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Lisani! 2010 Pamphlet - Kalafina Q&A 50 Translation

Hey! ( ・ω・)ノ Yesterday @mistress-of-the-obvious was kind enough to share her scans of the pamphlet and after quickly browsing through these questions, I thought it would be quite fun to translate them so you all know what’s going on ^_^. Of course we know a lot of this stuff already but all in all, the Q&A was quite insightful and there were a couple of new facts here and there.
Please enjoy!

1. What was the first CD you bought?
口マンスの神様/Romance no Kamisama” by Hirose Kōmi and “パラシューター/Parachuter” by Folder (W)
A Destiny’s Child album (H)

2. Which song do you have on repeat right now?
Kalafina’s new song (W)
Makihara Noriyuki’s ”SPY" (K)
Acid Black Cherry’s “Maria” (H)

3. Which artists do you look up to?
Celine Dion (W)
Ozaki Yutaka (K)

4. Who would you like to have a singing session with?

Celine Dion, Spitz, Joe Hisaishi (W)
DREAMS COME TRUE, Beyonce, Acid Black Cherry (H)

5. Who would you really like to meet?

Hayao Miyazaki (W)
Girls’ Generation (K)
Myself from a previous life (H)

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