k but really i liked this show a lot


Playing around with the screen tones in Clip Studio Paint and simultaneously loving how many awesome features this program has and dying over how many things I have left to discover and test out.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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little twenty one pilots things i really dislike

as much as i really love twenty one pilots, here are some things i really dislike, mostly regarding the fanbase:

- ‘smol bean’ 

- ‘ukulele screamo’

- ‘clique as frick’

- ‘fren’ is hella cringey, even when tyler says it

- .:pêøpłê tÿpīñg êvęrÿthįńg łìkė thîš:. 

- “DADDY!” comments

- fans thinking top are the only band/artist making real music on the radio

- fans who hate on other fans for being a newer fan, usually the same fans who complain about top being popular

- fans who complain that top don’t play enough old songs live, ignoring the fact that emotional roadshow was literally promoting the album blurryface (i do kinda get that with tour de columbus though, but still they did play a lot of oldies)

- fans who hate on other fans for also liking k-pop groups (i just really don’t get the hate here and i’ve never even tried to listen to k-pop lmao)

- fans who stalk/harass the boys and their families, eg: finding josh’s parents house and taking photos outside of it, even if done respectfully it’s still weird and creepy

- how terrible the pit can be at some shows, pushing, punching, no etiquette whatsoever

- a lot of merch is kinda ugly to me, the designs have gotten better more recently though

feel free to add your own things

Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

Want to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories? Well now’s your chance!

Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

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Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 3

I’m alive… There were too many things this month, I can’t believe we’re already halfway through. Anyway, finally, here’s the full translation of the choreography commentary from the BD/DVD vol.3. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo, as usual. This time it’s Minami’s FS, Phichit’s SP, Leo’s SP and Chris’ SP. More programs so of course it’s longer than usual.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Translation under the cut since it’s twice the usual length.

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ok but like

bryke went on and on about how zutara was so “dark and edgy” (still don’t get that, tbqh. kinda like when people think zuko is this “dark and suave and edgy” character, but really he’s just a giant dork. i feel like bryke has that same misunderstanding). 

yet in-show k@taa.ng sends such an awful message to kids? like, think of all the little boys that grow up to resent women for “putting them in the friend zone” and feel entitled to girls and women’s attentions and affections.

aang never really unlearned that mentality (and he VERY MUCH had that mentality). he just kind of gets what he wants. 

i mean, a lot of the messages sent by the way k@taa.ng was handled in canon are very…idk just not okay - at all. 

“he’s the main character and the hero! the trophy girl BELONGS to him! he DESERVES her!”

“look at the guys she’s been interested in! they’ve been awful and betrayed her! clearly, the Good Guy should be with her. she just doesn’t know what’s good for her! if only she’d give the Good Guy a chance!” (this one’s mostly aimed at jet, but i’ve seen it leveled at zuko which doesn’t really make sense on multiple levels because 1) zuko and katara are not shown in canon to have romantic interest in each other 2) zuko tries desperately to gain katara’s forgiveness not because he is interested in her but because he genuinely cares what she thinks of him and wants to be her friend - wanting her friendship shows how much he values her as a person and not something he deserves as a reward for Being The Hero *coughcough*)

“she’s uncomfortable with your romantic and physical advances. clearly she just is confused about what she wants! you know better! you belong together! keep persisting and she’s yours!”

tbqh, zuko showed so much more respect towards katara’s personhood. he showed a clear understanding of respecting people’s boundaries, and their experiences, and that they might have a different opinion than his own that is shaped by those things. he understood her, and when he didn’t he tried to, and not because he had some ulterior motive.

the same cannot be said for a@ng. even though i love a@ng, this was a serious character flaw - which would be fine! if he actually learned anything from it, or tried to change. 

the comics and tlok show how little he really changed, and there were never any real consequences for his shadier character traits. they were just “quirks” deserving of endless forgiveness and acceptance, and that “deserved” katara like some kind of prize for being The Savior.

and to me, that’s much darker of a message to send to kids than friends-to-lovers trope/people learning about their flaws and each other and bettering themselves through loving each other that would have been the clear direction of a zutara arc.

anonymous asked:

HEY, I noticed you use a lot of rupaul's drag race gifs and "slang", do you watch the show?? If so, please tell me who you like!! (sorry I get really excited about this show... u_u)

blame arin for the mess that i’ve become i’ve only seen seasons 5-9, my favorite ones are 6 and 9 and the queens of my heart are Sasha Velour, Valentina, Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Trinity K. Bonet, Katya, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls <3


I’m so sorry for the wait on this request and I am also sorry if the story sounds redondant! A lot of people already wrote a story based on what happened to Kim K. in Paris and it is really hard to do something different. I hope you like it though xx

Warning : No hate towards Paris, I mean I’m legit french so why whould I send hate to my country ya know !

“Goodnight, guys! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Y/N waved at the small group of french fans that had showed up in front of her hotel. She climbed up the stairs tiredly, followed by her bodyguard. “I love Paris. They’re really nice, aren’t they?” She stated, letting out a content sigh. “Yeah, they actually are.” Hey bodyguard replied, sending a smile. “I’ll join you upstairs, I’ll go and check the lobby.” He stated, before walking back downstairs, leaving Y/N alone.

Having a bodyguard following every single of your steps wasn’t common but when you had about 10 million followers on social media and had some numbers one singles all around the world, it was pretty much necessary. And Y/N had had the change of knowing her bodyguard, Dave, for a long while as they were long time friends. Y/N was on a trip to Paris for the weekend to promote her latest single and she had always been amazed by the beauty of this city and the kindness of its people.

After giving a little private show for a famous radio, she had spent a few minutes with her fans standing outside of her hotel before climbing to get some rest. The first day of her trip had been amazing so far.

