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DAY (하루)
  • DAY (하루)
  • Mate (메이트)
  • Mini Album "End Of The World"

Artist: Mate (메이트)
Song: DAY (하루)
Album: Mini Album “End Of The World”

Despite previously saying they were going to disband, Mate is back, and better than ever with their new Mini Album, “End Of The World”! Despite them coming back, MATE has gained a new sound, a new feel, and new levels of emotion and it can be heard in their track “DAY”! A song about a man losing his love and just having a hard time throughout his days, the song is a great representation of heartbreak and just the process of moving on, despite loving someone so deeply. With this new mini album, many people will fall right back into love with Mate.

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  • Blind
  • Junggigo (정기고)
  • Single "Blind"

Artist: Junggigo (정기고)
Song: Blind
Album: Single “Blind”

Although Junggigo (real name: Go Jung Gi/고정기) is a hip hop artist, he’s extremely different and unique from your expected rapper or R&B singer. He has this modern jazzy/blues feel to him that’s soothing yet mysterious. His personality seems that way, too, if you read fanaccounts about him. He gives off this urban stranger feeling as if he carried his guitar everywhere and played music wherever he went (I’m just imagining this haha). This song is great to listen to in a cafe; it’s calm and soft but gets exciting in the chorus with a quicker beat so it doesn’t get boring at all. Junggigo’s voice is also addictive which will get you replaying all of his songs.

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I'm Sorry (Feat. Welldone Potato)
  • I'm Sorry (Feat. Welldone Potato)
  • Jungkey (정키)
  • Emotion

Artist: Jungkey (정키)
Song: I’m Sorry (Feat. Welldone Potato)
Album: Emotion

After four years, Jungkey released his first album in 2014. His music is a blend of pop, R&B, ballads, and blues. His music is also very emotional.  The song “I’m Sorry” is about the despairs of an ended relationship. He reminisces about his past feelings, and the listener can’t help but feel drawn into the emotions he conveys.

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Zion.T releases MV to the much anticipated “Yanghwa BRDG”!

If I were ever reborn as a guy I want Zion.T’s voice. Cos damn isn’t it fine..