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{Just One Word October Book Photo Challenge}

27. Monochromatic.

Some hardcover beauties.

Detail of ‘Familiar Flowering Plants’ from Funk & Wagnalls New “Standard” Dictionary of the English Language Upon Original Plans Designed to Give, in Complete and Accurate Statement, in the Light of the Most Recent Advances in Knowledge, in the Readiest Form for Popular Use, the Orthography, Pronunciation, Meaning, and Etymology of All the Words, and the Meaning of Idiomatic Phrases, in the Speech and Literature of the English-Speaking Peoples, Together with Proper Names of All Kinds, the Whole Arranged in One Alphabetical Order. Prepared by More Than Three Hundred and Eighty Specialists and Other Scholars Under the Supervision of Isaac K. Funk, D.D., L.L.D., Editor-in-Chief; Calvin Thomas, L.L.D., Consulting Editor; Frank H. Vizetelly, Litt.D., L.L.D., Managing Editor. This Edition Supervised by Charles Earle Funk, Litt.D. Complete in One Volume. New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1952.


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funkyfest  asked:

I really like that you like Fall Out Boy and that you're writing about the vanity in FUCT because that album was what I was listening to when I realized I was in love with my ~queer theory professor~ which I now realize was more of a "I wanna be like you" or, "I love you because I see myself in you," kind of situation, which makes your emphasis on FOB's vanity very important and relevant to me.

literally, every time I write, I ask myself who my intended audience is, who I aim to please,
and it is always Kim Funk.