k bye need sleep

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Poor tae, if you don't want to do it then don't, don't listen to them it hurts seeing you being pushed for something you clearly don't want :"( , ask more potion from joonie pls

Taehyung: Th-Thank you…. Everything will be ok soon… I guess…

Jungkook: H-Honey…? 

Taehyung: ehm… 


hi enjoy this sketchdump filled only with self indulgent fluffy bullhockey of my OTP (gevanni also makes a brief cameo but fuck him)

and ayy some of you gave me ideas for this so here : haleybopcomet roboticsong 43501 thegamblersfallacy mrboogieman

Reasons not to be mad that 5sos have groupies
  • It’s none of your buisness 
  • You do not own them
  • They’re not the only band with groupies
  • They’re allowed to put their penis wherever they want 
  • It’s none of your buisness

May this video remind us that we fangirls needs to sleep too 😂 K bye 😪

P.S The8 and Jeonghan was just cute 😭 And Jeonghan & Ren in one frame 😍

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