as he mumbled incoherent phrases. He knew he was getting closer, bucking his hips, before letting out a loud moan, his voice cracking towards the end in what sounded like your name. Panting, his hand slowed down as he released, cum dripping on his torso.

Jungkook slowly opened his eyes, chest falling up and down at an irregular pace as he tried to catch his breath. He closed his eyes, head falling back, trying to process everything.

“Jungkook ? I forgot my wallet.”

And his eyes shot open.


Contains : drabble (?), bestfriend!jungkook, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : +1,5k

Summary : Jungkook finds out you never had an orgasm before.

Originally posted by mayfifolle

A/N : Probably one of the last drabbles I’ll write before my finals. Inspired by a dream, don’t ask.
Feedback or a questions, everything is here !

“You’re lying.”, stated Jungkook, confidence dripping from his words.
He had dropped his phone on his bed, one of his legs extended to the end of the matress, the other bended against his chest. You couldn’t see him, laying on your back, facing the ceiling of his room, but you could feel his eyes on you.

Rubbing your palms against your eyes, your groaned, wishing your best friend never started this conversation.

“Jungkook, I’m not lying okay.”, you sighed, leaving the back of your hands on your forehead. “Can we stop talking about this now ?”, you whined.

The boy stayed silent for a bit, and you thought that for once, just for once, he would let go. But that’s not knowing Jeon Jungkook.

“So you don’t know what an orgasm feels like ?”, he asked and you rolled your eyes, silently cursing your best friend.

It was just a normal conversation at first, until Jungkook started talking about his exploits. Again, it wasn’t a new thing, you and your best friend were comfortable talking about sex, but only if it was his sex life, because your sex life was inexistent.
You never talked about it to Jungkook, but you thought he knew you were a virgin; apparently not.

“No.”, you answered, feeling heat rise on your cheeks, damn you just wanted to sink in the floor.

Silent filled the room again, before you felt the matress move. Crawling beside you, Jungkook layed on his stomach, supporting himself with his elbow.
His eyes were still on you, but you couldn’t dare look at him, heart beating a bit too fast, talking about such an intimate thing was strange.

“Have you ever touched yourself ?”, purred Jungkook, and something immediately changed in the air. Was he really asking you this question ? He wasn’t going to let it slide, did he ?

“Y/N.”, called the boy, but his voice was still as loud as a whisper, as if he was afraid to talk louder, afraid to break something. Maybe he was afraid to break the thin confidence you were building up, finally answering.

“Yeah.”, but again, your voice was as quiet as his.

He moved again, your eyes finally catching his own. You would laugh at his way too serious face and furrowed eyebrows if you weren’t in such a situation. He released the bottom of his lips that he was unconsciously biting, getting a little bit closer to your body.
One of his hand pressed on the matress beside you head, the sudden weight of his body making you groan.

“Jungkook, what the fuck are you doing ?”, you asked. You wanted him to hear the annoyance in your voice, but the question fell in a breath as his head dropped way to close to your own.

“Don’t you want to know how it feels like ?”, he mewled, stroking your hair.
Your breath got caught, the sudden change of attitude leaving you stunned. Your breath got heavier, swallowing again as your throat got awfully dry.

A gasp left your lips as Jungkook’s head dropped, not waiting for an answer. His lips pressing a line of kisses down your neck, his right hand stroking your side, lifting your shirt up little by little.

It felt like seeing your best friend in a new light. Strangely, you didn’t feel repulsed, quite the contrary, your skin was growing hotter and all you wanted to do was to push the boy’s head down, forcing him to kiss further down, dying to feel his fingertips linger on your skin.

Your body relaxed as he kissed the spot between your neck and shoulder, but the feeling soon disappeared, a whine leaving your lips.

“Answer me.”, rasped Jungkook. He darted his tongue out, tracing the shape of your ear, his hand finally sneaking under your shirt, his thumb drawing circles above the hem of your underwear. “Do you wanna know ?”, he whispered, his hot breath ghosting over your ear.

“Yes.”, you gasped, catching your lower lips between your teeth. You were anxious in a way, he was your best friend after all. But stangely, you couldn’t see anyone else but Jungkook on top of you.
You could feel the boy’s lips stretch in a smile against your ear, before attacking your neck again.

Your hand flew to his hair, your head thrown back, giving him more access.

