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honestly not bothered to watch riverdale anymore since bughead is a thing bc like i’m just so fucking angry about it yall have no idea whenever my friends even try to defend it, i just get so upset like unless ur aro or ace or an aroace u dont get a say in whether it should be canon or what idc yall owe me €600000 for this im sisofjuoidujdf 9udiudjf

Call out Post

Okay so um @badromantics is so nice?? What the flip??? Lemme give you a huge list k

- supports trans, ace, aro, poc, pan, bi, and all that good stufff

- has that art that makes your heart melt and you need to lie down for a minute cuz you just s w O o n for that good burr shit

- posts and reblogs that good burr shit

- quality person

- loves cats, so obviously they’re cool

-called me out for being a wannabe Thomas Jefferson and I deserved it

- tags things

- likes And reblogs shit

-just so freakin cool go follow them or else you’ll become a wannabe Thomas Jefferson drinking wine from a sippy cup *dab*

Boy howdy, 2016 sucked. and im sure it will continue to suck until the final hour. before that happens, I wanna take a moment to say that you guys are the best. Ya’ll made 2016 not so shitty. I hope 2017 treats you well, because you deserve it.

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Hope yall have a great 2017, yall deserve it 💖💖💖