Once she had found her room number, she was about to walk in when she noticed that the door was opened. Nerves suddenly flashed her body as she gently pushed the door , allowing her to step inside and as soon as she did, she felt her heart flinch. And she was now left motionless by fear. A gun was pointed to her head. Too men stood there, black hoods over their heads, hiding their identity. “Give us what you got.” One of the men said, his accent barely understandable and Y/N glanced down to her finger. The sight of the sliver ring blurred by her tears. Without even thinking, she slid the ring on her finger and within a second, on e of the men had it in his hands and in a bag where she could catch a glimpse of a few of her belongings. She knew she should have screamed for her life but fear had caught up on her and she was paralyzed.

“Hey!” She jumped at the sound of Dave calling out after them and the men quickly ran off. Her bodyguard tried to run after them but they were too fast and before anyone could understand what had just happened, they were already far gone.

“Oh my god, Y/N are you okay? Did they hurt you?” Dave rambled, a hint of panic in his voice as he gripped onto her arms carefully. And despite the worried stare of her friend on her, she couldn’t was speechless. Y/N shrugged him off before walking to the couch and sitting down on it slowly, taking a moment to register the actions, feeling the coldness of the gun on her forehead all over again and she was suddenly hit by a wave panic as her breathing became less and less easy for her. Dave sat down next to her, phone pressed against his ear as he was calling the police but Y/N didn’t care about them, she needed to talk to him.

A couple of minutes later, the police was already around the room, checking everything as they had put a blanket over Y/N’s shoulders, as if it was going to change anything. “Call him.” Y/N ordered as her eyes finally moved from the floor to look up to her friend. And it didn’t took long for Dave to understand. He pulled out his phone and dialled the number that he knew all too well.

“Hey. Something happened. Her room got robbed. Yes, she’s right here. No, Joe, just calm do-” Dave spoke, replying to Joe on the other side of the phone and the tears were now unstoppable from Y/N’s cheeks as she was still shaking from horror. She could her the voice of her lover raising in volume as Dave explained what had happened. Y/N reached out of the phone, exchanging a look with Dave before grabbing the phone and bringing to her ear, doing her best to stay calm.

“Love, are you okay? What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, anger evident in his voice as she let out a sigh. “They put a fucking gun to my head. I’m terrified, Joe. I need you.” Y/N rambled as she felt as if she couldn’t stop talking now that she had heard his voice. “Shhh, baby please just take a deep breath and focus on my voice, alright?” Joe ordered, his voice calmer as he was trying to sooth her down and Y/N nodded, forgetting that it was technically impossible for him to see her since he was in England. She took in a deep breath, just as told and listened to her lover’s words. “I just booked the first flight that I could get, I’ll be there in about 3 hours. Love, please just try to stay calm, It won’t take long for me to get here, I promise. I love you, alright.” Joe said, speaking slowly as he was about to get out of their shared house and drive to the airport. “I love you too.” Y/N replied, barely above a whisper as she smiled to herself at the thought of simply wrapping her arms around him.

And Joe was right. A few hours later, he was now in Paris, walking through the dark streets as it was late. And it didn’t took long for him to find the hotel and quickly climb up the stairs to the floor where her room was.

“I’m her boyfriend just let me in!” Joe exclaimed, anger running through his veins as the french policemen wouldn’t let him in, barely understanding what he was saying. Y/N stood up at the sound of the voice and stepped out of the room, where her eyes fell on him and without hesitating, she closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him as if he was about to fly away. “I’m here, Y/N. I’m not going anywhere now.” Joe whispered in her ear as he dropping soft kisses along her neck, running his fingers through her hair, not even paying attention the people watching him. “I want to go home.” Y/N stated, as she buried her head into the crock of his neck, inhaling his reassuring scent. “Tomorrow, don’t worry. We’ll cancel everything. Your safety is what matters the most.” Joe admitted after they had pulled away, brushing his fingers against her cheek his blue eyes staring deeply into hers.

And this time he was able to see the nod that she gave him as Joe pressed a soft kiss on her lips, before Dave got in charge of giving them another room in another hotel, closer to the airport so they would be able to go home as soon as they could.

Arc V Fandom Group Hug

I’ve had a really enjoyable past 3 years getting to know all you guys thanks to this show. I hadn’t ever really interracted with the Yugioh fandom much before Arc V (despite having seen every single episode of the other series before it) so I’m very grateful that my overall experience and interractions with the vast majority of you guys have been positive! I also wanna thank both Arc V and you guys for this immense amount of creative motivation you’ve all given me throughout (seriously be it artist, writer, editor, or just a fan who reblogs or comments I gotta say this fandom has some really talented and creative people that have inspired me in MANY ways). Lastly, thank you all for the SMILES you’ve given me. It’s been a fun time with you guys and I made a lot of really cool and incredible friends out of a lot of you guys! Thanks! 

Ah but don’t worry, even if the show is ending, the EGAOS will keep on coming for sure! Looking forward to much more from you all!

The fun has just begun!

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Pairing: Vernon x Black Female!Reader [Anyone is allowed to read this though]

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Warnings: Implied racism, colorism, just pure ignorance, cursing, and implied sex.

A/N: I just wanted to say that this request was such a pleasure to write because it hits home for a lot of black women who often go through this. Not only that but I really tried to put in a lot of the colorism and racism that goes on in so many countries such as South Korea. Things like that are no joke, racism is not a joke and dismissing black feelings and lives is not a joke but rather shows the ignorance this world has. I just wanted to bring this to light because believe it or not there is a lot of antiblackness within the K pop community. That needs to end, racism needs to end. Thank you for reading this.

[Also please do not come into our inbox with some dumb shit saying that antiblackness in the kpop community is not a thing. Because unless you’ve been a victim or have seen that shit first hand then you are not allowed to speak. If you have any questions about this topic or just to let out your feelings then our inbox is open.]


The life of an idol is a lot more delicate than you would think.

They can’t even tiptoe over the imaginary line without a consequence.

Whoever they date will also face the consequences. Their career will face the most consequences, everything they’ve built up will crumble to the ground in seconds and it’s impossible to know if they’ll be able to build it back up. So when you agreed to come on this interview you were filled with regret. These thoughts started to haunt you, but Vernon always told you not to worry about it.