“If something feels wrong, tell me and I’ll stop.”, he started, voice quiet as he looked into your eyes. And god, they were a shade darker, pupils blown wide, holding silent promises. “I want to make you feel good.”, he purred as you nodded after swallowing the built of saliva.

“Now, tell me. How do you touch yourself ?”, he husked, licking his lips.

Your throat went dry again, gasping for air. You didn’t know where that confidence came from, but you opened your mouth, carefully watching his reaction.
“I tease myself throu-”, but you couldn’t finish your phrase, a gasp leaving your lips as Jungkook pressed a finger on your clit through the thin fabric of your panties.

“Like that ?”, he cooed, a cocky smile streching his lips.
You nodded, eager to see and feel his next move. Jungkook ran his finger along your folds, feeling the wet patch starting to form. “God, you’re already wet.”, he quietly laughed, catching his lip in his teeth.
You wanted to respond, but you got cut off by a sigh leaving your mouth as Jungkook pressed his fingertip on your clit, rubbing small circles, his lips parting.

“What do you do next ?”, he breathed, eyes glued on you, your face, your body, how you reacted to his touchs.
You inhale, trying to collect yourself, “Take my panties off and start rubbing my clit.”, and you couldn’t even believe the words leaving your mouth. But the thought left your mind as the boy on top of you followed your orders, pulling the fabric to the side, the air hitting your heat, his fingertip pressing on the nub, and you immediately felt intoxicated.

He knew what he was doing, his digit moving in slow circles, applying the right amount of pressure, sending waves of pleasure through your body.
Your hips accidently bucked, Jungkook’s finger pressing harder as a moan left your lips.

“More.”, choked, lightly tugging the boy hair. He looked up, cheeks and lips rosy, before moving lower, placing a single kiss above the hem of your underwear.
He stopped his movements, a whine leaving your lips. Spreading your wetness, he added another finger, parting your folds before lightly pushing in your entrance.
Closing your eyes, his other hand grabbed your hair, tugging at it, exposing your neck as his lips started attacking your skin again.

Capturing your skin between his teeth, he softly bit on it, fully pushing his finger in. Your exhaled, trying to adjust with the new feeling. Jungkook silently waited, sucking on your neck.

“Jungkook”, you breathed, signaling him to move, and he understood, his finger pumping in and out. His name fell in a broken moan tumbling from your lips, a hiss escaping from his own, his pants starting to grow tighter.
You closed your eyes as he added another finger, deliciously stretching your walls.

“Look at me.” he growled, he movements growing faster, his thumb drawing forms on your clit.
Opening your eyes, you attempted to keep eye contact, trying not to roll your eyes as he curled his fingers. Your head moved backwards as your hips moved against his hand, the one he wasn’t using grabbing your jaw.

Hair falling in front of his eyes, he licked his lips, before crashing them on yours. A gasp left your lips, it’s not like you never kissed him, but behind every kiss was the taste of alcohol, but not in this one.
Moving against each other, your body melted against his soft lips and his touch, moaning against his mouth.

Your mind was fogged, you didn’t know were to focus, the kiss growing sloppy as he bit your bottom lip.
On the other hand, Jungkook was trying his best to stay focused on you, and not buck his hips against the matress, his bulge now clearly visible. His thumb started rubbing your clit again, a loud moan coming from your lips as you started feeling a thigh knot in your stomach, your walls tightening around his digits.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, purred Jungkook agaisnt your lips, his fingers moving faster. You could only nodd, closing your eyes as you felt your climax approach.

“Fuck, come for me.”, growled Jungkook, his own breath uneven.

A mixture of curse words and your best friend’s name left your lips, holding tightly to his hair. Your eyes watered, gasping for air, your orgasm crashed over you like a wave, and the earth stopped spinning as a last loud moan left your lips.

Chest falling and rising with every irregular breath, your tried to process everything, blinking a few times. You caught Jungkook holding his fingers in front of his mouth, before wrapping his lips around his digits, the taste of your arousal on his tongue.

Head still spinning, you detailled the boy in front of you, before finally opening your mouth.

“Do you need help with that ?”, you asked, a small smile on your face as you gestured to his bulge.

Yuri Katsuki in a crop top. I partially blame @zephyrine-gale for this trend.

