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Sope Fic Recs

 okay my descriptions are crappy but here u go guys


think tidy by nivo - G, 2k 

i read this 5 times maybe its short but its so worth it


 complementary color by jeonminie - G, 4k 

soulmate au where u and ur soulmate have complementary color auras 


yellow + green = love by zhanluxie - T, 5k



this is how much we’ve shared together by sua_h - T, 10k

k imagine yoongi and hoseok dating and yoongi kinda not knowing about it (?) meets fucking amazing writing? yep


Sweaters and Cats by forjimin -M, 11k -

neighbor/ high school au (alternative description: fluff, fluff, fluff!)


land song by @producertae - T, 12k

mermaid yoongi & surfer hoseok au which is reaaaally well written (and has amazing art too)


so far away by girlwhowritesbad9 - T, 13k

florist hoseok / shy yoongi au (MCD)


my boy, at dawn by thedirtunderyourskin - G, 14k

this is so  poetic and well written that’s all i can say


i don’t regret a thing by heavenlyhell -G, 14k

host hoseok/ demon yoongi au which is fucking amazing like it came out of an anime i recommended this fic to all of my friends (also i read it like 10 4 times)


 Be Together by HoseoKay - M, 15k

mute hoseok being taken care of by the lovely yoongi 


Flower Boy by jimins_dongsaeng - NR, 17k

florist hoseok/ artist yoongi but also trans hoseok (its not rated but i would say T)


jung hoseok vs min yoongi (according to jung hoseok) by afruitbatnamedstella - T, 19k

this is different from what i usually read but nonetheless its really good


gorgeousness & gorgeosity by cowntdown - M, 19k

TOKYO GHOUL AU! for the massive tg nerd that i am, this is amazing, but if ur new the author helps u understand its amaaaazing (also lots of classical music in this one) (MCD)


tether by phinphin (hidlesworth) - T, 20k

k not to give too much away but author is amazing at describing emotions wow


fool’s hope by seokseok (theweakestthing)  - T, 21k

author yoongi/ artist hoseok and how they awkwardly fall in love


A Little Extraordinary by TheWriter2 - G, 22k

superhero au / this one starts out as a yoonseok fic but becomes an adventure sort of fic and its amazing check it


bonfire by bulletproof_bad_wolf - T, 38k

fic about anxiety but its so well written trust me


the still point (of the turning world) by inkingbrushes - M, 75k

soulmates/ reincarnation au by the lovely kris (i read all of her work and so should u but if i had to pick one that deserves love its this one)  (MCD)

i know i missed a lot of other great fics so maybe ill make a part 2? idk ; v ;

(also i dont read a lot of E rated fics so sorry for the lack of them here)

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

How to be a good KPOP fan

Step 1: learn how to RESPECT other fandoms and groups


Step 3: REMEMBER they are humans too