“You’ll be fine,” he told you but deep down inside you both knew that he was lying, he was lying to you but you couldn’t be mad at him. No you couldn’t because Hansol has and always will be an optimistic person, he always was reassuring about the simplest things. Don’t confuse it for him being a fool however, that boy was so fucking aware of the racial issues in the world, he himself going through it. 

But he couldn’t compare that to what you’ve gone through in life. 

You looked at him, you looked at him and he looked at you and without words you both were able to speak to one another. You were not going to be fine, if anything the rest of the interview would be questions about how and why you two decided to pursue a relationship knowing the racial divide between you both. After they soaked in the fact that you were black, especially half black. Oh shit would definitely hit the fan.

“I’m scared Hansol, I don’t want to lose my shit and then they’ll call me a monkey or something. You know how crazy I can get.”

He gave you a breathy laugh, “keep calm and stay classy. If they say anything disrespectful to you then you bite back but in a classy way. You do it all the time, besides if no one can look past your skin color…then well fuck them they don’t deserve to be bothered with.”

Even with him basically lifting your spirits up a bit, you still couldn’t shake away the feeling of dread at the moment. This interview was tomorrow and thousands of people would either love you or hate you. The outcome was most likely the latter and dating an idol in one of the most successful groups this time around was not going to help your case. “That doesn’t really help me.” 

You got up off the couch and went to the bathroom locking the door behind you immediately sitting on the the toilet and burying your face in your hands. You couldn’t do this, you just fucking couldn’t. 

Maybe it was your mother’s strength that she had given you genetically or your own loyalty and desire to keep your boyfriend happy but you were sat in your seat on a Friday looking above at the television that played the recording of the interview that was taking place. “Lord don’t fail me now please.” You mumbled a few more prayers and swept your hair over your left shoulder and smoothed out your dress as your hands struggled to keep still. Fucking anxiety.

“So you all are leading towards your five year anniversary of being a group. There are obviously more privileges now that you all aren’t rookies such as dating. Your dating ban was lifted last year I believe?”

The boys all nodded, and this was it, this is where they bring up Vernon’s dating rumors with you. You were proud to be able to say that you were with the most handsome and humble man you’ve met but to some people love just didn’t cut it. “We can date now, but a lot of us don’t have the time or haven’t found the one.” Seungcheol spoke as Vernon begun to get flustered thinking about you.

“I hear that only five of you are seeing people. Jun, Vernon, Hoshi, Joshua, and Mingyu correct? How does it feel to be able to have someone by your side and how do they deal with you all being idols.”

There were multiple answers going around. Some were that their significant others were very supportive and tried to see them as many times as they could. For other such as Vernon and Jun, their own relationships were rocky and it was always a constant battle between their career or love.

“My girlfriend lives in the states so seeing her is already hard enough. It’s tough being so far from one another and then having the group, the—” He had to stop himself from mentioning some of their fans as being the cause of some of the hardships in their relationship. A lot of them didn’t like the fact that he was with someone, and now bringing her out to show the whole world—her skin color would make them hate her even more.

“It’s pretty much just distance that’s the problem.”

“Well,” the mc said smiling, “distance is no longer a problem for the moment right? Isn’t she here today with you?”

You and Hansol have this weird ability to read each other with ease. By the look on his face, the way he bit his lip and forced a smile that looked quite convincing—he was panicking and not because he didn’t want to show you off because trust and believe the man did he so badly wanted to do that. The whole thing with far from the beauty standards there…and being half Black and Korean. It made his head spin.

Staff had fixed your hair, and makeup, your usual curls now straightened without you having the strength to protest against them using a flat iron. Your wider nose had been contoured to appear softer. Last but not least they had tried to use foundation and concealer shades lighter than you actually were but both you, Hansol and Joshua had put a stop to that immediately. You weren’t broken, so they didn’t need to fix you.

One of the women whom you held multiple conversations with regarding how terrified you were about going out there because of the issues with people with darker complexions she had given you this short advice to plant into your head. If you’re on a journey, the only people who matter are the ones making sure you reach your endpoint. In other words, if their main wish is to see you be better or be happy then they mattered. If not they were nothing but gum on the sidewalk.

“This is the first time we’re seeing her. I’m a bit nervous. Tell us Vernon on a scale of one to ten how beautiful is she?”

“Nothing can measure her beauty,” Vernon spoke about you like you were a Goddess, like you were everything to him and the world needed to know that you held his heart in your hands and he was praying that one day you wouldn’t let go. “She’s amazing and I never thought I’d get the say that about someone.” Despite him being confident while speaking about you, his face went from tan to red after receiving stares from the crowd who were as surprised as you on his confession.

“God I love you Hansol.”

“You’re turning into a real man. Women make men stronger. I think everyone would like to see her now. Do you want to go get her? I think she might nervous”

He was more than okay with having you by his side in a moment that would change his career and how people see him. The boys watched Hansol get up, their own throats forming lumps as anxiety hit them all. They didn’t understand why you, Hansol and Joshua were scared for dear life but they knew that their friend was taking a risk when he decided to date you. They could see the love in Hansol’s eyes as he stared at you at times or the happiness that spread to his face as he spoke about you. All they wanted was for him to be happy.

You were biting your nails again, Hansol knew that you were definitely about to break down. “Hey, it’s going to be alright okay?” As his warm hands caressed your arms you backed away from him, your emotions so mangled up that you were afraid of lashing out at him.

“You’ll be okay, but what about me?”

“What about you? You’ll be fine darling, years from now this thing will be the past. People will get over it, in order to continue this chapter in our lives you have to come out there with me. Please, baby please.”

Again it was the love you had for him that made you ready to go through with what will be a year of hell and wanting to give up. His fans would not give you a break after they find out about you, they would not let you breathe without reminding you how Vernon could have done so much better and he could have but he chose you over everyone else. “Fuck, let’s do it.” A warm smile is what he had upon hearing your words, his heart bursting with love but his belly still holding the unknown.

He took your hand and you two started to walk towards the entrance to the stage. The audience was waiting with a curious look as it had been a few minutes since Vernon had left, even the boys were starting to get worried. There was a curtain separating you from the audience and mc, and had Vernon not quickly pulled it to the side you would have ran off to throw up.