The words on the crop top are taken from Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2017 entry ‘Skeletons’. It sounded pretty much what Eros!Yuri would sing to a certain someone, so…

Bed Friends Forever || Taehyung




SUMMARY: You and Taehyung (V) have been best friends since you two were children up to now. He’s become famous and you barely seen eachother. Then one day, he comes to visit you and things you never thought would never happen, happened.

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You guys I made my first actual pixel art thing aaah it’s a mcfucking kitchen you guys have I told you how much I love kitchens they’re so nice

Isometric art has always been my favorite thing For Forever (deh anyone?) so ya I’m trying to stop spamming everyone with su trash bc I know not everyone following me wants that flooding their dash idk I don’t post that often anyways but whatever

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on people who like zen but hate jumin?

First of all, everyone has a right to their own opinion. But obviously, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I think that we should respect everyone’s likes and dislikes. If you wanna talk about why you don’t like a character, you can do so respectfully.

Another thing: No one character is more special than the other. Hell I don’t even think that Zen is more special than the others. I make all these theories about how he’s probably the canon end but they’re JUST THEORIES at the end of the day.

I think none of us should act entitled in any way just because we think that the character we like is better. Kind of off topic from what this question is asking but it really has to be said because most conflict that happens in the fandom is caused by a fan thinking that THIS character is the best and that THIS character is perfect in every way compared to this OTHER character who’s flawed and bad. News flash. None of them are perfect.

Now moving on to Jumin in particular.

I see a handful of people talking about how he’s abusive. I personally thought that Jumin was such a sweetheart. He made me uncomfortable at first, not gonna lie, but it was obvious that he just really didn’t know how to properly respond to the situation. He made it known that his intentions were pure. Plus, he told MC stay at his penthouse for her own safety. Watching his character develop over his route was… an adventure, I guess? He’s an unconventional, complex character. Let’s leave it at that.

Maybe I’m just not reading enough posts that claim that he’s abusive (because I don’t agree) but I really don’t see it, and I can see why so many of the MysMe blogs I follow love him so much (lol you know who you are).

I don’t know what to think about people who like Zen but hate Jumin because I really like the both of them. Overall I think the whole fandom should just respect one another’s opinions. It’s okay to dislike a character. It’s okay to like a particular character over other characters. In fact, it’s okay to think your favourite character is better than other characters!


Yuzu Prayer Circle 2k17?

Looks like we might need a prayer circle again oh boy oh mannn

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When the stars in the sky fade into one- Lellinger fic (2.2k)

Sooo…I might have written another fanfic and because a lot of you seemed to like my previous ones (I know you are right beside me and You give it all but i want more) i decided to post this one too :) But I always like to say a couple of things first though and i hope you don’t mind. This fic is kinda special to me because i wrote most of it on my way home from Innsbruck, so i have it as a little memory from there. (By the way, i completely fell in love with Innsbruck, I can’t even believe how beautiful it is.) Also i still feel awkward writing cute and fluffy scenes because everytime i write something very sentimential i remember myself that they are actual people and then i get a writers block haha. That’s also the reason it took me so long to post another one because i didn’t want to post something just for the sake of posting. I also noticed that all my three fics are kinda similar (at least some of the moments) so if any of you have some prompts, i will gladly accept them. I also have to mention that this idea was stuck in my mind ever since the ‘Lellinger room are late sleepers’ thing was mentioned and i couldn’t get it out of my head. Also i noticed that Stephan barely wears gloves so the ‘warming up their hands’ seemed appropriate haha. Okay, enough of spoilers and me rambling, enjoy :)

