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happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

so if ur up-to-date with my twit shenanigans (minus the rambling //sorry//) you probably know already that im super invested in a certain game and am making a yugioh crossover au thing with it………. ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ

Rajigaze 31.3 Final Radio

Please don’t repost it and please ask me if you want to use my translation in any way. Thank you!

Re: Today we’ll have an one hour special for our last show!
(everyone’s started talking- chaos xD)

It was Kais turn to read the first letter,but there it was written, that the fan would like Ruki to read it, so he handid it straight to him
Re: do you remember the time we announced our first Budoukan live? In Aoi-sans room- do you remember it?? The movie we released for the announcement? everyone went all woaaaa!
U: As we finished the movie?
K: nono that was for (Tokyo) Dome
U: ah this is difficult
A: so first we..
Re: yeah until the announcement of the venue, pompompom (various information popping up I guess) then the venue

Re: next one is Uruha! (to read)
K: ah this one is a little long lol ahh Giving Uruha the long ones is no good lool
U: wah really … well whatever (reading) I wanted to give Uruha-san Valentine Chocolate Oh reaaally?
he trying so hard to read the letter carefully but stil stutters a few times.
Everyone’s started laughing after he finally finished and said something like: you did your best right?

Re: So we heard heavens voice, who told us to not read any mail, but to have a free talk. So what should we talk about?
Ru: if you ask like that there’s just one, right? What did you eat today?
all: looool
Re: just that?!
all at once: ah this annoying really? amazing!
Re: But how is it…. everyone with the radio
K: are you listening to it? In real time?
Ru: I listened to it!
Re: I heard it often
K: like (smth I didn’t understand)
Ru: but you know, the fans stayed up util 2 right? If I think about the fans who have a feeling of loss I get excieted
Re: ehhh? Like: ah we can finally sleep?
Ru: ahhahaha no I didn’t need it
Re: okay so what was your most interesting talk you had in this show? Something like: that was interesting!
A: there was no right?
All: lol
Re: stop it! lol
A: you know in the beginning, as Uruha and I had our recording
Ru: in Mexico
A: yeah! That was interesting! We drank alcohol during the radio
U: Ah that felt good right! But at that time I really wanted to do the radio in a studio. If you always do it in a studio you think it would be nice doing it outside,
Re: in the beginning we just had 3 songs right? But for the radio station this is bad right?
Ru: they even decreased slowly right?
K: Isn’t it ok if we don’t play songs? We don’t need songs!

Ru: did someone here visit Fujikyuu?
Re: sorry, sadly not!
Ru: who did?
all: (liveless) haaaai
Ru: Uruha-kun?
U: no
Ru: eh no?
U: noo

lol Seems Kais graduation fest was at fujikyu.- so they said he couldn’t go right? (because he didn’t actually graduate)

the fans was just talking about Kai and Uruha for her song request so Ruki (?) was complaining: what about us?????

they were talking about spoilers- they all watch foreign (western) drama, but they’re different in how fast they proceed- so I think Ru or Re were talking to Uruha about 24 season 2- but what they told didn’t happen at all (bc they watched it a long time ago and it probably was in another season)
Re:There are members who talk and talk about the dramas right? especially Kai
Ru: (really fast) it’s you! it’s def you!
K: lol it’s def you!
Re: It DEFENITLEY not me!
K: it IS you lol
Ru: and you…you know tell lies!
Re: huh? what are you talking about?
Ru: (he’s speaking about a drama where reita said something that didn’t happen)
Re: you… this was years ago!
Ru: but you know! it sounded interesting so I wanted to watch it- but it didn’t happen like that…
Re: are you watching dramas? foreign ones or whatever?
U: humm Walking Dead became lame lately right?
Ru: good then! just (I didn’t understand maybe another drama?)
U: yeah…right…. I defenetly won’t watch it
Ru: While we had recordings I watched it for 1 hour or so but it felt awfull watching it
Re:Ah let’s talk about that! you know at Uruhas place…
U: *giggles*
Re: At Uruhas place we all did Playstation VR right? How was it?
Kai & Ruki: Amazing
U: Amazing I guess?
Re:no really it was really amazing!
Ru:Reitas reaction was disgusting right?
U:it really was! You know, the free download of Kitchen? From the very beginning he was like: woaaa ohhhh woaaa (imitating him)
Ru:(talking about some scene there) and Reita was like HAAAA haAAAAA?
Re: but Aoi was the worst with it right? he took it off right after the start!
A: impossible…just impossible
Ru: Rei-chan sweat like crazy right?
Re: oi you too!!!

Re: being in a band for 15 years, I thought about giving one thing that was really difficult
all: lol
Ru: today is pretty difficult right? lol
all: lol
Ru: why is that that with 2 it just flows naturally but with all 5 of us…such a..expectant feeling?

Ambitions for the GazettE:
A: Today Rajigaze will end,
Re: yeah
A: but without letting the bond between us five end
Re: yeah
U: ehhh?
K: stop it!
A: I want to continue, so I’m in your favor!!

U: The thing I want to say are slowly forgotten and are to be forgotten!
Re: are you okay?!
U:I want to live every moment to the fullist, so please look forward to my future self!
Ru:they will peep that in the public airing you know
U: please let me use this!

Kai: Okay, so 2017 will be a revision of the beginning we want too push on a next level. So I’m in your favor for our 15th year.

