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DS9: Political Writings III: Worf

So, by the time Worf shows up in DS9 he is:

  • The lone known survivor of the Khitomer massacre, a colony which was the site of the first major peace-treaties between the Fed and Klingons.
  • The only known survivor of the mainline of the House of Mogh(one of the 24 Great Houses and an Ancient one, meaning it likely had a vast network of feudatories among the lesser Houses and feudal/lineal ties to the other Great Houses) for most of his life and then, after their exoneration and Kurn revealing his true identity, its Head as the eldest son.
  • The First Klingon to join Starfleet, and one of its most accomplished officers(Even to serve on the Enterprise he would have had to be highly regarded, and his time there was hardly uneventful).
  • Mate to K’Ehleyr. Given the Klingon obsession with the personal and heroic, there’s basically no way this wasn’t a big deal. Klingon-Human hybrids are rare, her father likely would have had to be in a high diplomatic position even to meet her mother, she flamboyantly rejected Klingon ways, she was a Federation ambassador to the Empire, her life was Metal as Hell which Klingons could not fail to appreciate, and Klingon’s make no gender distinctions when it comes to Heroism, judging only by deeds and Moxy.
  • Accepted Discommendation to protect The Empire from Civil War.
  • Killed Duras, possibly the most influential noble in the Empire, and head of one of its strongest Great Houses. And for a reason as Operatic and Epic as revenge for Duras’s killing of K’Ehleyr, his Mate, no less. Which: Metal as Hell.
  • Personally responsible for the election of Gowron as Chancellor.
  • Returns to defend the Empire when Civil War breaks out anyway, despite his Discommendation. Is basically Gowron’s only major, and certainly most effective, ally, frequently preventing Kurn and his followers from abandoning the Chancellor.
  • Brings down the House of Duras by revealing their collaboration with the Romulans, ends the Civil War, saves Gowron’s Chancellorship, reduces Lursa and B’Etor to intergalactic fugitives and, eventually, major crime-figures, THEN Refuses his Right of Vengeance to kill Toral on the basis that it would be dishonorable to kill a defenseless child for being a pawn in the plans of his caretakers, which is completely contrary, even offensive, to conventional Klingon morality.
  • Is Recommendated and Restores the House of Mogh(and its many feudatories, by necessity) to prominence by his deeds in the War, then reveals the truth of Khitomer, restoring its Honor and furthering the shame of those allied to the House of Duras.
  • Declaring that abandoning his vow to the Federation would damage his Honor, he chooses, even though he is now the head of one of the 24 Great Houses, to return to the Federation and allow his younger brother, who isn’t the rightful heir, to run the House of Mogh; again rejecting traditional ideas of Klingon behavior and Honor in favor of his own concept of these ideas, which is Metal as Hell and thus Super Klingon.
  • Ensures that the House of Mogh remains Gowron’s major ally and power-base on the High Council.
  • Brought Khaless back from the Dead.
  • Went on to slay many monstrous enemies in many epic battles, woo a beautiful Beta-Zed Princess, slap time and the multiverse back into shape a few times, spit in death’s face repeatedly, and struggle through single-parenthood more or less successfully. All of which is also Metal as Hell.

My point is this: there is basically No Way that Worf, by the time he shows up in DS9, isn’t a major cultural figure among Klingons. Hell, Klingon philosophy is about aphorisms(one-liners) and Deeds, and Worf is not only all about stoic one-liners, but he lives, completely, his concept of Honor and Duty, and is connected with the Klingon philosophical/spiritual community, and is a multiple-time Galactic Bat’leth Grand Master; so there’s good reason to think, given his very new, different, and Federation-influenced view of Honor and the success it has given him, that he’d be a major philosophical figure.

Having said all that, There is NO WAY AT ALL that his Discommendation, that of his brother Kurn, and the dissolution of the House of Mogh would not lead to monumental political and social dislocations in the Empire. I’m not even sure if Gowron, given the important of the House of Mogh in his rise and reign, COULD safely discommendate Worf and the House of Mogh for Worf’s refusal to betray the Federation to support the Klingon Invasion of Cardassia(such feudal conflicts would be common-place and understood in a feudal society, and so Gowron’s action would seem unreasonably harsh. Also a significant number of his ships would have been attached to Gowron only through their feudal ties to The House of Mogh and Kurn; by dissolving the House, he’d have made all those ships and crews his personal enemies); to many, it would look as a betrayal on his part of his oldest and most important allies, gravely weakening his power-base. Obvsl the writers can take it whichever way they want to, but treating it like a decision which would have no down-side to Gowron is infuriatingly simplistic and unserious.

