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A lot has happened this year, some things have changed and others are still the same. Despite the bad moments, 2013 has been a great year for me and I have changed and learned a lot. When I joined Tumblr ages ago, I never thought I’d enjoy this site this much, but thanks to you all my experience here has become 200% more enjoyable. I have made great friends and I have also learned and been inspired by many of you, and for that I’m extremely thankful. Every one of you is unique and has inspired me in a different way, whether it’s with your creativity, your perfect graphics, your exquisite writing, and/or your charming personality. Without you, Tumblr wouldn’t be that great, so thank you!

Happy New Year and keep being awesome! <3

These are the people I adore:

anna | anya | hannah | hannah | jess | liv | marta | renee

These people make my dash perfect:

italics = your blog is perfect, mkay?

bold = ily from a distance

alvauses | always-a-pleasure | accioscalpel | arizonarobins | arizonasrobbins | bellalinguista | bowlingstar11 | carolinedhavernas | cosimes | coyote-the-trickster | doctorcristinayang | epicshaw | faramircaptainofgondor | forged-by-fantasy | grumpyrenly | jcap | jesicacapshaw | keladry | kevinmckidd | k-arev | lecterings | letseyx | lulu-spencer | maroonbones | mcpineapple | mondler-addict | naevia | oh-jupiters-cock | pipervauses | orthoqueen | pigorcow | princesconsuela | queensandraoh | queenyang | ramirezsara | remusjohnslupin | shelaagh | starbuckara | talesofnorth | thewarriorandthebard | transporters | wizengamots | yourarizonaroom


I love you! ♥


Another year has passed, and it’s another year that Tumblr and you guys made it better. With your amazing blogs, posts and personalities you light up my dashboard and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve made some great friends here, and I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you. Whether we’ve spoken or not, you’re all wonderful people and I love you all so much! Happy holidays everyone and may 2014 be the year of your life! XO

-damons, aarnpaul, alexandraudinv, alexdupre, alexndraudinov, amandaseyfried, ariahastings, arrowing, atwoods, barneyscherbatsky, barneystinson, bethanylenz, blairwaldorfings, bleighton, brookedavis-scott, brookedaviz, brookefuckingdavis, brookingyourself, buffys, ccaptain-oats, charismacarpenter, charliepaces, clairholts, damonsaviour, echofades, emmaswans, emiliederaivn, farhampton, fionasgallgher, haleyjamess, haroldstylses, isobelstevenz, ithinkimightveinhaledyou, imhenrybass, joannwatsons, k-arev, kahterinepierce, kevinmckidd, kirstenccohen, kissyoulater, lissdragomr, leave-me-hypnotized-love, lydia-martins, lyndsyfonseca, mockingjayrises, monkeykira, mylittlefaith, nikitasmears, onetrueslayer, pandearie, penelopedavis, peytonswyer, piperhalliwell, queenrafferty, reasontobelieve, rodenshollands, ryansatwood, sawyersheart, scherbatskyjr, sophiabushs, sophiebush, spencershastings, stefanskatherine, summercohen, sundaystorms, tarans-killam, teambrookedavis, tellerknowles, theasroy, thequeenofdrama, vioeltharmon, wrencering, xanis


You guys were so amazing to me this year even tho it was shitty year, you were always there to make me smile even when you didn’t realize how important you are to me, I just love you guys, ok?

Best bestie to ever best - Maria

You made me life better just because you are Jowita Ania Ewelina Marzenka(♥) Martts Agatka Asia Ilo Lizzy 

You make my heart a better place aka everybody


abc adoringzooeybeyaspudblairwaldorfingsboothstripeysocksbrookheimerschordoversweetsclararosetylerclarsoswinoswaldcolestclaircolferslea

def doctorwhsdrunkonfameelevenclarasemderavinfairylightedfearlesspondfuckingzooey

ghij ginny-weasleysgrantsgustinsgrumpyhiddlesgrumpymysteryiheartdobrevisaaclaheeyjackdonaghyjakejohnsonsjakeparaltajakesjohnsonjeffbrittajessicaadayjessicanightjoelmchalejohannamasoms

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xyz yolandawinsstonyolandawinstonszooeydamndeschanel

And special shoutout to my the loveliest secret santa aka Rachel

+ lots of love


So I decided to make a follow forever in honor of the holidays and the one year anniversary of this blog. Its been a wonderful year here and I could have never imagined I would have so many loving followers and it is honestly all you amazing people that make tumblr so amazing. So thank you to every single one of you that follow me!
I also would have never imagined I would make the friendships that I made on here. Tumblr would definitely not be as amazing without them. So a special shout out to Matt and Jess for being two of the most amazing friends I could have ever asked for. These two are always here for me no matter what and always brighten my day! I love you guys and I live talking to you everyday and I cannot wait until the day we finally meet in real life! ♥♥
With that being said, I love every single person I follow. They all brighten up my dash with all the wonderful things they post. I find that these are the blogs I especially love and reblog from most so thank you for being so awesome and please keep being flawless! :D

addisonsmontgomery | bowlingstar11 | breatheinbreatheout96 |  derekandmeredith 

drmeredithgreymd fuckyeahfeypoehler freakinkarev | greyscapshaw |

greysforlife | greysgreys |  im-crying-on-the-inside | itscharlotteking | jcap | 

jessicascapshawk-arev | lansparrilla | lexipedia-sloan | mcnuggetshepherd |

merderfan89 | myqueencapshaw | one-leg-robbins | patrickdempesy | pigorcow |

queensandraoh | ramirezsara | sandramckidds | scandallove | statesofgrey |

thatassdoesnotquit | the-merder-of-it-all