Ru: Well 10th of Mrch just ended and well, we’re doing a revision again… well there are many songs we didn’t do for quite some time, so we want to do them in a new way once again, and remember our whole self (as a band) again.That’s my impresion of our future

Re: Did you guys listen to my question???? I asked what you’re striving for!
U: woa, the leader changed!
All: lol
U: I’m surprised!
Re: I’m surprised… such low quality…
K: do it again with what were striving for!
*lamp goes on*

Re: okay last song request. Who likes this song?
K: ah I like it I guess.
Re: so who should read it
K:ah this one we won’t read! Because it’s our last song
Re: oh I see!
K: yeah it’s not a request
Re: so … what are you thinking about this song?
K: ahh! It was a request sorry! *burst out laughing*
U: this is awfull

Every members impression about rajigaze during this one year:
Uruha: Everyone, Im rarely doing MCs and I’m kind of clumsy with them, but my tongue is just like this. if there is another chance I would like to do it again, so if that time comes- I’ll be in your favor.
Aoi: Thank you for letting a novice like me do the radio every week. We’re forever the Gazette.
Re: In these 5 years..eh no I failed-
all: loool ehhh??
Re: For one year the 5 of us were just making a lot of noise, were just reading the mails everyone send us, were doing a radio where we completely relied on others, even if 2am was such a late time, I’m just really gratefull that you listened to us and send us so many mails. I’m gonna repay you at lives!
Ru: through this radio we were able to comunicate with everyone weren’t we? It was possible bc of this radio. Also we were able to not just play the Gazette’s songs, but also other artists songs. I really would like to do it again. For now there won’t be chances to talk anymore, but please come and hang out with us at lives!
K: We were able to show you a side of us we can’t show on stage. Well I do think that this radio was great, but I’m really gratefull for the fans we encountered because of this radio. So if there’s anther chance I would like to do the radio again. Thank you very much.

Re: so we’re thinking about another way how we can meet, but until then- let’s fnish this show with 1,2 this was Gazette -we rock!

uff I worked especially hard today! it took me hours I guess lol and it’s a lot longer- I hope you don’t mind o:D
I want to thank all of you! I had so much fun with the radio, with the translation and with your reactions.
I met a lot of people bc of this show. It was a great year.Thank you!

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(Johnny,Jaehyun,Taeyong,Doyoung.Yuta,Ten,Hansol - reaction to their gf having a very sensive neck( like you can't even blow on it. She gets chills all over her body) -- like what would they do with it (while making out or while making love)

I can only imagine 3 reactions to it.

1. Abuse it.
Some of them might thoroughly enjoy using it to their advantage, doing everything they can to make you writhe beneath them.
God, just picturing the little shits is so lewd
They’d start out simple, cradling your neck gently. It’d move to gentle kisses of your neck to sloppily sucking on the delicate skin. You’d most definitely writhe, covering your mouth, lowkey pushing them away because it’s too much [yet you wouldn’t want them to stop].
Would use their force to keep you still, wanting nothing more than to hear your whines as their teeth graze your skin.
- Yuta [This peice of shit. K, but would def dive in, not moving as your hands lowkey are pushing at his chest. He’d do something like grab one of your wrists, guiding your hand to his crotch.]
- Jaehyun [Boy oh boy. So like has anyone ever hugged you so tightly you can’t move? It’d be one of those things as you start to writhe, he just pulls you against himself (he’d probably crush you being on top of you like that tbh), your arms trapped between your bodies as he goes to town.]
- Doyoung [Hi, so I’m not 100% sure what he would do because he’s Doyoung, but I can see him as just not caring, like not budging no matter what you do. Or, I could see him doing some real classy shit like wrestling both your wrists into one of his hands and holding it above your head.]

2. Avoid it.
A few may try to avoid your neck if they know it’s hypersensitive.
Which may or may not come off as awkward at times as they have to take a moment to pause.
I don’t think they’d understand it really? The may thing you hate being touched their or something which really isn’t the case, but unless you say so, or pull them into the crook of your neck I think they’d busy themselves with other parts of your body~
- Taeil [Boy would be smooth about avoiding the area, almost as if it were natural, not awk at all, he’d just put his lips elsewhere :’)]
- Ten [Pretty much the same as Taeil tbh, a bit nervous tho at moments, but it wouldn’t really show]
- Johnny [He’d be super awkward about it, like it’d be on his mind every time, as a result, his kisses would be sub-par as his mind is filled with thoughts of avoiding the area because he thinks you don’t like it. You’d have to gain his attention again before he’d forget about it.]

3. Forget about it.
When in the moment, a few may totally forget about it, naturally diving into the crook of your neck, surprised by your reaction.
As a result they may be a #1 or #2 boy beneath the surface and carry on.
- Mark *this is making-out only, not dabbling in minor smut. [He’d kind of ruin the mood, turning awkward as he murmured before busing himself with your lips or face once again, anywhere but the neck.]
- Taeyong [He’d a little bit a #1, but not to the extent as the other boys. Every once in a while when he’d pull away, both of you breathless he’d nose at the junture of your neck, using the time to slip his hands under your shirt or something before returning to your lips.]
- Sicheng [He’d totally forget lol. He’d test the waters tho, he’d kinda avoid the area, but might sneak in a few quick kisses, curious to your reaction.]
- Hansol [In most cases I think he’d literally be the same as Mark, however, he has another mood that’s a bit more forward and sexy, so there’s also a possibility he could just do whatever he’s feeling at the moment.]

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