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things people should stop doing: misgendering male k-idols because some things they do or somethings about them aren’t completely masculine which is apparently such a fucking travesty

things people should start doing: normalizing the idea that male k-idols can be delicate and gentle and like feminine things and support them without labeling them or questioning them

just let them be.

Drumroll, please. It’s time for Week in Review.

Having a good week:

(K-Pop) B.A.P. (No. 7)  released a trailer for their upcoming comeback.
(Music) Taylor Swift embraces her inner snake, slithers to No. 1.
(Web Stuff) Camp Camp hits No. 1 No. 1.
(Movies) Death Note debuts at No. 11. Some things that are worse…do better.
(Anime & Manga) Boku No Hero Academia maintains its seven week streak at No. 1.

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Having a bad week:

(TV) DuckTales falls eight spots to No. 19. Almost like taking six weeks off after your first episode is a…bad idea?
(Video Games) Bendy and the Ink Machine springs a leak, drips seven spots down to No. 19.
(Celebrities) The normally beloved Matthew Daddario fell ten spots to unlucky No. 13.
(Music) Bad girl Rihanna is barely hanging in there at No. 17.
(K-Pop) The future is still female, but Girls’ Generation slipped nine to No. 17.

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D.O - 171013 ‘Room No.7’ main trailer - [ENG SUB]

Credit: Kyeongsew경수. ('7호실’ 메인 예고편)