The lights from the set almost blinded you and you felt your heart trying to escape your chest. This felt wrong, it was wrong, this was the worst thing you had to endure this year—the silence, the shock on everyone’s faces. Even disappointment from some of the younger girls. Slowly though, as Vernon had stood there with you, his hand gripping yours tightly, someone had started to clap, followed by many other who cheered for you two.


Total fucking relief.

Although it seemed that the audience wasn’t as racist as you would have expected them, that didn’t stop the mc from commenting on the obvious difference in your skin tone from Vernon’s. It bothered you, it really did because it was the twenty-first century and people have yet to accept the fact that races were mixing and people were happy that way. You could take all of his snide comments, you had thick skin and a whole lot of experience with ignorant fuckers so this was just normal.

For Hansol it was slightly different, he too had his share of bad memories when it came to being mixed but he was the type of person who avoid confrontation and preferred to hide away even though you knew he couldn’t handle it. “Halfies always date halfies I’m guessing.” To the audience it was a joke but for you and Hansol you could hear the hatred in his voice which prompted you both to keep a straight face, you weren’t here to entertain these people.

“You date the person you like.” Hansol clapped back with a small smile on his face.

“Did girls come flocking to you in primary school? I mean- can all see that you’re clearly not Korean.”

What? You couldn’t stop your legs from bouncing as you tried so hard to bite back your tongue and to not go off on the mc. Was that man really trying to erase Vernon’s and even part of your heritage, especially on live television where he was making a fool of himself?

“I am Korean, and for your question I wasn’t the best looking-”

“Because you’re not fully Korean? But that’s okay you’re handsome now right ladies?”

Then came the cheers from the audience, the ignorant cheers and whistles as they knew nothing of what was actually happening. Or, maybe they did but they simply did not care. Lord you wish you had more strength in you today because you were so close to losing it. He placed a hand on your leg, squeezing it tightly as he was telling you to be calm, and to be very honest you didn’t want to be calm, now you wanted to be crazy. 

“Y/N have you ever tried whitening cream?”

My skin is fucking flawless, I love how my brown skin look in the sun and I don’t ever want to lower myself into your ideal standard of looking like someone threw a bag of flour at you. All you said though was, “no.” You knew what was going to come next, he would say ‘you should buy some’ and then you would nod your head and smile at him as if you weren’t going to kill him in his sleep.

“You are very beautiful, your dark skin suits you.”

“Your hair isn’t straight? Why is it like that?”

“Now that I think about it you would look better with lighter skin.“

To say that you were tired was an understatement, after having to let yourself be discriminated against for the sake of your boyfriend’s career you were drained emotionally and mentally. You felt so numb that when Hansol tried to whisper sweet things into your ear as you all rode in the car back to their dorms you sat there in silence, making him wonder if things between you and him were okay still.

You sat on the edge of his bed, taking off your shoes slowly as Hansol watched you from the doorway, closing it behind him once you looked at him. You could see the sadness on his face, the guilt and regret—he blamed himself. There was no way you was going to let him stand there and think that this was all his fault, the two of you knew that this would happen, you were ready for it. “I’m not mad at you.”

“I know.”

“I’m just so fucking tired.”

“I know.”

“Then why do you look guilty?”

He sighed, “I don’t know.” He walked over to you and knelt down, moving himself to be in between your legs as his arms wrapped around your waist and his head laid on your chest. “I’m sorry for putting you through that.” All you could hear was mumbling but you picked up on the ‘I’m sorry’.

You chuckled lightly, “I know.”

“Seungkwan is okay with sleeping with the others tonight so it’s just me and you in here. Are you hungry?”

“Oh yes, after a hard day a girl needs to eat.”

A small laugh came from him, and he was smiling with his eyes as he stared at you, his everything right now. “Pizza? I know that you haven’t eaten any non Korean foods while you were here. It’s quick and cheap too.”

Most would think that in the middle of two people speaking about food is a time where you don’t kiss them, but for you this was perfect. His head on your chest, your hands rubbing his back soothingly and his arms around you securely. You let your hands touch his face, titling his head up to you where you pressed your lips against his. “Pizza it is baby.”

