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Looking for people to follow~

I’m looking for more blogs to follow.
Please like or reblog if you post about the follow:

- Pink.
- Pink Aesthetic.
- White Aesthetic.
- Pastel Aesthetic.
- Japanese Fashion.
- Korean Fashion.
- Plants/Flowers.
- Cristals/ Quarts.
- Shabby Chic Aesthetic.
- Pastel Colours

new blogs to follow ✨

my dashboard is very deprived of important stuff (lol) so reblog this post if your blog consists of:
-pink aesthetic/fashion/art basically just a pink blog. But not just pics u found from the internet and uploaded
-cartoons/multifandom blog w Steven universe, Voltron etc
-haikyuu,knb,yoi esp fanart etc
-magical girl anime :~)
-girl groups like red velvet, f(x) etc
-boy groups like bts, GOT7, nct -cute art !!
-fashion/makeup blog (like k beauty or larme kei etc)
It doesn’t have to consist of all these things lol
Also if u wanna be friends u can always just message me :)