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any trimberly fic recs?

i got you fam, here are some good ones I like:

i fell too fast, i feel too much by Thelonewolfdies (this author has a bunch of great trimberly fics so i would check out their page)

a pretty good bad idea by lescousinsdangereux

something i can turn to (somebody i can kiss) by booksofold

i was young, so i forgot by andawaywego

sleeplessness by cfo_absolute

you’re like a drug to me, a luxury, my sugar and gold (and you dont even know) by mooosicaldreamz

the art of silence & pretty girls by lxnaluthor

True Colors (stars fall at my feet) by Ardatli

Okay so I’m having just a bit of an issue trying to figure out why Riley gets so much hate? Every little thing She does, It’s not good enough? Quite frankly it’s quite annoying because we have so many Maya dick riders in this Fandom. Now don’t get me wrong
I Love maya I actually love every character. It’s just Riley get’s the most hate, Why? because of this stupid ass dragged out Triangle I’m honestly getting tired of it! Like Rowan is a GREAT actor and She busts her ass just as much as any of the other characters. RILEY IS A LITERAL ANGEL! and Imagine if you best friend started liking the person that you’ve like for 2 FUCKING YEARS i think Riley can say whatever the hell she wants! And most people say Riley Is a bad friend towards Maya and all of this other bullshit but I don’t think this was ever an issue until The whole Triangle thing started. I love Lucas and the girls and everyone else but I just feel like Lucas doesn’t want to hurt either of them but I think just the triangle situation in itself is hurting there friendship. I may not know very much but I know that, this show is for entertainment purposes and it’s a show about the coming of age not Who’s gonna end up with who because that is just apart of the story.