He usually never woke up in the middle of the night, but this time it felt different. The weight that was normally on the right side of the bed was gone and instead of the comfortable warmth coming from the other body, there was an empty space and the bed felt completely too big. When he opened his eyes he was met with piercing darkness. A slight beam of moonlight was shining through the window, signaling that it was still the middle of the night. He turned on the bedside lamp and he needed a couple of seconds to get used to the brightness. His gaze immediately fell to the other side of the bed, his heart falling when he saw that Stephan wasn’t there. His mind became hazy with negative thoughts and concern and his brain wasn’t able to realize what was happening. He closed his eyes again, trying to convince himself that it’s just a dream he would soon wake up from, but when he opened his eyes, Stephan was still missing. His heart started to panic and his hands flew to his phone. No messages. No calls. He looked around the room again and this time a piece of scribbled paper caught his attention. He recognized the messy writing as Stephan’s and with sleepy eyes he read the sentence. ‘Couldn’t sleep, so I went to the hill. Don’t worry.’ A wave of relief overflowed him and he cursed himself for always thinking about the worst possible situations. He exhaled a loud sigh and sank back into the mattress. Closing his eyes he tried to fall back asleep, but his brain didn’t stop working. His mind was clouded with thoughts about Stephan, and the million things the other could be thinking about. His roommate was an over thinker, always beating himself up about things he might have done or said wrong. He always kept himself in the back, not wanting others to worry about his problems. But to Andi it was obvious when something wasn’t quite right and when he couldn’t close his eyes again and fall back a sleep, he decided to go out and look for him. He got up from the bed and started putting on his hoodie, thinking about Stephan who probably hadn’t dressed up enough and was now freezing. He grabbed another jacket and left their hotel room, sneaking through the halls and trying to keep quiet. The ski jumping hill wasn’t far from the hotel but he was still surprised Stephan went to it. Even though they had a competition there tomorrow and the workers obviously knew them, it still wasn’t acceptable for them to go there in the middle of the night, without anyone knowing.  He continued walking and pushed his hands deeper into his pockets, slowly getting closer to the hill. He spotted a figure sitting on the stairs on half of the way up to the top, curled into himself with his head resting in his palms. When Andi left the room he didn’t really plan what he will say, he just knew he had to get to Stephan as soon as possible. With each step he got more and more nervous and he tightened the grip on the jacket he was still holding in his hands. He climbed through the gates around the entrance and continued walking to the stairs. His gaze moved from his shoes to the person he immediately recognized as Stephan and the moment the other one saw him, a gentle smile spread on his face. He almost looked apologetic as was always in his nature, but the relief of the fact that Andi was there was clearly visible on his soft features. Andi couldn’t help but smile too, still walking up the stairs with steady pace while his heart was beating as loud as the sound of his steps in the empty arena. A soft 'Hi,’ interrupted his thoughts and the sound of Stephan’s voice made his heart skip a beat. Instead of greeting him back he broke the silence with a voice full of worry that he was trying so hard to hide. “You are so stupid, you know. Just leaving the bed in only a sweater and coming up here to sit in the cold.” Stephan was quiet at that, simply not knowing what to say. The silence fell back between them again, his eyes falling to the city that was deep bellow them and then almost whispering, “just couldn’t sleep, that’s all.” Andi sighed at that, not satisfied with the answer but he decided he would try and get more out of him later. He handed Stephan the jacket and couldn’t help but notice the cold fingers that brushed his and gave him a strange feeling. Sitting down he signed again while Stephan gave him a thankful smile. They sat in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes, both looking at the gorgeous town bellow them that was lit up by thousands of lights while Stephan was still slightly trembling. Without thinking about it twice Andi scooted closer to him and wrapped his hands around the other’s body, trying to give him as much of his own warmth as possible. “I hope you know that I’m always here to talk if you need to get things out of your head.” Stephan smiled at that, keeping his gaze on his hands while nervously playing with his fingers, not wanting to say anything wrong. He always admired Andreas for his kindness and he wanted to open up to him, to tell him all the things that lay heavy in his heart but at the same time he just couldn’t imagine worrying Andi with his thoughts and putting down his always cheerful and positive mood. The searching and hopeful pair of blue eyes convinced him though, and he decided telling Andi what was on his mind could lift the weight that he was struggling with for a couple of months off of his shoulders. “I feel like I shouldn’t be in the team for Lahti, I’m the weakest of us all and putting me in the team would only bring us bad results. On top of that, I feel like I shouldn’t even deserve to be in World Cup as I’m obviously here just because Freund had an injury.” Words were unguardedly flowing through his mouth and he was afraid to look at Andi, who was still listening. “I feel like I don’t belong here, my results are nowhere near as good as everyone else’s and I just fell so left out.” With