k ehleyr

watching star trek with the BF
  • me: yessss kirk & spock are so in love. NO KIRK DON'T KISS THAT GIRL IT'S NOT WORTH IT. SPOCK IS UR ONE TRUE LOVE.
  • bf: you really take your star trek ships way too seriously.
  • ~*~the next day~*~

The mother of every main Star Trek character ever shown on-screen, plus a few very important recurring mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Amanda Grayson, Juliana Soong, Lwaxana Troi, Silva La Forge, Beverly Crusher, Yvette Picard, Helena Rozhenko, Amsha Bashir, Yanas Tigan, Ishka, Jennifer Sisko, Sarah Sisko, Kira Meru, Mary Kim, Erin Hansen, Miral, Martis, Rianna Mayweather, T’Les, Mary Reed, Samantha Wildman, Keiko O’Brien, K’Ehleyr, Carol Marcus, & Spot)

It really bothers me that the only ‘proper’ permanent deaths in Star Trek are female characters.

Of the male characters who died, Spock obviously comes back in his own movie. Trip and Data both die in the stupidest way possible at the end of their respective series, and the post-series novels eventually bring them both back and fix what happened.

And yet, Tasha Yar, K’Ehleyr, Ziyal, Jadzia, not one of them needed to be killed off (after all, Gates left Next Gen too, but they didn’t kill Bev, so she was able to come back!) and yet they all died in the most tragic, pointless way - and in three of the cases caused a lot of manpain and ~drama~.

Also, it’s only ever actresses that want to leave - or are asked to leave in the case of Jennifer Lien. Probably because they have more of a time limit in Hollywood I guess?

I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot, writing this fic about Tasha, and having written fic where K’Ehleyr still lives. It’s just really kind of shitty when you notice there’s a pattern, you know?

Voyager AU:

Beverly Crusher as medical officer

Tasha Yar as security (Since no female character randomly gets killed off in this AU).

Ensign Ro Laren as flygirl aka conn officer

Jadzia Dax as science officer. Doing science stuff with Seven in astrometrics and also on the bridge.

Deanna Troi as counselor and nurse (after they were stranded)

K’Ehleyr as the outspoken but extremely loyal first officer (Again, since the no-random-killing-rule)

Tal Celes as a part of the main cast, as the green-behind-the-ears-ensign.

B’Elanna Torres as chief engineer (ofc)

Kathryn Janeway as captain (ofc)

Addition: Tora Ziyal as the lovable civilian trying to make Voyager a home for everybody. (Again, no-kill).

k’ehleyr ds9 au

  • k’ehleyr’s the one assigned to ds9 in season 4 because she IS the federation’s ambassador
  • she finds jadzia training in the holosuite and sparks fly
  • alexander coming with to ds9. k’ehleyr and keiko being mom friends. (’they grow up so fast.’ “please human children mature much slower than klingon children” ‘at least yours didn’t get lost in time and wander back fully grown.’ “..true.”)
  • k’ehyler asking to come to sisko family dinner so alexander can meet someone his age on station. but what ends up happening is benjamin getting along famously while the kids bond over ‘i’m trying to be polite but this is weird. we don’t need to be set up on a playdate.’
  • k’ehleyr acting as kingmaker in klingon high council politics
  • kira just Not Getting her until they go through some shit together and having each other’s backs.
  • k’ehleyr knows grilka and they hang out when she’s on station. 
  • martok would love k’ehleyr let’s be real.