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Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Ten
  • okay so
  • anon let me choose between markimoo and this cutie for this masterpost
  • and i choosed this prince bc I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • hopefully he’s fully recovered from his knee surgery but :(( idk
  • i miss my bby so muchhhhhh
  • but it doesn’t matter now, let’s just start this lol
  • soooooooooooooo,,,, !!!
  • both of you were in your house, okay
  • it was a really nice morning and yes, he stayed over last night
  • y’all had a cute sleepover where y’all ate pizza, played videogames and watched movies until both of you eventually fell sleep
  • and you woke up because of the loving kisses ten was leaving all over your face
  • “what are you doing?”
  • you whispered to him and you could’t help but smile when you saw this angel’s face
  • your eyes were barely open but you still could see that ten was smiling too
  • your voice sounded so soft and sleepy and you just made him melt
  • “good morning princess. i woke you up because i’m bored without you”
  • jfc if he wasn’t so damn perfect i swear i would have slapped him in the face
  • but you just cuddle closer to him and enjoyed his warm
  • and he just keep giggling and smiling at your cuteness, oh my god
  • i high-key want to keep writing about this bc this is basically my dream, ok
  • now i have the scenario of how beautiful would be waking up every morning next to this angel and i’m so sad because i’m so deeply in love with him
  • “you know, y/n, i was thinking about going out for breakfast after we shower and change, what do you think?”
  • “you’re paying”
  • “fine, now take your fat ass out of bed”
  • he went to shower and of course you didn’t leave the bed until he obligated you, lmao
  • so y’all took a shower and changed 
  • and while you wait for your hair to dry you always do your make up, right
  • but this time, when you sat in front of the mirror and took off your makeup bag, ten comes to the room suddenly and is like
  • “can i do your makeup?”
  • and you looked at him in the mirror and raised your eyebrows like ¿??
  • “ten, we’re going out and you want to do my makeup?”
  • “i would make it look good, i swear”
  • and it took it’s time until you finally agreed
  • he basically seduced you
  • “please, princess. i’ll try my best”
  • and obvs you ended up saying yes i mEANNNNN
  • “soooo, first thing is foundation, right?”
  • “i can’t believe i’m trusting you with my make up, chittaphon”
  • but he would be really caring with you
  • like he would touch your face really softly and sweetly and the first times you kinda died a little inside
  • just imagine having him right in front of you, smiling and laughing and be constatly having eye contact with him
  • and you were also low-key nervous too?
  • because he was looking at your whole face with extra attention and you couldn’t stop looking at his lips and just hIMSELF, HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE WITH ALL HIS PERFECTION WAS MAKING YOU SWEAT 
  • i need to chill
  • so far he just did the basics aka you eyebrows were on fleek and your skin was flawless and he almost had no mistakes
  • and you were scared for life w this bc you know how creative this baby is and how he loves expresing himself with lots of colours and weird stuff
  • but surprisingly, he choose really natural colours that matched your skin color pretty well
  • “whAT Ten tThIS iS bEauTFuL”
  • “i’m even more beautiful”
  • “…. your right”
  • lmao
  • “k so, i guess i just have to do the lips and then we’re done baby”
  • “so, can you put your lips like this?”
  • and he puckered his lips to show you
  • is that right? i never heard that word before, i just translated that lolz
  • and when you do the same thing guess what
  • yes, he kisses you, what a surprise right
  • “uhmm, so good but.. where’s that vainilla flavored lipstick that you have?”
  • oH MY GOD
  • both of you smiled and kissed each other again… and again and again
  • nct127 - once again.mp3
  • i just feel like this angel loves kisses and just can’t live without them lol
  • johnny’s so lucky
  • but he finally ended when he putted your lipstick and yeah
  • “i’m so proud of this, let me take a photo of you babe”
  • and believe me that he took like a hundred of pictures of you that day
  • and that’s without counting the thousand of selcas he took with you
  • and idk what else to write so the end <3
  • i enjoyed writing this way too much and i couldn’t make it any more obvious, lmao
Dating Peter Quill would include...

Originally posted by mintpilot

•Stealing his Walkman to listen to his music

•Dancing together all the time

•Having to deal with his stupid pick up lines

•Asking him whenever he gets you a gift if it’s stolen

-“This is really nice!… okay who’d you steal it from?”
-“Why do you always assume your gifts are stolen? What do I look like, a thief?”

•Scowling Peter whenever he does something stupid or reckless

•Getting into a lot of trouble together usually because of something Peter did

•Saving his ass… a lot

•Complaining until he lets you drive the ship

•Him teaching you how to drive the ship so you don’t completely trash it

•Helping him repair the ship whenever it gets damaged

•Teasing him whenever he acts like a softie but honestly you love it when he lets his soft side out

•Peter being able to make you laugh really easily

•Lots of bear hugs

•Everyone catching you making out somewhere at least once (the ship isn’t that big after all)

•Rocket teasing Peter about your relationship

-“What’s the saying you used? Peter and [Y/N] sitting in a tree K-I-S-S…”
-“Rocket shut up!”

•Peter telling you about his time with the ravagers and what his life was like when he lived on earth

•Comforting him when it comes to his mom

•Peter putting his life on the line for you more than once

•Peter showing you the Galaxy as much he can

Rant about EXP

I have seen a lot of people talk about them, but I haven’t seen a lot of people addressing the main point as to why, for me, EXP isn’t and will never be a K POP group.

First of all, the K in K POP comes from Korea, both because the idol culture/industry are completely different, and because since it came from another place that isn’t the US (THE country of POP) it just had to labeled as something else. The K POP ‘formula’ isn’t pretty boys who sing and dance and whose target audience are young girls, there are way too many american pop groups who fit that description, even the Backstreet Boys, and yet nobody is trying to call them K POP. 

But then the K doesn’t stand for Korean (the nationality) either, since there are a lot of k pop idols who are American, Chinese or Japanese just to name a few countries. They may be not Korean, but they are still in the scene. They are K pop artists because they belong to it, they sing, perform, trained, train and live in the Korean part of the pop industry. They just happen to do so, as much as EXP just so happens to belong to the non-korean part of the industry. It isn’t the language, it’s the origin.

What EXP is trying to convey, however, is that origins doesn’t matter, as long as you try hard enough to look like you do come from it.

Guided by EXP logic, then every single English rap song from any Korean  rapper, should be called and considered American rap.

But guess what (it isn’t)

Because language doesn’t really mean anything. As a latino woman who sometimes listens to cumbia, if an American group started a cumbia group in the US it would be great. If they happened to sing it Spanish it would be also great, and I would wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts. What I wouldn’t appreciate is if they started singing and speaking in a forced Argentinian accent, trying to pass themselves as Argentinian and going as far as to change their twitter/youtube/etc locations to said country, writing things like “born in the US, made in Buenos Aires”  What is made in Buenos Aires? You are trying to pass of as a latino for what reason exactly? I know of no latino band that is actively singing in English (in hopes they can reach a broader audience) and calling themselves any other nationality than the one they are, simply because they aren’t. 

By claiming themselves as a K POP band,  EXP is  just trying to forcefully put on themselves a trendy tag that they can use to get attention (and boy they sure are getting it) but it’s really nothing else. 

What they are making is not K POP, is just POP 

on another note I also would like to remark the fact that so far, EXP hasn’t provided us with any subs and close to none translations. Which really feels like a big slap on the face to those Korean groups who actively try to communicate with international fans, sometimes even with improvised broken English just because they want to care. For Exp who already speaks the international language, to completely ignore us in their efforts to look as Korean as they can just shows a lot of how far their obsession with the K tag can get.

Quick K Drama Thoughts (August)

All right, where do I start?

With Husband #4, of course!!!! So, Criminal Minds finally started!!!! And thankfully the sub groups have been angels of mercy and we have gotten to watch the show. I finished episode 3 and I’m about a third of the way on episode 4. 