Which, I guess, pretty much describes my problem with 90s Trek’s approach to politics in general.

anonymous asked:

Do u think worf is a horrible father on purpose? To be fair Alexander was forced on him. If he was forced on me I would be a bad father too I don’t want kids.

So the first sentence here is terribly entertaining. I read it in my ‘activity’, where the rest was cut off, and I chortled. I even texted my brother in glee because what a delightfully absurd question. But then I saw what happened to @mollybecameanengineer and @captacorn and read the rest. And, well. 

First of all, K’Ehleyr didn’t even tell Worf for years, which is like, the opposite of forcing him. Second, she didn’t randomly hand over her kid to him, she DIED. And yet, he sent the kid to his parents, which is also like the opposite of forcing him since it is Worf doing it to them. Third, when his parents decide to send Alex back to his father because they are old and he is a fucking adult serving on a ship literally set up for officers to have family on board, that is not forcing, that is requiring Worf to grow up, get over himself, and take responsibility for his child!! So yeah, no, that is not in any way a ‘fair’ statement. 

To answer the question, no. Worf is not a horrible father on purpose. Worf is a horrible father because the TNG writers did not know how to write children well and tbh, did not know how to write Worf well. DS9 did much better by him. My internal to canon explanation would have to be: Worf was afraid to raise a klingon boy because he wasn’t sure he knew how to be a klingon himself, but at the same time he didn’t want to raise him as a human or hybrid because Worf’s klingon ancestry is very important to how he sees and understands himself. 

So anyway, I’m not turning off anon because I get so many excellent ones and you can’t ruin that. But I don’t tolerate abuse and stay away from my friends. 

So anyone who’s coming to MCM, I will be cosplaying K’ehleyr on the Saturday (probably, may change to Sunday) and would love to see you guys. This is what the makeup looks like atm, by the time I’m finished I’ll have the other hair thing, tusks, and prob a wig.
Hope to see some of you there!

[edited cos I can’t spell fantasy names]
Round 16 - Matches

@lionowlonao3 will be creating for @bpdrebeccabunch who requested a fanwork featuring Lorca/Tyler, Archer/Trip/T'Pol or Sisko/Eddington

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@guardianofdragonlore will be creating for @brandyfloweyarts who requested a fanwork featuring Keevan/Remata'klan

@tildytwo will be creating for @benicebefunny who requested a fanwork featuring Geordi La Forge/Reginald Barclay, T'Pring/Elaan or T'Pring/Uhura

@benicebefunny will be creating for @tildytwo who requested a fanwork featuring Garak/Bones or Jadzia/Uhura

@brandyfloweyarts will be creating for @loverskisslikedeath who requested a fanwork featuring Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr, Worf/Deanna Troi or B'Elanna Torres/Deanna Troi

@starstarship will be creating for @brinnanza who requested a fanwork featuring Kasidy/Kira or Ezri/Kira

@brinnanza will be creating for @cosmic-llin who requested a fanwork featuring Kira/Keiko/Miles or Deanna Troi/Kate Pulaski

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@pixiedane will be creating for @rikerssexblouse who requested a fanwork featuring  Nick Locarno/Wesley Crusher, B'Elanna/Stadi or Philippa Georgiou/Commodore Paris

@cosmic-llin will be creating for @pixiedane who requested a fanwork featuring Will/Deanna/Beverly, Tilly/Landry or Lorca/Landry

As this is not an anonymous exchange, it might be nice to talk to the person you are creating a fanwork for about their ship and what they like about it, as long as you both feel comfortable with that.

You can publish your fanwork wherever you like, but let us and your recipient know when you have finished and provide a link. If you tag us, we’ll reblog it here so that everyone can enjoy it. If you’re on AO3, the Round 16 collection is HERE. We’re really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Try your best to have your fanwork finished within a month and if you find that you are having difficulties and think that you won’t be able to make the deadline, please let us know.

Have a great Round 16!

king-kal  asked:

Now what about K'ethleyr? What would she look like, more like Worf or more like B'elanna?(I use those two because you've never drawn K'ethleyr) Oh and how big is Alexander in comparison to anyone else in the au and does he take more after Worf or after his mother? Is he friends with Wesley or anyone else like Deanna or Tasha? (Does Worf go to DS9 in this?) And if he does, will Alexander get along with Asha, Nog and Jake?

Holy fsfjkfdg I never answered this, what on earth. You asked it like a million years ago too, sorry! ;A;

I feel like K’Ehleyr would look more like B’Elanna! Because in the show, she shares a similar heritage to B’Elanna, so I think if I draw her, I’d make her the same ethnicity as B’Elanna.

