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anyways fall out boy and always sunny go together better than you’d think!

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floyd “i’m not gonna hold the door for harley because i’m not a gentleman at all and i don’t care about her at all lol but i’m also gonna make sure i look back and make sure she actually is behind me and that she made it up the stairs and that the door doesn’t hit her and that i opened it wide enough for her because i don’t care about harley at all” lawton

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and then there was this

D E E  B R A D L E Y  B A K E R

The Psychic Squad: Chapter Four

The shrinking valley was undoubtedly full of creatures by the time they had reached wherever Mahana was taking them. The rock touched down in front of a small wooden house and Mahana leapt off gracefully, sauntering in through the front door. Ryna figured they were at least five miles from the outer rim, and wondered what such an incredibly powerful psychic was doing out here instead of training for the military like she and the rest of her team were. Mahana’s power was incredible to say the least, but she found it difficult to get a proper read on their thoughts. Was Mahana using mental shields? Ryna wondered. She wasn’t sure whether to trust this stranger.

K and Jed dragged Dee into the house behind Mahana, and Ryna followed them closely. Mahana had set down a sheet on an old futon and they laid Dee down. “I’ll get some ice for her head.” Mahana said, and drifted off into another room.

Maybe it was pointless to distrust Mahana, Ryna thought. After all, they did save all their lives only moments prior. The rest of the team seemed to trust them well enough, K especially. The girl sighed. There really was no point in distrusting Mahana, but the mental shielding did worry her. “Hey, K.” Ryna put a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Did you get a read on Mahana’s aura?”

The redhead nodded. “Yup. Mahana is a Starseed type psychic, from what I gathered. They glow pretty brightly too.” K paused for a moment. “What are you thinking, Ryna?”

“I’m not really sure-” She was interrupted by Mahana walking in briskly with a sack of ice and a first aid kid. They knelt beside Dee and placed the ice on her head.

“I can’t really tell where she’s injured, other than that gash on her forehead.” They said, frowning.

Ryna stepped up. “I think I can help with that.” She placed her hands over Dee and closed her eyes, going deep into her friend’s subconscious where she knew she’d find a catalogue of the likely extensive damage on her physical and mental bodies. She flicked through the contents of her mind, pushing aside irrelevant and private information, and looking instead for only what was essential to diagnose the damage. After what seemed like forever, Ryna found what she was looking for; a damaged psychic emitter. “Found it!” The girl released from her psychic trance.

“Found what?” Jed asked.

“A misaligned emitter. Dee is fine, physically speaking, but that shockwave in the valley damaged several parts of her psyche.” The team breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Mahana’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Why are you guys happy about this? This seems really bad.”

“It could have been so much worse. This isn’t the first time Dee has gone into shock, we know how to fix this.” Jed said. “I’m ready any time you guys are.” He glanced between K and Ryna. They nodded and each grabbed one of Ryna’s shoulders. Deep in concentration, she placed her hands on either side of Dee’s head and went back into a trance.

K and Jed closed their eyes as well, allowing their consciousness to fade out and their astral bodies to move forward towards Dee. Each psychic unfurled their wings and created a protective barrier of auric light, enveloping Dee’s psychic body in technicolor, and healing the self inflicted damage done by the shockwave. With each pulse of light, Dee grew a little stronger, and Ryna could feel the psychic emitter sliding back into place. The unconscious girl’s shallow breathing evened out at last and the team returned to their physical bodies. Mahana watched them work with fascination; they truly worked as a unit, as if they were all one in the same. It was incredible.

One by one, the team pulled out of their trance. Ryna abruptly stood and faced Mahana. “I can dress the wound on her head, no problem, but I need to know who you are, nothing held back.” She said. Ryna hadn’t met someone who actively shielded their mind since Alaina, and this troubled her.

They nodded. “Alright, that’s fair, but it’s kind of a long story.” Mahana combed their fingers through thick curly hair and sighed. They began to speak once Ryna had begun to clean off Dee’s forehead. “Around twelve years ago is when I discovered I was a psychic human along with my siblings, Jena and Koheda. We were triplets. My parents were overjoyed, claiming that we were Starseeds, children incarnated from a different galaxy. But it was only a matter of time before the PCAI (Psychic Children Accumulation Initiative) found out. They found Koheda first, he gave himself up willingly.” Mahana’s face fell in pain. “Jena bought me time to run, but… they eventually found her too. From what I understand, she was sent to a reeducation center in New Orleans.”

“God, I’m so sorry.” K said.

“I have no idea where she is now, but I received intel via some of my parents old contacts that Koheda was in a nearby compound.” They said.

Jed raised an eyebrow. “Hold up. This compound is for Earth Angel type psychics. Starseed psychics are based on the other side of Appalachia. Are you quite sure you have the correct area? Maybe your intel is bad.” He crossed his arms.

“Well, that was my initial thought as well. After all, why send me to the wrong side of the mountains? But the coordinates led me straight to this house, so I figured that there was no way this could be a coincidence.” Mahana pulled a small glowing stone out of their pocket. “I found this in the basement when I first arrived. It gives off significant psychic interference, probably enough to block any scanners in the sector. It’s likely what has kept me from being discovered for so long.”

Bells went off in Ryna’s head. “Oh my god, everything makes sense now. That’s why I couldn’t get a read on you, isn’t it? Do you mind if I take a look at it?” She asked. They nodded and handed it over. The girl held it up to the dim sunlight filtering through. The rock was a translucent quartz variety at first glance, but Ryna knew better than to accept that. The oddest thing about the stone was the fact that the color emanating from it changed from a deep purple in Mahana’s hands to a vibrant green in Ryna’s hands. “I wonder…” She began and tossed the stone to K.

A pale pink and red light began to shine as soon as K caught the stone. “It corresponds to our auras then?” She asked.

Ryna glanced over at Mahana, and was now able to clearly read their surface emotions. “That would be my best guess at this point.”
Jed, who thus far had been mostly silent, spoke up. “The remaining question is where do we go from here?” He put his head in his hands. “I obviously don’t want to turn you in, Mahana, but…” he trailed off.

“But what?”

“How are we going to explain any of this without leading them straight to you, one way or another.”

“He has a point. This is pretty dangerous for you.” K said.

Mahana was contemplative for a moment. “Actually, this provides me with a perfect opportunity. I still need to get into the facility, and if I come in with you guys as a civilian in danger, it provides me with the perfect cover.”

“That’s pretty risky, going into a secure military base. What if you get caught. There’s no guarantee that any of us will be able to help you out of a tough spot once we get inside.” Jed said.

Mahana grinned and lifted up their hands to reveal two bracelets. “I can take care of myself alright.” They twisted the bracelets which formed into two bladed gauntlets. “If I get into a tight spot, I will be just fine. Now,” they smirked, “take me to your leader.”

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