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How well do Torres and Koke know each other?

Where and when did you meet?
FT: Don’t cheat huh… Let’s see those maths…
K: Could it be?
FT: Oh very well! In 2001. In Cerro del Espino in Majadahonda, Atleti’s training place.
K; In an Atleti act
FT: You cheated!
K: Yes I cheated!

Who arrives later at training?
Both: Damn, It’s difficult!
K: almost at the same time.
FT: Yeah we’re among the 4 players who arrive first.

How many goals has scored Fernando Torres this season?
FT: I don’t even know myself! … he loves me a lot! Seven, right?
K: I take you higher, Niño. [9]

Which Cholo’s exercise Koke likes the least?
FT: Damn. But he never complains! That was my doubt!… the intermittents!
K: Running around the pitch in circles, it’s almost the same!
FT: Yeah those two are the worst.
K: You have to run and that’s what I like the least!

Torres’ fave band.
K: Torres doesn’t like anything, I think.
FT: He doesn’t know, these guys only listen to weird stuff!
K: I’m gonna say one of his friends!
FT: Oh yeah, it could be. [Dani Martín] … they only listen to reggeaton and that stuff!

If Koke wasn’t a football player, what would he be?
FT: I’m not going to say what I’m thinking…
K: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t even know myself!
FT: I can’t believe it! [Both write ‘firefighter’]
K: You wrote the same, or what!?

Who is Koke’s idol?
K: Juninho
FT: Vizcaino! Show it to Juan (Vizcaíno, currently into Atleti’s coaching staff).
K: We have to show him later!

Who’s Torres idol?
FT: [Kiko]
K: [Me]
FT: That’s now! (pointing at Koke)

Which player you would like to play with?
K: The one I would like to play with, it’s difficult now, it’s Messi. He’s a spectacular player, he always shows it and well, it’s incredible to see him play.
FT: It wouldn’t be a bad thing to play with Messi.
K: It wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring him to Atleti.
FT: We can bring him to Atleti. If he wants to, we’re ready to give him a chance.
K: Exactly!

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