k 750

Imagine #27

Character: Newt

Rating: K

Words: 750

Warning: none

Request: Hey you, I have an idea for a new imagine & I hope that you’ll be motivated to write this down. So imagine you are the only girl in the glade… And what’s every girls problem at least once in the month? Yeah, I think you know exactly what I mean. So you have your little problem and it’s so embarrassing for you when you have to ask Alby to put tampons on the supplies list. As if that’s not the worst, your cramps are literally killing you inside and you feel so terrible you cannot sleep or do anything in this special week. Glad that there is newt who is there for you and wants to distract you from your pain. He cares for you and you realise how sweet and kind he is actually. can you make it fluffy and all? With sooooo many newt feelings?

Credit: kisuteeth


This is the last one? The LAST one in the LAST box.You’re about to cry. There’s no way you should run out, when was the last time the box was even filled with these? Ugh, you were so dead. Dead. As a bloody doornail.

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