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you know why there are no trans mike headcanons? You Know Why

Okay but imagine the entire alphabet squad plus the top three having to infiltrate a teenage girl’s birthday party without being noticed, it’s beautiful. Of course a large part of the plan hinges on Fushimi, who has to play the main event for the party. Say there’s this dangerous rich mob boss-like Strain that Scepter 4’s been trying to catch, this is post-ROK and Scepter 4 doesn’t have as much power and freedom as they once did so they need certain evidence before they can arrest the Strain. The Strain lives in a big house that’s difficult to infiltrate though, like the guy has bodyguards and security systems everywhere. Fushimi ends up uncovering that the Strain has a teenage daughter who is going to be having a lavish sweet sixteen party in a week, it’s decided that this is the prime time for Scepter 4 to slip inside and do some information gathering. Fushimi also is able to find out that the Strain is trying to hire like some popular up-and-coming singer to entertain at his daughter’s party and Awashima wonders if they can find some way to sneak in as the guy’s backing band or something. That’s when Fushimi gets a picture of the singer and it turns out that the guy is like a dead ringer for Fushimi (maybe the guy is Niki’s illegitimate child no one knew about XD). Everyone immediately looks at Fushimi who’s like no fucking way, Munakata notes that this is their only chance to uncover important information and that the best course of action is to use the strengths that are provided to them. Fushimi sighs and resigns himself to being fawned over by teenage girls.

They pay off the actual singer and let Fushimi replace him, Fushimi gets to dress in like super tight leather pants and a torn shirt and maybe he has to put like a streak of blue into his hair and he looks totally like a rock singer, everyone is amazed. The rest of the squad disguise themselves as members of his team, like Awashima gets a suit and black wig and fake glasses to play his manager while Munakata totally makes himself look even dorkier in order to play Fushimi’s personal camera man who will be recording the performance. Everyone else are like back up singers or roadies, Enomoto is in charge of the backing music and instruments and everything. Fushimi refuses to sing so no one knows if the instruments are actually going to be used, the whole point is just for Fushimi to stand around being fawned over by squealing teenage girls while everyone else searches the house.

So they manage to get into the party with minimal trouble, Fushimi is almost immediately surrounded by a gaggle of happy girls and he’s just mentally dying inside as he tries to not be rude to them. The girls probably just think it makes him cooler, like look how aloof and cold he is he’s so hot. The Strain’s daughter insists that Fushimi sing a song and Fushimi tries to deflect. However maybe just at that moment something happens in the next room, like Doumyouji was searching the Strain’s closet and he drops something, making a loud crash and getting everyone’s attention. Fushimi internally curses, having no choice but to deflect attention away by grabbing the microphone and proceeding to sing this super sexy song in a gorgeous voice. Enomoto made him watch a couple of the real singer’s performances just in case and because Fushimi has a good memory he already knows the words to the song and does his best to replicate the dancing too, all the guests are just screaming and even the Strain can’t stop watching him. Meanwhile the alphabet boys are all frozen to the spot, just watching him before Akiyama finally manages to turn his eyes away from the sight of Fushimi being indecently sexy to remind everyone that they have a job to do and that Fushimi gave them this opening so they need to use it. Munakata on the other hand is very pleased that he did bring an actual camera and is able to record all of this for posterity (or at least he did record it, until Fushimi finds out after they’ve made a successful escape and burns the film to ash immediately).

O K A Y  Anon okay.

I don’t even know where to start because this is false on so many levels???? 

This was sent to one of the most wonderful people I know @thehumanrat

I’m going to start this off by simply clearing the air and setting these facts straight. You clearly don’t know anything about Jackson and I’s friendship as It was actually me who initiated the friendship by saying “you’re amazing and would love to talk to you one day” so in no way, shape or form did Jackson EVER force this friendship on me.

I’m glad to have a friend like jackson in my life even if it’s just been for a few weeks because they are one of the most caring and loving people you’ll ever get to meet. They do not deserve even the slightest of hate because they are so kind to everyone on this site.

anon you are lucky i’m writing this in the morning because i was fuming last night and ready to fight… well I still am hence this post. No form of Hate will ever be tolerated on this blog.