Originally posted by addictingkdrama

Personally, I really like it. I think lots of people are comparing a 10+ seasons series (That’s well over 200 episodes, btw) to a 20 episode drama, and doing a disservice to the show. It’s not a perfect show, there are parts that need to work out: sometimes the pace is a bit off and the analysis doesn’t go very deep yet. 

But I do feel like, with every episode, they are getting a little better. I like the characters, all of them (even if I was a bit iffy about some of them at first); and how they work together. I hope the team gets better as the show goes on, I have no reason to think it won’t be this way. 

I do love Kim Hyun Jun (Lee Joon Gi’s character), I think he’s a nice departure from the usual brooding, action driven, hot-headed character we often find in these type of shows. He has no less than 3 quite tragic incidents in his past yet he’s not a jerk, he’s a good team player, he’s nice. He is a doer, but he doesn’t rush into things blindly for the most part, and he is - as far as we have seen - good at his job. 

Originally posted by notenoughdrama

(OT but, Lee Joon Gi /Kim Hyun Jun interacting with kids is almost too much for my ovaries. Like, I’m dead sure I don’t want kids but I would have his in a heartbeat.

You know how in Yuri on Ice, Yuri says that Victor has such Eros that he can get even a man pregnant? That’s pretty much how I feel about LGJ)


Moving on, Bride of the Water God… it’s not as bad as the first two episodes suggested it would be but the pace of the show is still off (sometimes nothing happens, then a lot of stuff happens in a row). I’m up to episode 9; and I’m intrigued enough to keep on watching, but I do need to force myself to start which is not ideal. 

Originally posted by krysjungs

I’ve grown to like the interactions between Habaek and So Ah; and the interactions between the three gods. The MVP is definitely CEO Shin - his story is what I’m most intrigued by. At the same time I feel like they are doling out the information at a glaciar pace. The mythos has lots of potential, but they need to figure out what they wanna do with it. 

I will probably finish the show anyway, but it’s not going to be one I go back to. 

Suspicious Partner... I keep making my way though it, when I find time to sit down and watch it I find myself watching 3 or 4 episodes in a row. As the story progresses, it has a good balance of drama and comedy.

Originally posted by moonlightsdream

 I love the friendship between Eun Bong Hee and Ji Eun Hyuk. Thank you SP for showing us a healthy guy-girl friendship that is just that: FRIENDSHIP. No one is trying to get into anyone’s pants between those two and that’s refreshing. 

As adorable as I find the Ji-Bong couple (and they are so adorable); I think the deep, strong friendships are the backbone of this show, tbh. And it’s a show rich on friendships: between women (who do talk about things other than the guys); between the various guys (across various age groups) and between men and women. 

Originally posted by sugaidc

Originally posted by r-a-n-x-i-e

Originally posted by adotamongalltheotherdots

Slowly making my way through Descendants of the Sun. I keep forgetting it. 

And I’m also watching Chicago Typewriter. I finally made it to episode 4. Now, in the first episode I wasn’t sure about the show - and I had been put off by the promos, actually, I always loved the idea behind the show but the promos weren’t great. 

Thanks to my friend who loved it, I decided to give it a second show and once you make it past episode 2, it gets pretty addictive quite quickly. I like how it gets to the core of what being a writer really is all about. 

Originally posted by kdramafeed

Oh, and I started School 2017. Its very cute so far and I lighthearted. I genuinely enjoy teen shows and I have been won over by this one. In episode 1 still, but I know I’ll keep going

Originally posted by notenoughdrama

I’ve also been lost in the land of Scarlet Heart Ryeo / Moon Lover’s fanfics. They are SOOOOOO good. Now I just need to watch the actual show. 

I highly recommend “And I’ll call your name” by LilyMaxwell, which is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. But there are tons of great ones out there!!! I love that we are at a point where enough time has passed that people have gotten over the shock/ sad of the ending; but we are still in the “I can fix that!” phase so there are a lot of romantic comedies; and authors are still updating regularly ;)

Originally posted by jaejoong330

PS: The ending of Princess Agents Sucked.

(Next part)

 I’ve been screaming about mtnn featuring a lot of neuyako!karma with @isahnas for the last 24hours:

  • Neuro and Yako keep the real nature of their relationship out of the public eye, so sometimes Fuwa makes theories about Yako’s relationships with people and if she has a boyfriend or something. And karma just laughs his ass off
  • When Karma invites class-e to his house and Neuro and Yako are there and Karma is like: oh hi Mom hi dad. Fuwa nees to lie down
  • Karma knows a lot of random world trivia just bc his parents travel so muchALSO Fuwa probably notices that he has an eye for detail and one day says smth like “wow you’d make a great detective” and he kinda just… h e h e h
  • The fanboy from mtnn is Fuwa’s dad. They have a Yako shrine in their house and buy a cake every 10th of March to celebrate
  • The technology developed by Harukawa was then used by researchers and had a part in making Ritsu and when no one else is listening, Ritsu says “hello, child of the neurons” @ Karma
    • Karma: am i hallucinating? h a h a 
  • Karma picks up his habit of putting his feet on his desk from both Neuro and Godai
  • Godai is the reason Karma knows how to twirl a knife in his hands without cutting himself lmao
    • At least he didn’t learn about fashion sense from Neuro and Godai 
  • When he was younger he liked to dress himself with his dads blue suit
  • Yako gets more and more badass the more she learns out in the worldlike she definitely learns self defense and some martial arts for her own sake, and the day neuro sees her flip three men twice her size and knock them out, he is (secretly) very impressed

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Rajigaze 31.3 Final Radio

Please don’t repost it and please ask me if you want to use my translation in any way. Thank you!

