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“Spoiler warning - Part 02”
(This is a comic/sketch of the Yoosung route “Bad Ending 2” with an alternate ending)


  • If you don’t want to know what happens in this section, please refrain from reading it.
  • Read it from left to right (some balloons are confusing, so they are listed or connected in their dialogs)
  • I added an alternative after ending, I wanted to change the final bit, “I want to protect yoosung” that I thought when going through that end.
  • My English is not my forte, so I apologize if they find errors. (Try to help me with the translator as much as possible)
  • Don’t suffer, a bad ending, it will always be a bad ending, no matter how much you want to change it. Hehe.

I hope you like these sketches, (I also use them to practice a little)
Feel free to comment and ask what you want. ^^

If Victor and Yuuri ever have children Victor is going to be one of those parents who wears matching outfits with their kid. Meanwhile Yuuri is like, “Does our two year old really need mini Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses?” and Victor insists the sunglasses were too cute to pass up.

Until their toddler tries to flush the expensive sunglasses down the toilet.

Legendary Threads & Customs X The $+o_0p!d KHEMI$T shoot collab

Legendary Threads & Customs X The $+o_0p!d KHEMI$T

Models: Ashley Davidson (Facebook: Ashley Davidson: IG: Shes_ashleydavidson)

Dominique Holland (Facebook: Dominique Holland :Tumblr: http://d-marj-blog.tumblr.com/ )

Zitlaly Garcia (Facebook: Zitlaly Garcia)

Deltrich Lewis (Facebook: Deltrich Lewis)

Tyrek Morrison (Facebook: Tyrek Morrison: IG: TMORRISONNN: Twitter: TMORRISONNN)

Purple Haze (Facebook: Zay PurpleHaze Goode: Tumblr: @purplehazepurpleplanet : Twitter: Purptah

Jean wear by: Legendary Threads & Customs

Owner: Tyrek Morrison 

Contact @ info above 

Soccer Jersey :Adidas X $+o_0p!d KHEMI$T

Owner/Designer: Purple Haze

Contact @ info above

Hat By: #VilleMade contact Jugotti Beats 

Photography: Mike Norman (Facebook: Mike Norman, Ubuntugraphics Youtube: Ubuntugraphics)

Ky Shaki (Facebook: Ky Shaki)



made by the wonderful birthday girl @nicotinc! thank you for putting her up for download, I’m in love. I also gave her a few more freckles, cause I love me some freckles. I can also finally change my icon that I’ve had since December oops




 Sorry if you think it’s expensive, but it takes me at least 3 days to do them, and I want minimum wage. Also, included in the price are all those Etsy and Paypal/Credit card fees I absorb (they wack you). I decided I like portrait commissions, so in between book covers, I wouldn’t mind doing them.

 The last two images are other examples of my work.

 Worst case scenario, no one wants it and I get to paint whatever I want and commercial stuff lol 8D

Ex Coworker is my hero

Okay so my ex coworker’s (who shall be referred to as K) last day was today (4/15) and she made it into such a treat for us. She’s incredibly pretty so you can guess she gets a lot of unwanted attention. Today she just went into full “I do not fucking care” mode and I loved it. A couple of exchanges I saw are:

Customer: “You should smile, you’d be prettier if you did.”

K: “As soon as you leave my line I’ll have a reason to smile.”

Customer: *after hitting on her for the entire damn transaction* “So can I get your number?”

K: “Sure, it’s 15013825968.” (Didn’t get this. Asked her, on a dial pad the 3825968 arrange to say “fuck you”)

And last one I got to see

K: *just clocked out and is heading to the freaking exit*

Customer: Excuse me.

K: *keeps walking*

Customer: exCUSE ME!!

K: *turns to look at them* I’m 15 feet away, if that’s not enough room for your ego then you’re out of luck. *turns and walks off*

Customer: *Starts bitching at me, asks for manager to report her*

Me: She doesn’t work here anymore, this was her last shift and the manager can’t do anything, sorry.

Customer: Fuck you, her, and this shitty store. [Insert the whole “I’ve been coming here for years, you’ve lost a customer blah blah”]

I’m gonna miss her so much.

anonymous asked:

When they give jumin shit for being bad w technology ... and then there’s zen equally as bad or worse

They’re bad with technology for COMPLETE OPPOSITE REASONS.

Jumin is terrible BECAUSE HES RICH and has had no need to bother with half the things normal people use on a daily basis and Zen is terrible because he was POOR and had to make his way on his own from a very young age so he’s gotten along without the luxuries. Which I think is so funny how they mirror each other like this???!!!

Jumin doesn’t know how to use things like vending machines because, well, when the hell would he ever eat vending machine food? He doesn’t even know what a friggin hamburger is, like, I’m sure he could look at a microwave and never guess what it’s used for or how to work it lmao.

Zen probably scraped money together to get a “Hindows 98” computer from a refurbish store and to him that works fine. He has always lived a super simple life and it’s not that he’s necessarily bad with technology but he just doesn’t friggin know about it 😂 or he just sees it as unnecessary? He freaks out when he hears how expensive the computer Saeyoung was offering him is. I’m sure if someone gave him a bit of help with social networking he’d find a way to throw more selfies all over the web ahahaha

I swear I’ve had customers who come in and have asked me if they get a new computer does that mean they have to get a new email address—because they think your email is tied to that specific computer 😂 and I 1 million percent feel like Zen would be that customer haha


I just started learning how to make sims 4 cc and this is what i’ve made so far. Obviously they’re not perfect but I’ve only been going at it for 2 days.

Most are just me trying to copy k fashion styles I’ve seen and the top is just some Exo Jackets I’ve finished. I’ve done all 12 Members ^^ I think I'lll stick to copying k fashion and k idols clothings. Next is the gayo daejun exo sweater I have lol

If you’re interested in downloading any of these I’ll gladly put them up for download c: