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☆ Gregg Playlist ☆

For my friend @sandundertale

- Relient K - Be My Escape
- Troye Sivan - Wild
- Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack - Threshold
- Panic! At The Disco - Crazy = Genius
- Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel
- Fall Out Boy - I Don’t Care
- Starset - Die For You
- Skillet - Better Than Drugs
- Secondhand Serenade - Take Me With You
- Relient K - Must Have Done Something Right

I just hope someday that I can love someone and someone can love me as much as it appears that Jensen loves Misha and Misha loves Jensen. I doubt it is possible but I can hope.

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And on a slightly more vulgar note…I hope that at some point someone wants me as much as Dean wants to eat this pie…

I also hope that there is a Misha around to fight him for it…lol…k I’m done now…back to my trash can…

Good night all!! <3  <3  <3

Seeing You Without MakeUp For The First Time


You headed out of the bathroom with your hands right in front of your bare face. “Don’t look at me” you said while heading to the bed, still your hands in front of your face. He looked up from his phone, confused. “What? What are you even trying to do?” he asked with slight amusement in his voice. “Don’t look at my face, I don’t wear any makeup right now, I don’t want to scare you” you said while sitting on the bed and pulling the covers over your face. “Stop being silly, I will see your face sooner or later. So come on” he said while pulling on the covers, trying to get a look at your face. After some more arguments, you finally gave up, pulling the cover down and looking at him sarcastically annoyed. “What are you even talking about? I just see my beautiful girlfriend, who would be more beautiful if she put that frown away” he said while pulling you into a tight hug and kissing your forehead.


Yoongi and you were watching a movie together, he was almost asleep when you decided to go to the bathroom and remove your makeup. You stood up as quite as possible, not wanting to wake him. 

Once the makeup was removed you went back to Yoongi. You noticed that he wasn’t asleep anymore and when he saw your bare face, he screw his face up. 
“EWWW, What happened to your face?”

You knew that he’s only joking that’s why you hit him slightly after plopping beside him.

He smiled to himself as a response and pulled you closer, knowing that you don’t take his comment seriously


After you finished removing your makeup you left the bathroom. Once he noticed that you were bare faced he started overreacting. “Oh my gad, who are you? and where is my beautiful girlfriend?” 

He stood up, after his amazing performance of the frightened boyfriend, with a big smile. He looked up at you and saw how you were pouting. “Put that pout away, makes you look even uglier” he laughed out loud. You couldn’t suppress the laugh anymore and giggled while slapping your hand in front of your mouth. “Stop, I love your smile” he said while heading towards you and putting your hand down. “Maybe it will look ugly too” you said while pouting again. “I’m sure it does,” he smiled and pulled you closer “I’m just joking, you look beautiful, as always”


“I will go to the bathroom and remove my make up” you said while standing up and heading to the bathroom. “Ok, I will search for a movie meanwhile” You both decided to watch a movie together but because you were tired as hell you decided to at least remove your make-up. Once you headed out of the bathroom Namjoon looked at you confused. “Didn’t you want to remove your make up?” 

“I have” you answered while looking at him confused too

“Are you sure? Do you try to trick me? Is this some kind of make-up you wearing which doesn’t go off your face?” 

“No Jooni, it’s just my face” you laughed and headed to the bed again.

He followed your movements still amazed on how beautiful you look without makeup.

J I M I N 

 "Where is my beautiful Jagi?!“ Jimin screamed because you were taking way to long in the bathroom. At that moment, you stepped out of it and he looked at you. ”.. who is even more beautiful without makeup"

Taken aback by his comment you blushed slightly and looked on the floor. Seeing you flustered like that made him smile. 


“You can go to the bathroom, removing your make-up and stuff” Tae said once he headed out of the bathroom.

“I already removed it” you said while standing up and heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. 

Tae, confused on what you just said, followed you. “What do you mean you removed it already?” You looked at him confused, not being able to speak with your toothbrush in your mouth you just let out some noises, trying to explain it again. Surprisingly (or not) he understood you and his glance wandered to you than the mirror than back to you. 

He approached you until your faces were just inches apart. “Is this some kind of Joke? Your face looks flawless”he said while squeezing and touching your face. You tried to restrain your laugh because of how adorable and confused Tae looked at you.


Once you were done with your night routine you entered the bedroom and looked at Jungkook who was sitting in front of his computer. After he noticed your presence he looked around and realized that you weren’t wearing any makeup. He got flustered and smiled to himself while looking at the floor because of how beautiful you look without makeup.

You were trying to put your hair into a bun when Jungkook hugged you from behind. "You look beautiful” he whispered into your ear while kissing your neck lightly.


So, yeah I made a High School AU playlist for these dorks.

Art by @gretahs


Cop Car - Keith Urban / Snapback - Old Dominion / Leather Jacket - Arkells / Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift / Seventeen Forever - Metro Station / I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen / Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K / Contagious - Avril Lavigne / Leave the Night On - Sam Hunt / If You Told Me To - Hunter Hayes / Ready to Run - One Direction / Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne




[Han and Leia]