that, he ended his uncontrolled sentences that were coming directly from his heart, the realization of the fact that he was actually saying them making his eyes water. He tried to subtly wipe away his tears with his cold hands, too nervous to take a look to the side, knowing how much Andi hated when he talked low of himself. Suddenly, he felt warm hands grabbing his own and pulling them from his face, Andi’s fingers wrapping around his and giving him warmth, gently stroking the knuckles. It felt nice to have someone there beside him and he always knew Andi was the right person to open up to. Now that everything was out of his heart, he didn’t know why he hadn’t told him sooner. “I know it may sound strange, but I once felt the same.” Just as Stephan wanted to protest and point out that Andi always was and is good at this, Andi interrupted him. “I was the youngest and everyone was looking at me from above, not believing in my capability and leaving me behind. I felt awful and at that moment all I had to do was believe in myself. I didn’t really have anyone to give me support and keep my head up and I often thought none of it is worth it. Just now I realize how big of a mistake I could have made. But I continued, step after step and I would usually beat myself about every bad jump but I would still get up stronger and it gave me hope and motivation for the future. I knew what I wanted and I know you do too. I am so thankful that I kept on fighting just for myself when I knew nobody else would because if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be here now.” He stopped for a moment, his gaze still fixed on Stephan who was looking at their interlaced hands.  It reminded him how nervous he actually was, but he continued anyway. “All you need to do is believe in yourself, Stephan.” With that, he gently nudged him with his shoulder, trying to get him to understand his words. He finally looked up at Andi, his eyes gleaming with gratefulness and he gave him one of his brightest smiles. “I mean it, Stephan. I don’t want you to ever put yourself down. Not only it’s bad for you, but it also hurts me.” They were still holding hands, with their shoulders close together and Andi was having a hard time concentrating. He really hoped he managed to convince Stephan that he is worth so much more than he thinks he is and that he definitely belongs here. He is adored by people and his teammates love him, some even more than they probably should, so he really didn’t see a reason for his self-consciousness. Stephan was still quiet, taken aback by the sudden openness from Andi. The words sank into his brain and he couldn’t get the last sentence out of his head. The actions were much easier said than done, but he promised himself he would at least try it. It meant a lot to him that someone was there; longing to listen to his problems and it meant even more that Andi actually tried to help him by giving him confidence that he needed. He felt extremely close to him and he never expected a conversation could have such an impact on him. The silence between them spoke for itself, both having million thoughts in their heads but neither of them was able to form them into words. Even though Stephan felt like his heart had never been opened up like that before; showing how vulnerable he actually was, he was afraid of showing that through the actions. Just a soft brush of their hands made his heart flutter and having his hands warmed up by Andi was enough to leave him breathless. He pushed the nervousness from his thoughts and rested his head on Andi’s shoulder, hoping the motion wasn’t too straightforward. It was a simple action, but it meant a lot to him and he tried to subtly tell just how much Andi meant to him and how overwhelmed he was by his words. Andi melted at that and signed, only now realizing he was holding his breath the whole time. He was afraid his feelings were too obvious, but it didn’t matter now because he was sure Stephan felt the same. Their touch was full of tenderness and it told more than words ever could. They stayed like that for a moment; cuddled up into each other and keeping themselves warm. It was Stephan who broke the silence first, even though he would much rather stay like that the whole night. “We should probably go to back the hotel soon, otherwise we will be late in the morning, again.” Andi just nodded, enjoying the moment too much to actually move. Stephan smiled at him and got up, pulling him by his hand and softly caressed his palm. Andi didn’t disobey, he got up as well and sleepily started to walk down the stairs. They walked hand in hand, both trying to convince themselves it was just for the sake of keeping each other warm, but they knew that wasn’t the main reason. Their steps were heavy and loud, tiredness taking over their bodies and reminding them that it was the middle of the night. The moon was still high above them, lightning up the way to the hotel and brightening their joyful faces. Their walk to the room was quiet, both afraid of being seen and when Andi unlocked the door, they immediately crashed down on their bed. “You owe me an hour of sleep,” Andi said jokingly and managed a playful smile despite of his tiredness. Stephan just smirked at him and pulled the covers over himself, tugging them away from Andi. “I said you didn’t have to come though, so it’s not my fault you were so concerned that you had to go after me.” The other just rolled his eyes and turned to the side, sleepiness slowly taking over his body. He almost fell asleep when he heard a soft voice that always manage to send chills down his spine. “But I’m glad you did.” Stephan probably didn’t expect him to respond or even to hear, but Andi subtly moved closer and hugged him from behind, nuzzling his head into his neck. They fell asleep close against eachother and if they woke up late the next morning, they didn’t mind.