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Don’t mind me. I wanted a post with all those rolling hips in one place.

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the foxhole meme pt. 2

pt 1!

  • aaron: oh my god kevin can we please watch something that’s not exy-
  • kevin, scandalised: i will not have this blasphemy in my household
  • nicky narrates kevin’s morning routine with his best david attenborough impression 
  • ’-and here we see the rare stickballus obssesivus foraging for foo-OW KEVIN NO DONT THROW THE TOASTE-‘ 
  • andrew: i hate neil
  • some hater: yeah he sucks 
  • andrew: come the fuck at me 
  • allison: alright neil, and the second rule of fashion is that crocs are banned
  • neil: why would I want to wear reptiles on my feet
  • allison: 
  • nicky, dramatically: my world is falling to pieces everyone hates me and i am a wreck 
  • aaron: k
  • nicky: don’t worry matt andrew shows affection in his own special way 
  • andrew: josten i’m going to kill you one day.
  • neil, not looking up from his phone: k babe 
  • nicky: see? true love
  • aaron replaces some of kevin’s veggies with plastic toys when he’s annoyed and just. waits
  • foxes: do anything 
  • aaron: i hate this fucking family 
  • neil: matt can we go im tire-
  • matt: HI TIRED IM DAD 
  • nicky replaces all the extra rackets with baseball bats and kevin nearly beheads him with one
  • matt: hi honey 
  • dan: hey sweetie
  • matt: no sorry i was talking to neil
  • dan: oh same
Father son relationships of Generals

Washington: “Now Alexander don’t go messing with that snapping turtle. It bites.”

Alexander: “Ok.”
Montgomery: “Aaron what’re you doing?”

Aaron: “Petting a turtle.”

Montgomery: “Oh okay.”

*a few moments*

Aaron: “OW! It bit me!”

Montgomery: “What we learn?”

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46 Robert looking after Aaron when he's ill

You don’t look so good

The festive season is over, and the Christmas decorations have barely been packed away before almost the entire village is struck down with a particularly nasty strain of norovirus. Aaron, in his seemingly never ended misfortune, is hit the worst, his time spent with his head ducked over a toilet bowl outlasting the usual twenty four hour period by three days. By hour 36, Robert, who lives up to his legacy as the village enigma by being one of the few who are immune, is in a frenzy, convinced that his husband may be on the verge of certain death. Luckily, the woman who picks up Robert’s call to the NHS helpline is able to assure him that yes, this is normal, and no, Aaron is not dying, he just has a stomach bug.

‘You don’t look so good,’ Aaron jokes when Robert comes into the bedroom clutching a glass of water. ‘Have you caught something?’

‘Har-dee-har-har,’ Robert says, rolling his eyes and perching on the edge of the bed next to him. Aaron smiles, which looks odd in contrast to his pasty skin and bruised under-eyes. He’s been putting on a brave face for days, but Robert knows that he feels rotten. ‘I’m going to need you to sit up a minute.’

Aaron sighs but nods, bringing himself up onto his elbows and letting Robert slip an arm around his waist. He winces as he forces himself into a sitting position, a barely audible groan slipping from his lips. Robert wants nothing more than to tuck him back up and let him rest, but his health has to come first.

‘This has got some rehydration powder in it,’ Robert says, nodding to the glass. ‘You’re going to have to drink it or you’re just going to get sicker. Sorry.’

‘I didn’t think that was possible.’

Robert hands Aaron the glass and he lifts it shakily to his lips. He manages about half before shoving it back to Robert and clamping a hand to his mouth. Robert is quick to react, grabbing the empty mixing bowl he left at the side of the bed for such an emergency.

‘You alright?’ Robert asks, rubbing Aaron’s back and his wretches. He isn’t actually sick though, which is promising.

‘They just had to make it orange flavoured,’ Aaron says, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth and taking a deep breath.

Robert puts the bowl on the floor. ‘You got some of it down though, which is good. Is there anything else I can get you?’

Aaron considers for a moment, letting Robert plump up his pillows before he settles back down. ‘Can you stay with me for a bit?’

Robert nods and smiles. He’s been sleeping at the foot of the bed for the past few days, giving Aaron enough room to breathe while still being close if he needs him. He hasn’t minded, but he’s missed being next to his husband. He stands up and makes his way to his own side of the bed, slipping under the covers next to Aaron and offering an arm. Aaron takes the invitation and curls up against him, his head pressed against his heart. His skin is clammy and he smells like sweat and vomit, but Robert doesn’t mind. He kisses the top of his husband’s head and smiles into his hair. He doesn’t mind at all.

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I'm honestly close to crying because of how P101 turned out but all I can hope is that Nu'est's next comeback to be a huge hit. The boys did so well. They deserve so much. Spread the love (pun intended) like they did to us.

*Hands you a tissue box and hugs* hang in there @eyesmilesweethearts <3 .

NU’EST taking part on PD101 was always going to be a gamble. No one knew what would happen, how things would play out, whether Korea would even take to the members after all the slating they received about going on having already debuted but-look how it turned out!

JR received so much warmth and love, was dubbed as the Nation’s Leader and even after the final results, his name was what trended. For once, it wasn’t our JR apologising to others but it was others apologising to him for letting him down. What a stark contrast to before. I’ve read that apparently other companies want JR to advertise for him so I’d say-watch this space! 

Baekho probably had the most interesting portrayal on PD101. I’m sure we all remember how scared all the trainees were of him at the beginning then by they end, they all loved him for all his kindness and helpful advice. He used his experience to his advantage and everyone adored him for it. Also Sexy Bandit anyone? That nickname will forever be timeless!

Minhyun’s ranking at the beginning dropped from C to D. He was flustered, he was a little out of it but he got his head back in the game and really rallied through. He showed everyone his talents as the Nation’s Producer and his sweetness as the Nation’s Boyfriend. The win was his and he earned that. He garnered such a huge following from being on PD101 and I’m sure it will continue to grow as he promotes in ‘Wanna One’. 

Ren held back, we all know he did, but where he held back on his spontaneous 4D nature, he cared for the other trainees generously and always cheered others on, even when he was lacking in confidence himself. He gained a lot of fans too, even if he did rank lower out of all of the members. Constantly he was being called an angel by Korean fans and they even organised a food truck in his name since he didn’t achieve it on the Maboy polls!

I guess this lengthy reply is just me saying that-even if the outcome from PD101 wasn’t what anyone expected, ANYONE at all, the NU’EST members achieved their goal; they finally gained recognition and by the end of the final episode, they had even broken through into the Mel0n charts. That’s no small feet, considering it takes roughly 7000 people to be streaming a song at the same time to reach #1 on the chart! 

Whatever happens next, whatever this uncertain future holds, we can safely say that all the NU’EST members received positive attention, gained so many more fans and were really recognised by their seniors and by the media. They won’t be disappearing any time soon. They’ll surely be back and will definitely surprise us in a good way! Guaranteed! 

NU’EST’s albums are all back in stock on online stores, they’ve gained an incredible amount of fans on fancafe just in the past 24hours, they’ve continued to trend and they are not about to be forgotten any time soon.

Let’s applaud NU’EST on their hard work, on the fans for rallying through such a difficult period and take a step forward with a smile on our tear stricken faces to a brighter future. Always spread the ㄴㅇㅅㅌ dear, rightly said. I hope you can dry your tears and if not, I’ll continue sending you lots of hugs and love <3!! HWAITING!