k im going too sleep

re: my last post anyway man wtf do u ever like. think of. ur friends and u just… :) bc that’s me wtf… IDK I’M JUST REAL HAPPY … that i got to bring this blog back? because it’s given me an opportunity to talk to all the people that i’ve only ever been silent mutuals with? idk maybe it’s just because i feel like i’m more in my element because the hellhole that is indie oc rp will always be my #home and blah blah blah i’m just feeling the warm and fuzzies real hard rn but look listen ok if you ever fuckin need anything if u wanna talk or call or plot or whatever just hit me up okay i mean i’m not claiming to be the best at giving advice but i’ll like… link you to stupid memes or something ok … whenever i’m here i just !!! get so overwhelmed !!! with the need to give off good vibes and HOO BOY I JUST. i’m super touched and blessed and grateful for all the beautiful people that are a part of my life now thanks to this stupid oc? this community? and idk i just want !! hope !! wish !! that everyone .. will at some point get to feel the same way dfgfdbhdf 

I’ve got my AH kit – I can finally start episode 9!

  • bag of chips (one)
  • glass of iced-tea (unlimited – good thing I don’t drink alcohol)
  • bucky barnes figurine (one) to pretend is AH!Bucky and to hug when stuff turns to shit
  • dog (one) to remind you that there is still some good in this world
  • AND FINALLY: toilet paper (tons), not just tissues, because you never know if this is gonna end up being a fluff fest – or a s̳͈̜͓̟͘h̬̘̬̻͎̀̀i̢̯̭t̤̘̯̣̭̟̼s͍̲̩̮̥͍̫̻͢t̺͖͓̝̺͞͠o̩͙̥̫̜r̘ḿ͏̜̫̫̜̞̲