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Hank thinks he isn't worth his s/o's time & this only gets solidified when they go out in public even when he isn't blue he can hear people whispering about how his s/o could do better but his s/o snaps when a boy has the nerve to come flirt with them right in front of hank & all they can say is "don't talk to me i'm in a happy relationship & i love my (s/o) he's the best thing thats ever happened to me only he can make me happy & if you ever have the nerve to speak to me again i'll break you"

h e c k y e a h i love this

  • Me: I wanna draw something cool!
  • My Brain: Yeah!
  • Me: Something that takes days and leaves me satisfied!
  • My Brain: I'll give you 30 minutes before you zone out.
  • Me: H e c k.

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W A I T I M F U C K I N G C O N F U S E D!!!!! Is NU'EST breaking up or something? Like why are they on produce 101. They are already a group and have been one for 4 or 5 years. Sorry i know this isnt about BTS. Love ya❤🍪❤🍑




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Half-Life series?

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Man I haven’t thought about Half-Life in ages, but it’s such a motherfucking classic. Like, F U C K   M E. Half-Life was one of those impressionable games I played when I was a very young teen and I couldn’t talk to anyone about because no one at that time that I was friends with played video games and honestly no one I knew gave a rats ass about how suss the fucking gman was and how headcrab zombie sounds are the motherfucking devil.

This game scared me and challenged me (I was stuck in that fucking area with the sharp claw tentacle thing you have to kill using rocket fuel or whatever for FUCKING EVER) and it made me ask so many questions. Like it was one of the first games where I wanted to try and learn what the fuck some things were, like THE FUCKING GMAN OKAY WHAT THE FUCK.

Half-Life was a fucking experience.

And let me tell you a story with Half-Life 2 as well. I think there was a demo or something of it to show off the physics? Or like maybe one of the seniors before he graduated installed it on one of the school library computers to show us (or he brought a laptop I can’t fucking remember it was forever ago) what Half-Life 2 was like. Let me tell you, back then I couldn’t afford a gaming PC, so I had to take whatever this senior was gonna show me of the game.

We nerded out over the physics in this game like fucking crazy. Like, physics in a game is no big deal nowadays, but HL2 got physics fucking right early days. I remember my friend shot a guy with a crossbow, sniped the enemy to be exact and that biTCH STUCK ON THE BILLBOARD BEHIND THEM LIKE. THATS FUCKING AMAZING OKAY. WE WERE SO FUCKING EXCITED TO SEE THAT SHIT DONE RIGHT IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING.

Anyway yeah, Half-Life. Amazing. Good memories. Good god I’m old. I might have to google more game theories. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Andrew said on his Instagram there there might be a tribute to smash in tonight’s episode of Girls, what if CHRISTIAN F U C K I N G BORLE (his bffl) SHOWS UP