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EXO as YouTubers

Suho: Interviewer

He would manage to bring most of his youtber friends to his channel. Has Q&A’s very often. Tries every single challenge. Has a defined schedule of what to post on a specific day. Fridays are joke days. He thinks he’s popular but in reality he has only 10 subscribers.

Chanyeol: Mashups

He creates the most amazing remixes ever. Makes vlogs every now and then. “Oh shit”. Likes all the comments. Has over 100,000+ subscribers.

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Chen: Pranks

He pranks every single youtuber and posts it to his channel. His intro is basically him yelling.

Baekhyun: Gamer

Gameplays with him saying stupid shit. Has no chill. Becomes the most viewed gamer channel after Pewdiepie. “Kkaebsong” shirts available in store only for $15. Is invited to Kcon for a pannel.

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Xiumin: Cooking

While he teaches you how to make a recipe he tells a story. Eats what he taught you to make. Was contacted to start his own show on TV as soon as he hit 900,000+ subscribers.

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D.O: Song covers

Sings pretty much a lot of english songs. Chanyeol always asks him to do a collab with him but he blocks him. Has comments and likes disabled. Watches Xiumin’s channel all the time. “Video not available in your country”.

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Kai: Dance Tutorials

He is the best teacher for kpop dance tutorials. Posts dance covers every week. Goes to Kcon every now and then to teach K-poppers to dance. Has a lot of fanboys.

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Lay: Guitar covers

Teaches how to play the guitar. Posts his own composed songs. Makes collabs with D.O all the time. Chanyeol always gets together with him for livestreams. Is one of Suho’s loyal subscribers. Replies to every single comment on his videos.

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Sehun: K-Popper

Major k-pop fanboy. Reactions to MV’s. Unboxing K-pop merch. Vlogs K-pop concerts. Reviews K-Dramas and movies. His fandom is called bubbles. The logo is a Bubble Tea cup. Goes to Kcon and livestreams. Has over 2,000,000+ subscribers. Learns dances from Kai’s channel.

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I wrote this before my first class omfg 


Overall Rating: 8/10

This movie is very interesting if not anything else. I think it was beautifully filmed and has very symbolic cinematography. The story is rather confusing and it’s not until the very end that things make sense. It’s a mental film that’s not meant to be taken literally but it’s confusing plot made it hard for me to appreciate until the last few minutes. It’s gory and terrifying in some parts and rather sad but I still wouldn’t classify it as a tearjerker. It’s more horror. Mostly this movie wins points for being brilliantly filmed and having a very interesting plot line with lots of twists and turns. 

Doctors/Doctor Crush EP3

I have been looking forward to this episode all weekend long.

I still can’t believe that he had to quit all because of a little girl’s tantrum 

Why did they give her another character where she acts like a spoiled child that has to get her way.

Is this really the last time they are going to see each other????

they be making me emotional

I like about to start crying 

I have a bad feeling about her surgery but we must wait and see what happens.

AWWWWW Now what going to happen to Soon Hee 

Well I was thinking she was going to come to her senses and realize she was wrong in this scene but it just didn’t happen.

I love how the little puppy just joins in on the love 

I want a puppy like this


She can not die NO NO I will not accept this

Does everyone agree about what a bitch this dude was? The way he was talking to her and giving her the bad news was just proof that he and his wife have raised their daughter wrongly

I can’t believe her father would allow his wife to talk to his daughter like that. Like what right does she have to be speaking to her like that about her grandma. 

another scene that has me almost crying.

Is their goodbye????

Ji Soo is back, I didn’t think I would see him in anymore episodes. 

I thought this was where the episode was going t end.

I really want a motorcycle (so random)

Well here we go with the present I am assuming. 

Will I continue to like the story?

I really like this dude but it seems like he is just an extra

Is he going to play a recurring character?

Yeah this dude doesn’t seem interested in her either. 

I was laughing when the sink broke.

Yay for her being a doctor 

I have a feeling that the other doctor is going to like her and more drama is going to happen between both female characters.

Why must I wait until tomorrow to watch what happens next?????

Team Taekwang vs Team Yi Ahn


Okay, there’s a lot of people rooting for #TeamYiBi which I can understand, however, I’m rooting for #TeamTaebi. This entire entry is entirely pure opinion of what I think and many of you guys might disagree but I am okay with that. If you have other comment or opinions about this, please do tell me. I would love to hear of what you guys think.

—————————Reasons of why not #TeamYiBi————————-

At the very beginning when “Eun Byul” lost her memories, before knowing she has lost her memories and even a little after, Yi Ahn has distance himself because knowing Eun Byul’s [the real Eun Byul] attitude and the big argument between the two, their relationship has been lost. But once finding out that all of her memories has been erased, his trying to replace those negative memories between them with a new enjoyable memories and began helping her recover some of her memories little by little.

