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2014 in K-Drama Kisses.

A compilation of the best kisses (in my opinion) in no particular order.

Dramas: Her Lovely Heels, Another Parting, Pride and Prejudice, A Witch’s Romance, My Love From The Stars, King of High School Life Conduct, Fated to Love You, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Pinocchio and Surplus Princess.

  • Yeo Wool [wearing a pink bodysuit]: born in the darkness, living in the darkness,,such is the fate of a Hwarang. I am Yeo Wool, Hwarang Warrior.
  • Ji Dwi: but don't you think that colour is too bright for a hwarang?
  • Yeo Wool: I don't need your fashion report.
The Dramatroll Awards 2014

We present you the most useless drama awards - The Dramatroll Awards 2014. We just subjectively vote for the results and do not accept any objection or protest. 

Let’s start. 



  • The Three Musketeers
  • Bad Guys
  • God’s Gift 14 Days
  • Joseon Gunman
  • Healer

Winner: Bad Guys



  • You Who Came From The Stars
  • Emergency Couple
  • Fated To Love You
  • Discovery of Romance
  • Birth of A Beauty

Winner: Fated To Love You



  • It’s Okay It’s Love
  • Misaeng
  • Hotel King (earlier episodes)
  • God’s Gift 14 Days
  • Bad Guys

Winner: Misaeng



  • The Night Watchman
  • Bad Guys
  • The Three Musketeers
  • You’re All Surrounded
  • Misaeng

Winner: The Three Musketeers



  • Jang Hyuk - Jang Na Ra (Fated To Love You)
  • Jo Seung Woo - Lee Bo Young (God’s Gift 14 Days)
  • Lee Dong Wook - Lee Da Hae (Hotel King)
  • Eric Mun - Jung Yoo Mi (Discovery of Love)
  • Joo Sang Wook - Han Ye Seul (Birth Of A Beauty)  

Winner: Lee Dong Wook - Lee Da Hae (Hotel King) 



  • Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
  • Shin Sung Rok (Liar Game, Man From The Stars)
  • Lee Joon (Gap-Dong)
  • Choi Daniel (Big Man) 
  • Yoo In Young (The Three Musketeers, Man From The Stars) 

Winner: Shin Sung Rok (Liar Game, Man From The Stars)



  • Shin Ha Kyun (Mr. Back)
  • Joo Sang Wook (Birth of A Beauty, Sly and Single Again)
  • Jang Hyuk (Fated To Love You)
  • Rain (She’s So Lovable)
  • Choi Ji Woo (Temptation)

Winner: Joo Sang Wook (Birth of A Beauty, Sly and Single Again)



  • Jin Yi Han (Empress Ki)
  • L (Sly and Single Again)
  • Choi Dae Cheol (Fated To Love You)
  • Kim Chang Wan (Man From The Stars) 
  • Gong Hyun Joo (Hotel King) 

Winner: Jin Yi Han (Empress Ki)



  • Nam Da Reum (Pinocchio)
  • Kim Ji Young (Come! Jang Bo Ri) 
  • Goo Seung Hyun (Doctor Stranger)
  • Jung Yoon Suk (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
  • Yoo Eun Mi (Come! Jang Bo Ri)

Winner: Nam Da Reum (Pinocchio)



  • Kim Hae Sook (Hotel King, Marriage Not Dating, Pinocchio) 
  • Kim Mi Kyung (Plus Nine Boys, Healer, It’s Okay It’s Love, etc)
  • Seo Yi Sook (You’re All Surrounded, The Night Watchman)
  • Kim Hye Ok (Discovery of Love, Come! Jang Bo Ri, etc)

Winner: Kim Mi Kyung (Healer, Plus Nine Boys, It’s Okay It’s Love)



  • Kang Shin Il (Pinocchio, Bad Guys, Emergency Couple, etc)
  • Lee Sung Min (Miss Korea, Misaeng)
  • Kim Sang Joong (Bad Guys, A New Leaf) 
  • Jeon Kuk Hwan (Empress Ki, Doctor Stranger, Mr. Baek)

Winner: Kim Sang Joong (Bad Guys, A New Leaf)



  • Wang Ji Hye (Hotel King, Birth of A Beauty)
  • Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
  • Yoo In Young (The Three Musketeers, Man From The Stars)
  • Choi Yeo Jin (Emergency Couple) 
  • Jeon Hye Bin (Joseon Gunman) 

Winner: Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri) 



  • Lee Pil Mo (Emergency Couple)
  • Choi Daniel (Big Man)
  • Lee Soo Hyuk (High School King)
  • Song Jae Rim (Surplus Princess)
  • Park Hae Jin (Man From The Stars) 

Winner: Lee Pil Mo (Emergency Couple)



  • Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay It’s Love)
  • Jang Na Ra (Fated To Love You, Mr. Baek)
  • Lee Bo Young (God’s Gift 14 Days)
  • Jeon Ji Hyun (Man From The Stars)
  • Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio) 

