k but bye

Requested Teacher!Lin fic coming tonightttttt 👀

I don’t speak Spanish and I didn’t want to write anything that was corny or fetishizing so I just had to make do with what I know and hope it works lol

i-need-to-work-on-my-evil-laugh  asked:

Hey I'm new on Tumblr, so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong, but I love your blog. I don't really have any questions. I just wanted to, sort of, let you know. You're awesome. K bye.

First, welcome to this madness that is Tumblr!

Second, you’re doing it just fine. In fact, you can do this again whenever you want! lol

Third, asjdahsdfghfdgfgjkfgjfj awwwwwwww Thank you love, you’re being too nice with me!

The one and only wasteland beverage that doesn’t list radiation as an ingredient. [disclaimer: radiation may still be present in Sunset Sarsaparilla, and the Sunset Sarsaparilla company is not responsible for; mouth mutations, tumors, loss of brain function, decrease in memory retention, headaches, nausea, constipation, numbness in fingers or toes, sudden bouts of existentialism, or death, consult your doctor before drinking in Sunset Sarsaparilla.]