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honestly not bothered to watch riverdale anymore since bughead is a thing bc like i’m just so fucking angry about it yall have no idea whenever my friends even try to defend it, i just get so upset like unless ur aro or ace or an aroace u dont get a say in whether it should be canon or what idc yall owe me €600000 for this im sisofjuoidujdf 9udiudjf


AKA, how the hell did I not realize I’m aro/ace

  • My first crush was completely made up because I felt pressured to have one
  • My first boyfriend and I were set up by a mutual friend who thought we went together “like ketchup and rice” (that is a real quote and yes I still remember it because what does that even mean) (P.S. he and I are still friends and I love him dearly) (P.S.S. turns out he’s gay and I’m asexual so that’s a thing)
  • My first “real” crush ended up dating my best friend and I didn’t care, but I pretended to feel betrayed by her because I was “supposed” to feel that way (I understand now that I just had strong platonic feelings for him and very much enjoyed being his friend)
  • Second boyfriend asked me out, and I didn’t see it coming at all. I said “yes” because I couldn’t think of a reason not to, and I figured I’d “feel the same way eventually.” As a result the next 7 years or so of my life were complete hell
  • I spent roughly three years perfectly happy being single and the last year of that wondering why I didn’t once develop feelings for someone (except that one time when I talked myself into a make believe crush on a guy in my Spanish class)
  • I made the mistake of going on a date with a good friend of mine and that went super well let me tell you
  • I ruined a relationship and a friendship of over ten years because I mistook strong platonic feelings for romantic ones

I feel like half of that wouldn’t have happened if I’d been taught about asexuality. I feel like I wouldn’t have so many regrets if I had known it was possible to be aromantic. I feel like I would have gained a strong understanding of myself sooner than my mid-twenties if I’d known there were different types of attraction.

Visibility isn’t important?

Like hell it isn’t.

Boy howdy, 2016 sucked. and im sure it will continue to suck until the final hour. before that happens, I wanna take a moment to say that you guys are the best. Ya’ll made 2016 not so shitty. I hope 2017 treats you well, because you deserve it.

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Hope yall have a great 2017, yall deserve it 💖💖💖

apeironstella  asked:

K but Aro!Allen and Aro!Lena in OT4+Alma+Link QPR. Maybe in a youtuber AU??? Allen and Lavi were those channel hosts who would be typical funny gamer bros and everyone thinks they are into each other and Alma LOVES their show and talks to Yu about it a lot and it happens that those guys go to same college with them so he of course ends up being dragged by him to meet them and Link is that new neighbour who moved in just a few weeks ago and brought them a pie to say hi and ended up never leaving

(p2) and Lena’s people skills and knowledge of people around and what they are up to is godly and she got dragged in as a friend of Lavi, firstly showing on a few podcasts she just happened to be around when they recorded but many people actually loved her while some “slash shippers” probably tried to bash her and got the not-literal-maybe-slightly-literal middle finger from both boys. It is a mess and Lavi and Allen’s shared rent home for college becomes a home base for all somehow.

That’d be cool! *beam* Though I don’t have that much interest in writing a Youtuber AU - don’t know enough about behind-the-scenes Youtubing.

Sorry, I’ve kind of expended all my Youtube AU thoughts already, and Lavi isn’t my favorite. *sheepish grin* It really does sound like fun, though!