All Klingon children actually look extremely similar at birth. They are soft-bodied, almost-transparent colourless little things. They only really develop the colouration/shape/etc of their ethnicity once they’re a bit older. Alexander takes after his parents pretty equally, with the colour of his father and shape of his mother. To be honest, he probably has siblings - I think like Vulcans, Klingons have something of a litter. He and all his siblings would have a mixture of features, since they would be mixed race. They are 100% friends with Wesley, though they’re also actual children while he’s a bit older, so they’re probably closer friends with the children in the Enterprise school.

It’s likely Worf does go to Ds9, and I feel he would take the kids with him rather than send them to Earth - in redesign AU, most species can’t really actually survive on each other’s planets. They’re compatible enough that they can share atmospheres on a carefully controlled ship or station (or contained building), but not in the open air planetside. If an adult Klingon voluntarily goes to live on Earth, then that’s okay. But it wouldn’t be voluntary for the kids, so it would kind of be like imprisoning them. Worf and Alexander have less of a strained relationship too, not least because three of Alexander’s siblings are more like him; have interests that are more culturally human than Klingon. Worf just has to kind of roll with it at that point.

Klingons are established to mature quicker than humans in the show, and I think perhaps they’re shorter-lived too. They may not really be the right “age” to really click with Jake, Nog and Asha. Perhaps with Asha, since Cardassians develop quickly too, but admittedly I think they may not be able to meet in the middle. Klingons and Cardassians function very very differently from each other in every sense. They’d find each other quite frustrating to talk to. There’d be no hard feelings though - both sets of kids have been brought up around many other species!

Okay so I thought about this idea a while ago, wether it be a fanfic, a fan comic, a piece of fanart or something! I want there to be a thing where ALL of Yogscast Kim’s characters (Nano, Five, Captain Richards, Jiutou, K'ehleyr, Worthless, and anyone else I missed) to come together in a convention like setting called the Kimvention! Just imagine to possiblitys with the interactions!!!

anonymous asked:

Who do you ship worf with? And why did you like him better in DS9 he seemed much darker in that show.

I don’t really ship Worf with anyone. I love the women he’s involved with, K’Ehleyr, Dax, Troi… but I feel like they were all too good for him. I think He Who Is Without Sin is a perfect example of that. Like, come on dude, could you be a bigger stick in the mud? You’re going to join a No Fun terrorist group because your GF had a relationship with a woman IN A PREVIOUS LIFE? So, I guess the summary is that I’ve never given a ton of thought to Worf, so I don’t really have an idea of who I’d like to see him with. 

As to why I like him more on DS9 than TNG, all the characters on TNG tend to be 2D. So Worf was THE KLINGON and most of his stories were about that. And typically it was about Klingon politics which is a ton of men posturing and being dicks. So not really my game. I like him on DS9 more because I feel like he got a bit of a personality – more humor is wrapped up in his character. It’s little things, like he won’t live on the station and blasts Klingon opera through the Defiant. I also really like Change of Heart as a character study for him – but that episode would have worked with any woman in the Dax role (I mean, any woman he was married to, K’Ehleyr, Troi…) so I don’t love the episode for the shipping aspect, but for the moral quandary: the life of the person you love, or the lives of a thousand people you don’t know.

(And I did get your ask, obviously. Speedy replies are impeded by Real Life.)

anonymous asked:

Who do you prefer worf with Jadzia or troi? I like both because I want my Klingon baby to be happy!

I like both, too, and K’Ehleyr. He deserves more happiness than he gets, that’s for sure! 

I prefer Jadzia because I really like how their relationship built on her past with the Klingons as Curzon, and her “Klingon soul”. I like that they both admired Klingon culture, and embraced it, but didn’t grow up in it so weren’t indoctrinated. They were their own brand of Klingon family and I wish it could have been explored more. 

Others I ship with your Klingon baby: 

  • B’Elanna - there’s an AU where they grew up together and that is one of my favorite tropes so even though they had a sibling type relationship in the story, I super shipped it
  • Riker - this had to have happened at least once
  • Fancy Lee (Killjoys) - a crack ship for the ages

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

10 Female Characters Tag

tagged by @avoyagetoarcturus

The rules are to list 10 of your favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms, and then tag 10 different people.

I’m fairly predictable.

1. Phasma (Star Wars)

2. Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)

3. Éowyn (Tolkien)

4. Sylvia Tilly (Star Trek: Discovery)

5. Nyota Uhura (Star Trek: the new movies)

6. Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager)

7. Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

8. K’Ehleyr (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

9. Christine Chapel (Star Trek: The Original Series)

10. Blue, the velociraptor (Jurassic Park franchise)

By the way, my Trek sideblog is over at @phederation. There’s not a lot there yet, but I expect it will grow as I get more into Discovery.

Tagging @blood-and-pepper, @lenina-phasma, and anyone else who is interested.