Anon I have no idea if you purposely wanted to upset Jackson or try to ruin their friendships or if you have negative emotions and sending anon hate relieved these negative emotions. If it’s the first option I would like to personally fight, if it’s the second there are so many ways of dealing with these feeling that don’t bring down others or yourself.

anyways Jackson is amazing and If you ever send hate fight me.

anonymous asked:

Sorry this might be a stupid question, but does the release of Teen, Age count as a comeback? I’m new to k-pop and am very confused..

You’re okay dear! And yes, that was a comeback. I know it can get confusing sometimes, but anytime the entire group releases new music as a whole with an album for sale, it’s considered a comeback


Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

Things that are okay for K-pop idols to do:

  • You don’t have abs? That’s okay, we don’t love you for your abs.
  • You gained weight? That’s okay, we don’t want you to starve.
  • You don’t wear makeup? That’s okay, you look flawless.
  • You got in a relationship? That’s okay, we want you to be happy with your partner.
  • Your hair are messy? That’s okay, you don’t have to have styled hair 24/7.
  • You didn’t win an award that you were nominated for? That’s okay, we still love you with or without awards.
  • You made a small mistake while on stage? That’s okay, you don’t have to stress about it, a little mistake doesn’t mean you’re untalented.

LET’S BE SAD aka Vex is missing her other half and it shows:

  • Vex gets black out drunk in the tavern and at first everyone’s just having a good time but suddenly she’s falling asleep on the table and that’s the point where Vax would look after her. Percy quietly helps her up to their room and tucks her into bed and if she calls him Vax he doesn’t mention it the next morning. 
  • She jumps into a dangerous situation and doesn’t bother to check her six because of course her brother always has her back and Keyleth is the one that jumps in to cover her.
  • At some point in a mission she offers: “we can stealth ahead” only to realize her partner in crime is not there and she pauses for a heavy charged second before Scanlan interferes “yeah, I’ll go invisible, let’s go!”
  • They don’t hear Vex laugh for a long time after Vax leaves. Grog is the first one that notices. He takes to calling her “stubby” and messing up her hair and giving her wet willies and even begins a prank war with her.
  • Her hair is a mess because she can’t braid it worth shit and okay in Whitestone her maidens will do it but on the road it just becomes a walking disaster until Pike offers to fix it in the mornings, carefully waving two blue feathers and a black one into it.
  • And even then there are inside jokes she starts telling only for her voice to trail off and die because he’s not there to share them. There are days when her heart is heavy and no one can tell. There are amused, amazed and disgusted looks where she expects to find an identical expression sharing her emotions, only to be met by emptiness.
  • One day she dies in battle and in the darkness her brother comes to her and Vax is furious that she’s dead but she’s just overwhelmed with happiness because for the first time in months she feels whole, no longer a broken half. Vax refuses to take her to the other side because “just give them a moment and they will bring you back” and he says it firmly and with conviction and Vex complains because what if she doesn’t want to go back? to be a broken half again? who could bring her back in the ritual if the one who is her heart is here with her right now? And he just strokes her cheek gently and tells her that even if she lost a half, she gained five more and that she’ll always be whole because he’s always with her too. 
  • Vex wakes up to five tearful and relieved faces that hug the everliving shit out of her and scold her for getting herself this hurt and just fill her heart with love and she realizes she can miss her brother and be whole too
    • I made myself cry writing this so I hope you’re all happy

Louis’ heart races a million miles a minute. He already wishes it was Sunday instead of Friday, wishing he and Harry were alone, Louis showing Harry how to plant flower seeds properly, or Harry showing Louis around his house, or anything other than this cursed school. He’s twenty-six years old, still wears overalls to school, and still fantasizes about the only man he’s let himself feel anything serious for.

“Yeah, a date,” he repeats, and with the way Harry’s eyes light up, Louis already knows he’s in too deep.

He honestly doesn’t mind.

Soft boys by @harrystinyshorts !!

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