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Throughout the drama, his appearance has been reduced with “Eun Byul” but was concentrated with his swimming activities. Later on, his appearance returned but this time knowing “Eun Byul” is Eun Bi. After knowing the truth, he has distance himself once more.

 Ignoring and even hurting Eun Bi’s feelings.

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 But as the series continue, his feelings of mistrust of Eun Bi lessen but he still has that insecurity around her until he finds out that Taekwang has also taken a liking of her. Then jealousy arise.  

The reason of why many people root for Yi Ahn is because of he stood up for Eun Bi when Soyoung tried to reveal her true identity 

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and also helped her recover her memories even though she was not Eun Byul.

To the point of summary on Yi Ahn: His not fit for Eun Bi because he has never been with Eun Bi through her tough times at school especially when Soyoung appeared. Even when Eun Byul came back and the two seen each other for a long time, his still being a b*tch about it and would not hear her reasons of why she did it, just like with Eun Bi.

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But his still a good character in the drama even though his emotions can get overwhelming.

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————————-Reasons of why Yes to #TeamTaebi————————–

On Episode 2 of the drama, Taekwang was the first one to see Eun Bi, but like everybody else, they believe she’s “Eun Byul”

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Taekwang and Eun Byul didn’t have a good relationship, as we can see as the drama goes on. But observing the behavior of “Eun Byul” and the appearance of Soyoung, he was the very first to find out about her secret & identity. But most of all, he was the first to call her by her real name, Lee Eun Bi. 

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Unlike Yi Ahn, he has accepted the truth and trust Eun Bi entirely without any questions or reasons at all. Taekwang helped Eun Bi act like the “Eun Byul” of the school and also helped her through tough times. 

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He was always around her, looking out for her when she’s in trouble or when she’s alone.

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However, Team Yi Ahn might point this out the most was when Taekwang had pushed Eun Bi down to the ground hurting her along the way. But with the face Taekwang was making, regretting of what he has done almost to the point of even crying. But hey, Taekwang had known what he had done wrong and even asked her if she was okay.

Any who, back to where we were at. As Yi Ahn had started to ignore her and distance himself from her, Taekwang was there to lend a shoulder for her to cry her heart out. Later on, Taekwang confessed his true feelings to Eun Bi but got rejected. Even though he did, he still continued to love Eun Bi and would do anything to help her and care for her.

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To the point of summary of Taekwang: Even though he got rejected his still himself around Eun Bi and did not make things awkward between the two. He would always help Eun Bi when she’s in trouble and would stand up for her. Also, the two has a similarity between their situation, Taekwang with his family and Eun Bi with Soyoung.

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But for all Team Taekwang, the moment they fangirled/fanboyed over was Ep 14.

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So like I’ve said, this was my opinion. Everyone has different opinion about it, so don’t hate me for it. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion about!

Doctors/Doctor Crush EP4

This episode had me wanting to talk about every scene. The sad thing is that I have to wait another week for the next episode.

If only you knew, well I guess you are about to find out 

Here we have the proof that she is not in prison and is actually showing off to everyone her skills

AHHHH it’s Baek Sung Hyun 

So many cute actors

You better not be interested because sad to break it to you bro but you ain’t her type.

He has so fallen for her 

He is just too cute with his hair.

AHHH it’s Soon Hee and they are still friends

Glad they were able to stick together 

Well I guess first meetings for her aren’t always the best.

They meet again and the drama will probably begin to unfold.

What nice timing 

I was seriously not expecting this news. 

I don’t want someone else to get hurt because of their love for each other.

Dang she was giving him attitude one moment and next thing she is on the floor.

For some reason this scene reminded me of Oh My Venus when the main characters meet on the airplane.

Boss seems to be good and seems to be enjoying his conversation with Hye Jung

I was so excited for the reunion of her and her high school teacher that I totally forgot about this reunion here.

Who else loved them in Stairway To Heaven???

I had these emotional feelings like when I was watching Descendants of the Sun, specifically the scene when Yoo Shi Jin and his men arrive to welcome the doctors. 

Well we seem to know now that he isn’t married and we don’t have to be worried about them starting a relationship.

Who would have thought that their first time meeting again they were going to be saving someones life

hehehe now everyone knows the truth 

I find it hilarious that they all thought he was married.

I dislike this dude and his son so much. I still have not made up my mind about his granddaughter so I can’t add her to the evil group of family members.

Well now it all seems to be resolved and going to expect and apology happening soon.

This cutie makes me think of a puppy and I just realized that he would be a cute guy for Soon Hee, especially with the hair color.

For some reason I was thinking that he was going to ask her to be his assistant in addition to the apology. Maybe I am rushing the story, I just love the drama at the moment. 

