k college problems

ID #91202

Name: Janay
Age: 20
Country: United States

hi, iiii hate writing about myself lol.
i am a sophomore in college, i’m a geology/environmental science major. i play a bit of cello and i’m really interested in learning how to play bass guitar. i love every genre of music (including foreign, like k-pop and latin) expect country.

i really want to get into film. so movie recommendations are encouraged. im currently learning Korean in college. i also want to learn Spanish and Arabic so if you know either of those that’s wonderful.

uhhhh lol. im open to every race, gender, sexuality etc.

i’m gonna think of like something really important to write later and it’s gonna be too late.

feel free to be as open as you want to be. i don’t think that i’m a judgmental person. im open to having political discussions, talking about family problems, small talk. lol it doesn’t really matter to me.

lol this “about me” was a complete mess.

Preferences:  i’d prefer someone in my age group like 18-25 but this isn’t like strict or anything. snail-mail! lol we can send each other stuff, if you’re down. but emailing is cool too. location doesn’t matter.