Winner: Lee Bo Young (God’s Gift 14 Days) 



  • Jo In Sung (It’s Okay It’s Love)
  • Im Siwan (Misaeng)
  • Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King, Blade Man)
  • Jang Hyuk (Fated To Love You)
  • Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio) 

Winner: Jo In Sung (It’s Okay It’s Love) 



  • Bad Guys
  • God’s Gift 14 Days
  • Misaeng
  • Liar Game
  • Empress Ki

Winner: Misaeng 


  • Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King, Blade Man)
  • Im Siwan (Misaeng)
  • Eric Mun (Discovery of Love)
  • Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio)
  • Jo Seung Woo (God’s Gift 14 Days)
  • Jang Na Ra (Fated To Love You, Mr. Baek)
  • Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio)
  • Lee Bo Young (God’s Gift 14 Days)
  • Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger, Misaeng)
  • Oh Yeon Seo (Come! Jang Bo Ri) 


  • Misaeng
  • Let’s Eat
  • God’s Gift 14 Days
  • Liar Game
  • Fated To Love You
  • Come! Jang Bo Ri
  • Joseon Gunman
  • Emergency Couple
  • It’s Okay It’s Love
  • Empress Ki 

And that’s a wrap. Thank you drama sheep. See you again in 2015. 


My favourite actor is Choi Jin Hyuk :) ♥♥

Korean dramas:

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Gu Wol Ryung in k-drama GU FAMILY BOOK

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won in k-drama THE HEIRS

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min in k-drama EMERGENCY COUPLE

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel Pitt in k-drama FATED TO LOVE YOU

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Goo Dong Chi in k-drama PRIDE & PREJUDICE

***The shared pictures here belong to others … and placed on forums and websites dedicated to this handsome actor.

Your sign and three anime world  you’ll  live in

Aries: Sport/Action/fight

(in order) Hajime no hippo,Black lagoon,Kill la Kill

Taurus: Inspired/funny/action

(in order) Baccano!,cowboy bepop,desert punk

Gemini: super powers/Action

(in order) Tokyo ESP,Code breaker,Blue exorcist

Cancer: Drama/Sentimental/Love story

(in order) Clannad series,Chihayafuru,Haku no hana

Leo: Dark fantasy/Epic

(in order) Claymore,Fate,Berserk

Virgo: Slice of life/Smart

(in order) Steins gate,Higashi no eden,Durarara

Libra: Comedy/Friendship/Romance

(in order) Angel beats,K-on, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


(in order) Psycho Pass,Ergo proxy,Hellsing

Sagittarius: adventure/fantasy/colorful universe

(in order) Nanastu no tazai,Magi,One piece

Capricorn: Survival game/strategy/serious topics and political issues

(in order) Btooom!,Zankyou no terror,Jomungand

Aquarius: futuristic/mecha/original

(in order) Guilty crown,Gintama,Gurren lagann

Pisces: school life/Idol/Romantic

(in order) Hyouka,Uta no prince-sama, Kyoukai no Kanata

Hope you enjoyed

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 2 of 4)

Empress Ki

I started as a warrior, maid, consort and then an empress. Because of some evil people, my life in the past was so crazy miserable. So I spent the rest of my life for a big revenge and I did it, but everybody I love died in the end. 

The Night Watchman 

I can see ghosts and together with my ghostbuster team I’m going to get that scumbag shaman who killed my parents and live happily ever after with my shaman girl. 

Miss Korea

This is my rough journey to be a Miss Korea back in 1997 with some guidance from my ex-boyfriend. He helped me to become a Miss Korea and I helped him to revive his cosmetic business. In the mean time, waikikiiii~! 

Cunning Single Lady

I left my husband when he’s poor. Now that he’s rich, I got him back. But don’t worry, he understands coz I have my own legit situations and reasons to divorce him back then. 

A New Leaf

I’m a bad lawyer. But after suffering from amnesia, suddenly I’m turning into a good one. It’s so good to be good. 

Fated To Love You 

My drink was spiked and I slept with this unattractive girl by accident till she got pregnant. We have our ups and downs but she turns out to be very attractive and my real destiny. HEUHEUHAHAHA…

The Spring Day of My Life 

I left my fiance after I got a heart donor from a lady that makes me fall in love with her husband and children. I didn’t make it far but I’m happy and that dude haz to become a widower again. Sorry.  

Mr. Back

I’m a filthy rich old grandpa who swallowed this piece of meteor by accident and suddenly I get to be young, wild, and ready to love again. But I still find it hard to text with smartphone. 

Come! Jang Bo Ri 

I was a princess in a legendary hanbok maker house. But then I lost my memories after jumping out of my mom’s car in an accident. My parents then adopted this devil bitch aka my foster sister who insanely turned my life upside down. But I survived and even reunited with my parents and the love of my life. 

Hotel King

I’m a hotel general manager. Imma get a revenge to the hotel chairman who I thought was my father, but turns out the vice chairman and the senior manager are my real parents. I get to marry the pretty hotel heiress though.