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Review: “I Believe In A Thing Called Love,” A Novel For All K-Drama Lovers

Review: “I Believe In A Thing Called Love,” A Novel For All K-Drama Lovers

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Have you ever wished that your life was like a K-drama? Have you ever dreamed of the most beloved of K-drama tropes materializing before your eyes? Perhaps you’ve pictured Hyun Bin piggybacking you home as you clutch a gigantic rabbit doll. Maybe you’ve imagined that Jo Jung Sukfell in love with you despite the fact that you’ve regularly been possessed by a determined ghost. Desi Lee, the main…

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Favorite Quotes of Age of Youth (K-Drama, 2016)

Brief Review:

Judging from its title, I thought Age of Youth would have light & cute vibes resembling the bittersweet of youth ages. But, apparently, this drama is darker and a bit depressing. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, in fact, I am pleasantly surprised that this drama was dare to take sensitive issues in society (such as sugar daddy, dating violence, mistreatment at workplace) and pull it to an intriguing plot. All 5 main characters are flawed, and seem unlikable based on first episode, but when their layers are peeled off one by one, I start to relate to their stories. This drama is not just about a bonding relationship of 5 girls who live together in boarding house, or the characters that are described only as white & black – protagonist & antagonist. As a coming-age drama, Age of Youth offer more mysterious stories and complex characters, but still, can give moral values about how to overcome struggles and growing up. It’s such a pleasure to find an unconventional K-Drama like Age of Youth, a little gem of female centric drama with well-written story, and I can’t wait eagerly for Season 2. Yeay!

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Doctors/Doctor Crush EP3

I have been looking forward to this episode all weekend long.

I still can’t believe that he had to quit all because of a little girl’s tantrum 

Why did they give her another character where she acts like a spoiled child that has to get her way.

Is this really the last time they are going to see each other????

they be making me emotional

I like about to start crying 

I have a bad feeling about her surgery but we must wait and see what happens.

AWWWWW Now what going to happen to Soon Hee 

Well I was thinking she was going to come to her senses and realize she was wrong in this scene but it just didn’t happen.

I love how the little puppy just joins in on the love 

I want a puppy like this


She can not die NO NO I will not accept this

Does everyone agree about what a bitch this dude was? The way he was talking to her and giving her the bad news was just proof that he and his wife have raised their daughter wrongly

I can’t believe her father would allow his wife to talk to his daughter like that. Like what right does she have to be speaking to her like that about her grandma. 

another scene that has me almost crying.

Is their goodbye????

Ji Soo is back, I didn’t think I would see him in anymore episodes. 

I thought this was where the episode was going t end.

I really want a motorcycle (so random)

Well here we go with the present I am assuming. 

Will I continue to like the story?

I really like this dude but it seems like he is just an extra

Is he going to play a recurring character?

Yeah this dude doesn’t seem interested in her either. 

I was laughing when the sink broke.

Yay for her being a doctor 

I have a feeling that the other doctor is going to like her and more drama is going to happen between both female characters.

Why must I wait until tomorrow to watch what happens next?????

Doctors/Doctor Crush EP4

This episode had me wanting to talk about every scene. The sad thing is that I have to wait another week for the next episode.

If only you knew, well I guess you are about to find out 

Here we have the proof that she is not in prison and is actually showing off to everyone her skills

AHHHH it’s Baek Sung Hyun 

So many cute actors

You better not be interested because sad to break it to you bro but you ain’t her type.

He has so fallen for her 

He is just too cute with his hair.

AHHH it’s Soon Hee and they are still friends

Glad they were able to stick together 

Well I guess first meetings for her aren’t always the best.

They meet again and the drama will probably begin to unfold.

What nice timing 

I was seriously not expecting this news. 

I don’t want someone else to get hurt because of their love for each other.

Dang she was giving him attitude one moment and next thing she is on the floor.

For some reason this scene reminded me of Oh My Venus when the main characters meet on the airplane.

Boss seems to be good and seems to be enjoying his conversation with Hye Jung

I was so excited for the reunion of her and her high school teacher that I totally forgot about this reunion here.

Who else loved them in Stairway To Heaven???

I had these emotional feelings like when I was watching Descendants of the Sun, specifically the scene when Yoo Shi Jin and his men arrive to welcome the doctors. 

Well we seem to know now that he isn’t married and we don’t have to be worried about them starting a relationship.

Who would have thought that their first time meeting again they were going to be saving someones life

hehehe now everyone knows the truth 

I find it hilarious that they all thought he was married.

I dislike this dude and his son so much. I still have not made up my mind about his granddaughter so I can’t add her to the evil group of family members.

Well now it all seems to be resolved and going to expect and apology happening soon.

This cutie makes me think of a puppy and I just realized that he would be a cute guy for Soon Hee, especially with the hair color.

For some reason I was thinking that he was going to ask her to be his assistant in addition to the apology. Maybe I am rushing the story, I just love the drama at the moment. 

Kind of shocking that he doesn’t even remember her after her grandmas case is a huge secret. 

Glad that she was able to fake a smile in front of this dude who shouldn’t even be a doctor. 

Well things sure did move fast.

I guess they understand my excitement for wanting to speed up the drama.

I am only sad that I have to wait until next week to watch more of this story.

Now to wait and go to Korean class tomorrow.

The Korean drama Oh My Venus is defying “K-drama Land” odds.

There isn’t any “will they/will they not”, there isn’t a very strong 2nd lead. The lead female is average, but not in a “messy hair, bad clothes” way. The lead male announced his relationship and is proud of it. Not trying to run or make excuses.
Every time something bad happens, it draws them closer instead of further apart.
Kang Joo Eun is strong and knows who she is and what she wants.
All of the people surrounding Kim Young Ho are so supportive, funny and just amazing.

Even the 2nd lead female isn’t completely repulsive.

Just waiting for SOMETHING really bad to happen…. *crosses fingers* that it somehow only gets better!!

So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah have amazing chemistry!