Re: Today we’ll have an one hour special for our last show!
(everyone’s started talking- chaos xD)

It was Kais turn to read the first letter,but there it was written, that the fan would like Ruki to read it, so he handid it straight to him
Re: do you remember the time we announced our first Budoukan live? In Aoi-sans room- do you remember it?? The movie we released for the announcement? everyone went all woaaaa!
U: As we finished the movie?
K: nono that was for (Tokyo) Dome
U: ah this is difficult
A: so first we..
Re: yeah until the announcement of the venue, pompompom (various information popping up I guess) then the venue

Re: next one is Uruha! (to read)
K: ah this one is a little long lol ahh Giving Uruha the long ones is no good lool
U: wah really … well whatever (reading) I wanted to give Uruha-san Valentine Chocolate Oh reaaally?
he trying so hard to read the letter carefully but stil stutters a few times.
Everyone’s started laughing after he finally finished and said something like: you did your best right?

Re: So we heard heavens voice, who told us to not read any mail, but to have a free talk. So what should we talk about?
Ru: if you ask like that there’s just one, right? What did you eat today?
all: looool
Re: just that?!
all at once: ah this annoying really? amazing!
Re: But how is it…. everyone with the radio
K: are you listening to it? In real time?
Ru: I listened to it!
Re: I heard it often
K: like (smth I didn’t understand)
Ru: but you know, the fans stayed up util 2 right? If I think about the fans who have a feeling of loss I get excieted
Re: ehhh? Like: ah we can finally sleep?
Ru: ahhahaha no I didn’t need it
Re: okay so what was your most interesting talk you had in this show? Something like: that was interesting!
A: there was no right?
All: lol
Re: stop it! lol
A: you know in the beginning, as Uruha and I had our recording
Ru: in Mexico
A: yeah! That was interesting! We drank alcohol during the radio
U: Ah that felt good right! But at that time I really wanted to do the radio in a studio. If you always do it in a studio you think it would be nice doing it outside,
Re: in the beginning we just had 3 songs right? But for the radio station this is bad right?
Ru: they even decreased slowly right?
K: Isn’t it ok if we don’t play songs? We don’t need songs!

Ru: did someone here visit Fujikyuu?
Re: sorry, sadly not!
Ru: who did?
all: (liveless) haaaai
Ru: Uruha-kun?
U: no
Ru: eh no?
U: noo

lol Seems Kais graduation fest was at fujikyu.- so they said he couldn’t go right? (because he didn’t actually graduate)

the fans was just talking about Kai and Uruha for her song request so Ruki (?) was complaining: what about us?????

they were talking about spoilers- they all watch foreign (western) drama, but they’re different in how fast they proceed- so I think Ru or Re were talking to Uruha about 24 season 2- but what they told didn’t happen at all (bc they watched it a long time ago and it probably was in another season)
Re:There are members who talk and talk about the dramas right? especially Kai
Ru: (really fast) it’s you! it’s def you!
K: lol it’s def you!
Re: It DEFENITLEY not me!
K: it IS you lol
Ru: and you…you know tell lies!
Re: huh? what are you talking about?
Ru: (he’s speaking about a drama where reita said something that didn’t happen)
Re: you… this was years ago!
Ru: but you know! it sounded interesting so I wanted to watch it- but it didn’t happen like that…
Re: are you watching dramas? foreign ones or whatever?
U: humm Walking Dead became lame lately right?
Ru: good then! just (I didn’t understand maybe another drama?)
U: yeah…right…. I defenetly won’t watch it
Ru: While we had recordings I watched it for 1 hour or so but it felt awfull watching it
Re:Ah let’s talk about that! you know at Uruhas place…
U: *giggles*
Re: At Uruhas place we all did Playstation VR right? How was it?
Kai & Ruki: Amazing
U: Amazing I guess?
Re:no really it was really amazing!
Ru:Reitas reaction was disgusting right?
U:it really was! You know, the free download of Kitchen? From the very beginning he was like: woaaa ohhhh woaaa (imitating him)
Ru:(talking about some scene there) and Reita was like HAAAA haAAAAA?
Re: but Aoi was the worst with it right? he took it off right after the start!
A: impossible…just impossible
Ru: Rei-chan sweat like crazy right?
Re: oi you too!!!

Re: being in a band for 15 years, I thought about giving one thing that was really difficult
all: lol
Ru: today is pretty difficult right? lol
all: lol
Ru: why is that that with 2 it just flows naturally but with all 5 of us…such a..expectant feeling?

Ambitions for the GazettE:
A: Today Rajigaze will end,
Re: yeah
A: but without letting the bond between us five end
Re: yeah
U: ehhh?
K: stop it!
A: I want to continue, so I’m in your favor!!

U: The thing I want to say are slowly forgotten and are to be forgotten!
Re: are you okay?!
U:I want to live every moment to the fullist, so please look forward to my future self!
Ru:they will peep that in the public airing you know
U: please let me use this!

Kai: Okay, so 2017 will be a revision of the beginning we want too push on a next level. So I’m in your favor for our 15th year.

Ru: Well 10th of Mrch just ended and well, we’re doing a revision again… well there are many songs we didn’t do for quite some time, so we want to do them in a new way once again, and remember our whole self (as a band) again.That’s my impresion of our future

Re: Did you guys listen to my question???? I asked what you’re striving for!
U: woa, the leader changed!
All: lol
U: I’m surprised!
Re: I’m surprised… such low quality…
K: do it again with what were striving for!
*lamp goes on*

Re: okay last song request. Who likes this song?
K: ah I like it I guess.
Re: so who should read it
K:ah this one we won’t read! Because it’s our last song
Re: oh I see!
K: yeah it’s not a request
Re: so … what are you thinking about this song?
K: ahh! It was a request sorry! *burst out laughing*
U: this is awfull

Every members impression about rajigaze during this one year:
Uruha: Everyone, Im rarely doing MCs and I’m kind of clumsy with them, but my tongue is just like this. if there is another chance I would like to do it again, so if that time comes- I’ll be in your favor.
Aoi: Thank you for letting a novice like me do the radio every week. We’re forever the Gazette.
Re: In these 5 years..eh no I failed-
all: loool ehhh??
Re: For one year the 5 of us were just making a lot of noise, were just reading the mails everyone send us, were doing a radio where we completely relied on others, even if 2am was such a late time, I’m just really gratefull that you listened to us and send us so many mails. I’m gonna repay you at lives!
Ru: through this radio we were able to comunicate with everyone weren’t we? It was possible bc of this radio. Also we were able to not just play the Gazette’s songs, but also other artists songs. I really would like to do it again. For now there won’t be chances to talk anymore, but please come and hang out with us at lives!
K: We were able to show you a side of us we can’t show on stage. Well I do think that this radio was great, but I’m really gratefull for the fans we encountered because of this radio. So if there’s anther chance I would like to do the radio again. Thank you very much.

