k aion

Aion classes as highschool students
  • Gladiators: The school jockheads, short-tempered and always picking fights. Dangerous alone and feared when in groups with other jock friends. Especially around their Cleric girlfriends.
  • Templar: Very tall, well-built, athletic senior. Always protects the younger and weaker ones, but does very little damage to the attacker. Pulls all the girls, but guys completely deny his existance.
  • Ranger: Annoying prankster, always throws and launches stuff at people from stealth, sets all kinds of traps. Secretly into Mau furry porn.
  • Assassin: Smallest and youngest in the class, but will beat up someone twice their size very quickly. Got caught bringing knives to school. Usually not seen around until a fight breaks out.
  • Sorcerer: The nerd girl who really likes chemistry and all kinds of reactions. Set the school on fire at least 3 times. Sleeps a lot and it influences those around her. Likes baby sheep.
  • Spiritmaster: Weird kid everyone avoids because he grew up in a farm. Always sneaks hamsters and kittens inside school grounds. Talks to imaginary friends. Quietly steals others lunch to feed his pets.
  • Cleric: The popular girl, always hanging out with the cool guys and never talk to others that aren't a part of their static circle. Rumor has it she "supports" guys and puts hands on them. Has all kind of clothing for different situations.
  • Chanter: Super nice person that gets along with everybody. Helps people with their struggles, shares homework, gives away cool rocks. Studies to become a doctor in the future.
  • Gunslinger: Used to be really cool in year 4.0, but lost his influence ever since. Tries to prove something by getting into fights but always gets beaten up in the end. Just walks around hallways and hopes to gain respect from some underclassmen.
  • Aethertech: Wants to study engineering, but already works as a mechanic and has his own garage. Comes to school driving a tuned old LADA, how it still works is questionable. Has terrible grades therefore nobody really recognises him.
  • Songweaver: That teacher-favorite girl who can play 47 different instruments and is always the star of school events. Besides musical capabilities, posesses every talent know and can do it better than those who work in that field. Likes lolita fashion and penguins.

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