Kind of shocking that he doesn’t even remember her after her grandmas case is a huge secret. 

Glad that she was able to fake a smile in front of this dude who shouldn’t even be a doctor. 

Well things sure did move fast.

I guess they understand my excitement for wanting to speed up the drama.

I am only sad that I have to wait until next week to watch more of this story.

Now to wait and go to Korean class tomorrow.

The Korean drama Oh My Venus is defying “K-drama Land” odds.

There isn’t any “will they/will they not”, there isn’t a very strong 2nd lead. The lead female is average, but not in a “messy hair, bad clothes” way. The lead male announced his relationship and is proud of it. Not trying to run or make excuses.
Every time something bad happens, it draws them closer instead of further apart.
Kang Joo Eun is strong and knows who she is and what she wants.
All of the people surrounding Kim Young Ho are so supportive, funny and just amazing.

Even the 2nd lead female isn’t completely repulsive.

Just waiting for SOMETHING really bad to happen…. *crosses fingers* that it somehow only gets better!!

So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah have amazing chemistry!

Descendants Of The Sun EP15

Doesn’t he always look like a beautiful painting??

I was laughing so much when he played her recording for her.

I was also laughing when he was screaming for her and then when she was all worried for the wheelchair.

Just be happy together, is it too much to ask???

I was so thinking that he was going to show up and say those exact words from the moment they were texting.

hehe he is so cute. 

Where can I get myself one of him or actually how can I steal him for myself?

they are all there supporting their little kid 

It’s like he was going to his first day of school and the parents were taking him to school. 

I’m so happy that the dad has finally agreed to not let him leave the military. 

I wish that he and Myung Joo could have talked things out before he left.

Chi Hoon finally found out that the little kid was asking for a goat.

Why must they separate???????

I have a bad feeling about all of this



Feelings just started to take over

I lost all control the moment that they were together.

I just couldn’t hold back the tears.

I just can’t accept this.

Well now we know how they met and he seemed like he became his friend from the beginning.

Again I was crying 

I feel like she should read it but at the same time I understand why she isn’t reading it.

Was I the only one that thought she was going crazy but also that I was going crazy?

I am so happy that he is back but I still can’t believe it. I knew that he just couldn’t die that way but then it also makes it difficult to believe it.

I need answers now!!!!!!!

I am so glad that he is back with her and he better not leave her anymore.

Answer Me 1988 EP20

What can I say except that this episode was very emotional

While I started this drama being slightly scared of Bo Ra I have come to like her and really think this couple is too cute.

Was everyone laughing about this scene and especially when Jin Joo comments about the lipstick and Taek being cute.

The moms are too cute when they are running away

I was laughing at Bo Ra and Sun Woo who didn’t know what to do with themselves also.

This scene really made me wish I had siblings but well at least I have a close group of friends.

People always say that you don’t know who your friends are until after high school and I guess it’s true because some friends have gone but the real ones are still around. Hehe me being all cheesy hehe

Well I guess the dad is ok with them dating this time but I was cracking up when he recognized the voice

Well you should probably mention that you guys did breakup between those 6 years but that the love is still there.

I feel like this scene is like some of us fans that listen to groups where some of the members are young. I remember when all the members of groups I listened to were way older than me and now it’s getting to the point where I feel old.

I guess Jin Joo is keeping everyone young around here

I am really going to miss these parents

I found it hilarious how no one ever believes what No Eul says about his thoughts on who is dating who

I can’t get over how cute these two are but I feel bad that they have to deny that they are dating

Taek would definitely say that is the best thing that happened since he started dating Duk Seon

AWWWW how could you not be happy that they got together

I mean I loved Jung Hwan also but I can’t deny I preferred Taek

This was really sweet of him to do

This is where all the emotions started to get to me.


Is she crying for Bo Ra or for Sun Woo??? I mean it’s her sister who is leaving the house but then Sun Woo is also leaving.

I started to get teary eyed here

I lost it and sobbed during this scene

I just couldn’t stop the waterworks both when I watched it raw and then with subtitles.

I was laughing so hard

Bo Ra just never changes although it seems like Sun Woo might have changed slightly lol

I feel like I recognize the voice for Sun Woo but I can’t pin point to who it is

Again with the tears I just can’t

The ending just killed me and I felt like I should just post the pictures and comment at the end.

I would have liked to see more things like how everyone is living.

I think the reason the ending went back to the beginning is because while everyone grows we always think back on those times that we just overlooked. We take for granted certain times that have shaped us a certain way.

While it is important where we are at the moment we should not forget about where we have been.

I don’t think I have been attached to a drama as much as I have been with this one. I have loved every Answer Me/ Reply dramas because each has its own charm but this one will definitely mean a lot more because of how it connected to family on a bigger scale.