Re: so we’re thinking about another way how we can meet, but until then- let’s fnish this show with 1,2 this was Gazette -we rock!

uff I worked especially hard today! it took me hours I guess lol and it’s a lot longer- I hope you don’t mind o:D
I want to thank all of you! I had so much fun with the radio, with the translation and with your reactions.
I met a lot of people bc of this show. It was a great year.Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Today I was talking with someone who likes voltron but isn't really in the fandom at all and she told me "season three felt really catering, some of the l/k scenes felt really forced " and honestly for someone outside the fandom that says? A lot??? People are freaking damaging this show by screaming at the writers nonstop . Trust the writers to do something good with the show, not yell about how u want ur dumb ship to be canon

I have a few friends at uni who I got into voltron bc I introduced them to it and theyre not involved in the tumblr fandom and they honestly said very similar things. 

anonymous asked:

some chase headcanons! ((i am sO trash for this boi)) falls asleep with his kids on the couch a lot; has the softest morning smile ever; will tango around the living room very badly with you for no real reason; likes big silly doggos; always looks SUPER smug after making a good pun; likes playing with your hair; has a really good internal metronome; likes rubbing his nose against yours; comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist when you're doing stuff in the kitchen [k]

these are so cute, i swear i’m loving him more and more now 💚

  • your first date with chase is probably to an old arcade place, where chase proudly shows off how skilled he is at pacman. you guys go out for ice cream afterwards.
  • gets massive bedhead, that’s why he wears hats pretty much all the time.
  • usually when he can’t sleep, he’ll talk to you about rather philosophical questions, which usually end up with the two of you laughing when things get too deep.
  • loves holding hands and when you’re constantly out with him, he’ll hold your hand. he’ll ask before hand, of course. 
  • it’s obvious just how much he loves his kids and how much he wants to give them a good future.
  • enjoys going out to burger joints and will tell you the best ones to go to.
  • sends you a lot of flirtatious text messages, followed by a bunch of memes. especially ones about your current favorite show.
  • is actually a bit of a hopeless romantic?? despite his ‘dude bro’ stance.

anonymous asked:

Alice. Do you watch Korean Dramas? If so, what are your top favorite shows? c:

hello ~ 네, 맞아요!! i do watch korean drama. i mean i’m 22 years old right now and my passion for k-dramas goes as far back as goong: princess hours and coffee prince. lolol. but recently, i really have not been that updated on what’s in and what’s hot atm.

so, since you’re asking for my recs, i’m thinking you want me to introduce to you some of my most recommended shows to watch? well then!! i’m happy to be a helping hand m8.

in no particular order:

  • Love in the Moonlight ( park bo gum was so lit here that i caught the bogum virus halfway across asia )
  • Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ( altho i think it’s more commonly known as guardian: the lonely and great god bUT YOU JUST GOTTA WATCH GONG YOO LEE DONG WOOK AND YUK SUNG JAE HERE AAAAH BABIES kim go eun is so cute here as well!! i liked her a lot here than cheese in the trap. but let’s talk about the quality plot, the amazing on-screen chemistry, the extremely funny bromance. everything about this drama is plain perf. )
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ( though the plot was not that appealing to me and somehow i think it’s poorly constructed?? i enjoyed this show a lot!! lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk are so cute lolol )
  • W: Two Worlds ( okay let’s talk about this ultra A+++++++ quality piece of art here. this is the real deal folks. this is what a quality k-drama is like. lololol. aside from lee jong suk’s pretty face and his awkward yet obvious chemistry with han hyo joo, this masterpiece made me dream of it for months. i mean srsly the plot is so good damn. hands down. )
  • Legend of the Blue Sea ( i really loved jun ji hyun in my love from another star and she didn’t disappoint me on this one as well!! also lee min ho being the gorgeous dork he is aaah perfect (◕ ω ◕✿) the story’s lit as well )
  • Descendants of the Sun ( SONGSONG COUPLE IS REAL HOLY SHT. srsly they are getting married already and im just here rotting while trying to finish a fanfic cries )
  • She Was Pretty ( i like how subtly cute this drama is!! also SI WON. I CAME FOR SI WON )
  • Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (  당연하죠!! IU is just fkgjfdk this drama was so good i really love the plot i’m a sucker for historical romance )
  • Rooftop Prince ( THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY KRYPTONITE. this whole a love that transcends a hundred years sucked my entire life out of me and made me who i am today. also i love how genuine park yoo chun is. he always was in every drama. he didn’t want to hide any of his imperfections and scars and that makes him incredibly charming )
  • i also have to recommend the golden classics: boys over flowers, full house, coffee prince, goong, i miss you, who are you: school 2013 & 2015, sungkyungkwan scandal and also can i pls put here absolute darling?? it’s not korean but jiro wang is jiro wang

i could honestly go on and on. but i can give you a list of dramas i am still planning to watch ( if i have time )

  • suspicious partner
  • dear my friends
  • signal
  • reply 1988
  • uncontrollably fond
  • remember
  • doctor stranger

i can rant on and on but since this isn’t connected with mysme sooooo there ya go! i hope i gave you some good dramas! idk but you might have already watched all of them already?? im such a dork aaah

[TRANS] 161018 Sik-K Cosmopolitan Article

Meeting Latest Trend Rapper Sik-K

Creating his own territory with constant effort, Sik-K is showing us who he really is for the first time with album . What’s his secret to creating his own color?



Sejong University, Business Administration, 2nd year

2016 Concert & Tour

2015 TOP 12

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