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“Do you ever look at someone and wonder.. What is going on inside their head?`


#WhatsGoingOnInAKpopersHead - PART 1 


“Why are you so sad?”
“My daughter, was so kind. She didn’t even go on a school trip so she could help her mom. The doctor told me it would be a simple surgery.. If I had known that she would never wake up again, I should’ve done everything for her. I should’ve sent her on that trip by force. I should’ve bought her a lot of pretty clothes. I should have told her to play around instead of working part-time jobs. Because I keep thinking about the things I haven’t been able to do for her, I can’t sleep and I can’t eat.”


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Man From The Stars Quotes

Do you know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten. Even if they disappear from the world, the world remains the same and they will eventually be forgotten. I was not afraid. Even if I left this world and went to a different world. Even if no one remembered me.  I did not care. But right now, I am a little afraid. There is someone whom I don’t want to be forgotten by. Right when I have to leave for another world.” - Doo Min Joon


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“I Remember you”