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Astrid stepped up this season and I’m thrilled about that.

I touched on this subject a bit in my review for the season but it deserves its own post. 
We all know that the writers haven’t really made any effort in her character. I don’t know why but it seems like they took the warrior part of her too seriously. She barley got to show any emotions, she didn’t took her teammates seriously (Meaning: Snotlout and the twins) and that’s just… not how I picture her.

But this season; man. I loved her. She was fearless, brave and kind. In many scenes, when they usually had her being mad, she was kind and thoughtful instead. I liked how she and Snotlout got a lot of scenes together that talked about it. I’m also so emotional over the fact that she cried. We’ve never seen her cry… but she was and I loved it. (Not her crying but that they finally showed her doing it.) (Ruffnut comforting her was a A+ too)

But she levelled up in terms of her warrior side too. She ran through the forest, punched a poisonous dragon and ran half dead back. She didn’t hesitate when she followed K on his dragon when he escaped and thanks to that she realised that Viggo was alive. Also, her outrage when Throck wanted to marry Ruffnut proved what a strong, independent woman she is.

I just… loved her this season. I don’t want to give credit to a man based on her development but somehow I think that being with Hiccup brought out the best in both of them. They became the best versions of themselves, which is what a healthy relationship is all about. 

  • Me: What is going to happen to the Baudelaires? Is Count Olaf already at their boarding school? Will Violet and Klaus make friends with the other two kids there? How long will it take them to figure out about the spyglass? What's the deal with this secret organization, and was Count Olaf once in it? Are the other children at the boarding school even real, and if so are they somehow related to the Baudelaire children? From a production standpoint, how will the show be continued, since up to this point it has been similar to the movie, but the movie did not continue last this point? Who is Beatrice and why did she hurt my man Lemony? Will someone new and possibly more competent take over the orphans' case at Mortuary Money Management? Why is Mr. Poe always coughing? What's going on in Peru? How did the henchman lose his hand? WHEN WILL MY QUESTIONS BE ANSWERED???
  • Me: I'm fine

I’ve been in living hell for the past 3 days so I forgot to do mistletoe but now here it is. 

more thoughts because i can

  • every time i see doku in the opening i cry
  • hakkai bby your eyes are green, why are they grey
  • konzen’s hair is a+++
  • congratulations on your new son, konzen
  • T E N P O U
  • ‘yes my husband is quite the handful but he’s cute so it’s okay’
  • ew, icky… i forgot nataku’s dad’s name
  • tomodachi
  • tenpou’s office, hella
  • ‘just a soldier’ uh, excuse you, tenpou is great
  • you are married, tenpou
  • i don’t think that’s how the diadem works but okay

i really liked the episodes in asukas arc, because of the development of these two characters, and like im crying bc asuka was honest w kumiko?? but not with her friends that she’s been with since 1st year?? is she the first person she opened to???/

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I am so glad i made the decision to wait until after school to watch the new video, otherwise I would not have been able to concentrate today.

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I love you guys. All 120+ of you, stay safe 💚