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K / B | Be my forever

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Since unfortunately I can’t participate in the challenge, I thought I’d at least link you to this amazing fan video made with the song “Be My Forever” since it’s the song for day 9 :)

*it’s one of my absolute fave Klaine fan vids, too!  -Lynne

fic: written on these walls are the colors that i can't change

Kurt is 15, Blaine is 23. Warnings for sex between a minor and an adult, blowjobs, slight innocence!kink, rimming, facials, intergluteal and anal sex, and copious use of the word sweetheart.

Kurt is 6 when he meets Blaine.

He’s sitting at the kitchen table, doing simple addition and subtraction when he hears the front door open. It’s the middle of the afternoon, and he knows Rachel’s school finishes around this time, but he hears a male voice and strains his neck to see who it is.

They come closer into view and he was right, it is Rachel, but there’s a boy with her.

“Hi Dad!” Rachel greets their father, who’s busy cutting up vegetables in preparation for dinner. “This is Blaine.”

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Klaine. NC-17. [AO3[warnings: crossdressing (sort of)]

Blaine really has a thing for Kurt’s Lady Gaga heels. 

Thank you Kris for beta reading! <3

It’s a lazy Sunday when Kurt decides to go through his boxes of self-sewn costumes he’d made back in high school.

His lips curve into a smile when he finds his ‘Single Ladies’ leotard - one of the very first costumes he’d ever made. He still remembers how he’d spent days in his room, neck aching from being crouched in front of the sewing machine for hours and eyes burning from concentrating so hard to not mess it up, to make it perfect.

“Honey, do you want some tea?”

Kurt looks up from where he’s kneeling on the floor of their bedroom. “Oh, thanks, yeah.”

Blaine raises his eyebrow, stepping closer. “What are you doing?” He bends down, observing the sequinned fabric in Kurt’s hands. “Are we…roleplaying today?”

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Klaine Advent Drabble Challenge, Day 20: Uniform

PWP, NC-17 ; warnings: teacher/student roleplay, dirty talk

Thank you to Kris for beta reading ♥ and also thank you to Kayla who gave me the inspiration to write this ♥

Kurt knocks on the door with a grin on his lips. It’s not the first time he’s visiting Blaine at his new job here at Dalton, but it is his first time coming over with a very specific intention. And a very specific outfit to help carry that intention out.

Blaine calls him in, and Kurt’s heart jolts. What would Blaine think of this – the outfit, the aim?

At first, Blaine is silent, eyes nearly bulging out of his head and the pen in his hand slipping through his fingers.

“That’s…the fake spy uniform you wore…”

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☆ college!klaine au fic masterpost ☆

♥ please note that these are only fics involving klaine endgame pairing and also only fics that i have read (these were also done off the top of my head so if there’s a fic you think should be here but isn’t, hit me up and i’ll read it!), some of these are a stretch as they may just be attending college rather than it being a COLLEGE!AU! ♥ 

Near Misses
Author: flaming_muse
Rating: NC17
Word count: 200k+
Summary: Kurt and Blaine could easily not have met on a staircase in high school. They could have met a few years later in college instead. 

the bro code (and Blaine Anderson’s guide to breaking it)
Author: villiageidiot
Rating: N/A
Word count: 42k
Summary: So there’s a bro code. It’s relayed to him a few weeks after he joins his fraternity. The rules seem easy and he’s not too worried. Blaine Anderson is a rule follower. 

But then suddenly, there’s this guy.

Author: JudeAraya
Rating: NC17
Word count: 98k
Summary: Blaine Anderson is lost; lost in a relationship that is emotionally abusive. He’s settling for a fraction of his dreams of romance and love, sure that his unhappiness isn’t enough to justify breaking someone else’s heart, until he meets Kurt Hummel, the enigmatic boy he once noticed on a crowded dance floor. Kurt has his own issues to face, mistakes made in youth and the longing wish that he’d listened to his father when he’s insisted that he mattered.

The Crimson
Author: Ourlivesareweird
Rating: NC17
Summary: Just because he’s known the name all his life doesn’t mean that Kurt knows what to expect when he finally arrives at Harvard Yard. Or who to expect.

If You Leave
Author: buffyx
Rating: N/A
Summary: Kurt and Blaine decide to make a clean break when Kurt leaves for New York, but untangling from each other’s lives doesn’t prove so simple.

The Symphony Verse
Author: shandyall
Rating: PG13
Word count: 400k+
Summary: Blaine has spent most of his life feeling like the only thing people notice about him is that he stutters. He’s working hard to overcome his (mostly self created) roadblocks when he meets Kurt in an online class the summer after his freshman year of college.

The Bones Of You
Author: Stoney
Rating: NC17
Word count: 150k+
Summary: It’s been over 5 years since Kurt and Blaine broke up after Blaine’s graduation from McKinley. Blaine is working on his M.Phil (masters) in Cambridge, UK, when a well-meaning friend sends him a link to a video. And everything in his life changes.

Eventually I’ll Get The Guy
Author: mailroomorder
Rating: NC17
Word count: 26k
Summary: When Blaine goes to college and moves into the dorms, there are a few things that are more difficult than expected; it’s hard to jerk off when you’re living in a dorm surrounded by people, and it’s even more frustrating when the person you’re fantasizing about is your roommate. When he finds himself actually falling for this guy, though, things become a bit more complicated. Because there’s no way Kurt will like him back. So Blaine just continues living his life. Eventually he’ll find the privacy to masturbate. And eventually he’ll get the guy. Right?

Please Wear Clothes
Author: nineofhearts
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3k
Summary: Kurt is a tour guide at OSU. Blaine is a student who apparently struggles to follow the “Please wear clothes” rule.

Consonance and Dissonance
Author: whenidance
Rating: NC17
Word count: 78k
Summary: AU in which Blaine is four years older than Kurt and therefore they never meet at Dalton. Kurt ends up at OSU instead of in NYC, where Blaine is a grad-student-turned-professor, and also the object of Kurt’s crushing his sophomore and junior years. 

subs and sandwiches

Kurt and Blaine meet in college and become fast friends. Blaine misunderstands Kurt one day while studying for a test.

thank you Leni for the amazing headcanon and trusting me to do it justice while writing it.

dom!kurt/sub!blaine future fic

~1400 words 

read on ao3!!

Kurt and Blaine had been studying for about two hours, practically non-stop. They had an upcoming test in one of their two shared classes, music therapy. They met up at a local coffee shop so they could get as much last minute studying in before the test the next day.

“God, I just really want a sub right now.”

Blaine looked up from his notes so quickly his neck cracked, but he didn’t care at all, he didn’t even feel it.

Kurt wants a sub. I didn’t know he was even in the scene. Not that I’m “in the scene” or anything, but you know- Blaine, more important things. Kurt. sub. wants one. You, sub. Kurt, Dom.

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anonymous prompted: Kurt using bp!Blaine as a cockwarmer. It’s totally consensual and Blaine loved being ordered to sit on Kurt’s cock when he watches TV or suck him when he’s eating dinner.

Blaine’s curled up on the sofa, flipping through a magazine when he hears the jingle of keys as the front door is unlocked. Then in comes Kurt, who kicks the door shut and drops all his things down on the floor before collapsing face-first down onto the couch.

“Hi,” Blaine says, mouth quirked up as he shifts closer.

“I’m exhausted, and it’s barely 5 o'clock.” Kurt raises his arms and stretches his long body out on the couch, groaning happily. “How do you feel about take-out tonight?”

“Wonderful,” Blaine murmurs as he straddles Kurt’s lap, making quick work of unzipping his pants. “There’s a Project Runway marathon going on, if you’re interested.”

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