k but why do i always get attached to doomed couples

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wonho has a crush on you as a labelmate (you guys are friends) and he gets jealous when he sees how close you are with Kwangmin how hes getting flirty and too much skinship? (sorry for bad english)

Your English is fine angel !! and bless your little soul this is like a dream come true (not really bc being stuck in that situation is so awful but like actually imagine the two of them fighting over you brb ded)

When Wonho gets jealous of your friendship with Kwangmin

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  • So first things first, the most difficult thing in this situation is the fact that Kwangmin is Wonho’s sunbae BUT he’s 2 years younger
  • So the first thing is Wonho’s would need to figure out whether or not it’s within his right so say anything ??
  • because if they’re not that close (Boyfriend have been promoting in Japan a lot and I’ve never seen the two groups interact, but I could be wrong!! if anyone has clips of the groups interacting send them my waaaay) then he can’t say anything directly to him because he’s his senior even though he’s younger
  • BUT also Wonho is known for saying what he wants when he feels like the situation is wrong and not giving a flying f(rick) what anyone thinks (the MBC thing anyone?)
  • sooooooo
  • it would start out when you guys are hanging out in the practice room, he was just getting in some extra hours to polish up the moves for the latest comeback and you were helping him out
  • but you were also waiting for the Boyfriend members because you were going to be collaborating on a track for their new album and you had to get started on the choreo asap
  • Wonho has always been affectionate with you, for as long as you’ve been friends which was actually back when he was a trainee (in this au you’re both his and Kwangmin’s sunbae)
  • so the little things like messing up your hair and hugs etc were so regular that neither of you really noticed you were doing it
  • but as soon as the Boyfriend members come in and Kwangmin picks you up and twirls you around Wonho’s like ?? get your own best friend wtf 
  • Wonho pulls you away from him and jokingly (but for real tho) says “Hey, she’s fragile, don’t swing her around like that. rattle your twin’s brain instead”
  • Slight awkwardness ensues from then on because that was really not lowkey at all and the fact that Wonho didn’t let go of your hand after pulling you to his side was hella obvious that something else was going on
  • whether it was mutual or one sided Kwangmin didn’t know
  • sensing the inpending doom of the awkwardness, you send Wonho out telling him you’ll meet up with him later for food like you planned before
  • as he’s about to close the door behind him he sees Kwangmin LOOK RIGHT AT HIM while grabbing you for another hug and smirking
  • they’re both stubborn little nuggets, don’t fight me on this, they’re both petty but I love them anyway
  • So for the next couple of weeks as you’re working with the BF boys you keep having to cancel plans with Wonho because an idol’s work is never done (he reminds you that’s not the actual quote but lets you off because it was cute)
  • and he’s getting more and more impatient because they couldn’t possibly suck THAT bad that they need all this extra time with you to work on choreo ?
  • like he knows how talented and hard headed you are, if you know what you want the performance to look like, dang it thats what it’s going to be
  • So you can imagine when he walks into the studio run out of patience after a couple of weeks of letting it slide and he sees you with your back to Kwangmin, arms behind you slung around his neck and with his arms around your waist- no more like his whole body attached to your back and his lips dangerously close to kissing your cheek !!!
  • there’s steam blowing out of his ears
  • it’s done
  • he’s flipped his lid
  • completely done with the whole situation he yanks Kwangmin away from you and pushes his chest once he’s tuned to face him looking confused as hell until he realizes who it is
  • Wonho looks like he could murder someone, and that someone’s name begins with K
  • (It’s Kwangmin)
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing ??”
  • “What am I doing ?? What are you doing interrupting our practice time??”
  • “YAH I’m your Hyung don’t you yell back at me!!”
  • “well HYUNG, I’m your SUNBAE so don’t yell at me”
  • “Well I’m BOTH of your sunbae so I say stop yelling !!”
  • They stop and look at you for a second, completely forgetting why they were arguing in the first place
  • “I’m getting really tired of you acting like children, and I have no idea what’s going on. So how about you two figure it out and call me when you’ve apologized to each other. NO BUTS!”
  • After you left they both go back into their stubborn mode and won’t look at each other for a few minutes
  • Kwangmin’s the first to break when he sighs and admits defeat
  • “I’m sorry… I don’t even know why I was acting like that. I guess it’s just because I don’t spend much time here anymore and whenever I see y/n all she talks about is you and I guess I got jealous… I don’t blame you for being mad at me”
  • “She talks about me?”

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What are your absolute favorite HJ fanfictions? :D

Everything by @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet ~ her profiles: ffnet and AO3. My faves from her are:

Made Bare 

Summary:  A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility—and getting past his wife—may well prove impossible.
Rated: M
Comments: This is my favorite fanfic by Lisa, and also my canon for the show’s season 8. Literally. It’s perfect.

Hyde’s Long Way Home

Summary: Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up … and it’s the same day as before. He’s doomed to live the same day over and over — unless he can figure out a way to live it right.
Rated: M
Comments: The mothership. This fic is the reason why I write for this fandom. This story is an experience to read. From the start to the end, it makes you part of Hyde’s journey and every arc is pretty much alive with you. Wonderful fic.  


Summary: Hyde finds himself homeless on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.
Rated: T
Comments: The post-series part of this fanfiction is WONDERFUL. Jackie’s characterization in this piece is one of my favorites, she sounds so much like her, it’s just perfect.   

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